Rashid Siraj Apps

Defender 1.0
Rashid Siraj
Sam is a soldier and needs to tackleenemiesand obstacles in order to get to his goal. Be carefulenemies aresmart and can defeat you but you shouldn't let thathappen. You aresupplied with enough ammo to get the job done. Eachlevel isintense enough to get your attention. Help Sam get throughto thefinish level.
Super Dashcam 1.0
Rashid Siraj
The functionality provided by this app isfarbetter than the one provided by a dash cam. Somefeaturesare:1. Clean and user friendly interface.2. User can schedule when to clean old files.3. The option to auto loop or record once is also provided.4. The app has smartness to detect low memory condition andstoprecording.5. The app can also detect low battery and stop recording.6. View your recorded files in a clean interface.7. Files can be locked for later viewing and will notbedeleted.8. User has the option to manually delete/unlock files.9. If you want to mute sound, no problem that is provided....and many more.