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Halls of Fear VR - Demo 1.3
This is my first demo for the Durovis Dive, Refugio 3D or other VRHeadsets for smartphones. It is an early version right now, so alot of thing will be changed and added.Durovis Dive: http://www.durovis.comRefugio 3D: Cardboard: is a virtual reality horror game where you have to find allcubes to get to the next level. The goal is to stay alive and getto the exit.You can use a Snakebyte iDroid controller (gamepad/keyboardmode) or an other bluetooth gamepad. (Only tested with theSnakebyte)Some people report problems with their iDroid, not getting past themenu. I am trying to fix this, but can't promise anything.Or you can play with autorun (Look at the beneath your feet andactivate the magnet trigger or touch your screen).Sounds are from .3D models are either made by myself, from the Unity Asset Store orfrom .