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VudVid - Musical Video Creator 2.1
--- VudVid - Best Dubbed Video creating app---MERGE YOUR VIDEO WITH SOUNDSLip-sync your own videos with a wide variety of sounds, and you caneven create and use your own.ADVANCED VIDEO EFFECTSControl speed while shooting, slow motion and Fast Motion for theultimate results.TAP TO SHOOTCut your video in as many pieces as you want by tapping and holdingto shoot... Only keep the best parts and be super creative.LIVE FILTERSChoose from a wide variety of Filters, and you can even use manyFilters within the same Video. Take advantage from the real-timeaspect of viewing the Filters.EASY SHAREOnce you are done shooting your video, you can very easily shareyour video on all social media platforms, to show off yourbeautiful results to your friends.
Secret Photo+Video - Face Rec. 1.1
-- Others will see Regular Pictures, while youwill see your secret photos and Videos --FACE RECOGNITIONUsing state of the art technology, you will be able to have yourface as the only way to get access to your private information,pictures, and secret videos.PRIVACY IS PRICELESSWhen someone takes your phone and start searching, if they open theapp they will only see your regular pictures. however when you openyour app, the latest Face recognition technology will automaticallyknow who you are and give you access to all your secret photoshidden in a Vault internally.PHOTO VAULTWith the secret photo Vault that only you can access, you will beable to to hide them from anyone who is snooping around you phone,Like your Mom, Dad, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Wife, Husband etc.This app uses Face Recognition SDK to provide the ultimatesecurity and privacy for all our users.
Player for Acapella singing 1.9
Player for Acapella with 100 thousands ofsounds and videos.All the Acapella Videos In one App for FREE- Browse the Funniest Acapella videos- Top Player for every Video, enjoy the highest quality.- Laugh with friends and get ideas on smart ways to create your ownVideo.- Display Acapellas Musical videos inline or in Grid mode.Get the Best Acapella videos & Clips from the followingcountries:- Mexico- Egypt- United States ( USA)- Canada- Australia- Peru- Turkey ( Dubblaj )Note:All contents are property of their respective owners.This app is in no way endorsed or affiliated to any thirdparty.
Rising Billionaire - Money $ 1.0
-- YOU ARE THE NEXT BILLIONAIRE --Just graduated with $10K to start your career.. then you findthe secret to $$$Earn money, gold, euro, bitcoin & become richYou just graduated and your uncle gave you $10 000 to start yourcareer. You still have a long road ahead but then you find thesecret to success and start your journey of Riches andBillions.INVEST IN STOCKSStart investing in stocks. Sound investments will only make youricher but be careful you may also lose money if you answer thewrong questions.OPEN BUSINESSESAs a new Billionaire, you need to make the perfect businessdecisions, so your business knowledge will constantly be testedduring your journey.POLITICAL INFLUENCEWith great power comes great responsibility, and as a Billionaireyou now have a huge political influence and you may influencepoliticians and even help them get to power.
Messenger for Whatsapp 2.0
-- Use Whatsapp on Tablets or add manyWhatsapp Accounts on a single device --This app allows you to quickly sync any Whatsapp account with yourphone or Tablet.Who needs this app ?- Anyone who wants to use his/her Whatsapp on a Tablet or anotherphone- Anyone who wants to use multiple Accounts on a single phoneNo Technical Knowledge is required, just plug and play.PS: This app is an independent one and is not affiliated with anyother company including Whatsapp inc.
Live pictures 1.4
-- Not only on iOS, now you can use LivePhotos on Android too --Thanks to this app, every time you take a picture you cancapture the few moments before and after.Then you can see those pictures at any moment whether you wantthem as regular ones or GIFs or Videos... But never miss a momentagain.This provides you with similar functionalities than the iPhone6S Live Photos but for Android.
Album Scanner for memories 1.1
--Instantly Digitize your Family Albums byScanning Multiple Pictures at once--Turn Your Family albums into a lasting Digital Memory in just afew moments.Take one Picture of many Photo Album images, and this app willMagically detect, crop, and place into an Album that you name...Scan Multi-Pics at once!- Simply Take one picture, and let this app do the rest of thework." It's the best Pic Scanner, you can Batch Scan any album inseconds. "" Better than Photomyne, it can scan better and Faster "
Cherry Pepper - Dating Free 1.2
-- Adult dating for 18+ only --This is the first completely anonymous free dating app withprivacy at its core.Adult singles will be able to register with a nickname only, andstart sending ephemeral messages and photos to each other. Allcommunications in this app is ephemeral and will disappear after afew seconds only from both sides of the communications.Screenshots are disabled in a way that no one can save yourpictures or whatever you are writing.
Trump Dump Free Game 1.4
Dump on Trump with those flappy poopy birdsDump pou with those flappy birds each bird drop one poop or moreevery once in a while escape it or take that pouDISCLAIMER: This is not an official Donald Trump game, Referenceto any celebrity, artist, musician, person, product, name,trademark, service mark, or company name is for descriptivepurposes only and does not constitute or imply sponsorship,endorsement, or recommendation unless explicitly stated herein.
Videos For MSQRD Live Swap 1.0
- WIDE SELECTION OF MASKSEnjoy watching a wide MSQRD selection of masks beinguseddifferently by so many different people- ALL THE COMMUNITY IN ONE PLACEWatch the entire community posting their own msqrd Mask,FaceSwapping video creations in one place.
Trump Dump Color Switch Balls 12
Trump Dump Color Switch Balls - GOP2016illuminati FREE Edition:- A super funny, colorful and addictive game inspired by theGOP2016DISCLAIMER: This is not an official Donald Trump, Bernie SandersorHillary Clinton game, Reference to any celebrity, artist,musician,person, product, name, trademark, service mark, or companyname isfor descriptive purposes only and does not constitute orimplysponsorship, endorsement, or recommendation unlessexplicitlystated herein.
SumPic - Photo to Summarize 1
-- HOMEWORK JUST GOT SO MUCH EASIER --Homework just got so easy with this app. Take a photoandinstantly read the summary, get keyword analysis and stopboringyourself with all the details.Not only that the application will read the summary foryou:)
KeySec - Self destruct message 1.0
-- Send Self destructing images andmessagesfor Whatsapp or any other Messenger --Install the Keyboard, and anything you type or the imagesthatyou send are automatically secured and sent. Your messagesandimages will self destruct and will NEVER go through theMessenger'sown servers so they can never be saved there.Welcome to the next level security communication.