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Lidow Photo Editor-Photo Effect&Snappy Camera
Photo Editor Lidow Snap pic is theall-in-one photo editor that offers insta square / photo mirror /color splash / collage maker and selfie cam and so on foreverything you could wish for in photography.As a professional photo editor satisfies everyone from newbies toprofessionals, it’s Photo Editor/Collage Maker/Selfie Cam featuresthat allow the story-telling for you Facebook and Instagram.Photo Editor Lidow Snap pic of insta square provide blurbackground, now just feel easy to insta square photo withoutcropping and share it to instagram.Photo Editor Lidow Snap pic of color splash effect isdifferent from the normal color photo effect which one is touchedby finger, but is we designed shapes, bubbles and etc forscale/move, and it become fantastic splash effects, and we provideno only black/white, mosaic,montage effects for background.Photo Editor Lidow Snap pic of photo mirror , weprovide top/bottom, left/right, four top/bottom and fourleft/right, photo mirror is very popular effect of sns,especiallyinstagram, we are popular,we use it mirror photo to createtwins.Photo Editor Lidow Snap pic of snap pic text make aenjoy text way with emojis and text together, snap pic effect. alsowe still provide tag to point out what you want show in thepicture.Collage Maker of Photo Editor Lidow Snap pic is the bestcollage maker and photo editor that makes your photo to be uniquein 10 seconds,you can be the super star in SNS likeInstagram、Facebook、Snapchat、WhatsApp and line.Selfie camera filter,and make collage or snap pic easily.youalso can put the square photo for instagram with no crop.there ismany effects in lidow:blur、color splash、mirror、snap pic,and manyfilters:light leak、lens flare、black、limo、halo andwhite、retro.[Photo Editor]~ photo editor with insta square, color splash, photo mirror,tools, filters, leaks,stickers and text, and all these is in thesame module, easy to create artist photos.~ insta square(no crop) two ways: white background and blurbackground, you can adjust blur degree.~ photo mirror provide left / right, four top/bottom mirrorways for create popular mirror effects.~ color splash provide six effects include: bubble, circle,lips,panda and so on to create amazing color photo.~ snap pic you can add snap text、tags on your photo, makephoto sensitive.~ hundred filters include Lomo, Film, Grad, Leaky, B&W,Holo, Season, Sweet, Fade, Retor groups.~ light leak reproduce the camera leaks light effect~ lens flare show the effect of the light source on thepicture.~ you and add text, tag on the picture.~ Overlay :Gradient color、texture、flare~Adjust :brightness、contrast、saturation、sharpness,etc~ Color splash, insta square, photo mirror, filters and effectsfor classic camera is reproduce on the lidow photoeditor.[Collage Maker]~ Layout collage maker amazing collage photo editor,easy touse~ 1 - 6 pictures support and hundreds layouts.~ collage maker with shadow effects and blur background.~ quick and best way for pictures collage maker.[Selfie Camera]~ selfie camera with amazing filters .~ selfie camera withe grasp for collage maker.~ photo mirror camera support.~ fishey camera support.~ tap screen to shot, capture the wonderful moment.~ Share:Save your photo on phone,and shareto:Instagram,Twitter,Facebook,whatsapp、line、Email,etc,be superstaron instagram、Facebook!Photo Editor Lidow Snap pic as a all in one photo editor,support for square, mirror, splash and photo artist effect, justenjoy it. If you have any suggestion,pleasemail us:
MirrorPic Photo Mirror collage 3.18
MirrorPic Insta Mirror collage feature-richapp,best mirror twins clone and typography -- add text to photoPhoto Editor!MirrorPic Insta Mirror collage is the best effect of mirroryourself, as a say: there is some in the world just is your ortwins! now,just use Mirror Pic you will find one!MirrorPic Insta Mirror collage can help you create a mirror photoor mirror image as soon as possible, and provide tens mirrortemplate, you will find funny clone effect you can think!MirrorPic Insta Mirror collage typography -- Add text to photo, youcan add anything you want to say! we also provide more than thirtyvery beauty text effects, just drag it over you photo, Mirror Picsprovide more than twenty fonts, make what you says unique!Mirror Pic: You can use left right mirror, repeat-4, up downmirror, and reflect 4 reflections: the app will work as an expertphoto editorMirror Pic: Mirror and Typography is the best to make youInstagram, Facebook,Twitter special. Mirror Pic make everythingeasy, one tap to share Instagram. we find lot Instagram uses whopost photo with tag #MirrorPics get more like and met more friendover the world.Now with the app Mirror Pic you can be the expert photographyeditor and you will be able to create wonderful photos of your ownas well as for your loved ones.Features:★ Select photo from Gallery or Camera,the mirror photo will begenerated automatic.★ Left right mirror, up down mirror, repeat 4, reflect 4reflections, totally 12 mirror effects.★ Drag & Drop / Zoom In & Zoom Out to selected photo,themirror photo will be changed.★ Typography -- Add text to photo,Over 20 carefully chosenbeautiful fonts,Change text color, transparency, and addshadows.★ Label Typography - Designed text to photo, over 20 unique fontdesigns to create beautiful mirror & clone photo.★ Photo Editor - Tens of fancy filters to beautify your photos,just for mirror effects!★ High resolution, high quality output.★ Easy to share - One Tap share photo on Instagram or other socialnetwork.
Insta square snap pic collage 3.93
Insta Square Pic Size, Collage Maker, MirrorImage, Insta Shape All In One!Do you like to make your photos with special and sensitive effects,and want get more friends and like on Instagram and Facebook? Justdownload SquarePic(InstaBox) free, get it, win the world.With Insta square pic collage maker, you can post full size photoson Instagram with no crop, with blur,mosica background, shadow toemphasis you photo to be art, with lots fantastic stickers.Also with Insta square pic collage maker, you can collage you picsto show moment of your life, post mirror,shape image effects toshow arts. Video and Splash Color Pop effects also provided, youartist.Insta square pic collage maker gets more than 79,984 five starsfrom the uses all over the worlds.Features:~ Insta square pic collage maker post full size photos on Instagramwith no crop.~ Insta square with blur pip ,patterns background,gradient colorbackground, pure color background.~ Insta square square & size photo with fifty patternsbackground~ Insta shape over 40 kinds of designed shapes let you make amazingcreative shapes.~ collage maker have more than hundred collage layouts,withgradient background color, make record moment amazing andspecial.~ Insta shape over 40 kinds of designed shapes let you make amazingcreative shapes.~ Insta mirror photo & mirror image effect. provide 10+beautiful mirror effect for clone yourself.~ Mirror image create left-right, up-down, reflection, repeating aswell as reflection style enabled photos with this photo editorapp.* photo editor with 30+ amazing filters、light、artist、overlays、lenson you photo.* photo editor with tens designed popular and artist borders.* photo editor with Drag & Drop / Zoom In & Zoom Out/Rotate /Round Corner* share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Google+ or anywhereelse.Download Insta square pic collage makernow - Best photo editor appwhich you can post full sized photos on Instagram with nocrop.any questions, feedbacks, or requests, get in touch with us:Email:
photo grid square insta pic 1.84
photo grid:Insta square maker- CropPhotos For Instagram Profile grid:Insta square maker is a best photo editor for youwith powerful photo editor function and you can share the squarephoto without cropping . There are blur and solid and patternbackground that you can add the background to make your photo grid:Insta square maker is a powerful collage makerfor you . You can combine the 1-9 photos together and share thecollages for instagram /Twitter /Facebook . There are 100+ collagetemplates for you . You can adjust the outer /inter and so on.Allow with photo grid:Insta square maker you can share theamazing blur photo . Photo grid is a wonderful photo editor . Youcan edit the zoom / scale/ rotate .200+ funny stickers for you . photo grid:Insta square makerwill provide the funny emojis for you . You can add the emojis onyour photo .15 + beautiful filters for you . Make your photo be grid:Insta square maker you can break your photos orpanoramas into perfect squares and upload them to Instagram,Thiswill impress your profile page visitors!Be it a casual self shot, a city skyline or a mountain landscape,with photo grid:Insta square maker they will look amazing onyour profile page. You won't have to shrink or resize yourcreations ever again!feature:~ Insta square*You can make your photo be square with blur background/ mosaicbackground/ grad background and so on*amazing shadow . add the shadow for your photo*100+ backgrounds*Beautiful filters for your photo*200+ emojis for you You can add no more than 8 emojis on yourphotos.* Add the text on photo~ Photo Collage Make*Collage the 1-9 photos together . You can choose your favoritecollage templates . 100+ collage templates for you* Adjust the outer / inner / corner/ rotation~ Nine piecesYou can Make your photos be nine pieces and share the nine piecesfor instagram. Don't miss the chance to express yourself by bellyour profile page and posting breathtaking large scale images intheir full glory!Enjoy photo grid:Insta square maker and please contact us bymail:, if you have suggestions orproblems:)
Collage Maker InstaSquare Size
Collage Maker Insta Square Size is amazingphoto editor and collage maker for you make life photo art. cancollages photo,add stickers,backgrounds,text with layout and addframes.Collage Maker Insta Square Size is easy to stitch multiples photoswith various designable layout frames and photo grids, collagequick, share quick, enjoy quick.Collage Maker Insta Square Size is Color Splash Effect PhotoEditor,lets you color your photos that are turned into Blur Blackand White Photos, with tens Insta Mag Color Splash Effects andColor Filter your photos with Gorgeous looking. You can You canblur splash the entire photo.Collage Maker Insta Square Size is very powerful photo editor andeverything you could ever want from a photo editor, With InstaSquare Photo without cropping on Instagram.Collage Maker Insta Square Size provide the effects of gridcollage, frame collage and so on. especially, the frame collage isa very special effects of ever your see, we trust it will help yourgot more like in your instagram and etc.Collage Maker Insta Square Size is an easy-to-use, yet feature-richapp. You can use this app to merge lots of photos into one photothrough very simple operation.Features:~ Collage Maker Insta Square Size have Hundreds of layouts andframe for collage,easy to change background color andpatterns.~ Collage Maker Insta Square Size is quick way for Insta square forInstagram.~ Color photo, Color Splash Blur with tens mag effects.~ Full Feature with layout, free collage and frame collage.~ Powerful photo editor for square, collage, and color splashblur!~ Collage Maker Insta Square Size Scrapbook collage maker photoeditor to show your owner style.~ Frame collage maker photo editor, maker collage art.Collage Maker Insta Square Size is Amazing and powerful photoeditor & collage maker and color splash blur effects to makephoto collages and art and enjoy , your worth it.Enjoy it and please contact us by mail:,Youare welcome!
Color Photo : Splash Effect 1.26
Color Photo : Splash EffectColor Photo : Splash Effect make the magic effect for you. You canuse the color splash function to make your parts of photo becolorful or black and white. Color Photo : Splash Effect create theeasy way to exchange the color . Are you want a Retro picture? Areyou want to be a painter? Color Photo : Splash Effect is your bestchoose.Snap function for you ,You can create the snap photo with colorsplash . With snap function you can add the text and emojistogether .And share the snap pic for instagram . There are 100+emojis for you .Along with square function ,you can add blur background/grad/solid/pattern background on your photo . Be square withoutcrop with color photo .Color Splah will give you best effect with snap and square . Enjoyit and share the app for your friends.—— Easy To Use*You just use your finger as a brush to painting wherever you want.So easy !* You can zoom the picture to create the detail .—— 4 brush choose* Choose from four different brush* Adjust the brush size—— Magic recolor* There is a funny function is named recolor that you can choosethe color what you like to painting!——Share the picture to Instagram / Facebook / Twitter and so on.—— Snap function for you : Make snap pic for your photo.——Square function for you : best filters / text / emojis and blurbackground .Welcome to download the Color Photo : Splash Effect . The Mostconvenient color splash tool for you!
InstaSquare Size Collage Maker 1.61
InstaSquare Lite:Insta Square Size CollageMaker is best photo editor, square,snap photo pic stickers andcollage maker photo for Instagram.Insta Square Size CollageMaker is the best photo editor forpost full square size photo without cropping on Instagram.Square On Instagram will provide you a best way to post fullsize photo. There are size and collage function for you . You cancollage your photos with SquareLite. At the same time there aretwenty filters、tens shots、hundred backgrounds、hundred photocollage templates.Insta Square Size Collage Maker is powerful collageframe with amazing with hundred designed layouts, emojis tagsand smileys make your photo more stylish.Insta Square Size Collage Maker Text function also providesnap pic, add sanp text on you photo with blur backgroundand pip effects.Insta Square Size Collage Maker is amazing snap photo& pic stickers photo editor, you can add snap text withemojis and other stickers, use the snap way to say ‘hi’ to worlds,also help you to keep the photo ratio or change it to square, easyto use.Features:[Insta Square]~ Insta Square Size Collage Maker is a powerful size makerwhich we is a quick and easy way to share the squarephoto to instagram and facebook .~Insta Square Size Collage Maker Provide pip effects includeblur shadow and so on . Most of people love it!~ Include all the background what you need. Blur / solid/pattern/ grad background~ Lots nice color photo and background patterns~ 20+ fantastic filters for your size/no crop photos.~ Best frame for you.~ You can add funny stickers on your photo . There are 100+cute stickers.~ Add text on your photo and snap text.~ Round Corner/Drag & Drop / Zoom In & Zoom Out/Rotate[Collage Maker]~ Pic Collage Frames with hundred layouts include shape effects,help record every moment of yours. You can collage 1-9 photos andadjust the details .~ with collage frames you can adjust inner frame, outter frame andcorners.~ you can adjust collage frames with finger move, to get whatcollage frames you want.~ support blur background collage maker.~ creative collage shadow 3d effects.~ feel free for different ratio.~ add text, stickers for collage maker,100+ cutestickers.~ patterns for background.[Snap Photo & Pic Stickers]~ Snap Text with emojis and text together, create snap photostickers and share to friends.~ Easy way to keep ratio or change to square photo(with blurbackground).~ Shadow 3d effects support.~ Overlay photo effect support.~ Amazing single photo editor.[Share the Worlds]~ One tap to share on instagram、Facebook、twitter etc.Insta Square Size Collage Maker is what you deserve for postfantastic size square no crop /Snap Pic/ collage with photos forinstagram . And you can get more likes and follows.
Photo Editor SnapPic Stickers 1.36
Photo Editor SnapPic Stickers a best way toadd snap and funny stickers on photo. Post the snap photo with yourfriends. And there are square function for you . You can make yourphoto be square without cropping . At the same time you can collageyour 1-9 photos be together.~ Are you like the snap with stickers? Do you want combine the wordand emojis on your photo? Come on the Photo Editor SnapPic Stickers, We provide the the snap text function . It’s a easy way to editthe funny snap.~Amazing animal face stickers : You can add the cute and funnystickers on your face like the selfie.Photo Editor SnapPic Stickers have more stickers for you . It willmake your photo be more beautiful.~ You can use the insta square function to make your photo besquare. There are blur / solid/ grad/ pattern background for you .You can post full size photo withe snap photo. And There arebeautiful filters for you . You can add the text and stickers onyour photos. And easy to edit the rotation / flip /scale and so on.Shadow will make your photo be vivid.~ Pic Collage your 1-9 photos. We provide a variety of collagetemplates. You can choose it and combine the photos together. Andyou can adjust outer/inner/ corner so easy . You can also add thestickers and frames .Photo Editor SnapPic Stickers is the powerful photo editor to postthe snap text photo and square and collage photos to Instagram /Twitter / Facebook / SnapChat. Use it and get more like !
Snap photo editor for lidow 1.26
Lidow Snap Photo Color Splash can post squarephoto for Instagram. Create the No Crop, post entire photos toinstagram, make square photos without cropping and resize photos tofit Instagram.Lidow Snap Photo Color Splash provide the snap photo and stickersfor you .Add emojis and text together. Funny snap photo gives youmore likes and followers on Instagram and Facebook . Snap pic is aamazing way for add text and stickers together ! With snap you willwhite your mood and show it for everyone. Lidow Snap Photo Color Splash is the best photo editor withGorgeous amazing effects and filters !  You can share thebeautiful photos f or your friends.Lidow Snap Photo Color Splash provide the Emojis tags andsmileys-Add reminder tags and emojis, smiles and make your photomore stylish.Lidow Snap Photo Color Splash is the best and quick way for colorsplash effect. The most amazing function is the tool withadjust&fare&texture&noiseFeatures:~ Lidow Snap Photo Color Splash is Gorgeous photo effects, filtersand funny stickers and background~Amazing Color Splash~Easy to add text and stickers together with SnapPic~Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, andsaturation~Square:no crop~Easy to add Tag to your photo~Amazing Tool with adjust&fare&texture&noise~Amazing photo effects & filtersLidow Snap Photo Color Splash is a best photo editor for you withfunny snap function and best square function . Share the square andsnap photos to Instagram/ twitter /facebook and so on . If you havesome suggestion please white the email for us