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Griddlers Plus 1.10.14
*** Thanks for millions of downloads,thousands of ratings and excellent comments ***Griddlers Plus is the most popular Android application to solvelogic puzzles also known as griddlers, hanjie, nonogram, picross,kare karalamaca, japanese crossword, cryptopics or pic-a-pix. Thegoal of griddlers is to find out the positions of black or coloredblocks using number hints in the white grid. The resulting solutionof the puzzle is an image. You can find more information aboutgriddlers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonogram. Griddlers Plussupports 4 types of griddlers puzzle: standard (black&white),colored, triangle and multi griddlers and comes with lots of freepuzzles.FEATURES:- Thousands of puzzles and neverending updates.- It supports standard (black&white), colored, triangle andmulti griddlers.- Advanced user interface controls for solving big and complexpuzzles easily (zoom, scroll, multi cell selection, undo, redo,backup and restore solutions...).- You can design your own puzzles and share with your friends viaEmail, Google Drive, bluetooth...- You can backup/restore your solutions between your devices.NOTES:- Please use 'Feedback' menu to report any problem, because we needto know the details of your android device to solve it.- Remember that hint guides are there just to help you. They areNOT related to real solution.- If you want your puzzles to be published, just share it andselect "Publish" method.PERMISSIONS:- FULL NETWORK ACCESS: This permission is used by adsservice.- STORAGE: This permission is used to backup and restore yoursolutions to SD card upon your request.
Word Hunt 1.2.6
Word Hunt is a free classic word search puzzlegame. Features:- Colorful and clean user interface.- Leaderboards.- Limitless number of puzzles.- 3 difficulty levels.- Different color themes.- Different language support (English, Turkish, German, Spanish,French and Azerbaijani)Have a good time...Keywords: word search, word hunt
Number Memory Game 1.0.9
Number Memory Game is a simple but addictivememory game to train your memory skills.When you start the game, several circles will appear each having anumber in it. The goal is to remember the position of the numbers.After some time, the numbers will disappear and you will need totab the circles in increasing order according to the numbers insidethem. If you succed meaning that you guess the numbers atincreasing order, you will pass to the next level and at eachlevel, more circles will appear. If you fail a level, you have torepeat that level. After 3 fails, the game will end. Your scorewill be sent and displayed in leaderboard.
Okeyoid 1.3.3
Okeyoid is an Android application for popularokey game, which is a kind of rummy game. You can both play on yourown against intelligent bots and play with your friends online.- To play with your friends, you must connect to a wirelessnetwork using Wi-Fi. You can create your own Okeyoid server andhave your friends connect to your device or join an already createdserver (you can use network scan functionality to find availableservers). If your device supports Wi-Fi Hotspot, you can create anduse your own wireless network to play multiplayer.- You can chat with your friends while playing. You can sendprivate message to your friend by clicking his name.- In single player mode, the bots NEVER cheat. They work usingan artificial intelligence method called genetic algorithm. You canadjust their performance using "Difficulty Level" setting in"Settings" menu. Their intelligence level will be improved infuture versions.- It is possible to play colored and paired games.- Warning with vibration and sounds is available.Note: I didn't have chance to test with different devices. Youcan contact me via email in case of any problems.Note: For devices with small screen, you can enlarge game areaby selecting 'Hide Chat Area' setting from 'Settings'.