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Holy Cows 1.4.2
HolyCows invites you, the brave thinker, to gowhere no cow has gone before. To embark on the journey of knowledgeand scientific discovery. Only you can save the rest of the herdfrom a world riddled with austerity and prejudice. Only you cansave the feeble from themselves.As a pilot of the new world, your task is to save as many cowsas you can, and to force out baseless opinion from the pasture.Good Luck, may Science be with you.Credits:Sound Effects:,, BoxCat Games and Artwork: multiple Unity Asset Store Packages
Tap That Square 1.0.2
Fast paced, Fun, and Outlandishly difficult.Doyou have what it takes to reach the final level?The rules are simple... just tap the squares! Warning:Quickreflexes are a must!Good Luck!Credits:Various Unity Asset Packages