Pedigree Technologies Apps

POV 4.17.1
The Pedigree Technologies POV tablet andsmartphone-based applications electronically record critical data,such as driving hours, vehicle inspection reports, fuel receiptsand electronic work orders. Utilizing ELDs (electronic loggingdevices) to generate electronic logbooks streamlines reporting andimproves accuracies, while meeting Federal Motor Carrier SafetyAdministration (FMCSA) regulations. Custom forms can be accessedand completed directly on workers' tablets, and then they arepushed back to the office through the OneView platform –eliminating time spent waiting for paperwork and increasing billingefficiencies.The POV applications include:-Electronic Driver Logs (ELD, Elogs, Hours of Service)-Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)-Fuel Purchase Forms-Two-Way Messaging-Electronic Work Orders-Dispatch Workers to Job Sites-Signature Capture-Document Image Capture-Safe, Two-way Messaging-Turn-by-turn directionsIndustries:Oilfield Services, Trucking, Transportation, Oil & Gas,Agriculture, Construction, Rental, etc.Note: POV requires a business account with Pedigree Technologies.If you are interested, please contact us [email protected] or at 701-293-9949.
OneView Mobile 1.0.0
When you are out of the office or away fromacomputer, Pedigree Technologies OneView™ Mobile is availableforyou to view your assets and drivers quickly from any mobilephoneusing any internet browser or via the Mobile App. View yourassets(vehicles, trailers, drivers, equipment, tanks) locationsandstatus, as well as landmarks. Even navigate to them!