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I.P.L T20 Cricket 2016 Craze 1.7
Are you Crazy about I.P.L T20 Cricket? Do youwait the whole year for the I.P.L T20 Cricket 2016 season to begin?If yes, then look no further - your number one source for all theI.P.L T20 cricketing action is right here on your Android device.The I.P.L T20 fever is rising and this game will allow you tofulfill all of your cricketing madness as you will. Enjoy hours ofnonstop gameplay and absolute fun!"Crazy for I.P.L T20 Cricket 2016" is extremely competitive andto make things even more exciting, we’ve included a ‘DailyLeaderboard’ and ‘All Time Leaderboard’ for you to compete withyour fellow players from all over the globe. Play your innings in 1wicket, 3 wickets or 5 wickets format and score maximum runs as youcan to get featured on the Leaderboards. This is as exciting as itgets!New feature unique to only "Crazy for I.P.L T20 Cricket 2016" :Each individual player has their own career statistics displayed innumber of 6s and 4s, Total matches played, Total runs, Strike rate,Average, highest score, 100's, 50's, 30's and lot of otherfeatures...This new feature will help you have a better insight of each playerand their capabilities.An extravagant event all bundled up in this fantastic game –Just for you. Only on "Crazy for I.P.L T20 Cricket 2016""Crazy for I.P.L T20 Cricket 2016" features eight teams: GL, MI,RPS, KKR, RCB, KXIP, DD and SRH.Choose your favorite team and guide them to victory for the covetedT20 2016 trophy!"Crazy for I.P.L T20 Cricket 2016" Features:- Optimized Leaderboards and UI!- Track your statistics through new "Career Mode"!- Choose your favourite avatar that suits your personality!- Bat for the I.P.L T20 team of your choice!- Real-time lead stats of your Team and Personal!- Real life cricket experience!- Multiple Wicket Options!- Simple Gameplay!- Immersive gameplay!Are You Ready?Lets Play...
Archery Master Hero 1.1
Archery Master Hero is a simple, easy to playbut hard to master archer game that involves the bow and arrow.Just like a real hunter, try to kill enemies by using the bow andarrow.Get It, and say how much score can your archer get! This archerygame has amazing graphics, colors and sound effects. The Archerymaster hero in game is a brave boy with great archer skills.Tap and hold anywhere on the screen to aim and shoot the arrowon the enemy!It’s simple, easy to play and addictive. You just have to killthe enemies coming at you. If your aim get fail to kill the enemystanding in front of you then that enemy will aim at you and thenwill you lose a life. So shoot them with accurate aim.This archery game is new, fun and exciting with power ups. You canget extra coins if you aim at their head. you can get +2 or +5coins for every other headshot. if you earn more coins by levelingup the game then you can upgrade the super powers n avatar of yourarchery hero by spending your wallet coins to buy the new avatar nsuper powers that will make your bow and arrow ultra powerful.Have competition with your friends in this simple and amazingarrow shooting game. Break your top 5 and share with your friendsvia any app like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.All in all, this game is easy to play but hard to master. Sowhat are you waiting for download now and show what you can do witha bow and arrow in your hand.Archery Master Hero" Features:- Immersive gameplay!- Simple graphics and sound- Addicting Endless gameplayAre You Ready?Lets Play..."Archery Master Hero" easy to play but hard toMaster!
Militia Army War™ 1.9
You will play as wanted criminal role and tryto escape from other military solders. It is quite hard for you togo through and shoot up all. They hunt wanted man and he is onlytheir target,too. There are two choices for you to adopt apreferable character in Militia Army War: Volker and Martin. Youhave to face more dangerous challenges in the way running. PlayMilitia Army War™ you will prove your quick and strategyHow to play:- On mobile: Tap the screen where appear button to control yourcharacter: turn left, turn right, jump up,shoot- On desktop/web: Use your keyboard to control the character. youpress button A to turn left, button D to turn right, button W tojump, button L to shootFeatures in Militia Army War™:- Amazing graphic and sounds with special effects- 12 levels- Shop with many kinds of weapon which has more and fastershot- Two choices of character- Able to take advantage of accessory items what appearaccidentally when fighting, help you to strengthen yourhealth.We hope all our players have a great time on exploring Militia ArmyWar™, thanks a lot!Like us https://www.facebook.com/pocketgamerstudioThank you for your supportPOCKET GAMER STUDIO
Dream Soccer Hero 2018 1.1
This is the time for you to step foot intheoutstanding stadium. Kick the ball with full force and becomeachampion. "Dream Soccer Hero 2018" is an excellentfootballsimulator. This is a treat for all sport fans. Step intothe shoesof a soccer player and earn remarkable victory for yourteamthrough some awesome kicks .In this game, fans will be able tomeetthe best 12 soccer teams. The attractive 3D graphics anddifficultbut exciting levels with simple gameplay will definitelywin yourheart. Work on various kicks in a practice mode and improveyoursoccer playing skills. Participate in 2 different game modes,Quick& Tournament play via 2vs2 or 3vs3.Compete or play with your friends from real timemultiplayer.Support your favorite country and bring them on theTopposition with newly invented "Global Leaderboard".Game Features:• Simple and Immersive Gameplay• 3D graphics• Real Time Multiplayer• 4 Difficulty Levels• Custom Global Leaderboard• Free available for downloadBe a part of this electrifying "Dream Soccer Hero 2018", showyourskills towards the GOAL and Help your country to reachatTop.We hope all our players have a great time on exploring DREAMSOCCERHERO 2018, thanks a lot!Like us https://www.facebook.com/pocketgamerstudioThank you for your supportPOCKET GAMER STUDIO