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Rail Jankari : Indian Railway 5.1
Rakеsh Kumar
Rail Jankari is an IndianRailwaysapplication.It acts as a one stop solution for yourrailwayqueries. Grab thisapp and get information on the go!★ App Offerings▪ PNR Enquiry & Tracking- Check PNR status as well as save it for future reference.AutoPNRtracking notifies you when current status changes. RailJankarialsotracks messages with PNR and adds those PNR'sautomaticallytostatus tracking list.▪ Train Schedule- Detailed schedules & route map of all trains,timings,stops,distance etc. Save it for offline usage.▪ Search Trains- Any train. Any Date. Search almost all type oftrainsbetweenstations and get seat availability, train schedule,runninginfoand more.▪ Train Running Status- Real time running information of trains, now with trackingonmap.Save it for offline usage.▪ Station Status- Live status of all trains arriving and departing atastationwithin 2-9 hrs.▪ Seat Availability- Choose your preferred train and class, Rail Jankarishowsseatavailability up to 4 months at one place with oneclick.▪ Fare Enquiry- Detailed imposed charges for railway reservationofdifferentclasses. All fares at one click.▪ Current Booking- Current booking availability in trains from a station within4hrsof departure. Shows all classes availability at once.▪ Coach Layout- Seating arrangement layout of various coaches.▪ Cancelled Trains- Fully and partially cancelled trains.▪ Diverted Trains- Detailed information of all diverted trains.▪ Rescheduled Trains- Detailed information of all rescheduled trains along withdelayandexpected arrival.▪ Special Trains- Detailed information of all special event trains alongwithdays& timings.▪ Heritage Trains- Detailed information of all heritage trains plyingamidstimportantstations.▪ External Links- Links to IRCTC, NTES and other important web pages.▪ Saved Data- One stop hub for all our saved data. View/deleteatoneplace.▪ Settings- Place to tweak the application with quick inputs,trackingandupdate check intervals etc.★ Key Features▪ Material design UI. The one and the only fully materialdesignappfor Indian Railways on playstore.▪ Auto PNR tracking, notifies you when current statuschanges.Great,Isn't it?▪ Multi-pane layout to show search form, history & saveddataina single flick.▪ Route maps with cool animations for current stationtrackinginRunning status.▪ Coach position information based of historic data.▪ Long press quick inputs to enter stations/trains quickly.Setitfrom settings!▪ Detailed search history for everything you search.▪ Detailed fare breakdown information. All class fares of atrainona single tap.▪ Shows via stations when direct train is not available.▪ Save PNR status, train schedules and running statusforofflineusage.▪ 20+ color themes. The first and the only themedIndianRailwaysapplication.▪ Rich eye-catching xxxhdpi ready layouts with referencetoandroiddesign guidelines▪ More features to land soon ..★ A Brief Note To The UsersThere is no team behind this application, I am theonlydeveloper.There are chances that you may face some bugs.Pleasedon't leavenegative comments, instead help me makingtheapplication better byreporting bugs/issues via e-mail. I haveamagic potatowhich fixes all bugs.Suggestions/Featurerequests arewelcome.★ DisclaimerRail Jankari is not affiliated to Indian Railways.Youareresponsible for any legal implications that may arisefromsuchusage. This application serves as a tool to showpubliclyavailableinformation. Please read the complete "Terms ofuse" inapplicationunder App Info.
Rail Jankari Plus 1.0
Rakеsh Kumar
This app is a key for Rail Jankari. Thiswillremove ads from the main app and upgrade it to Rail Jankari+Click the link below for more details about Rail Jankari.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.blindndumb.railjankari