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EZ PZ RPG 2.164.4
Welcome to EZ PZ RPG, the idleclickerstylegamethat’s so easy to play... it doesn’t even needyou!All you need to do is choose a class, and thegamewillplayitself, even while you’re doing somethingelse-grabbinggroceries, putting your apps in alphabeticalorder,or...whateverelse you do with your free time. (We don’tjudge).Check upon yourhero later, and you'll have a ton of EXP andloot!Goyou!★★★New in 3.2★★★---FEATURES---Wing System - A new way to customize and makeyourherostronger.Upgrade your wings to reach new heights!Hero Tokens - A brand new quest system to tie intothenewWings.Complete daily tasks to gain rewards that can beusedtoincreaseyour wing stats!---TWEAKS & UPDATES---New player guide has been tweaked to provideabetterstartingexperience.Hunter skill “Nightcrawler” has been buffed. It nowdoes25%moredamage.Warrior skill “Deathwish” has been tweaked slightly. Itnowdoes50%more damage (up from 40%), but you receive 50% moredamage(upfrom40%) as well.General UI improvements for a better and cleaner layout.Upgrade your Hero so you can take on bigger&baddermonsters,delve into deeper & darker dungeons, andgetyourhands on better& rarer loot! Then take onyourfriendshead-to-head in Arenacombat, all from the comfort ofyourpocket,purse, nightstand, or…wherever. Easy Peasy!Don’t be fooled though, this idle game isn’tyoureverydaydungeoncrawler, beat em’ up, or hack n’ slash. EZPZoffersnon-stop actionas a unique hybrid of classic fantasyandclickerstyle games. So ifyou want the full hardcoreRPGexperience, butdon’t want any of theheadaches that come alongwithit, this isthe game for you!★★★FEATURES★★★★Accessible Mechanics★Don’t be shied away by complex features and convolutedsystems,EZPZgets right to the point,iterating on classic idle clicker games. No fuss.★Create Your Hero★Choose from one of the three distinct playable classes,andsetforthon a perpetual adventure!★Endless Combat★Continuously progress while away. The fighting neverstops,evenwhileyou sleep!★Full RPG Experience★Equip your Hero with epic loot, gain levels, learnnewskills,andmeet new companions to add to your party. EZ PZalsofeaturesafull crafting system, so you can always make whatyouneed!★PvP Arena★Challenge friends and foes alike for the ultimatetestofstrength.Form teams or face your rivals 1-on-1, andbecomethetruechampion!★Form Guilds★Band together with friends and like minded playerstojoinforces!Help each other reach the top!★★★★★★▶LIKE US on Facebook:▶VISIT US:▶FOLLOW US:▶WATCH US:
Pirate Empire 4.3
Ahoy matey! Ready to take the helm and hoistthe black flag on your very own vessel? Welcome to Pirate Empire, a3D adventure game for enterprising buccaneers and fun-lovingcorsairs. Build and customize fearsome ships, recruit and traininfamous sailors, and test your ship’s prowess in cutthroat raidsand battles! Give your enemies no quarter and become the fiercestcommander to sail the seven seas. Arrr!★★★Features★★★★BUILD CUSTOM SHIPS★● Strengthen your ship’s abilities by adding military,commercial, and entertainment cabins.● Fix your ship after each battle and upgrade it to increaseyour stats.● Purchase new ships and decorate them with swashbuckling skinsand emblems.★ASSEMBLE YOUR CREW★● Hire sailors to man your ship and provide skills forbattle.● Upgrade your sailors, give them their ideal jobs and researchtheir battle skills.● Recruit legendary pirates like Blackbeard and Red Eric to yourcause!★FIGHT IN NAVAL BATTLES★● Travel the seven seas and raid passing ships for loot andresources.● Rise through the ranks in the Arena and become King of thePirates.● Unlock passive and active skills to use in battle.Connect with us and always be up-to-date! Receive inside info aboutpromotions, giveaways, events, the latest game updates, tips &more…▶VISIT US:▶LIKE US:▶FOLLOW US:▶WATCH US:
Tribal Rush 1.3.0
Seize the throne! Defend, Invade, and Dominateyour foes in the tower-building Android strategy game of the year!Rise above a world of bandits and barbarians to become thegreatest Warlord of all. Expand your village with Mines, Mills,Towers, and Temples – and raise your walls high above thebattlefield, because thieves are coming for YOUR tribal treasure!Fight back with daring raids on your friends and foes – and withunits like Archers, Valkyries, and even *BEES!*, they won't stand achance. Prepare yourself for war in TRIBAL RUSH – true mobilestrategy where survival is only the beginning!***UPDATES***• The Heroes Have Landed – Build the all-new Hero Hall andrecruit these 6 unstoppable juggernauts to your side! With T-Bone,Zenith, Reaper, A'niaj, Leiji, and Crusher, the battlefield willnever be the same!• Raised Level Caps – Get your Builders ready, because the time toupgrade is now! Stalwart can now be raised to level 15, and somedefenses can reach level 20.• Demolish Ally Structures – Need some extra space? Now you canremove ally-donated structures that don't mesh with your layoutplans.• Various other bugfixes, combat adjustments, and UIoptimizationsPlay now to discover the fresh features and thrilling strategiccombat of Tribal Rush!Game Features:• Build Your Village – expand your empire from humble beginningsinto a true tribal juggernaut !• Defend Your Tribe – protect your Tribal Hall against bandits andrival Warlords with an upgradeable arsenal of terrific towers!• Unleash Your Army – demolish enemy villages with colorful unitslike the stealthy Assassin, the axe-wielding Choppah, and thedragon-bombing D-52 !• Raid Your Rivals – conquer enemy Warlords, and earn daily tributewhen you capture their Tribal Hall !• Share Gifts With Allies – expand your fortune by exchanging bonusboxes with friends !• Forge Mighty Alliances – join a Warband to conquer cooperativechallenges and rise to the top of the leaderboards !LEARN MORE ABOUT TRIBAL RUSH
龙痕守护 1.22
---简介---2016最酷炫的日韩系魔幻手游来啦!本捷网络重金打造,邀请业内资深团队加盟倾情合作,首款日韩画风回合制动作手游《龙痕守护》震撼登场!HD级场景画面展现,高清3D人物建模,点触操作立即释放酷炫大招!游戏拥有原创的世界观,充满西方魔幻色彩的原创剧情!玩家将扮演一名龙的继承者,与森林里的精灵们结伴,一起踏上征服恶魔的魔幻旅程。体验游戏中的季节变换,书写自己的传奇故事!---游戏特色---【原创故事,变幻为龙】在游戏中可以通过收集龙魂,唤醒沉睡的主角身体里的巨龙,利用龙的力量与对抗魔鬼。不同属性的龙拥有不同的力量,赶紧把沉睡在身体里所有的巨龙的力量唤醒吧!【神奇精灵,祭坛召唤】游戏中的森林里活跃着百种精灵,不同的元素属性,不同的专属技能。不仅可以通过活动获得,还可以在祭坛通过召唤得到。【暗影孤岛,极限挑战】游戏中不但有充满魔幻色彩的副本,还有蕴藏着危险与挑战的暗影岛,同时也能收获颇丰,和小伙伴一起快来挑战!还有更多好玩,有趣的游戏功能等着你去探索......------Facebook 粉丝团:
英雄迷城 1.2
★★★游戏介绍★★★《英雄迷城》是一款以战斗策略为核心的RPG+SLG手机网游,战斗采用数量不一的格子地图,玩家利用手上英雄的装备、技能、特性等元素进行巧妙组合与搭配,进行PVE挑战或PVP对战。战斗中包含属性克制、队长技能、合击玩法和随机障碍等丰富的玩法,战斗方式简单易懂又不失深度。除此之外还有竞争激烈的城堡建设玩法,满足玩家对同步PVP的欲望;同时增加掠夺、对抗等社交玩法,进一步推进玩家与玩家之间的互动。★★★游戏背景★★★亡灵大军集结,正义勇士纷纷狗带,大家正在召唤新的战士,来不及解释了,快上车!独创的战斗系统,浮空岛世界,充满防守与抢夺。带齐你的天使、巨人、鬼龙和吸血鬼,探索丛林、熔岩、沙漠和坟墓,捣毁敌人的城堡和金矿吧,拯救全世界吧!★★★游戏特色★★★★【迷雾战斗系统】一格格点开,一步步向前,一招招化敌。紧张刺激的战斗,一步疏忽,满盘皆输。★【地图】创新的迷雾地图,真实的玩家坐标。一言不合就来硬的,真英雄,不怕刚。★【任务】简单易上手的新手任务,带你迅速进入角色,开启在浮空岛的奇幻冒险之旅。★【海量英雄】精灵?法师?幽灵龙?看颜值,还是看武力值?各种技能的英雄,就等你来翻牌★【城堡】你的城堡,你就是国王!集结最强的英雄,布好最神秘的局。让对手不知不觉走进你的套路。★★★联系我们★★★如果您喜欢我们的游戏,欢迎您随时给我们反馈您的意见。英雄迷城手游官网《英雄迷城》facebook主页:★★★ Gameintroduction★★★"Hero Lost City" is a combat strategy RPG + SLG as the coremobilegaming, fighting the use of different numbers of grid maps,playersuse the equipment, skills, and other elements characteristicof thehands of the hero with a clever combination performedPVEchallenges or PVP battle.Battle involving property restraint, captain skills, punch playandrandom obstacles and other rich play, fighting is simpletounderstand yet deep.In addition to competitive play castle building, meet theplayersdesire for synchronization of PVP; while increasing lootingagainstother social games are played, to further promoteinteractionbetween the players and the players.★★★ ★★★ Game BackgroundUndead assembly, justice Warriors have a leash,Everyone is calling the new soldiers,No time to explain, fast car!Original combat system, floating island in the world, fullofdefensive and snatch.Bring along your angels, giants, dragons ghosts andvampires,explore the jungle, lava, desert and tombs, destroying theenemycastle and gold bars, save the world now!★★★ Game Features ★★★★ [System] a fog of battle opening the princess before she keepsaclose the mouths of the enemy. Intense combat, step bynegligence,round loser.★ [map] innovation fog maps, real player coordinates.Yiyanbugecame hard, true heroes, just afraid.★ [task] simple and approachable novice tasks take youquicklyinto the role, open the floating island fantasyadventure.★ [Mass] elf hero? Master? Ghost Dragons? See Yen value, ortosee the value of force? Skills hero, waiting for you to flop★ [Castle] your castle, you're the king! Build thestrongestheroes, the most mysterious cloth good innings. Letrivalsunwittingly into your routine.★★★ Contact Us ★★★If you like our games, please feel free to give us feedbackyourcomments.Hero Labyrinth hand tour official website:"Hero Lost City" facebook page:
EZ PZ RPG - حرب الأساطير 2.150.0
مرحبا بكم في حرب الأساطير - EZ PZ RPG، اللعبةالتي من السهل جدا الدخول الى عالمها ... لماذا تنتظر انطلق معناالان!كل ما عليك فعله هو اختيار فئة التى تريدها، وسوف تقوم بممارسة افضللعبة على الاطلاق والدخول الى المعارك القوية التى تأخذك من عالمالواقع الى عالم الخيال، ولاداعى للقلق اللعبة سوف تعمل معك حتى لو تماغلاق التطبيق ، يمكن لك فحص البطل الخاص بك ،وسوف تحصل على العديد منالهدايا والخبرات التى سوفتكون بكميات كبيرة ،لماذا تنتظر ،انطلاقمعنا الانيمكن لك ترقية المستويات الخاصة بك حتى تتمكن من الدخول العديد منالمعارك و الدخول الى ميدان التحدى ومواجة اصدقائك وجها لوجه فىالساحة القتالية التى من خلالها سوف تحصل على الغنائم الكبيرة!***المميزات***• اللعب الآليصممت لعبة حرب الأساطير - EZ PZ RPG خصيصا لك لمراعاة وقتك الثمين، لاتحتوي علي أي تعقيدات في اجتياز كافة المراحل وتعمل اتمواتيكيا دون أيصعوبة.• إنشاء بطلكقم باختيار البطل من أحد الشخصيات الثلاث وابداء عالم المغامرةالواسع!• القتال المستمروهذا مايجعل اللعبة فى تقدم مستمر لان القتال مستمر دائما، حتى اثناءالنوم القتال مستمر دائما.• خبرة الكاملةسوف تحصل على خبرة كبيرة جدا داخل اللعبة نتيجة الى الخبرات الناتجةعن المعارك والحروب التى تمر بها مما يجعلك داخل اللعبة تمر بجميعالمراحل وتزيد من مستوياتك التى تجعلك أقوى وأفضل!• ميدان التحدىقم بتحدي أصدقائك وأعدائك في ميدان التحدي، موجهات وجه لوجه لمعرفةالبطل الأقوى في اللعبة، قم بإثبات وجودك كن البطل الأول!• تشكيل الحلفقف صفا لصف مع أصدقائك في الحلف الواحد واصنعوا المزيد من القواتوالانتصارات بالتعاون فيما بينكم!Hello to the mythology ofwar - EZ PZ RPG, the game which is very easy access to their world... Why wait zap us now!All you have to do is choose the category you want, you willexercise best game ever and access to strong battles that takes youfrom the real world into a fantasy world, but no need to worryabout the game will work with you even if it was close theapplication, can you check your hero, and will you get many giftsand experiences that Sowickon in large quantities, what are youwaiting for, starting with us nowYou can upgrade your levels so you can access many battles andaccess to the Urban Challenge and Cope with your friends face toface in combat arena from which will get a big booty!*** FEATURES ***• Automated playDesigned game legends war - EZ PZ RPG specially for you to takeinto account your precious time, does not contain any complicationsin the pass all the stages and work Atamoatekeya without anydifficulty.• Create your heroSelect the hero of one of the three characters and show the worldwide adventure!• Continuous fightingThis is what makes the game is progressing because the constantfighting always, even while you sleep always constantfighting.• Full experienceYou will get a very large experience within the game as a result ofthe experiences resulting from the battles and wars that pass outwithin the game which makes you go through all the stages andincrease your levels that make you stronger and better!• Challenge fieldTo challenge your friends and enemies in the field of challenge,routers face-to-face to see the most powerful hero in the game,then prove you are the hero Be the first!• formation of the allianceStand description of the class with your friends in one allianceand 'Make more troops and victories cooperation amongyourselves!
Shards of Magic 1.4.3
Immerse yourself in the most enthrallingstrategy RPG experience on mobile yet! Shards of Magic will drawyou in with stunning 3D visual effects, rich strategic gameplay,and witty voice acting.Assemble a legendary team of unique characters to set forth on ariveting adventure like no other! Find the Shards of Magic, beforeDusan, the evil Lord of the Abyss can claim them for himself.The road is paved with hordes of enemies, epic bosses, andcountless other obstacles. Discover an exciting, fully fledgedcampaign spanning over 350 stages, each with three differentdifficulties for additional replayability. Collect and choose fromhundreds of heroes, each with an array of various devastatingskills to aid you on your journey. Form a powerful party bysynergizing skills and unit placement to create the ultimate battleforce! With the mighty elemental guardians at your back, nothingstands in your way.Now, it’s up to you. Seize your destiny, and stop Dusan fromdestroying the world, and everything in it. Play the freshest RPGon mobile to date!★★★KEY FEATURES★★★★Explore Abundant Content★Expansive, fully voiced campaign mode featuring 350+ stages, andover 280 unique, battle-hungry heroes to collect and upgrade asyour RPG adventure unfolds.★Experience Strategic Gameplay★Exploit the enemy weakness by varying your team setup. Pair theright party members for synergy bonuses and maximum power boosts togain the edge over your foes.★Compete in Dynamic PvP Combat★Prove your skills in battle against other players. Rise to the topof the leaderboards in numerous compelling duels against rivalsfrom all over the world.★Discover Thrilling PvE Action★Join in on daily world boss raids, master challenging endlessdungeon modes, and more! Earn rare loot to gear up for youradventures.★Play Together★Team up in demanding server-wide boss raids, join guilds forspecial events, hire veteran players to aid you in battle, supportyour friends, by sending them energy or stamina, and much more.Connect with us and always be up-to-date! Receive inside info aboutpromotions, giveaways, events, the latest game updates, tips &more…▶VISIT US:▶LIKE US:▶FOLLOW US:▶WATCH US:
Combo Clash
Delve into fantastic, furious fun with ComboClash, the most unique mobile Action-RPG yet!Assemble your strike force, and defeat countless foes in a fastpaced combat system. Redefine mobile gaming by honing your skilland choosing from various exciting battle modes. Experienceunrivaled action with your crew of cute, yet badass heroes!Combo Clash will keep you blitzing, crafting, questing, summoning,and upgrading new heroes for your team for hours on end. Overcomeany odds by pairing the right heroes together to unleash epiccombos!Each of your adorable heroes have their own unique advantagesand shortcomings in battle; balance force with cunning to dealpowerful headshots and deadly blade bursts on your haplessopponents. String together fat combos against powerful bosses, andnumerous other evils. Combo Clash is like nothing you've ever seen- Play the freshest ARPG on mobile to date!★★★KEY FEATURES★★★★Explore a Beautiful World★Discover a stunning 360° sandbox with beautifully-renderedtextures, gorgeous effects, and exquisite 3D heroes to collect andupgrade as your ARPG adventure unfolds.★Combo your Way to Victory★Powerful skill combos are just waiting for your trigger finger!Intuitive controls mean you're really in control - of yourdestiny.★Experience Complex PvE Action★Immerse yourself and say goodbye to boring tap-a-thons; Complex,layered gameplay awaits! Train up your arsenal of heroes fordifferent situations and trump all your foes!★Compete in Dynamic PvP Combat★Match your wits and steel against ferocious Bosses and formidablePvP opponents.★Play Together★Show off your cutesy chibi characters and interact with ComboClashers worldwide! Form guilds and compete!Connect with us and stay up-to-date! Receive inside info aboutpromotions, giveaways, events, the latest game updates, tips, &more!▶VISIT US:▶LIKE US on Facebook:▶FOLLOW US:▶WATCH US:
Heroes Evolved
Welcome to Heroes Evolved, a carefullybalanced competitive mobile game of action and strategy for truegamers. Select from a pool of 30+ unique heroes and jump into teams- Eternals vs. Ancients - to battle against real rivals on gorgeousfantasy maps. This game will take all your skill, teamwork,cunning, and strategy to survive and succeed!Grab your device and dive straight into combat with stunninggraphics and seamless animation. Heroes Evolved is a unique game ofdepth and complexity, allowing you to piece together your ownstrategic and unpredictable advantage using fog of war, terrain,unique hero attributes, and custom gear builds. Be a stalwart tankcharacter with healing abilities. Become a devastating rogueattacking from the shadows. Bombard enemies from afar with powerfulabilities, or shred your opposition to bits in ruthless meleecombat - the choice is yours! No two games are ever the same!Prove yourself in the online battle arena that is HeroesEvolved!KEY FEATURES● As deep as the PC version - Get your full MOBA experience on themove!● Choose from 30+ unique playable characters, with more addedregularly!● Revolutionary controls - Unleash your skills & abilities withdeadly precision.● Custom gear builds - Pick your favorite items & create uniquehero loadouts.● Quick matchmaking - Battles designed for short burst game-playsessions.● No Pay 2 Win! - Carefully balanced mechanics to guarantee you afair game.● Join thousands of other players across the globe for instantaction and fun!------------------ Facebook: Support:
帝國與部落 2017-0105
經典遊戲再臨《帝國與部落》是一款回合策略和角色扮演完美融合的手機遊戲。遊戲中廣袤的美洲大陸等待您去探索,原滋原味的英雄史詩故事等待您去發現。玩家須對自己的兵種進行搭配佈陣,組成最佳陣容迎戰強敵。2大陣營,30位英雄任你選擇,每個英雄都有獨特的技能,不同的搭配會出現不同的效果!!遊戲特色1、 創新玩法策略性超強回合制戰略與角色扮演的獨特組合,戰士、刺客、術士、法師等各路英雄等您的招募,與其他玩家在競技場一決雌雄。2、 天梯匹配:即時匹配到不同服不同段位的玩家,真正策略取勝的樂趣3、 酷炫神技冰霜咒印,神聖十字,狼族守護等上百種神奇魔法由你一手掌控4、 軍團戰役為了部落,呼朋喚友,團隊合作,隨時隨地加入公會亂鬥Classic game Advent"Empire and the tribe" is a turn-based strategy and role-playingperfect integration of mobile games.Game in the vast American continent waiting to be explored, theoriginal flavor of epic story waiting to be discovered.Players must own arms to match lineup, consisting of the bestline-up against a powerful enemy.2 large camps, 30 hero you choose, each hero has unique skills,different mix will be different results! !Game Features1, innovative gameplaySuper strategic turn-based strategy and role-playing a uniquecombination of warrior, assassin, warlock, mage and other heroeswaiting for your recruitment, and other players in the arenashowdown.2, Ladder Match:Instant matched to suit different players different Dan realstrategy to win fun3, cool nirvanaFrost Sigil Holy Cross, and so hundreds of wolf guard the magic youby the hand control4, Legion BattleFor the Horde, Hupenghuanyou, teamwork, anytime, anywhere to jointhe Association scuffle
Brave Diggers 0.94.1
Show me yours and I’ll show you MINE!Welcome to Brave Diggers, an RPG mining adventure unlike any other!As you travel across the land, recruit familiar characters to yourparty, slay monsters, dig for minerals, upgrade your gear, andbecome a total bad-ass!Brave Diggers is a lighthearted parody fantasy management gamethat values your time. Your characters never take breaks, even whenyou do. This means that even if you have class, work, CrossFitpractice, week-long arctic expedition, or whatever else, you’llnever miss a beat in Brave Diggers! Simply play when you have time,and be greeted with a mountain of EXP, gold, and resources yourparty has collected while you were away. As you progress, your teamwill grow in both size and power, bringing you even greaterrewards! Explore the world, and strip it of its resources in thename of glory!★★★ Features ★★★★Countless Heroes!★Recruit as many as you can find, and use up to 25 of them at atime. You may even run into familiar faces! There are over 200unique characters to find!★Parody Humor★The game is full of jokes and references to pop-culture charactersand themes. Explore to experience it all!★Mix & Match!★Experiment with different hero combinations to unlock special TeamSkills. Create different set-ups and builds to match the threat youface!★Weapons!★Craft unique weapons granting your party access to coolabilities.★Mining!★Excavate the landscape to collect rare and precious minerals usedto upgrade your weapons and hero accessories.★Expansive world★55 levels to discover and explore, with new enemies and rewards ineach stage!★Passive Progress★Earn EXP and loot, even while offline. You’ll never fall behind inBrave Diggers!★★★★★★▶LIKE US on Facebook:▶HELP US improve the game:▶VISIT US:▶FOLLOW US:▶WATCH US:
RPG and Chill - EZ PZ 2.0 1.19.1
Discover the perpetual adventure that is RPG& Chill. Lead your heroes through waves of powerful enemies,earning constant Loot, Gold, & EXP along the way. Embark on aglorious quest that comes with you wherever you go.Bringing classic roleplaying game mechanics to the mobile platform,RPG & Chill has created the definitive pocket gamingexperience. Select a character class, and watch an epic questunfold before you. You’ll discover new areas, find rare items, andgain EXP every step of the way… even offline!The journey never stops with RPG & Chill, the game that neversleeps.★★★FEATURES★★★★24/7 Progress★Never fall behind! Even while you’re busy, your character stillgets EXP, gold, and loot!★Detailed Stats★Know your strengths by analyzing the live combat log and optimizingyour setup accordingly.★Customize Everything!★Choose one of 3 classes, and make your hero your own with uniqueequipment, skill selections, and party members!★Mercenary System★Choose from over 25 unique mercenaries to accompany you intobattle. Different companions suit different gameplay styles.★Online Social Elements★Meet players from around the globe in the main chat channel. Formalliances and join guilds to reach the top together!★Explore The World★Defeat powerful bosses and earn fantastic loot as you progressthrough each of the 60 stages on your quest to be the best!Connect with us and always be up-to-date! Receive inside info aboutpromotions, giveaways, events, the latest game updates, tips &more…▶VISIT US:▶LIKE US on Facebook:▶FOLLOW US:▶WATCH US:
武神赵云传--影游联动,海外简体首发 1.0.1
2016年最强三国多人在线3D冒险游戏,《武神赵云传》震撼登陆海外!2016东南亚首款影视同步打造的手游,少女时代Yoona强势加盟。手机同步看剧,玩游戏!《武神赵云传》是一款影视剧改编3D动作手游,完美诠释影视剧情,让玩家身临其境,感受不一样的视觉盛宴。战斗系统中增加了手控神兽系统,可以在战斗中随时释放强大神兽,纯即时MMO手动操作和,体验紧张刺激的BOSS战斗,拥有完美的交互体验!【游戏特色】------【影游在线联动,颠覆传统手游】-------※《武神赵云传》将是海外当地首款影游互动3D手游,电视剧,网剧与游戏主线巧妙结合,战斗紧张刺激,主线剧情清晰流畅一气呵成;Yoona全程在线教程,赵子龙,夏侯轻衣,高则,柳擎儿,公孙宝月等人气角色悉数登场,等你号令!------【精制水墨画风,影游场景随意切换】-------※真3D极致画面,主机级视觉效果,勾勒全新的中国风三国场景;唯美剧情还原、爽快战斗模拟,更有数百武将轮番登场,或Q萌或帅气任你挑选!------【麾下猛将如云,属性远程加成】-------※武将进阶、神器加成助你驰骋三国!只需搭配得当的三国名将,不用同时上阵也能激活组合图鉴属性,麾下所有英雄皆有用武之地,任你调遣!------【付费不再万能,屌丝也能逆袭】-------※每日福利拿到手软,不用付费也能玩到极致爽快!独创全新圣兽系统,玩家可在战斗中进行自动释放,从而化险为夷、逆转战局,突破卡牌RPG核心玩法的,融入了策略要素,普通玩家也能靠智慧和耐性取胜。------【合纵连横,有缘共创大业】-------※“组队战”不再单打独斗,提供数十种组队挑战副本及对战战场,无论是抱大腿还是带小伙伴们一起飞,都可以在组队战中体验畅快淋漓的战斗快感,更有诱人奖励拿到手软。还能认识同城萌妹帅哥。KL,狮城,槟城随时可以线下聚会。FB粉丝团:客服邮箱:wszzl@r2games.com2016 three strongest3Dmultiplayer online adventure game, "Valkyrie Zhao Chuan"shocklanding overseas!2016 Southeast Asia's first video synchronization to createhandtravel SNSD Yoona strong join. Phone sync to see drama, playthegame!"Valkyrie Zhao Chuan" is a TV drama adaptation of the 3Dactionmobile games, the perfect interpretation of the filmstory,allowing the player an immersive feel different visual feast.Handcombat system adds animal control system, you can alwaysunleashthe animal in the battle, pure manual operation and instantMMOexperience the exciting battle BOSS, have a perfectinteractiveexperience![Game Features]------ [Movies online travel linkage, to overturn thetraditionalhand tour] -------※ "Valkyrie Zhao Chuan" Movies will be the first overseas tourlocalinteractive 3D mobile games, TV shows, games and mainlinenetworkdrama unique combination of exciting battle, the mainstoryline isclear and smooth coherent; Yoona full onlinetutorials, hero, Jaaplight clothing, high then, Liu Qing children,and other popular KungPo on the role of full debut, so youorders!------ [Refined ink painting style, Movies swim freely switchscene]-------※ ultimate true 3D images, host-level visual effects, outline anewChinese style three scenes; beautiful storyreduction,straightforward battle simulation, and more hundreds ofgeneralsturns the stage, or Q Meng handsome or how youchoose!------ [Under the command of Reggie clouds, remotepropertyAddition] -------※ generals advanced, artifact bonus to help you ride the Three!Justwith the right mix of the three star, without at the same timeyoucan also activate a combination of illustrations battleproperty,under the command of all the heroes Jie useless, asyoudispatch!------ [Pay no longer universal, Cock wire can alsocounter-attack]-------※ daily welfare to get soft, you do not pay can play to theextremerefreshing! The new original sacred system, players canbeautomatically released in the battle, which saved theday,reversing the war, breaking card RPG core gameplay, into astrategyelement, ordinary players can rely on the wisdom andpatience towin.------ [GeZongLianHeng, destined to create the greatcause]-------※ "team battle" is no longer alone, offers dozens of teamchallengesand a copy of the battle the battlefield, whether it isto hold thethigh or a take-off with small partners, can experiencethe thrillof battle dripping fun in the team battle, moreattractiveincentives to get soft. Meng sister city also recognizethe guy. KL,the Lion City, Penang can always offlinegatherings.FB fan group: https: // Service Email:
King of Rebirth: Undead Age 1.0.49
Rise from the ashes of battle, necrophage, andlead your army to reclaim, what is rightfully yours. In yourprevious life, your empire was crushed. Now claim back your crownand take back your rightful place as lord of the undead. Revengeshall be yours! Build an evil campaign and unleash your undeadhorde onto the hive of mortals. Keep marching forward to spreadyour foul corruption, destroy everything around you and wreakhavoc.King of Rebirth is a strategic warfare game pitting internationalcombatants against each other on one big world server. Form unholyalliances and slay enemies from all nations of earth! Build up yourcity and grow your empire as you take on increasingly powerful foeson the global battle stage. Death never sleeps, and neither doeswar! Are you the true ruler of this cursed existence?Eliminate your rivals and expand your dark influence... until thevery world is at your feet!★★★FEATURES★★★★One World Server, One Big Rumble★A global server putting you in contact and combat with players fromaround the world. Stay connected with everyone, everywhere,anytime. Risks and rewards explode with possibility - are you readyto fight?★Undead Hordes Fighting Undead Warfare★As leader of the undead you wield an abomination of an army,destroying everything in your path and subverting mortal will tothe corruption of the Undead. Raze enemy cities as your paths clashon the road to victory.★Build Forces and Take Control★Who knows which form the next attack will take? Build up yourdefenses and upgrade your city while adjusting your strategy andshuffling your resources. It’s like chess, but you don’t just usebrains - you eat ‘em too!★Real-time Strategy in PvP Multiplayer Clash Mode★Raid other players in this F2P RTS. Other Lords of the Undeadchallenge your sovereignty! Fortify your city forces and let yourspark of doom, spread into a wildfire of darkness and destruction,as you bring players from around the globe under yourcontrol!★Form Alliances and Strategize in Real-Time★With rich content guiding you through a variety of differentstrategic paths to victory. Form alliances with like-mindedcombatants and add an extra dimension of command to your militaryprowess. Teleport to your allies and gather any resource you can.Coordinate and strengthen each other’s empire as you carve out yourplace in this world!Are you ready to create your own undead legacy? Command your undeadlegion to infernal victory in this epic multiplayer strategy wargame!▶Follow King of Rebirth on Facebook:
PolitiCats: Free Clicker Game 2.7.2
In a reality where cats are the most adorablydevious creatures in existence, it’s only natural for them to seekunlimited political power – and they need your help!Create your cute, cuddly candidate, and realize your dreams ofworld domination by assembling a team of tiny humans to manage yourcampaign and get you elected. You’ll start out as Class Presidentand work your way up to become Supreme Earth Cat, earningendorsements from Celebrity Cats along the way! Watch as supportersflock to hear what you have to say, offering up their hard earnedcash to fund your global campaign.So get out there, Vote Cat, and make 2017 the year of thekitten!★★★FURRY FEATURES★★★★Personalize Your Cat★Come up with your very own name, slogan, & special look!★Hire Your Team★From interns to videographers, every campaign needs staff.★Use Special Abilities★Advance your political agenda with powerful active skills.★Get Endorsed★Sign deals with Celebrity Cats! Kitty Purry can help spread yourmessage.★Play As Famous Felines★Unlock Cats of Legend including GARFIELD and more!★Take Cat Naps★Your campaign is always on, so nap all you like, the donations keeprolling in.Any questions, problems or suggestions? We’d love to hear from you!You can reach us at▶ VISIT CAT:▶ LIKE CAT:▶ FOLLOW CAT:▶ LOOK AT CAT:▶ WATCH CAT:
Cosmos Champions 0.10.46
Lead the humans across the stars in their1,000-year struggle against the Creator!※Rotation Battle""It's not fair""? Of course we will keep swarming you withtroops!※Cute unique troopsOver 100 troops at your command! Watch them grow, live, and departas time flies!※Explore the cosmosAdventure awaits in different planets across the stars!※Simple controls, deep tacticsGot steamrolled? Adjust your troops and see totally differentresults!Here comes the Cosmos Champions! Download and play now!
Island Story 3.0.5
Island Story is a beautiful and fun farmingsimulation game. Intense challenges await you in your island, youwill never feel bored! Raise cute animals and grow your farm withJerry the Bunny. Harvest diverse crops and sell them on the marketto develop your island. Design your own boat at the seaside andshow it off to your neighbours.Meet the superstars in Island Story!✓Captain Jack, Princess Snow, the Pianist and the Guitarist Duosare waiting for you on your island!✓Repair your dock and drive your boat to explore and trade otherislands✓Free to play Farming Game!Real farming experience!✓Enjoy feeding cute pets✓Craft more than 100+ dishes in the Restaurant, Juice shop andGrill✓ Plant, harvest and produce over 200+ unique productsComplete endless orders, and become the greatest farmer ever!✓ More than 150+ achievements to complete✓ Fulfil daily orders and quests with your farm products✓ New missions added regularly with fun new featuresSocial life with best neighbors in the world✓Real-time chatting with everyone in the game✓Guests can visit the farm and interact with flowers✓Trade crops and fresh goods with neighbors and friends throughyour very own Trading PostApp Notes:• This app requires an active internet connection to play. Pleasemake sure your device is connected while playing.• Island Story is completely free to download and free to play.However, some items in the game can be purchased with real money.If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-apppurchases in your device's settings.Contact Us!:Island Story • Need more neighbors and want to get game news andtips? Like 👍 our official Fanpage:
王者大作戰:開一場 5V5的輕MOBA競技。遊戲簡介:《王者大作戰》是一款輕moba的即時策略對戰遊戲,遊戲內具有團隊與亂鬥等多種對戰模式,遊戲節奏緊湊,在遊戲過程中互相爭奪資源,個人與團戰PK不斷發生,更有BOSS會掉落神器及翅膀裝備,這一切等你來戰。遊戲特色1.眾多英雄,公平競技秀操作眾多仙俠英雄,在競技場上秀出你的武技,不同的競技場不同的玩法,配合技能進行王者角逐。2.激爽混戰,正面對杠搶BOSS搶BOSS,掉裝備,加BUFF,穿上神器盔甲、翅膀,叱吒整個戰場。3.炫酷技巧,控場反殺成王者發揮你的智慧,反殺對手,奪回神器,成為戰場王者。4.團戰配合,打野發育玩套路10分鐘會發生什麼?打野、連斬、圍剿,一切都是套路。體驗更多不一樣的樂趣,盡在王者大作戰!King big battle: On a5V5Competitive MOBA light.Game:"King major combat" is a light moba real-time strategy war game,thegame has a team with a variety of melee battle mode, fastpacedgame, during the game to compete for resources with eachother, theindividual and team battles PK continue to occur, andmore BOSSwill drop the artifact and wings equipment, all waitingfor you tofight.Game Features1. The number of heroes, fair operation of competitive show   Xian Xia many heroes in the arena to show offyourmartial art, play different different arena, with the skillstocompete king.2. Zest melee, grab bars facing BOSS   Grab BOSS, out equipment, plus BUFF, wearartifactarmor, wings, shook the entire battlefield.3. cool tricks, control field to kill the anti-king   Use your wisdom, anti-kill opponents, toregainthe artifact, become the king of the battlefield.4. The group with the war, and wild playroutinedevelopment  10 minutes what would happen? Playing field, evencut,crush, everything is routine.Not the same experience more fun, all in the king bigbattle!
魔力时代(豪华简体版)- 新服登录送五星英雄 1.13.0
【内容提要】● 2015年公测资料片“王者之战”席卷全网!● 新版竞技场“王者之战”,加入世界杯竞技玩法,引爆全民PK热潮!● 3v3真人组队PK,用实力证明你就是神队友!● 上千英雄组合,手控符文大招,颠覆传统卡牌手游模式!● 好莱坞特效团队全程参与,打造完美3D手游!【游戏简介】《魔力时代》2015年公测资料片“王者之战”盛世降临,全明星3D冒险手游巨作。世界杯竞技玩法「王者之战」引爆全民PK热潮;橙色英雄搭配橙色装备助你问鼎时代之巅;3V3战斗多人竞技畅享团队作战乐趣。上千英雄组合,手控符文技能,彻底告别呆板推图!【游戏特色】-----今日公测 “王者之战”盛世降临-----全新竞技玩法“王者之战”,加入了世界杯晋级赛制,全民竞彩狂欢;动漫英雄大云集,橙色英雄搭配橙色装备助你问鼎时代之巅。-----诸神之战 决战3V3-----3v3战场全面开启,真人组队PK,用实力证明你就是神队友!积分车轮战赛制,战到最后就是英雄;珍贵魔魂奖励,助你换取高级游戏道具,招揽唯一高品质英雄。-----符文大招 轰杀全屏-----全新竞技赛“王者之战”,引入竞彩赛制,巅峰对决,上演手游史上最大规模PK盛事;更有全民竞猜押宝,让你一夜暴富。-----天梯争霸 王者对决-----独创符文技能,经典QTE系统完美移植,手动释放符文技能,召唤元素领主爆屏登场,绝地反击,逆袭成王!-----地狱级BOSS 热血激斗-----从荒漠到虚空、从冥界到天堂,数千冒险副本,数百地狱级难度BOSS,等你挑战!更有竞技场、海上劫掠、晶矿争夺战等多样刺激PK,根本停不下来![Summary]● 2015 年 beta piece of information, "the king of the war" issweeping across the network!● the new arena, "the king of the war", added the World Cup ofcompetitive play, blew all the people PK boom!● 3v3 real team PK, with the strength to prove that you are Histeammates!● thousands hero combination, manual Rune big move, to overturn thetraditional card hand travel mode!● Hollywood special effects team full participation, to create theperfect 3D hand travel![Game Description]"Magic Time" 2015 beta piece of information, "the king of the war"prosperity comes, the All-Star 3D adventure travel giant hand.World Cup Athletics play "king of the war" universal PK boomdetonated; orange hero orange and equipment to help you withaspirations to the top of the era; 3V3 battle multiplayer teamcombat fun and enjoy athletics. Thousands hero combination, manualskill runes, to bid farewell to stiff push map![Game Features]----- Beta "King of Battle" Today Spirit comes -----New Competitive play "king of the war", added the World Cupqualifying game system, full SMG carnival; cartoon heroes gatheredin large, orange hero orange and equipment to help you with theaspirations of the British era.----- Clash of the Titans battle 3V3 -----3v3 battlefield fully open, real team PK, prove that you areteammates with the strength of God! Points wheel war game system,fight to the last is a hero; Mohun precious rewards in exchange foradvanced gaming props to help you, to attract high-quality uniquehero.----- Rune big move bombers kill fullscreen -----The new competitive race "King of war", the introduction ofcompeting color match system, match-ups, put hand in the history ofthe largest travel PK event; more national quiz betting, so yourich overnight.----- ----- Ladder hegemony king showdownOriginal Rune skills Classic QTE system perfect transplant, manualrelease rune abilities, summon elemental lords explosive screendebut, Jedi, counter-attack to the king!----- ----- Hell of BOSS blood FightersFrom the desert to the void, from the underworld to heaven,thousands of copies of adventure, hundreds of Hell difficulty levelBOSS, waiting for you to challenge! More Arena, robberies at sea,crystal mine and other diverse stimuli battle PK, simply can notstop!
Cosmos Guardians 1
The Galaxy is on the brinkofdestruction!The planetary system "Apolonia" once flourished with trade,whereall Member Planets - Gaia, Ares, Mercuria, Aphrodite,Cronus,Jupiter & Hades; prospered in unity and tranquility. Allthatended abruptly with the discovery of "Rune Energy", amysticalpower source that has irrevocably shattered the balance ofpowerbetween the Planetary Nations. As the leader of the 1st GaiaEscortStrikers, it is now your duty to stop Hades and restore peacetothe Galaxy!Cosmos Guardians is an action-packed and deeply strategicSci-FiCollectible Card RPG with stunning artwork and characterdesign.Immerse yourself in a universe of intrigue, as you travelfromPlanet to Planet in a bid to foil the Hades Military! Recruitfroma diverse cast of characters - from the Guardian PriestessesofVenus to the Combat-Proven Mercenaries of the Douglas PMF.Thenbattle together with your Friends in exciting World BossRaidEvents, as you bring the Campaign to a close on the Hadeshomeworld!Customize your Strike Team from a pool of 600 Cards, 3CombatClasses, 500 Equipment Items and 200 Unique Battle Skills!Growyour Team as your progress through the Main Campaign, numerousSideQuests and multiple Character-Linked Stories. Further utilizetheReinforce, Evolution, Transcendence and finally Awaken Systemstounlock your Team's full potential!So what are you waiting for? Download Cosmos Guardians and joinusin the adventure of your lifetime!KEY FEATURES● Competitive PvP - Fight against and tgoether with FriendsinMassive World Boss Battles!● Card Collector – Recruit your Strike Team of Guardians fromadiverse Cast of Characters!● Immersive Story Line – Over 300 Dungeon Stages, CharacterStories& Raid Battles!● Strategic Battles – Cherry Pick between TeamFormations,Equipments & Skills for a Combat Boost!● Diverse Game Modes – Gear up your team with mines, raids,andlaboratory explorations!● Personal Operator – Choose from 3 Unique Team Operators tohelpsave the Galaxy!● Assist your Friends - Support and Receive Assistance fromFriendsin Every Battle!● Become the Master – Achieve Transcendence and Awaken yourFullPotential in the Battle for the Galaxy!Any questions, problems or suggestions? We’d love to hear fromyou!You can reach us at▶ LIKE:▶ FOLLOW:▶ HELP: