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Pikicast 3.6.3
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Pikicast台灣 2.8.2
看膩了無聊新聞?Pikicast破格性的有趣內容APP就此誕生![ 不要錢!不要錢!不要錢! ]想要獲得資訊但是APP都要收費?那就來Pikicast!免費瀏覽的內容提供給您!每天都更新!每天都好玩!方便快速又免錢,就能獲得有趣資訊![ 簡單到不行的使用法 ]不用學習~馬上上手!不管是多圖、動圖或影片,配合所有行動裝置的瀏覽模式而開發的APP,只要一指輕滑,超好操作![ 你想看的都在這 ]吃的、喝的、玩的、住的,你關心的、你沒注意過的!美容、資訊、爆笑、感動!一切你想看的,都在Pikicast看得到!世界上最簡單獲得內容的APP,正是Pikicast!每天200萬人瀏覽Pikicast!你還不加入嗎?從今天開始加入Pikicast的行列!讓生活更加有趣吧!Pikicast 玩翻世界有任何疑問電子信箱 : [email protected] : fb.com/pikicasttaiwanTired ofwatchingboringnews? Pikicast exception of interesting content APP was born!  [Not the money! Not money! Not money! ] APP want to get information but to be charged? Then to Pikicast! Free access to the contentavailabletoyou! Updated daily! Every day fun! Free money fast and easy, you cangetinterestinginformation!  [Simple to use method does not work] To get started right away without having to learn ~! Whether over the map, moving map, or movie, Browse mode with all mobile devices and thedevelopmentofAPP, Just slide a finger light, super good operation!  [You want to see in this] Eat, drink, play, live, You care about, you did not notice it! Beauty, news, funny, moving! Everything you want to see, are Pikicast see! The world's easiest to get the content of APP,isthePikicast! 200 people a day browsing Pikicast! Do not you join?  Starting today join the ranks Pikicast it! It makes life more interesting!  Pikicast play turned the world  Have any questions E-mail: [email protected] Facebook: fb.com/pikicasttaiwan