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AlMamlaka - Trix Baloot & more 4.0.2
Al Mamlaka (The Kingdom) is your ultimate hubfor the most popular card games in the Arab World. In Al Malaka youcan play with thousands of players from around the world. Challengeyour friends to an intense game of Trix, Baloot, and more. Proveyour skills, win the game, and show off your wealth. Play now, AlMamlaka is waiting for you!Features:- Play Trix, and Baloot- Play with friends- Chat with players- Send gifts- Share your epic skills on FacebookDECLAIMER:- This game is intended for an adult audience.- This game does not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunityto win real money or prizes.- Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply futuresuccess at "real money gambling."
Shake and shoot 1.13
After having a horrible day at work, you aretrying to get some sleep, at just that time some really annoyingbirds are just too mean to leave you alone.The game needs the player to shake the mobile in order to scarethe birds and force them to fly off the trees, only then the playercan shoot the birds.Somehow the game is like the duck hunter but with a lots ofdifferences.Enjoy playing the two levels currently available with a nice setof weapons from pistol to shotgun and automatic gun.-------------*** Game play ***Choose a level to play, and then choose a challenge;once you enter the challange wait a little bit for the birds toappearon screen. Birds at first will fly over the trees and settle down.Once the birds settles down on treesthen its time for you to shake the mobile, or just press on horn tomake a disturbing sound to scare them,once the birds gets disturbed then you can shoot them. If you tryto shoot the birds while they areon the trees, then they will use their armors to defend them self,and will laugh at you :).The game is free.
Candy Slice World 2.1
Candy Slice indulges your sweet tooth with 20different types of candy, so have your toothbrush ready andstartslicing!Choose between two modes – classic endless and time fight, and useup to 5 fingers for slicing!Try to get Candy combos for a high score, collect gold and don’tmiss the endless candy waterfall with the Piñata. and, BEWARE ofthe bombs!Features:- Two modes: classic endless and time fight- Extra lives – look for the candy hearts!- Collect Gold to change blades, unwrap yummy backgrounds and muchmore!- Surprise Piñata with endless waterfall of candy- FIVE FINGER SUPPORT- Multiplied score for combos- Different sharp blade options- Many yummy background options- Easy and fun to play, challenging
Chokotukk 1.0
Help filling your factory with chocolatepieces, connect your chocolate and pop it and keep your factoryworking.If you are in love with Chocolate then you will find this gameamazing.phones we tested on:--Nexus One--Samsung Galaxy S--Samsung Galaxy S II--Samsung Galaxy miniBest resolution of 800x480 or higher,but the game runs on lowerresolutions.
Spermania - The Race for Life 1.0.4
~~Spermania was recently featured in The NewYorker~~Visit the PinchPoint website for more information about ourgames is a racing game unlike any other. It’s based on whathappens in the only race that really matters in life. This is thestory of one brave little sperm's quest to create life - anepic voyage full of challenges and setbacks.In this journey, you will navigate the vagina and battle the forcesof the immune system – angry viruses, sneaky white blood cells andsizzling acid pools. Yes, Spermania is (more or less) true to life- but you still probably won’t show it to your kids!To be the top sperm, you'll have to master both slow and fastplay-modes, evade obstacles, collect ‘sugars’ and race againstcompeting sperms to the finish line. But Spermania is not onlychallenging, it’s also fun – with hilarious characters andsound-effects, integrated social features, and the highly addictivesuspense of racing your way to the end.Your odds are one in three hundred million so be brave, littlesperm!---Reviews of Spermania:“Outrun your X and Y siblings through a cartoony vagina. You onlyget to live if you win.” –“The visual art style is very fun and relaxed, with very likeablecharacters. You are always being challenged and have new goals,ensuring a long gameplay experience.” –“Fun and colorful graphics. different from all the other games ofits genre.” – (Italy)“Sex education with a twist. A fun game that you probably won'tplay over coffee with the grandparents, but certainly makes forgood laughs.” – (Germany)
Billiards Shoot Master 1.2
Billiards trick shots like you’ve never seenbefore!Play billiards like a pro – An addictive billiards tricks game thatchallenges you show your skills in 60+ levels of pure fun.Master control over your cue and balls with DRAW SHOTS, FOLLOWSHOTS, BALL SPLIT, STROKE SHOTS & MASSE!Based on real physics – ball speed, weight and bounce act likethe real life game.CHALLENGE your friends and other players from all over the world inreal time!Will you get all the balls with 1 hit?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------MASTER control over balls!Control INTENSITY of strikeControl SPIN of the ballsControl the DirectionChallenge your friends and worldwide players in real timeFantastic Graphics55+ levelsBased on real physicsShow your pro skills in:DRAW shotsFOLLOW shotsStrokeMASSE ( Ball Spin)BALL SPLITGIVE IT A SHOT – DOWNLOAD NOWRATE IT, too – your feedback helps us at PinchPoint to stayedgy!
EggHead Runaway-Endless Runner 1.0.4
Play the most addictive endless runner game onmobile, help flappy Egg Head through it’s adventure to collect thecolorful candy and crush walls, and don’t forget to share yourscore on Facebook and Twitter.
BukBuk 1.5
Amazing bubble swipe or popping game forfree.Very addictive casual bubbles game with unlimited levels play infour very nice game modes.Swipe the screen to connect three or more bubbles of the samebird to pop them, the challenges contains some awesome power ups asa surprise. Play more and connect more to get the game into morespeed, the more you pop the more speed you will get.-----------------*** Game Play ***Start the game by choosing one of the modes at the landing page, assaid before the game contains four modes.1. Mode one spawns bubbles randomly at the game; connect three ormore bubbles then take off your finger and they will get popped.Endless mode as you play. The more popping the more score and morespeed. Try to avoid the bombs that will appear from time to time asthey will make you fail.2. Sky hunt; another nice mode that spawns the bubbles from thebottom of the screen, and they will start ascending up. If thescreen gets filled with bubbles then you will lose. As well connectthree or more bubbles with the same bird to pop. As you play morethen game speeds.3. Popping frenzy: no swiping here, just click on the bubbles topop them, and if the screen gets filled, you will lose.4. Time Rager: a swipe mode with time, try to get more scoreevery time you play this mode and beat it.
PPFN 1.3
Share games. Earn points. Use the points ascurrency in other games.This app rewards you for sharing and getting your friends todownload PinchPoint games.Join thousands of players who gain rewards to use as currency inother games.Here is how it works:You sign up, the network will automatically generate a personallink for your account for each one of the games, to keep track ofwhat you share, and how many downloads you achieve.Once your friends install the game, points will be added to youraccount.The more you share, the more you gain!Use your rewards!You can use the points you get as currency in the other PinchPointGames: League of Guessing, Billiards Shoot Master, Spermania, andothers.Monthly Competitions!PPFN hosts monthly and annual competitions for fans.Competitions’ prizes include giveaways in many famous games.
League of Seekers 1.2
What are you waiting for? Go out and fightmonsters in the real world.League of Seekers is a fan-made location-based game. Join theLeague of Seekers, summon your champions and march to war.Fight monsters in real world locations, challenge Legendarymonsters at City centers, and unlock new champions.League Of Seekers isn't endorsed by Riot Games and doesn'treflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officiallyinvolved in producing or managing League of Legends. League ofLegends and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks ofRiot Games, Inc. League of Legends © Riot Games, Inc.
WAVy WAY 1.0
Yell at WAVy to help him find his wayhome.Progress through challenging levels: collect diamonds,avoidobstacles, unlock doors and solve puzzles – all withouttouchingthe screen!WAVy WAY is a voice controlling game; you have to adjust yourtonecarefully to survive, and know when to keep silent!
Football Virtual Betting 2.1
Do you like football? Do you want to betonFootball matches without spending a penny?Play the world's first Football virtual game on mobile - FVB,whereyou can bet on your favourite leagues and teams in real timeandbased on real matches results using virtual coins.The game features matches from the following leagues:UEFA Champions LeaguePremier LeagueCalcio A (Serie A)BundesligaLaliga Santander (Primera Division)Get notified for your upcoming favourite matches, see live feedsofthe matches events and much more.Come and start betting, it is fun ;)DECLAIMER:- This game is intended for an adult audience.- This game does not offer "real money gambling" or anopportunityto win real money or prizes.- Practice or success at virtual betting gaming does notimplyfuture success at "real money betting."
Space Mission 8-bit 1.1
Space Mission 8-bit is a fun pixel artarcadegame, as you’ll have to control two spaceships in twoseparateworlds, discover the outer space, and avoid planetsandmeteors.Stay focused because speed will increase by time. Make sureyoudon’t miss the floating powerups as they will help you reachlongerdistances in your mission.Challenge your friends and other players around the world onthehighest score.