Rapid Roll Classic 1.0
Wanna play a classic game rapid roll? this one is so good. Not onlyclassic, but also cooltwitter : @opickakbarfacebook : : [email protected] :
Ayo Belajar Mengaji v2 2
Aplikasi yang saya buat ini untuk bagaimanacara kita bisa membaca huruf hijayah dan kita bisa juga bagaimanacara menulis huruf hijayah di dalam ini,Aplikasi ini terdapat 3 bagian yaitu:1. Belajar mengenal huruf hijayah2. Belajar mengenal harokat3. Belajar untuk bermain huruf hijayahSemoga mendapatkan manfaat dari aplikasi yang saya buat ini
The Panda Run Adventure 1.0
Panda Run is an adventure games where you canplay 5 stage in this free version.Help panda find Red ball to clear the stage, and complete all 5stages to win the games.If you know how to play Mario game so you can play this gamestoo.This games is easy to play.Feature:+ Single player+ 5 stages (free version)+ Bgm from royalty free music+ how to play+ easy to play+ no score+ smooth gameplayRequired:# dual core and later# 20mb# android 2 and later# playerKeyword:- panda- platform- 2015- red ball- apple- run- construct 2 scirra- ludei cocoonio- free≠===================================≠Game engine made with Construct 2 by Scirra.Powered with CoCoonIO by Ludei===========================
Ninja Boy 1
True Ninja must find his way back to foundwhat's the valuable thing."There's are not important to me, everything is important."Ninja Boy is a ninja chibi action game with superb andamazing soundtrack by TeknoAXE (royalty free music)Help Ninja to found the 5 star to clear the stages and helpninja toavoid or destroy the enemy. Ninja will faces the Boss in laststage.Found your way and help Ninja to faces the obstacle in everylevel.Ninja can heal his power by picking medkit/health.Find " 5 Star " to open the door so Ninja can clear thestage.Note: If Ninja is "game over" , you need to play from theStart.Features :- Smooth Control- Easy to play and will harder every level/stages.- Music, Sound, Button audio added. (toggle on/off)- Superb and amazing soundtrack by TeknoAXE. (every level/stagehave a different background music)- How to play, Level selection, 5 stages including Boss stage- Final / Ending Credits show.- 5 different enemy, The Idle, The Chaser/Killer, The Boomer, TheThrower and Boss.Note:- Maybe this game have some bug. Please let me know.- Best gameplay with Dual Core and later version- Some issue gameplay running in lower proccesor.Keyword / Tags :- ninja- boy- 忍者キッド- chibi- cute- kill, destroy, avoid, obstacle, enemy, boss- landscape- sound track by teknoAXE- construct 2 , Scirra ( www,scirra,com )- powered by, Ludei ( )Ninja Kid game by Sunshine-GameStudio 2014by SunshineStudio 2013-2015
Zombie Run 2
Di kampung Kangkung berlakunya fenomenazombie,di mana penduduk kampung telah termakan kangkung beracun.Cerita initidak ada kena mengena dengan Rashid ataupun Ali kawankepadaRashid.Bantu Sawie melarikan diri dari dikejar Zombie, berjayakahSawiemenyelamatkan diri dari gangguan Zombie? Andalah yangakanmenentukannya.English.."Run from zombie is easy to play, tap screen to jump or slidingtheplayer""Unnoficial zombie game, help Sawie escape from Zombie town""This game not Zombie Kampung Pisang, but it's KampungKangkung"Kampung = Town / VillageKangkung = The best eat with sambal engine: Construct 2 by Scirrapowered by: Intel XDKFeature:- easy to play "one touch gameplay"- single player- offline gameSystem Requirement:- dual core- 30mb free- android 2.2+keywords:- zombie- kangkung- sawie- run- construct 2- scirra- admob- intel xdk- game melayu
Bouncing Ball 1.0
This games made with Construct 2 powered byCocoonJs Ludei10 level and free to playThis game teach you how to through and bounce the ball to theright target.Sorry it's not absolutely perfect.Twitter @opickakbar
Paper Ply 0.0.1
Paper Ply is a game of points . It's easytoplay !! .Make sure your paper is not crashed by nearby objects or out ofthescreen.Use the touch buttons to control the paper and get the highestscore.Keyword:+ Construct 2+ C2+ intel xdk+ Scirra+
Fighting Sound Effect 4
It's easy to use, just touch the button toplay fight sound effect.- With high quality sound, mp3 available to download.- I don't own this sound effect, it's available free to downloadfrom youtube/google.You can use this sound effect in fighting video scene or justhaving fun with your friendThis app made with Construct 2 by Scirrapowered by Intel XDK.Thank you :)Fighting Sound Effect by Sunshine-GameStudio 2015by SunshineStudio 2013-2015
Koleksi Komik Pjoe 1.0
Koleksi Komik 2004-2005 karya Pjoe
I Love You 1
A Platform game (or platformer) is a videogamewhich involves guiding an avatar to jump between suspendedplatformsand/or over obstacles to advance the game. The playercontrols thejumps to avoid letting the avatar fall from platformsor missnecessary jumps.Free to playEasy to playClear 10 stage to complete the level.Be careful with enemy and other obstacle.Note:To disable ads, turn off wifi/data connectionMusic by Royalty Free Music - Heatley Brosgame engine - Construct 2 by Scirrapowered by Cocoon ( Ludei )Game by Sunshine Studio