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Make Sun 2.3
Best Emotional Game. Unique GameRule of World.Find new Planet! and be Planet Creator!Very Simple OneTouch Control Game!Experience Unique Game Style, Artistic Design and Fantastic SoundSystemShooting + Puzzle, Planet Theme, 18 kinds AchivementIt's easy.Tab screen to shoot the missile. you can hit the planet with yourmissile.Same number's planet can be add together in bottom slots.Make SUN!. get HighestScore! for Best Planet Creator.* Game's Number & Planet System.The larger the number is growing 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512,1024, 2048 ...than Grows more and more planets. Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Sun, ???...* Game's Sound System.This game have Artistic Sound System. It's like play the Piano byOnly ur One Touch, One TabIn this part. U feel like play rythm gameThis Uber Apps will give Sensitivity, Imagination,Addicting(Addiction) and Fun to You
Space Showtime 11.6
- Prologue -In the year 3000, May 16th, the God of Universe forgets his13,700,003,000th wedding anniversary with his wife, the Goddess ofUniverse.No one knew that this tiny(?) mistake would put the whole universein jeopardy.Unable to control the anger, the Goddess finally lost hertemper.Thus the Great Quarrel began. Soon planets were crashing around andexploding all over the place.Realizing the matter, Octo and his colleagues from planet Earthprepares the best ever space show and launches off to thespace.With a grave mission to calm the Goddess and save the universe, theSuper Mega\n"Space Showtime" proudly raises its curtains!* Rush to Infinity Space ! Experience Fantastic Visual ! Speedyfeeling !* Open the many Character !* best addictive exciting game on new things.fun, easy, but last stage hardest. challenge high score and go intop leaderboardcare your finger, this mini game is very fast. (for dynamictouch)cute character, avoid, arcade style... every cool thing in thisgame.have a good time. :)
Cross or Crash 6.6
Never seen puzzle game system.Shoot the character to cross or crashCharacter R run crossy Front Street.More shooting and more than difficult.if fill number. Stage clear!every power of 5, 10 boss stage.passed -> cross !!Fail -> Crash !!Strange dream. Fly chick, bus and car.Make infinity dream world.