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Pakhtoon barbad sho, Pashto 1.0
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پښتون غريب برباد شو، د ملنګ جان بابا شعر، دوحيد قاسمي په غږ سندرهPashto poetryPashto Song
Rahman Baba Diwan New Pashto 2.0
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The Rahman Baba Diwan NewWith correct spelling and new features.- Android 4.0 +- 14 MB in size* Best viewed on phones with large screens and tabletsThe Diwan, now with correct spelling and the followingfeatures:1. Bookmark your favourite poems2. Table of Contents3. Swipe pages like Amazon Kindle and iBooks4. The app remembers where you left reading5. Jump to a page by using the sliderPashto / Afghan PoetryCredits:The book is scanned by www.rahmanbabadiwan.comWe give them the full credit.
Pashto Dari English Proverbs 2.0
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Pashto proverbs with Dari/English explanations& translations. By Ustad Benawa.This is a scanned book by Kabul University.PLEASE note the file is nearly 20MB!The quality of the book is not great, but readable.
Qamosona Pashto Dictionaries 1.0
Pashto eBooks Pashto Dictionaries.The following languages are available through this app:1. English to Pashto2. Pashto to English3. German to Pashto4. Pashto to German5. French to Pashto6. Pashto to Dari7. Pashto to Pashto8. Pashto to Russian9. Dutch and Flemish to Pashto10. Norwegian to Pashto* Please rate our app!Full list of dictionaries available:=======================Daryab Pashto Glossary [Qalandar Momand] (60,695)Deutsch Pashto Dictionary [Abdul Hakim Noorzai] (14,144)Dictionary of Pashto Synonyms and related Words [Ahmad WaliAchakzai] (18,103) newDutch and Flemish to Pashto dictionary [Mirwais Rashid Myskien](15,406)English Pashto Computer [Wahidullah kaleem] (3,837)English Pashto Journalism Dictionary [Asmat Sarwan] (11,302)English Pashto [Academy of Sciences Kabul] (23,971)German Pashto Computer Dictionary [Ahmad Wali Achakzai](1,037)Neologism Dictionary [M. A. Zeyar] (6,185)Norwegian Pashto [A. N. Biabani Ibrahimkhail] (9,861)Pashto - Russian Dictionary [ M. G. Aslanov / Enhanced by PamirZiarmal] (43,105)Pashto Dari [Academy of Sciences Kabul] (28,900)Pashto English Dictionary 2015 [Tester Vesion] (30,747)Pashto English Dictionary [] (11,546)Pashto English Russian Computer Dictionary [Pamir Ziarmal](3,449)Pashto English [Academy of Sciences Kabul] (16,477)Pashto French [Dr. M. Akbar Wardag] (39,707)Pashto Garshod [M. S. Wakili] (4,404)Pashto German Computer [Ahmad Wali Achakzai] (1,066)Pashto German [Ahmad Wali Achakzai] (11,546)Russian Pashto Dictionary of Geography [Pamir Ziarmal](4,519)Tashrihi Qamos Pashto Glossary [Academy of Sciences Kabul](47,575)Zahid Qamos Pashto Glossary [Zahid Mishwanai] (32,823)=======(c) 2015 Qamosona.comNo part of this website or its content may be reproduced ortransmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical,including photocopying, caching and recording, or by anyinformation storage and retrieval system, without the prior writtenpermission of owned by:Ahmad Wali Achakzai.Android app developed by:Ajmal Hamza
Khyaam Pashto 1.0
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Khyaam poetry translated into Pashto byAbdulBari Jahani.This app provides bookmarking and sharing of poetry onyourAndroid device.د خيام رباعیاتد پښتو ترجمې سرهترجمه: عبدالباري جهانيiOS coming soon.
Ulfat Pashto 1.0
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د الفت نثري کلیاتراټولونکی: محمد اسمعیل یوند ستر استاد ګل پاچا الفت ليکنېDa Ulfat Nasree Kulyatby: M. I. YoonWritings of Gul Pacha Ulfat* Please rate the book and the app
Afghan School Textbooks Pashto 1.0
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Afghan school Textbooks. All subjects,Pashto,Dari, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Islamic Studies,etc.***** Designed for TABLETS and PHABLETS. **********د افغانستان د نصاب پښتو کتابونه.د لمړي ټولګي څخه تر دوولسم ټولګي پورې.