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LINE Dragonica Mobile 1.2.3
Playpark proudly presents the UltimateSide-Scrolling Action RPG of the year, LINE Dragonica Mobile!Continuing its success from the PC, Playpark is bringing thefamiliar fantasy adventure into your smart phones.■ Comes with simple controls and Auto Play system for the easeof mobile and portable gaming.■ Ventures in astonishingly vibrant 3D fantasy worlds. Embark onjourney to defeat the evil dragon Elga.■ Role-play as your favourite Dragon Hero classes: Warrior,Magician, and Thief!■ Special Skills development and upgrades to series of Comboattacks with a variety of weapons to choose from.■ Challenging Missions and Quests to hunt for Exclusive Prizes,Super rare Weapons and Armory!■ Fight for glory and honor in the daily Non-Stop Battle Leaguesystem and prove yourself as the Strongest Dragon Hero in thevirtual world.■ Customize your character's appearance in your own style with morethan 200 customizables.■ Have your cute Pets to accompany you on your adventure. Evolveyour pets to a higher rank to strengthen your overall attack anddefense.■ Fun with your friends on LINE! Invite your LINE friends to playand challenge them for PvP to win a Special Rewards.Install Line Dragonica Mobile now and start playing today! Excitingin-game events and plenty of rare items awaits for you!Visit for moreinformation.[Recommend Specification]Smartphone Android Dual Cores 1.5 GHz, RAM 1GB with Android 4.0 orlater
PlayMobile 2.2.1
PlayMobile Application one service fromPlayparkfrom this application you can easy find and download hit and enjoygame, from application you can collect pointevery time you download or complete quest you will earn point. youcan use point for get premium reward or various item from populargameSign in : connect to system for various special privilegeMy game : see your game listGames : see all game list from Playpark see detail or suddendownloadQuest : complete your quest for get collect point and get freerewardReward : Get you reward here and check historyPlayMobile Application can shoose 6 country with 5 langague (TH,EN, VN, ID and CH)Download now!!
Dragon Encounter 1.6.0
**************************SpecialPromotion***********************************In app purchase get more Ruby 50-80% during 5 - 26 Oct 201669.99 US = 13500 Ruby + 10800 (80% Bonus) = 26,325 Ruby39.99 US = 7400 Ruby + 5180 (70% Bonus) = 13,468 Ruby14.99 US = 2400 Ruby + 1440 (60% Bonus) = 4,056 Ruby7.99 US = 1300 Ruby + 650 (50% Bonus) = 2,808 Ruby**********************************************************************************Get ready for adventure in Dragon Encounter - the No. 1Free-to-Play Action RPG from Korea!Immerse yourself in exciting real-time party modes and PvPwithin the arcade-style fantasy!• Get hooked on the gameplay from the very first minute.Be amazed by the dazzling visuals and action at the touch of yourfingertips.• Real Time Party SystemStrategise to defeat dungeon bosses in real-time three-person tagteams.• Exciting PvP and Guild BattlesPush the limits of your skills in friendly matches with yourfriends and opponents in 1v1 and 3v3 modes.• Over 100 Costumes!Huge variety of costumes to choose at your own choice, even theFashionista could enjoy the dress up for the Legendary Costume fromRaid Dragon.Are you up for the fantasy-adventure on the small screen?Install now!For more information : http://dragonencounter.playpark.comFacebook :
เทพยุทธ์ไร้พ่าย The Heroes 1.0.11
• เทพยุทธ์ไร้พ่าย The Heroes •เกม Action Strategyที่รวบรวมเหล่าจอมยุทธจากนวนิยายปลายปากกาโกวเล้งและกิมย๊งอันสุดโด่งดังมาไว้ในรูปแบบของเกมมือถือสุดมันส์ พร้อมระบบต่าง ๆมากมายให้แฟนนิยายกำลังภายในได้สัมผัสร่วมเดินทางค้นหาความลับของตราประทับลายมังกรที่นำพาผู้เล่นเข้าสู่โลกแห่งนวนิยายไปกับ 3 จอมยุทธน้อยแสนซนจนนำพาตัวเองไปพัวพันกับเรื่องยุ่ง ๆของแผนการอันลึกลับและน่าตื่นเต้นจากลายแทงขุมทรัพย์อี่น่ำเทียนจนต้องเผชิญหน้ากับยอดฝีมือแห่งยุคจากนวนิยายสุดโด่งดังอีกมากมายภายใต้การช่วยเหลือของชอลิ้วเฮียง ปริศนาขุมทรัพย์จะคลี่คลายอย่างไรมาร่วมผจญภัยไปกับพวกเราได้แล้ววันนี้วิธีการเล่น :สวมบทบาทเป็นเจ้าสำนัก คัดเลือกจอมยุทธที่มีฝีมือสูงส่ง 5ท่านร่วมผจญการผจญภัยในไปด่านต่าง ๆนอกจากนั้นยังสามารถร่วมสนุกไปกับระบบต่าง ๆ มากมาย อาทิเช่นรถม้าสำนักคุ้มภัย ปล้นชิงตำราวิชาเพื่อพัฒนาตัวละครจอมยุทธของท่านให้กลายเป็นจ้าวแห่งยุทธจักรและต่อกรกับจอมมารร้ายแห่งยุทธภพที่จะปรากฎตัวในรูปแบบบอสอีกด้วย !!ลักษณะเด่นของเกม1.ตัวละครจากนิยายโกวเล้งสุดโด่งดังมากมายสำหรับแฟนๆนิยายจีน ภาพเกมตัวละคร ดูอาร์ท มีความสมจริง และอลังการสวยงาม2.เด่นด้วยสกิลของเกมโกวเล้งมีดีบัพใส่ศัตรูด้วย เช่น การติดพิษเสียเลือด มึนงง3.มีสกิลพิเศษ ท่าไม้ตายที่อิงตามเนื้อเรื่องจริง4.ระบบแพ้สาย แพ้ทางที่ชัดเจน5.มีระบบอัพเลเวลตัวละครด้วยไอเทม6.คอนเท้นต์ตัวเกมอิงตามนวนิยายโกวเล้งครบถ้วนติดต่อและประกาศล่าสุด:Facebook:แก้ไขปัญหาผู้เล่น:Customer Service:• Gods battle defeat TheHeroes •.Action Strategy game that brings together the Hero from Novels penGu Long and Jin Yong's most famous came in.Form of mobile gaming fun. With many fans wuxia experience.              Traveldiscover the secret of the Dragon stamp designs take players intothe world of fiction.Hero with three little naughty to take himself involved with a busyprogram of mysterious and exciting.Easy treasure from candle He faced a talented generation of manyfamous novels.            Underthe assistance of chu liuxiang. How to unravel the mystery treasureJoin the adventureWe now how to play :The role of the Office Selection Hero skilled high five jointventures or adventures in the various fields.You can also share the fun with various systems such as the Officeof the carriages for disaster. Robbed of textsTo develop the character Hero of becoming masters of thefraternity. And fight the battle of life perpetrated.To appear in a boss too !!Features of the game1. characters from the famous novel by Gu Long weekend for fans ofChinese fiction game character art look realistic and beautifullydecorated.2. With remarkable skill game Gu Long a debuff to enemies with suchpoisoned blood loss, numbness.3. There is a special skill The attack is based on a realstory.4. Line up the clear loser.5. A level up characters with items.6. The content of the game, based on the novel of Gu Longentirety.Contact and recent announcements:Facebook: Troubleshooting players:Customer Service:
Pocket MapleStorySEA 1.4.2
TRAVEL through the vast world of MapleStoryand EXPERIENCE endless compelling game-play!- PLAY your FAVOURITE MapleStory characters!- PARTY with your friends to enjoy MapleStory ANYWHERE,ANYTIME!- COLLECT vast amounts of epic and legendary equipment!- CUSTOMIZE your character with thousands of costumes, pets andmounts!- ENJOY a blast from the past with classic MapleStoryelements!- EXPERIENCE hundreds of hours of immersive game-play!Pocket MapleStory SEA consists of Premium Add-ons available viaIn-App Purchases from the Shop.Facebook Page:
Destiny of Thrones - 5v5 MOBA 1.7.1
Meet up real time fighting, battle along withcomrade, strategize and train heroes to defeat your enemies toconquer the battle>>Epic battle<<๐ Extraordinary Skill effect๐ More than 50 heroes from fierce warrior to powerful wizard๐ Choose your own hero and play desired hero for free!๐ Variety of class to choose from including Fighter, Tanker, Mage,Marksman and Assassin๐ Deploy strategy and upgrade skill, equipment to conquer thethrone๐ Engage your enemies from first minute or farm your item to belate game killer, everything is your own to decide๐ Increase your abilities with magic stone๐ Engage in battle with familiar mode or explore new modes whichyou never found in any other games๐ Strategize and engage in combat just like PC MOBA games that youare already familiar with๐ Wide range of events, play everyday and get reward everyday๐ Easy to control with your fingertip make it able to play evenwhen traveling!>>Experience a one man army combat or fight along with yourfriends>>๐ Single play with AI or fight along with friends available in both3vs3 and 5vs5๐ Party with your friends to defeat your rival!๐ Strengthen with guild system and crush your opponent's guild tothe ground๐ Compare your strength with others in ranking systemNews and update can be found atWebsite: http://dot.playpark.comFacebook: Playpark Destiny Of Thrones
Disney Magic Kingdoms. 1.8.0h
Create the most fantastical wonderland of yourdreams in Disney's first theme park builder on mobile, Disney MagicKingdoms! Watch your beloved Disney characters, Mickey Mouse,Donald Duck and Goofy run and expand your theme park fromscratch!CHARACTERS SPANNING MORE THAN 90 YEARS OF DISNEY• Share spectacular moments with Rapunzel, Toy Story, TheIncredibles, Monsters Inc. and many more!• Hundreds of cute and animated quests that bring every pixel ofyour Kingdom to life!• Collect to unlock more characters and theme park attractions fromMaleficent's evil spell!• Stand off against menacing villains such as Pete, Zurg and MotherGothel to save the Kingdom!EXTRAORDINARY & TIMELESS DISNEY PARK ATTRACTIONS• Free to customize your own theme park with attractions fromDisney Parks around the world, including Disneyland, CaliforniaAdventure, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneylandParis!• Collect exclusive attractions inspired by their movies!• Relive magical moments and beautiful fireworks from livelyparades!_____________________________________________You can download and play this game for free. Do note that thisgame contains advertising from some third parties which willredirect you to a third-party site. Certain aspects of this gamewill require the player to connect to the Internet.©2016 PLAYPARK CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.Facebook:
Disney Catch Catch 1.0.16
Spot the difference in Disney’s #1 photo-huntadventure, Disney Catch Catch!Sail through magical puzzles with your favourite Disney charactersin fun and educational adventures!Live the Disney fever! Play and enjoy with friends and family!===========================================Google Play’s Most Wanted Promotion (14 – 21 October 2016) Up to80% discount!!• Starter Package (USD 5.99): 120 Ruby + 20 Hints + 5 Key• Adventure Package (USD 9.99): 220 Ruby + 40 Hints + 10 Key• Vanguard Package (USD 32.99): 1500 Ruby + 100 Hints + 32Key• Legendary package (USD 54.99): 3600 Ruby + 250 Hints + 48 Key===========================================Game Features- Complete classic scenes and collect puzzles from your favouriteDisney movies and shows in Zootopia, Frozen, Inside Out, Tangled,Beauty and the Beast, Jungle Book (Coming Soon), Finding Dory(Coming Soon), and more!- Endless levels with huge variety of game modes to keep youentertained for hours!- Upgrade your sail boat for extra time, hints and buffs!- Challenge your buddies and beat their record scores on theleaderboard!If you can't get enough of Disney Tsum Tsum and Disney EmojiBlitz, join us in Disney Catch Catch today!©Disney, ©Disney/Pixar, ©Disney Based on the "Winnie the Pooh"works by A.A Milne and E.H. ShepardVisit Us at:Website:[Recommended OS Specifications ]==Android 2.3.3 and above
Super Slug 1.3.92
SHOOT tons of BULLETS in the familiarlegendary game style.Battle along with comrade and eliminate enemies with 100+ weapons,1,000+ changeable appearance. Fight in devastating terrain fromdried desert to damp swamp.Prepare to meet the real classic style, combined with modernelements>>Extreme bombardment, so much fun<<• Easy control with Auto Clear system• PvP with your friends in Arena Mode• Event modes and thousands of quests to complete• Fight together with friends in Guild System• Gigantic Riad Boss to fight along with everyone in theworld• Varieties of Ranking mode to conquer• Devastating attack from reinforcements• Upgrade weapons and Suits to increase Stats and Coolestlooking!>>Be a one man army or fight along with comrades, yours tochose>>• Eliminate enemies as a one man army or stomp Non-Stop bulletswith your friends• Party with friends to annihilate your foes• Varities of weapons and reinforcements such as Jet Fighter,Missile Firing Ship, War Tank to crush down anything in yourpath• Be the 1st of world's rankingNews and update can be found atWebsite: http://ss.playpark.comFacebook: Super Slug Thailand
Playpark 5.0.2
With Playpark application, the world of gameswill never be out of your reach. Be excited with awesome games,activities, red hot promotions that you have been waiting for andupdate patches that will bring you to another level of fun. Withour rich and cool features, you will get updated with real timenotification on our latest PC and mobile games releases and theirlatest news. You can also get social by finding new or intimatefriends and start chatting with them while enjoying the games. Withlots more new features to come, Playpark app is the only Gaming appyou need.Features:- PlayID Membership management system: Register for our PlayparkID, enjoy fantastic games or join in the fun activities underPlaypark services.- Game library and launcher: Install and instantly enjoy gamesranging from strategy, role playing (RPG), action, adventure, mobaand many more!- News feed: Real time news and announcement of games’ activities.You can also choose to follow any games to receive notifications orlist them as your favourite.- Reminder: Set reminders of your favourite and importantactivities to ensure you won’t miss them.- Chat Messaging system: Find or add friends and chat with themtill dawn.- Games and content that span across 6 countries: Thailand,Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia.- This application supports all network operators and aspiringheroes!
Puzzle Guardians 1.0.17
★★★Be a Knight in a Shining Puzzle!!!★★★Puzzle Guardians New Update★December Update★- Global Launch Celebration EventLog in Daily to get Rare Rewards-New Sets of Guardians : Zeus , Athena, Hestia and many moreCelebrate Global Launch with Gods Guardians-Guardian Cards: a new way to get guardiansNew system with better chance to get new guardians-Christmas is coming !Snow Falling in Home Screen and Christmas Event Gift Codes-Spectacular Combo CounterGet through waves of monsters in a new cool way !!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Unique Puzzle RPG that bring you- A fully loaded strategic gameplay- Powerful Guardians in your journey- To choose weapons and armors in your own style- To challenge the Deadly Guardian Bosses- To unleash your special Skills. Defeat all the enemies- To explore Babel Tower that is full of precious treasuresJoin Puzzle Guardians Today !More news and information at Facebook Fanpage :[Permission Details]==Game needed these permissions.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for save game data and cache game file tostorage.- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for load game data and load cache game filefrom storage.== [Recommended Specification] ==Sumsung Galaxy S3 or later
Dragonica Mobile 1.0.1
Dragonica Mobile: The Dragonians RebornNEW Update!■ Play together with friends in the new Multi-Player stageReal-Time.■ Fight to conquer the fearsome Path of Heroes tower.■ Challenge your skills in Guild War and 3vs3.■ Get special items from Online Reward by staying in-game.■ Enjoy tons of quests via Event Board and get FREE treasure!Playpark proudly present the ultimate Action RPG Side-Scrollingfighting game which continues it's success from the PC into a fullSmartphone version with all familiar features and design!DRAGONICA MOBILE FEATURES■ Comes with simple controls and Auto-Play system for the ease ofmobile and portable gaming.■ Venture into a astonishingly vibrant 3D fantasy world. Embark onthe journey to defeat the evil dragon Elga.■ Role-play as your favourite Dragon Hero classes: Warrior,Magician, and Thief!■ Special Skills development and upgrades to series of Comboattacks with a variety of weapons to choose from.■ Challenging Missions and Quests to hunt for Exclusive Prizes,Super rare Weapons and Armory!■ Fight for glory and honor in the daily Non-Stop Battle Leaguesystem to prove yourself as the Strongest Dragon Hero in thevirtual world.■ Customize your character's appearance in your own style with morethan 200 customizables.■ Have your cute Pets to accompany you on your adventure. Evolvethem to a higher rank to strengthen your attack and defense.■ Fun with your Facebook friends by inviting them to play andchallenge them in PvP to win a Special Rewards.Download Dragonica Mobile and start playing today. Welcome newfriends with special events and a ton of rare items.For more information, please visit:[Recommend Specification]Smartphone Android Dual Cores 1.5 GHz, RAM 1GB with Android 4.0 orlater[Dragonica: Requesting permission to play]1. Allow Dragonica to access photos, media and files on yourdevice. Permission to install game and download additional data todevice storage2. Address book Permission to access address book used for accountverification purposes. Does not access your contact.3. Call Management Permission for call management to use andidentify a device for activities within the game. Do not storephone/call history. In addition to the distribution terminal