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The Ables: Freepoint High
Qiwi Games, LLC
As a powerful young Super Hero known as an"Absorber", you can use the abilities of any super-powered beingnear you! Collect and master many different super powers in orderto save your friends from the mysterious 'Cardinal' and herfollowers 'The Believers' who have attacked your town!Play as either Alex or Emily, and rescue your friends who havebeen kidnapped, and discover who is behind this attack on thepeaceful town of Freepoint.Based in the world of the best-selling Young Adult novel 'TheAbles', written by Jeremy Scott, Co-Creator of the popular YouTubechannel, CinemaSins, this action-packed Metroid-vania game has thefeel of the Old-School Classic platformers of yesteryear. Fans ofthe book will recognize some familiar faces and locations, (as wellas a ton of fun Easter Eggs!)