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DecoAlbum Purikura Camera 1.8.6
More than 2,500,000 downloads and 4000 Average☆4.5reviews!*・゜・*:.。..。.:*・゜(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜・*Gorgeous Christmas Package is now on DecoAlbum for free rightnow!*・゜・*:.。..。.:*・゜(艸′v'*)・*:.。. .。.:*・゜・*DecoAlbum is the most popular japanese collage App which enablesyou to create "kawaii" collage decoration on pictures.☆You can use over 600 stickers, stamps, frames for free for thelimited time now!☆There are so many free stickers: manga like stickers, celebritystickers, fashionable collage frames, cute emoticons, beautifuleffect background, text stamps, holiday stickers, purikura harajukudecorations.☆Post your deco snap and collage on mixi, facebook, tumblr,twitter, ameba, flickr to show your friend!☆Easy to create your own purikura album to beautify yourphoto!☆Sepia filter, whitening rich fiter, twinkle filter ... andmore!☆yabai korokoro and cancam models use.☆Adjust your camera to japan cool and harajuku style!☆Add rich effect with instant taps to your images.Full of notable functions that you wouldn't believe it'sfree!You can post over 600 free cute stamps and frames on photos and addphotos to make your one and only collage . :)【Function】All Free: easy collage, over 600 types of stamps,beautiful message stamps, magical backgrounds, lovely frames,gorgeous pens, photo cropping, celebrity text and fonts!
winker movie chatting app 1.3.2
winker is a new movie app that you can findyour friends easily!Therefore you can send snaps to your friends on facebook andtwitter so you will never face problem that you do not have someoneto send photos to!Experience a totally new way to share laughs today.Snap a secret photo, add a caption or pen, and send it to a friendor friends. They'll view it, laugh, and the snap disappears in awink from the screen - unless they take a screenshot!One more thing, choose who to send a snap via twitter andfacebook so as not to get lost when sending a secret specialsnap.The allure of fleeting messages reminds us about the beauty offriendship - we don't need a reason to make ourselves up.You can confirm privacy policy from setting .