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(Application contains data on CEPHALOSPORINSonly by default. Complete Data is available through yearlysubscriptions. Users having complementary Scratch cards can use appwith complete data for One Month)Instant and Predictive Search by:BrandGeneric Name (e.g. Cefoperazone)Contents (e.g. Cefoperazone and Sulbactam)Therapeutic Category (e.g. Cephalosporins)Interaction Checker:Interaction Checker feature lets you quickly identify anyinteraction(s) among prescribed drugs.You can select GENERICS as well as BRANDS in your country to checkinteraction.Risk FactorsInformation provided under Risk Factors includeContraindications, Precautions and Risks in Pregnancy and Lactationfor the relevant product.Pregnancy: Risk cannot be ruled out.Lactation: Contraindicated.Contraindications: Severe respiratory depression, severeobstructive lung conditions.Precautions: COPD, raised intracranial pressure, impairedconsciousness, head injury, bradyarrhythmia, renal or hepaticimpairment. Monitor for signs of respiratory depression. Braintumour. Risk of tolerance and dependence. Elderly or debilitatedpatients.Dosage (Alongwith Indications)Fast, Quick & Easy Access to Accurate Dosage in SpecificIndicationsThe usual dosage are: Adults: Usually 1 gm daily by deep IM.,slow IV inj over at least 2-4 min, or IV infusion. Severeinfections, 2-4 gm as a single dose every 24 hrs. Children: Usually20-50 mg/kg once daily by IM inj., slow IV inj over at least 2-4min, or IV infusion. Severe infections, up to maximum 80 mg/kgdaily. Doses over 50 mg/kg to be given by slow IV infusion over atleast 30 minutes. Neonates: IM/IV: Postnatal age ≤ 7 days or > 7days (body wt ≤ 2 Kg): 50 mg/kg/day given every 24 hrs. Postnatalage > 7 days, body wt > 2 Kg: 50-75 mg/kg/day given every 24hrs.AdministrationHow to prepare and administer e.g. an InjectableThe drug may be administered by IV intermittent infusion over 10-30min; final concentration for IV administration should not exceed 40mg/mL. The drug has also been administered by direct IV push over2-4 min. Inject deep IM into large muscle mass.IM Injection: 250 mg/500 mg/1000 mg VIAL: To make concentration of250 mg/mL add Water for Injection 0.9 mL in 250 mg vial; 1.8 mL in500 mg vial; 3.6 mL in 1000 mg vial.IV: 250 mg/500 mg/1000 mg VIAL: To make concentration of 100 mg/mLadd Water for Injection 2.4 mL in 250 mg vial; 4.8 mL in 500 mgvial; 9.6 mL in 1000 mg vial.Compatibility: Stable in D5W, D10W, NS, Sodium bicarbonate 5%,bacteriostatic water, SWFI.Stability: For IV infusion in NS or D5W, solution is stable for 3days at room temperature or 10 days when refrigerated.InteractionsAmikacin, Aminoglycosides, Anticoagulants, Gentamicin,Kanamycin, Neomycin, Netilmicin, Streptomycin, Tobramycin,Warfarin.Adverse EffectsGI upset, skin reactions, blood dyscrasias. Rarelypseudomembranous colitis, raised liver enzymes, glycosuria,oliguria, haematuria, bronchospasm, phlebitis at inj site, urinaryand biliary precipitates, pancreatitis.Alternate ProductsQuickly find Alternate Products - Just Click the AppropriateButton
PharmaGuide GCC 1.5.3
PharmaGuide GCC Edition contains data on oneTherapeutic Category by default as a sample. Complete Data isavailable through yearly subscriptions. Users having complementaryscratch cards can use the application with complete data for onemonth.PharmaGuide GCC Edition includes features of mass customizationwhich means that the user can view the information of all 6 GCCcountries (i.e. Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia andUnited Arab Emirates).PharmaGuide GCC Edition provides instant and predictive searchby:Brand Name, Generic Name, Contents, Therapeutic Category andCompanyThe following information are provided:Risk Factors, Dosage (along with indications), Administration,Interactions, Adverse Effects and Alternate Products
Sals 1.2.4
Sals provides sales analysis of:SALESGROWTHSHARERANKINGDATA TRENDAnalyze byBrandCompanyDosage Form/StrengthContentTherapeutic Category