Photo Designer Apps

Movie Maker : Video Merger 3.3.0
Movie Maker : Video Merger is free applicationmade by POV.This is strong, simple useful video editor, help you edit yourvideo on your smart phone.This application based on FFMPEG library, the best and strong videoprocessing in the world.Main features of application- Make Photo slide show from your photos.- Merge your videos, combine your video files to one file.- Sort photos/videos before make slide show or merge.- Help you create your lovely photo before make video slideshow.- Help you create selfie photos before made video slide show.- Create selfie video before merge.- Create effect, edit photo before make video slide show.- Play video after created.- Share videos to social network.How to use application- Select photos to make video slide show.- Select videos/movie to merge.- Sort photos/movies before make slide show or merge.About:We use some images from and
Selfie Camera HD 3.2.0
Selfie Camera HD is free application. Use thisapplication help you take picture, decoration for photo whilepreview.You can add sticker to photo while preview and take picture whenyou like.With Selfie Camera HD you don't need any more photo editor. Becauseyou can edit your picture as you like before you take it.Main features.* Support many stickers for photo decoration .* Add sticker while preview and take picture combine withsitcker.* Zoom-in, zoom-out, drag and drop, rotate sticker on screen.* Remove sticker and add again.* Timer option for selfie.Many addition strong features.* Option to auto-stabilize so your pictures are perfectly level nomatter what (see example image).* Zoom via multi-touch gesture and single-touch control.* Flash on/off/auto/torch.* Choice of focus modes (including macro, and a "manual" focus modewhich only focuses when you touch the screen).* Touch to select focus and metering area.* Face detection option.* Choice of front/back camera.* Choose scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO andexposure compensation.* Support for exposure lock.* Video recording (with optional audio, and support for videostabilization, and changing frame rate and bitrate).* Choice of camera and video resolution, and JPEG image quality.Support for all resolutions offered by the camera.* Option to lock orientation to portrait or landscape for photo orvideo.* Timer option.* Burst mode, with configurable delay.* Thumbnail of last photo/video is displayed, with link to thegallery app.* Option to silence the shutter (Android 4.2+).* GUI works in any orientation without any pause when changingorientation. Option to optimise for left and right-handedusers.* Configurable volume keys (to take picture, focus, zoom, changeexposure compensation, turn auto-stabilise on/off).* Choice of save folder.* Configurable on-screen display shows battery, time, remainingdevice memory, orientation and direction of camera; also option tooverlay a choice of grids (including "rule of thirds") and cropguides.* Preview aspect ratio can be set either to maximise the previewdisplay size, or match the aspect ratio of the photo/videoresolution (so what you see is what is actually recorded).* Option to apply a date and timestamp to photos, and also to stampphoto.License==============This source is released under the GPL v3 or later. Based on OpenCamera of Mark Harman.We use some photos designed by (authorTeksomolika)Image courtesy of nenetus at
Crop Video 1.3.5
Crop Video is a simple useful video editor,help you easy to crop video on smart phone.It based on FFMPEG library, ffmpeg is the most strong movieprocessing in the world.Features- Crop a view of video- Adjust view of video to crop- Crop and resize video as size that you want- What you see is what you get- Easy as you crop a photo.- Play video after crop- Share your clips to Youtube, Facebook,etc- Delete your clips.- Display all files in your phone to select.Manual:- Select your video to crop- Adjust view to crop- Crop, save and share it.About:Video Cutter uses FFmpeg under permission of LGPL.We use some images from
Video Cutter : Video Trimmer 2.5.0
Video Cutter: Video Trimmer is a simple usefulvideo editor, make video edit on Android device so easy.It based on FFmpeg library, it is the most strong movie processingin the world.Main features of application:- Keep original video quality after cut. Output video have samequality with original video.- Fast and easy to cut large file.- Trim your video- Delete selected part of video- Split your videos into two clips- Preview video before cut.- Play video after cut.- Share your clips to Youtube, Facebook,etc- Rename and delete your clips.- Display all file in your phone to select.- Compact size and easy to use.- Supported Input video formats below and more:3GPP files (*.3gp,*.3g2,*.3gpp;*,3g,*.k3g,*,3gp2); AMV files(*.amv); AVI Files (*.avi); Digital Video Files (*.dv); DVD VideoFiles (*.vob); Flash Video (*.flv,*.f4v,*.swf); Matroska Video(*.mkv); MPEG Files (*.mpg, *.mpeg , *.mpe, *.m1v, *.m2v, *.m2t,*.tod); MPEG-4 files(*.mp4,*.m4v); NDS DPG Files (*.dpg); QuickTimeFiles (*.mov,*.qt); RealMedia file (*.rm,*.rmvb); VCD Movie Files(*.dat); WebM Video Files (*.webm); Windows Media Video Files(*.wmv,*.asf), etc,How to use:- Select your video to cut.- Select part you want to cut.- Cut, save and share it.About:Video Cutter uses FFmpegWe use some images from and
Collage Maker - Photo Collage 2.1.0
Collage Maker that helps you combine multiplephotos with various backgrounds and stickers, then share them at atime!Collage Maker allows you to give stylish shapes and effects to yourphotos.With Photo Collage you can cut, move, pinch, sketch and zoom photosaround by using multi-touch.Application packs a simple design with a powerful photo editor togive you everything you could, and Collage your photos to beamazing!Main feature:✿ Choose a photo from the Gallery.✿ Crop photo with Heart Shape.✿ Crop photo with Ring Shape.✿ Crop photo with Chat Box Shape.✿ Crop photo with Circle Shape.✿ Crop photo with Sharp Shape.✿ Crop photo with Star Shape.✿ Crop photo with Flower Shape.✿ Crop photo with Square Shape.✿ Easily move photos to different areas by drag and drop.✿ Zoom, pan, rotate or mirror each photo.✿ Add Background and change background.✿ Add text to photos✿ Apply wonderful stickers.In this you will get lot more frames, photo filters, stickers.How to Use- Select and crop your photo from Gallery.- Select and add sticker.- Select and add background.- Merge them together.- Save and share.About:- We use some image from and We use some photos from by authors:stockimages, Serge Bertasius Photography, nuchylee, marcolm,imagerymajestic.
Repeat Player : Study Language 1.0.6
Repeat Player is free application designed forStudy Language.If you study language, especially for listening skill, youalways want to repeat audio partially, this is best Player foryou.This application help you select part of file that you want toplay, and play it again automatically.Main Functions:- Easy to file management.- Sound visualization.- Record and listen again repeatedly.- Allow you select file from application to play.- Allow play repeat a part of file .- Easy to use.- Support many file type.- Allow play file from other file manager.- Allow search file to open.How to use:- Open Application and select file.- Select part of file you want to play.- Turn on or turn off repeat function and play.We use some images designed by
Sketch by Camera 1.2.0
Sketch Camera is free.It help you display camera preview as sketch real-time. You canadjust camera and parameter to get sketch image you like andcapture it.This application support both FRONT and BACK camera. That allowyou create your portrait sketch by FRONT camera or sketcheverything by BACK camera.After get the best sketch image, you can share to everyone or useas profile picture for contact, facebook, Google plus and soon.How to use:● Open application and click START button.● Adjust parameter to get the best camera preview.● Take picture from camera.● Share your image.About:● This application based on OpenCV (OpenSource Computer Vision) . OpenCV is the best imageprocessing library in the world, it helpour application to be strong and smart.● We use some images designed by● Sketch Photo saved in: SDcard/SKETCH_CAM_POV/
Visualizer Player 1.0.1
This Media Visualizer Player brings yourmusicto the screen in an explosion of bright colors.Key features🎶 Visualizes whatever music or sound is coming from yourmediafiles.🎶 Dramatically displays visualizes and combine together.🎶 Line Visualizer.🎶 Circle Visualizer.🎶 Bar Visualizer.🎶 Bar and Circle Visualizer.🎶 Display many Visualizer at same time.🎶 Allow you select and play your file, ringtones from SDCardHow to Use🎶 Open Application.🎶 Select and play music for menu.We use some images designed by
Love Photo Editor:Love Collage 3.3.0
Love Photo Editor : Love Collage is a powerfulphoto editor.Are you in love? And you want to keep all sweet memories, LoveCollage will help you do that thing.If you want your girlfriend to see how much you love her. Try LoveCollage and show your love to her.Love Collage help you create Wedding Album, lovely Time LineAlbum from your images combine with background, sticker and fontssupport by application.We’ve included all the tools you need, in a super intuitiveinterface so you can get right to editing.Main features:♥ Beautiful User Interface.♥ Drag and Drop item to sort and edit photo, photo album.♥ Provide customize background color, background images.♥ Allow write beautiful text message to photo.♥ Allow you select and crop photo from Gallery to design.♥ Create a professional collage instantly - incredibly easy♥ Support many kind of filter.♥ Gorgeous photo effects and frames.♥ Many stickers and background images.♥ Color balance♥ Crop, rotate, and straighten your photo♥ Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, andsaturation♥ Sharpen and blur♥ Color temperature ("Warmth")♥ Color Splash♥ Focus (Tilt Shift)♥ Draw and add text♥ Create your own memes♥ Cosmetic tools: fix redeye, remove blemishes and whitenteeth.♥ Share via Facebook, Instagram, Google plus, etc♥ Native support Aviary.How to use :♥ Select background image provide in application or select fromyour Gallery.♥ Select stickers in application or select from your Gallery.♥ Select and crop,Rotate, resize your images from Gallery.♥ Zoom, Rotate, Resize, drag and drop, sort images as youwant.♥ Create effects for your photo.♥ Save ans share your photo album to everyone.License:- We use some images designed by, We use some photos from by authors: VichayaKiatying-Angsulee, imagerymajestic, photostock, stockimages, SergeBertasius Photography, marin.
Romantic Photo Frames 1.2.0
♥ You are in love and you want to make yourphoto is more romantic to show your love? Romantic Photo Frameswill help you do that thing very easily.♥ If you are someone who like to keep a family photo, with yourwife, girl friends, your children or grandchildren and blend it toframes. We will help you.♥ Romantic Photo Frames is a collection of many lovely photo framesfor you to decorating your lovely photos.♥ Express your love and passion to somebody by creating lovephotocollage about your feelings: you can use nice frames, cutestickers, add text about your love.♥ You can also hide other parts of the picture that is notimportant to you. So instead of cutting your photo, you can make itmore beautiful by decorating them with fantastic free pictureframes with love theme.Main Features:♥ Provide many lovely photo frames with high definition is ready tobe used.♥ Romantic Photo Frames app supports all screen resolutions anddevices (including tablets).♥ You can Zoom in, Zoom out, Rotate your photo, sticker and sortthem together.♥ You can Drag and Drop to Move and Sort photos combine withstickers.♥ Apply lovely frames to your existing photos, or apply lovelyframes while taking photos.♥ It can be used with the photos from other apps like Instagram,Camera 360, PicArts,...♥ Add Text, Speech balloon and stickers♥ Share edited photo over Facebook, Twitter, Gmail,...User Manual:1. Select your photos to add to frames.2. Select lovely stickers.Sort your photos and stickerstogether.3. Choose romantic, love, hearts, valentines day, lovely frames,wedding and honey moon frames and compose it with all the picturesyou want.4. Save and share your photos.Abouts:- Some images we use are made by We use some photos from by Serge BertasiusPhotography, photostock and Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee
Video Cutter : Remove Middle Parts Video 1.0.0
This is free video cutter help you fastandeasy to remove any unwanted parts of Video.Many user send email to us to say they want a application cancutany parts from Video, especially middle of video.So we made this application to help everyone do that thing.Main features:- Delete middle parts : Remove unwanted parts in the middle ofyourvideos.- Video Trimmer : Trim your videos to remove unwanted parts- Show all video in your phone to help you select to cut.- Easy play video after cut.- Share video to social network.- You can easy to select part to cut.- Support most video formats, like MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV,3GPetc.- Keep original video quality after cut. Output video havesamequality with original video.How to use:- Select Video.- Select part to cut.- Save and share video.More information:- Application uses FFmpeg under permission of LGPL.- We use some images designed by andpinnacleanimatesfrom