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Anime minimalist wallpaper HD 2.0.0
RedMagic Inc.
Original Anime wallpaper minimalisticbestpictures-More than 300 wallpapers minimalist-Set Background-Download
Japan travel guide great Tokyo 1.0.0
RedMagic Inc.
A city guide Greater Tokyo-Food-Shopping-Nightlife-Eventslocate map, telephone and history with a lot of activities.
RPG Room Daydream Saga 1.0.1
RedMagic Inc.
Room Daydream Saga is a fantasticrole-playinggame with a beautiful OST, where the protagonist 1%vampire willhave to fight their problems in a school with a hiddenpurpose, aworld of eccentricities, women who chase after him for noapparentreason even. ... a yandere? And a closed room without exitwithtime stopped that exists, in another dimension ?.[History]One day Arata meets a strange woman who shows her a classroomwhichis not on the construction plans of the school when theyenter,they will be trapped in a classroom with time stopped andwithoutexit.Can Arata solve the enigma of the closed room?Is that the end of your problems?Can you find true love?The game has 4 endings, a true one normal end and 2alternativehidden endings.