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Doctella 6.0.8
Surgery is stressful; talking to your doctorshould be easy!At Doctella, we believe that better communication between patientsand their health care team will make medical care safer, moreeffective and easier to navigate.With help from experts at Johns Hopkins, leading surgeons, andpatient advocates, Doctella provides you with innovative tools thatwill help you become more informed and engaged in your care.• The Doctella Checklist is a customized checklist of questions anda to-do list specific to your procedure. Use the Doctella checklistthroughout your timeline of care: before surgery, day of surgery,after surgery and when you are heading home.• The Patient Passport is a place where you can store importantinformation to share with your doctor such as: your personalhistory, allergies you may have and current medications.Doctella tools help you engage in more productive and meaningfulconversations with your doctor, leading to safer and more effectivecare.Doctella is your partner on the road to recovery.Keywords: medical checklist, patient passport, Care Content,Surgery, Patient Engagement, Safety, CareKit, ResearchKit, GoogleFit