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Cards and Castles 3.4.36
Cards and Castles is a Tactical CardCollection Game, combining the best parts of tactical games andCCGs into one awesome combo! Collect cards and to destroy yourenemy's castle using multi faction deck building, fullycontrollable units, area spells, buffs, enchantments, buildings,and more! Choose from five factions for a unique combination ofcards and abilities to use in battle. Collect cards to create morestrategies and combos to dominate your opponents and destroy theirbase!PLEASE NOTE! Cards and Castles is free to download and play,however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. Ifyou do not want to use this feature, please set up passwordprotection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Storeapp.FEATURES:• Duel players from around the world in real time, turn based, ortournament competitive play• Destroy your opponent's castle to increase your rank and receivenew rewards• Tournament mode to create unique decks to battle opponents in thearena• Compete for the top of the leader board and legendaryprizes• Collect hundreds of cards including the rare foils• Unique strategy gameplay blended with collectible cards forendless variety and deep tactical play• Multiple factions with their own card sets, abilities, heroes:Vikings, Crusaders, Warlocks, Pirates, and Ninjas• Frequent content updates for cards, maps, play modes,expansionsLove Cards and Castles? Check out the website, like us on Facebook,or follow us on Twitter for the latest Defender, are you having problems? Visit