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Mumbai Metro (SKIIIP) and BEST tickets and Passes 5.3.6
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Ridlr is a public transport ticketing andcommuting app that’s apt for your daily intra-city travel needs.Get rid of queues and hassles of carrying change by buying yourMumbai Metro (SKIIIP) tickets, BEST Mumbai bus tickets, NMMT AC bustickets, MBMT bus tickets on select routes as well as rechargingyour BEST pass, Mumbai metro smart card using the Ridlr app.You can also get timetable for Metro, Local Trains, Monorail, BESTand NMMT buses in Mumbai. Stay informed about multiple modes oftransport, with route display on the map. Plan your commute withtraffic updates and alerts about delays, cancellations, megablocks, etc. directly on your smart phone.App Highlights - Go Cashless. No more queues :1) Reliance Mumbai Metro - Mobile ticketing and Smart CardRecharge- Buy your Single Journey, Return Journey, Trip Pass and StoredValue pass on the mobile. Just scan and go!- Recharge your Mumbai Metro smart card with a few simple steps onRidlr app- Get Mumbai Metro train timetable, routes and map; even when youare offline2) BEST Ticketing – BEST Bus Tickets and Pass Recharge- Book your BEST bus tickets using Ridlr, and get rid of allhassles related to change. Also reward your daily travel withrewards and cashback. Now available in all BEST Mumbai buses, AC ornon AC.- Recharge your BEST bus pass using Ridlr, and get rid of the painof standing in queues. Both, monthly mobile bus pass and daily passavailable3) NMMT Bus Mobile Tickets- Get rid of the hassles of carrying change! Now book your NMMT ACbus tickets (all routes) with Ridlr app now- Get NMMT bus route maps and timings to check and plan yourcommute4) MBMT Bus Mobile Tickets- Hop on to a MBMT bus next time, without needing to carry cash!.Book your tickets on select routes using Ridlr. Earn rewards andcashback!- Also plan your daily travel using updated MBMT bus route maps andtimings on Ridlr5) Other agencies coming soon!Other Important App Features:1) Mumbai Local Train Routes and Timetable- Get Local Train timetables across Western, Central as well asHarbour line and routes to make commuting as easy as possible- Get live updates of any incidents, delays or cancellations.Receive Mega block information so that you can plan your commuteaccordingly2) Traffic Information- Check Real time traffic status on Ridlr app and plan out the bestroute to reach your destination by choosing from variousalternatives provided by the app- Get live updates about any accidents, incidents or traffic jamsin Mumbai3) Parking Information- Find out the best parking information for your city and save timeand moneyWe'd love to hear from you and stay connected:• Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ridlr-1535944633304767/• Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RidlrMUM• Questions / Comments / Suggestions? Email us [email protected] like, share, recommend & review this app. It will only helpus serve you better.Supported Cities and Agencies:1. Mumbai (BEST, TMT, NMMT, KDMT, MBMT, Local train( Western,Harbour, Trans Harbour Railway), Diva Roha Train, Mumbai Metro,Monorail)2. Bangalore (BMTC, Bangalore Metro)3. Delhi (DTC, Delhi Metro, Rapid Metro)4. Kolkata (CSTC, CTC, WBSTC, Kolkata Metro Rail CorporationLimited, Eastern and South Eastern Railway)5. Chennai (Southern Railways, MTC Bus)6. Hyderabad (APSRTC, South Central Railway)7. Chandigarh (CTU)8. Jaipur (JCTSL)9. Pune (PMPML, Local Train)10. Ahmedabad (AMTS, Janmarg BRTS)11. Bhopal (BRTS)12. Bhubaneswar (BPTSL, Dream Team Sahara (DTS))13. Bhavnagar (VITCOS)14. Indore (Indore BRTS, Atal Indore City Transport ServicesLimited (ICTSL))15. Bellary (North Eastern Karnataka Road TransportCorporation)16. Vijaywada (APSRTC)17. Ludhiana (Ludhiana City Bus Services)18. Vadodara (Vinayak City Bus)19. Nagpur (NMPL under Nagpur Municipal Corporation)