Party Fusion Games Apps

Cardboard VR 3D Roller Coaster 1.0
Immerse yourself into a Virtual RealityWorldand hop on board onto this awesome 3D Roller coaster createdinUNITY3D. Go on a wild ride on this special Cardboard VRSteelRoller Coaster.Become the Ultimate Tycoon as you take the front seat ofthiswild ride with speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.Use your Cardboard Headset to move around and look inanydirection you want as you ride the rills and be thrilled withallyour surroundings.Features:Top Notch Console Quality 3D GraphicsUnlimited rides, stay on the coaster and ride as long asyouwant.This awesome Roller Coaster features full roller coaster soundsfromthe lift, wheels, and wind of the speed of the RollerCoaster.I will also be releasing this soon to Oculus Rift andSamsungGear VR in the near future so keep an eye out for it.
Ultimate Thrill Racing Race 1.008
Welcome to Ultimate Thrill Racing, one ofthebest racing simulators you will ever come across. Put the pedaltothe metal and race around the track. This game has consolequalitygraphics for a nice fun challenging racing game. Theopponents aretough, they even crash, and they will run you off theroad and bumpinto you.Fight back by doing nice upgrades and customization's toyourcar.You can upgrade Tire traction, Steering sensitivity,braking,paint jobs, engine upgrades and so much more will await inthis funfilled epic racing game.Download today for free and take on some fun challenges.Take the track and race around today and drag racearounddifferent tracks and courses.Beef up your sports muscle car by fine tuning with awesomepaintjobs and upgrades. You can even do some rim jobs with custompaint.Place neon lights under your car for added cool effect.3rd Person Camera or you can do First Person Cockpit view aswellfor more realistic view.Tilt for steering and use buttons for brakingandaccelerating.
Penguin Epic Arcade Runner Fun 1.0.0
Welcome to Penguin Adventure. You will takeonBob the penguin. You must beat all the monsters and get allthestars and finish each level by reaching the castle. Thisawesomearcade action adventure game has many levels to complete andmorewill be added in future updates.Run and Jump and Hack and Slash your way to the top anddefeatall enemies at all costs.15 Levels to Start and more will be added later.Awesome Game made with Unity 3D Game Engine for consolequalitygaming.
Zombie Skater Run Tricks 2 1.0
Zombie Skater Run Tricks 2 is an ActionfunAdventure platformer game. The goal of this game is to completeall105 levels and stages in order to successfully beat andcompletethe game. Your brain will be challenged to the max as youhave tofigure out the timing of your jumps in order to completeeach levelstage. This Game has easy simple 1-touch controls. Thecharacterauto runs for you so all you have to do is simply tap thescreen tomake the Zombie Skater jump over the obstacle(s).Do you have the will power and the brain power to completethetasks and puzzles at hand in this epic journey game? Help thedeadwalking zombie on the skateboard and watch him do cool flipsandtricks in mid air each time he jumps over the obstacles.Flips,1080's, back flips and front flips are some of the cooljumps. Youstart out with backflip and have to gain more tricks asyouprogress through the game.Hop on board the Zombie Skater train today and competeagainstfriends for the high scores and most levels completed. Youwillenjoy this game and it will not disappoint.Thank You for looking and check out all my other coolawesomefree games.
Go Trump Yourself 1.0
Now anyone in the world can be Donald Trumpthanks to this special app called "Go Trump Yourself".Upload a photo of yourself from your photo gallery then use theavailable accessories like suits, ties, and hair pieces to makeyour self look like Donald Trump. You can even use photos of yourneighbor, photos of your cat or dog, or anyone else you can thinkof. Make Hilary Clinton look like Donald Trump. Make your wife orbrother look like trump. Even your Doctor.This app is a Trump above the rest. Make yourself look liketrump to do so GO TRUMP YOURSELF.Make President Obama look like trump too. Try different photosof celebrities and anyone else you can think of.When your done, save your photo and share with social media andthe world.
Angel vs Demon CLauncher 4.7.0
Angel vs Demon C Launcher theme.An awesome C-Launcher Theme of Angel vs Demon withawesomematching icons.Decorate your phone in style with this awesome themeforCLauncher.Might work for other Launchers as well.Thank You for looking and checkout my other awesome CLauncherThemes for CLauncher.You will need to install C Launcher App in order for the themetowork.
Free Games Scary Clown Runner 1.0
Welcome to Party Fusion Games where wehaveanother top Free game for your enjoyment. This awesomeplatformeraction arcade adventure game features a scary clown in acart.What? He is in a cart?Download this free awesome game today of Scary Clown Runnerandenjoy over 105 fun challenging levels of arcade fun. Asyouprogress through the game each level will slightly get harderandthen later on it almost gets impossible to beat all the levelsbutit can be done.No One has yet beat this game, not a single person. Who willbethe first in the world to complete all the levels in this game.Asurprise waits at the end for the first person who completesthegame.Game Features:Easy 1 Touch Controls105 fun challenging levelsHours of fun and entertainmentIf you like this game then check out my other awesome topfreegames for your enjoyment
Adult Coloring Book FREE 4.0
Adult Coloring Book is a nice coloringbookthat is perfect for adults and teenagers. Now you can go backtoyour youth and color some fun pages. There are about 30coloringpages for you to color. More coloring pages will be addedlater infuture updates.Show off your fun and skill by coloring these crazyadultColoring book pages.You will have the ability to save and share your pageswithfriends and family members alike.Go crazy fun with Adult Coloring Book FREE for hours offunactivities and entertainment.Added in some kids pages as well so now you can let your kidorchild color with this app as well.
Baby Monkey Skate Run 1.0
You get to control a Baby Monkey inthisawesome pro skating game. Simple easy 1 touch controls to makethebaby monkey jump over obstacles that get in your way. Trytocomplete all 105 levels to complete and beat this game that isfunfor all ages.Features:1 touch easy controls105 awesome fun levelsVery Addictive game play for you to enjoy.Check out my other free games that you will enjoy.
Haunted Zombie Crush 1.0
Welcome to Haunted Zombie Crush. The goalofthe game is to go as far as you can while avoiding alltheobstacles. This Devil Zombie is mad and needs to escape Hell.Helpthe zombie escape and go as far as you can go.This game features state of the art graphics and was made intheunity game engine for the best mobile performance. Downloadthishot free game today. Tap your way to victory in this awesomeZombieflappy game. The zombies awaits are you too scared tobehaunted?
Mud Racing: Bogging Hills 1.0
Welcome to the thrills of Mud RacingBoggingHills. If you are a country boy then you will enjoy thisMudBogging Racing Game.Hop in your machine and tackle the tough challenging hills asyouclimb to try to keep traction on the ground. Try not toloosecontrol as you go up each hill.Try to keep your speed up but not lose control if you go to slowyouwill not be able to climb the hill.This Free Game has lots of physics to make it as realisticaspossible. Your truck will have lots of torque so it will liftoffthe ground if you take off too hard.