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ChatON 3.5.839
Dear ChatON Users,ChatON service is no longer available from [Feb 1, 2015,KST].Based on ChatON, we developed and released a new messenger "SamsungKNOX Message BETA".SAMSUNG KNOX Message BETA is a specialized messenger for robustsecurity and seamless collaboration within companies or groups. Youcan download it from application stores now.※ Major functions of KNOX Message BETA- Secret chat : Copy/share/forward/screen capture areprohibited- Host authority : Member management and chat room deletion- Recall messages : Deleting messages or contents sent tocounterparts' devices- Department chart browsing and search- IT Admin : Feature management and statistics------------------------Dear ChatON Users,As previously notified, the ChatON service will no longer beavailable from [Feb 1, 2015, KST] (“Effective Date”), with theexception of the service in the United States.- You can still access and save your chat history (text only) onyour device by using the back-up function, provided that you havenot deleted each relevant chat room.- All your personal information will be treated in accordance withour privacy policy.We appreciate your support for our services, and our CustomerSupport team ( will beavailable to assist you with any questions or concerns.Thank you,The ChatON Service Team
Samsung SMART CAMERA NX 4.7.4
The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX is aexperience-oriented catalog app which lets you experienceeverything you see and feel with its unique NX value.From the latest product information on the Samsung SMART CAMERA NXSystem to beautiful sample photos, videos and more.
Samsung Level 5.1.40
Samsung Level is an exclusive application forSamsung Level products that support Bluetooth.SoundAlive (sound field effects), volume monitor, voicenotification, and other extra features are available.Features supported may vary depending on the smartphone model orconnected Level product. Call notifications and missed callnotification features are only available for Samsungsmartphones.Call notifications : Available for Galaxy Note 4 and aboveUHQA Bluetooth : Available for Galaxy S6 and aboveIf you fail to connect after switching models, please try againafter checking the pairing mode method below.1. Level U/Active/Box Pro/Slim : Hold down the product Play/Pausebutton for about 3 sec.2. Level U Pro/On Pro/Flex : Hold down the switch on the right handside of the product (the Bluetooth icon) for about 3 seconds.3. Level Box/Box Mini : Hold down the Bluetooth button on the backof the product for about 3 seconds.4. Level Over : Hold down the Bluetooth button on the right handside of the product for about 3 seconds.Access authority guideThe following access rights are required for serviceprovisioning.For optional access permissions, the default functionality of theservice is enabled, although not allowed[Mandatory Access Authority]- Phone : The purpose for checking the status of the phone forvoice call notifications or for volume control- Location : The purpose for searching connectable devices forBluetooth connection[Optional Access Authority]- SMS : The purpose for checking the sender and contents of SMSwhen voice notification function is in operation- Calendar : The purpose for checking calendar information whenvoice notification function is in operation- Contacts : The purpose for checking incoming call informationwhen voice notification function is in operationIf your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, pleaseupdate the software to configure App permissions.Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu in devicesettings after software update.Accessibility services can be turned on in this app.Voice Notification in Samsung Level app is a feature that speaksout the notified message in mobile phone.To listen to the notified message of mobile phone, accessibilityservice in Samsung Level app should be enabled.Support audio device : Level U, Level U Pro, Level U Pro ANC, LevelActvie, Level Box, Level Box Pro, Level Box Mini, Level Box Slim,Level On, Level On Pro, Level Over, Samsung U, Samsung U Flex
Smart Tutor for SAMSUNG Mobile 1.5
DescriptionSmart Tutor is an easy, quick and safe means of consulting forAndroid™ smart phone and tablet series. It can be used to diagnoseyour device remotely in order to optimize device performance andgive functional advice.Diagnoses can be requested for the following:• Data transfer, backup and restore• New features advice• Software update check• Account settings (Samsung/Google™/email/etc.)How to get started1. Download the "Smart Tutor" from Google play store and install onour Android device.* From Galaxy S5, please download Smart Tutor via the GalaxyEssential widget(this features may differ by region or nations.)2. Make a phone call to the SAMSUNG Contact center. After agreeing"Terms and Conditions",the phone number of contact center will be displayed.(Because it isdepending on country)3. Enter the 6 digits connection code given by a tech expert.4. Once connected, a tech expert will diagnose your mobile.5. If you want to terminate "Smart Tutor", please tap "Disconnect"menu.Benefit• Safety & ReliableDon't worry about exposing our private information."Smart Tutor"restricts a tech expertfrom accessing applications with customer's private informationsuch as Gallery, Message,e-mail and other throughout special features.• Convenient & EasyProvide remote support from our Android device quickly and easilyif we can use 3G/4G or Wi-Fi.• FeaturesScreen Share / Chat / Screen Lock / Application LockRequirement & Note1. "Smart Tutor" works with Android OS(Above Android 2.3.6)2. "Google Experience Device" is not supported such as "GalaxyNexus"3. Connection in 3G/4G Network will be chargeable according to yournetwork data fee agreement withyour operator/Telecom. Before the connection, ensure to check Wi-Fiavailability for free support
SAMSUNG Display Solutions 3.01
[Overview]The Samsung Display Solutions mobile app provides a wide range ofinformation on our B2B display products and software solutionsincluding Smart Signage and Hospitality TV.[Features]1) Overview of cutting-edge product lineup- Browse recently released products and solutions, including ourSmart Signage, Hospitality TV, MagicInfo, LYNK SINC and etc.- Download product brochures, manuals, and setup guidesconveniently.2) Optimized product/solution search engine- Receive recommendations that match to your preferredspecifications of digital signage and user scenario.3) A wide range of case studies- Consult an archive of relevant case studies that demonstrate howvarious industries utilizing digital signage have adopted Samsung’ssmart signage, hospitality TV and solutions.4) Customized “My Menu”- Save your favorite products, documents in "My Page"
Galaxy Plus Learning 1.0.47
Galaxy plus Leanring.To Share & Spread knowledge of products and services whileproviding customer centric solution based sales skillsApp Strucure1. Online Learning Platform2. Sales Skill-up content3. Cerfitication & CommunityDevices supported : Android Smartphone (4.3 or 4.4)Resolution : 1280 x 720
GALAXY S5 Experience 1.22
Samsung GALAXY S5 Experience App providesinteractive introduction on GALAXY S5and Wearable Devices(Gear2 , Gear Fit) with 4 different categoriessuch as Camera / Speed / Fitness / Life.Find out everything about the GALAXY S5's amazing features throughthis easy to use GALAXY S5 Experience AppGALAXY S5 Experience App Structure1. GALAXY S5 Feature Experience mode- Interactive experience modes offered in an intuitive way2. GALAXY S5 Hands on Video- Video clips of key features (linked to YouTube)3. GALAXY S5 Design Preview- Experience design with different colors and angles4. Wearable Device(Gear2 and Fit)- Introduction of Gear 2 and Fit main features5. GALAXY S5 Accessories introduction- Introduction of GALAXY S5's key accessoriesDevice Supported : Android Smartphone(4.0 or above)800x480 Resolution1.0 Ghz CPU1GB RAMSamsung GALAXY S5 Experience App doesn't support tablets[Updated]- Gear2 / Fit Experience- Accessories- Intro Video
Samsung Health
Samsung Health provides core features to keepup your body fit and healthy. It will record and analyze your dailyactivities and habits to help maintain successful diet and leadhealthy lifestyle.Whether you walk or run, hike or bike, play indoor or outdoorsports, you can add and track the various physical exercises andactivities in a single step using the various built-intrackers.Samsung Health helps to create a balanced lifestyle pattern byrecording a variety of information like your food, caffeine andwater intake details.Provide your daily snacks, food, water and caffeine intake andtrack your diet and weight on the go while staying comfortableusing the sleep & stress tracker.Manage health and environmental records such as heart rate, bloodpressure, blood glucose levels, stress, weight & SpO₂ usingbuilt-in sensors and third party devices.Trackers enable user to easily and quickly check meaningful databased on user preferences. The intuitive charts, helpful tips andphysical exercise programs guide you to achieve your fitness anddiet goals.Manage your fitness activities, track your weight and monitor yourdiet using Samsung Galaxy and Gear devices.The App supports all Samsung smartphones starting from Galaxy S3onwards and includes Non-Samsung Android smartphones as well.Exercise programs such as Baby steps to 5K, Run 5K and so on areavailable to take your running to the next level and you will beguided via voice prompts during workout.Compete with your friends and check your ranking. You can competewith your friends in the address box once your Samsung account isregistered.Check daily health news of your preference with customized newsfeed. Keep your body strong and healthy with tips offered by healthprofessionals.Discover the best health and fitness apps that can connect withSamsung Health. Many health apps including 'Technogym' and 'Coachby Cigna' can be linked with Samsung Health.Tablets and some mobile devices may not be supported. Somefunctions may not be available based on regions/serviceproviders/devices. Samsung Health requires Android OS 4.4 orabove.Samsung Health supports over 70 languages, including English,French, and Chinese. An English language version is available forthe rest of the world.Please note that Samsung Health is intended for fitness andwellness purposes only and is not intended for use in the diagnosisof disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation,treatment, or prevention of disease.Samsung Health protects your private health data securely. AllSamsung Galaxy models released after August 2016, Knox enabledSamsung Health service will be available. Please be noted that Knoxenabled Samsung Health service will not be available from rootedmobile.The following permissions are required for the app service. Foroptional permissions, the default functionality of the service isturned on, but not allowed.Required permissions• NoneOptional permissions• Telephone: Used to check device-unique identification informationfor providing app update and app analysis information• Camera: Used for barcode recognition, food photography, andrecognition of blood glucose meter and blood pressure meter• Microphone: Used to provide recording function fortelemedicine• Location: Used to check the movement path and movement of theuser during exercise• Contacts: Used to make friends when using Together function ascontact information• Body sensors: Used to measure heart rate, oxygen saturation, andstress• SMS: Used for phone number authentication when using Togetherfunction• Storage: Used to save or load exercise information, exercisephotos or food photosIf your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, pleaseupdate the software to configure App permissions.Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu in devicesettings after software update.
Samsung SMART CAMERA App 1.3.1_170904
The new smartphone app, Samsung SMART CAMERAApp. hasintegrated three existing apps to save time and effort. When usingyour Samsung SMART CAMERA, the app automatically connects to yoursmartphone for convenience. And you can launch a trio of SMARTCAMERA apps (AutoShare, MobileLink, and Remote Viewfinder) fromyour smartphone with a single touch.- You can only connect to Samsung cameras manufactured in 2013 orlater. ( DV150F, ST150F, WB200F, WB250F, WB30F, WB800F, WB350F,NX300, NX300M, NX30, NX mini, Galaxy Camera, Galaxy S4 zoom, GalaxyNX )- You can use the application on Android phones with resolutions ofWVGA or Android OS HONEYCOMB 3.0/3.1/3.2, ICE CREAM SANDWICH 4.0,JELLY BEAN 4.1/4.2/4.3, KitKat 4.4, LOLLIPOP 5.0/5.1, MARSHMALLOW6.0.- This application is not available for some Android devices.- If you experience issues connecting the camera with yoursmartphone,the following should correct the issue.(Note, the menus and options may vary depending on the smartphonemanufacturer and telecom operator)Go to: Settings → Wi-Fi → Advanced.From there make sure “Auto switch between Wi-Fi networks and mobilenetworks” is not checked.This option may be titled “Auto network switch” or “Check forInternet service” depending on OS version and telecom operator.With this option not selected the issue should be corrected.
SideSync is a new PC-Mobile solution thatenables screens, windows, and data to be shared easily. Sharebetween a PC and a Galaxy smartphone, or between a Galaxy Tab andGalaxy smartphone.You can see exactly the same screen displayed on your smartphone ortablet on the other device. Then drag and drop files, type textmessages on your keyboard, and much more.■ Instructions1. Install SideSync on your PC and your Android device.- PC: SideSync is pre-installed( Run the software on your PC and your Android device.3. Connect your Android device to your PC with a USB cable orconnect the devices to the same Wi-Fi network.4. If you previously used SideSync with your PC and deviceconnected to the same Wi-Fi network, SideSync will automaticallyreconnect using the same settings for added convenience.*) Please refer to SideSync Help for more details.■ Features1. Mobile Phone Screen Sharing- You can use Screen Sharing to mirror the screen of your SamsungAndroid device on your PC screen. You can also control your Androiddevice from your PC.- Easily navigate to the desired screen by using Favourites on theDashboard.2. Keyboard & Mouse Sharing- In Keyboard & Mouse Sharing Mode, you can use your Androiddevice as your PC monitor and control the device easily using thePC's keyboard and mouse. Try using your device and PC at the sametime.3. Helpful Features- You can receive your device's notifications on the Dashboard inreal-time.- You can easily share URL(Note 2, S3, S4)s between tdevice usingthe Internet sharing feature, and open them on your PC or yourdevice.- You can seamlessly transfer music or video playback from yourdevice to your PC.■ Supported PCs- All PCs (OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)■ Supported Android Devices- All Samsung Android devices with a supported OS (Galaxysmartphones, tablets)· Supported Android OS: KitKat and above■ Supported Models- Mobile phones running Android KitKat or higher, and are model S3or later (excluding some models in certain regions) are supported.Some features may be unavailable depending on the device.- Tablets running Android KitKat or higher can be connected to amobile phone. Connecting tablets to a PC is supported from AndroidLollipop onward.■ Restrictions- Some features may not function properly on the Note 2 NE6version. Please upgrade your device to the latest version beforeusing SideSync. You can check your device's software version bychecking the last 3 digits of the build number in Settings >More > About device.- Drag & drop file moving is not supported for models releasedprior to Galaxy Note 3 (Note 2, S3, S4).- Certain features, such as the smart phone's NFC and sensors, maynot function identically on mirrored tablets or PCs.■ PermissionsThe following permissions are required to use SideSync. You can useSideSync without allowing optional permission.[Required permissions]- Phone : Read phone status through Call forwarding- Microphone : Directly call through Call forwarding- Contacts : Find accounts on the device during Callforwarding- SMS : Read and send text messages- Storage : Read and send the contents[Optional permission]- Camera : Scan QR code
삼성 스마트 에어컨 3.0.35
■ 삼성 스마트 에어컨 앱은?- 삼성 스마트 에어컨 앱은 삼성 에어컨 제품을 실내외 어디에서든지 컨트롤 할 수 있습니다.- 스마트톡은 음성으로 에어컨을 사용할 수 있는 기능입니다. 스마트 에어컨 앱에서 실내제어로 선택시 에어컨에서음성안내를하고, 실외제어로 선택시 스마트폰에서 음성안내를 해줍니다.- 삼성 스마트 에어컨 앱의 화면을 통해 더욱 쉽고 재미있게 삼성 에어컨 제품을 컨트롤 할 수 있습니다.- 삼성 스마트 에어컨 앱은 화면을 통해 에어컨이 설치된 곳을 모니터링 할 수 있습니다.- 갤럭시S 시리즈, 갤럭시Note 시리즈 이외의 기기에서는 정상 동작 하지 않을 수 있습니다----개발자 연락처 :+82-1588-3366■ Samsung Smart Appairconditioning?Samsung smart app can control air conditioning anywhereindoorsSamsung air conditioning products.- Smart Talk is the ability to use the air conditioning asnegative.Voice guidance in selected apps into the room airconditioner airconditioning in smart control and makes the voiceprompts fromselected smartphones with outdoor control.- Easier and more fun through the screen of the Samsung smartapp,you can control the Samsung air conditioners airconditioningproducts.Samsung smart app can monitor the air conditioningair-conditionedplace through the screen.- The Galaxy S series, the device other than the Galaxy Noteseriesmay not work
Samsung Push Service 1.9.01
You can check the installation of the app in'Settings > Application manager' after downloading the Samsungpush service.The Samsung push service provides the notification service only forSamsung services (Samsung Apps, Samsung Link, Samsung Wallet,Samsung Pay, etc.) on Samsung devices.If you delete the Samsung push service, you may not receive the newnotification messages.The Samsung push service provides the below services.- New message is displayed in the pop-up window- Display a badge on the application icon for a new message- Display new message on the notification barEnjoy the fast and precise notification service with the Samsungpush service.* Notice of PermissionsThe following permissions are required for the app service. Foroptional permissions, the default functionality of the service isturned on, but not allowed.[Required permissions]: Only required in Android L OS and below- Telephone : Required for device identification when servicesubscribing[Optional permissions]- Storage : Required for sharing log file to E-mail app when userapplying VOC* Open Source LicenseCopyright (C) The Android Open Source Project
Samsung My Knox 2.0.18
[Notice]As previously announced, My Knox will not be available as ofDecember 19, 2017.For new users, we recommend downloading and installing SecureFolder, an enhanced security and privacy solution for Samsung's newGalaxy series mobile devices.Thank you for using My Knox. We apologize for any inconveniencecaused by this service termination.About Samsung My KnoxSamsung My Knox gives you protection, privacy, and productivity foryour mobile work life. You can securely access your work email andbusiness apps on your personal Samsung smartphone, and use itspowerful tools to remotely find, lock, or wipe your device in theevent of loss or theft.Using My Knox, you can access your work e-mail and other businessapps on your smartphone in a secure workspace. Your personal dataand apps are outside this secure workspace, and they remaincompletely private. All data inside Samsung My Knox is encrypted,providing a secure and productive way to access confidential emailand apps. Finally, all this functionality is possible withoutrequiring support from your IT admin.Samsung My Knox is designed to meet demanding enterprise securityrequirements, so it does not work on rooted devices, or devicesthat have run a custom OS at any point.Samsung My Knox creates a secure and productive space on yourdevice
Samsung My Knox creates a separate, secure environment on yourdevice for all your work-related data, ensuring it doesn’t mix withyour personal data. Apps outside the My Knox environment cannotaccess data inside it, and apps inside My Knox cannot access dataoutside it.Benefits 
o Convenience – Samsung My Knox merges two devices in one byallowing you access to personal and work data on the samephoneo Easy setup – Created for working professionals, so no IT adminassistance is neededo Powerful, free apps – Pre-loaded in Samsung My Knoxo Better security – Hardware and software security that deliversmultiple protection layers for the operating system and appso Better privacy – Securely separates private data and apps fromeveryday contentThe Samsung My Knox User Portal allows you to remotely manageyour deviceo Find Now – If you lose your device, the Samsung My Knox UserPortal can locate it via Google Mapso Lock Device – Remotely lock your lost device to ensure no one canaccess it until you retrieve it
o Wipe Device – Remotely factory reset the device (all data, notjust data inside Samsung My Knox)o Lock Knox – Remotely lock the Samsung My Knox environment, ratherthan the entire deviceThe following permissions are required for the app service. Foroptional permissions, the default functionality of the service isturned on, but not allowed.[Required permissions]-Phone : For the purpose of recognizing the unique deviceinformation when registering the service, and it is used formanaging the device remotely, service statistics.[Optional permissions]-Contact : For the purpose of using the registered account forsetup My Knox-Location : For the purpose of finding the device location andmanaging the device remotely-Storage : For the purpose of backup and restore the content insideMy KnoxIf your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, pleaseupdate the software to configure App permissions.Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu in devicesettings after software update.
Samsung Security Policy Update SPD_v2_1409_2_1
Samsung devices include technology (SE forAndroid) to help secure your device.This technology uses a set of updatable policy files designed tohelp protect your device data.As new threats are detected, Samsung updates the security policieson the device to prevent these new attacks.This feature is always enabled and allows your device to beprotected after a threat is detected, instead of waiting for thenext scheduled software upgrade.Installing this update ensures that you have up-to-date protectionsfor your device.For more on SE for Android or for tips on securing your device,please visit
밀크- MILK, 갤럭시만의 뮤직 Freemium 2.00.171124.10
2017년 10월 24일, MILK가 Samsung Music으로 새롭게태어났습니다.▶ 2017년 11월 24일부터 MILK는 앱 업데이트를 통해 재 다운로드 기능을 제외한 다른 기능(음악 재생, 구매등)은 제공되지 않으며, 기어용 MILK 서비스는 더 이상 제공되지 않습니다.▶ 2017년 10월 24일부터 MILK와 삼성뮤직이 손잡고 새로운 뮤직 서비스 ‘Samsung Music’으로태어났습니다. 기존 사용하시던 스토어, 라디오 뿐만 아니라 갤럭시에 최적화된 음악 재생 플레이어인 삼성뮤직의 기능도 제공됩니다.구글 플레이스토어에서 'Samsung Music'을 검색하세요!(기존 삼성뮤직 사용자시라면 앱 업데이트를 해주세요.)※ Samsung Music은 안드로이드 버전 5.0(롤리팝) 이상에서 사용 가능합니다.단, 아래 기기의 경우 안드로이드 버전 5.0으로 출시 되었지만, 6.0 이상으로 업데이트 하셔야 SamsungMusic을 사용할 수 있습니다.- Galaxy A8, Galaxy J5, Galaxy J7, Galaxy On7▶ MILK 서비스 종료에 대한 개인정보 파기 고지. 대상 : 안드로이드 버전 5.0(롤리팝) 미만 사용자. 종료 일정: 2018년 11월 24일* 서비스 종료 시 개인정보 보호를 위하여 서비스 제공 목적으로 수집된 귀하의 개인정보를 지체 없이 파기합니다. 다만,관계 법령의 규정에 의하여 보존할 의무가 있는 정보의 경우 해당 법령에서 정한 기간 동안 보관 후 즉시파기합니다.궁금하신 내용이 있다면 Contents & Service 고객지원페이지( 혹은 삼성전자 고객센터(1588-3366)로문의해주세요! 친절하게 안내드리겠습니다.그 동안 MILK 서비스를 이용해 주신 모든 고객 분들께 감사의 말씀 드립니다.새로운 모습의 Samsung Music에서 만나요!감사합니다.MILK 드림----개발자 연락처 :02-2255-0114October 24, 2017, thenewly born MILK Samsung Music.▶ from 24 November 2017 MILK is not re-downloading functions otherthan the function via app updates (music playing, buying, etc.) isprovided, it is no longer provided services MILK gear.▶ Hold the MILK Samsung Music hands from 24 October 2017, was bornin New Music Service 'Samsung Music'. Use existing features of theSamsung Music Store hasideon, radio as well as music playback isoptimized for Galaxy Player is also available.Search for 'Samsung Music' from the Google Play Store!(If you're an existing user when Samsung Music Please update yourapp.)※ Samsung Music is available in at least Android version 5.0(Lollipop).However, if the device has been released under the Android version5.0, 6.0 or later can be updated to use the Samsung Music.- Galaxy A8, Galaxy J5, Galaxy J7, Galaxy On7▶ destroy personal information on the service termination noticesMILK    . Target: Android version 5.0 (Lollipop)than users    . Exit Date: November 24th 2018* To protect your privacy when you shut down the service withoutdelay, destroy your personal information collected by serviceproviders purposes. However, if the information is obliged topreserve in accordance with the provisions of the relevant lawsthen kept for a period determined by the applicable law mustimmediately destroy.If you have more questions please contact the Customer Support pageContents & Service ( orSamsung's Customer Center (1588-3366)! We will kindly guide.I say all of those who use the service customers who MILK Thanksfor.See you at the Samsung Music's new look!Thank you.MILK Dream
Samsung MobileLink 1.7.13
- Install MobileLink App to your Android Smartphone and enjoysharing photos and videos from Samsung SMART Camera to yourSmartphone instantlyFunction- Provides preview function of photos stored in Samsung SMARTCamera- Provides wireless-multiple copy function of photos and videosstored in Samsung SMART CameraOperation- Wirelessly connect Samsung SMART Camera and Android Smartphone byusing Application- View, select and copy selected files wirelessly by usingApplication- Copy original files stored in SMART Camera to AndroidSmartphoneCompatible devices- Android version : 2.2(Froyo) or higher, display WVGA(320*480) orhigher- Supported Samsung SMART camera : WB850F, WB150F, DV300F, ST200Fand other Wi-Fi applied models from 2012( May not operate normally in some devices.)
Game Recorder+ 0.0.35
Record and share your greatest gaming momentswith Game Recorder+, the best game recording application for yourGALAXY!▶ YOUR OWN GAME VIDEOCapture your game play and face-cam commentary with a single touchon the record button.▶ NOISE-FREE GAME AUDIOGame Recorder+ can record game audio directly from the sourcewithout any background noises. (Only supported in GALAXY S6 / S6Edge)▶ NO MORE SLUGGISH MOMENTS"Game Boost" feature will optimize the system memory on the get-go,providing the best gaming and recording experience.Q) How do I record a game?- You can record a game in the following two ways.1. Recording via Game Recorder+1) Press the red Record button at the bottom of the Homescreen.2) Select the game that you want to record from among the gamesinstalled and run the game.3) While playing the game, press the Record button to startrecording the section that you want to record.4) Press the Record button again to end recording.2. Recording Directly Within the GameIf you set 'ON' in Settings > Quick record (set by default), theRecord button will appear automatically every time you run the gameso that you can record it.Q) Which mobile phones can I record games on?- You can record on Samsung GALAXY Note 5, S6 Edge plus, S6, S6Edge,S6 Active, Note 4, S5, Note 3, Note 3 Neo, S4 and Note 2devices.Q) Which games can I record?- Games from GALAXY Apps and Google Play are supported. If you donot see any of the games you have installed, you can manuallyregister games from the list of installed apps and then recordthem. However, you cannot record games for which recording has beendisabled at the developer's request or applications that are notgames.※ Game Recorder+ is currently not available in Europe and SouthKorea.
Samsung RM Guide 1.4.1
Samsung Smart TV's Remote Management Guide app(via your Wireless Network)1. IntroductionThe Remote Management Guide application provides Remote Supportservice that lets Samsung Electronics diagnose your TV remotely viaa Wi-Fi Hot Spot app installed on an Android SmartPhone orTablet.Samsung's Remote Support service provides one-on-one supportwith a Samsung Technician who can remotely diagnose your TV, adjustthe TV settings for you, reset your TV to its factory settings, andinstall recommended firmware updates.[IMPORTANT] Enabling Wi-Fi Hotspot from the Remote ManagementGuide application uses your Smartphone/Tablet's Mobile Dataallocation. Your provider will charge you if you go over yourmonthly data allowance. Check your Mobile Data usage before usingWi-Fi Hotspot.2. Features1) Remote Management/Installation Support- Remote Management: Lets a Samsung Technician provide RemoteSupport service to customers who don't have home Internet service.You get one-on-one support with a Samsung Technician.- Installation Support: Lets a Samsung Technician provide Smart TVinstallation help and provides one-on-one support.2) Request Support- Lets you request technical support for any Smart TV issues.- You must register your product first before using RequestSupport.3) S / W Update Service- If the latest software version is available on the Samsungserver, the Update Service automatically sends a notification toyour mobile phone or mobile device. You can take advantage of thistimely notification to update your Smart TV with the latestsoftware.- The S / W Update Service is only available after you haveregistered your TV.4) Product Registration- Manual Entry: Manually type-in product information. Pleaseregister your TV Model. (Go to Menu > Support > ContactSamsung for the TV Model information.)- QR Code: You can automatically enter product information using aQR scan.5) Managing Your Product’s information.- Register a product by OR code or manually input the information.You can check/modify/ delete it any time.6) Contact Samsung Customer Support- Lets you call Samsung Customer Support. Please verify yourcountry registration first.7) Settings- Country Setting: The application detects your countryautomatically during installation, but you can change the countrysetting if necessary. If you change the country setting, thedefault language and Samsung Customer Support phone number willautomatically change accordingly.- Language Setting : You can change to your preferred language.3. How to Use1) Contact Samsung Customer Support.2) Explain your problem to the Samsung Technician.3) The Samsung Technician guides you through the followingsteps:- Enabling Wi-Fi Hotspot- Configuring Network Setup on your Smart TV.- Launching Remote Diagnostic on your Smart TV.4) The Samsung Technician provides you with one-on-one RemoteSupport service (Remote Diagnostic/Installation Support).4. Caution1) This application is only compatible with Smartphones/Tabletsrunning Android Ver 4.03 or later.2) This application uses your Smartphone/Tablet's Mobile Dataallocation. Your provider will charge you if you go over yourmonthly data allowance. Check your Mobile Data usage before usingWi-Fi Hotspot.
Samsung SmartView 1.0 4.2.2
New Smart View is coming on October 2015.Enjoy casting videos,music and photos from your mobile onto SmartTV easily and quickly.Please note that you will no longer be able to use this app as aTV remote or mirror the TV signal on your mobile.★This app connects you to 2011/2012/2013 Samsung Smart TV. For2014 Samsung Smart TV, please download Smart View 2.0 app★Samsung SmartView App is a companion app for Samsung Smart TV.You can watch TV content on your mobile device and you can alsocontrol TV and TV connected devices(STB, BDP, HTS).Connected devices are needed to be registered on TV to control thedevices. Enjoy TV content on your mobile devices with SamsungSmartView App!※ To use this application, TV and mobile device should beconnected within the same network.[Key Features]- Remote Control. Control TV and registered devices(STB, BDP, HTS).- TV View. You can watch the same content on TV or different content fromother input source.※ Watching different content from other source is not supported forLED F7000/PDP F8000 below models.[Supported Devices]- TV1. Remote Control. 2011, 2012, 2013 Samsung Smart TV models2. TV View. 2011 Samsung TV LED D7000 and above, PDP D8000 and above. 2012 Samsung TV LED ES7500 and above, PDP E8000 and above. 2013 Samsung TV LED F4500 and above Smart TV (except F9000 andabove), PDP F5500 and above Smart TV- Mobile devices. Galaxy S3/S4/S5. Galaxy Note 2/Note 3/Note 4. Galaxy Alpha. Galaxy Note 10.1. Galaxy Tab 2. Galaxy Note 8[How to use]1. Connect TV to the network. (menu - network setting)2. Connect Mobile device to the same network with TV.3. Start Samsung Smart View App.
ScreenMirroring Patch 1.2
(*) ApplicationThis application is patch to resolve Screen Mirroring problem afterOS upgrade.Download and install the application by following the popupmessages.(*) AllShare Cast(Screen Mirroring)‘AllShare Cast(or Screen Mirroring)' on Samsung phone provides newsharing function.It technology allows enable content on your Phone screen to beshare with a nearby TV or Projector.AllShare Cast Dongle supports to interoperate with HDMI enableddevice via AllShare Cast and to stream contents.AllShare Cast Dongle allows sharing videos and images with friendsand family. Also you can enjoy mobile games on large TV screen.
GALAXY Note 3 Experience 2.1
Thinking about taking home a GALAXY Note 3?Find out everything about the Note 3's amazing features throughthiseasy to use interactive application. The app intuitivelyrecommends3 key features and lets you Interactively Experience them so youtoo can'Design your Life.' Watch Hands on Video and see whataccessoryoptions are available, when you take home a new GALAXY Note3.Even learn about the GALAXY Gear!Are you already to be a GALAXY Note 3 User?Download the Free GALAXY Note 3 Experience app to learn andexperiencemore about all of the amazing features in your new Samsung GALAXYNote 3.Recommended -1920x1080 ResolutionAndroid 4.11.4 Ghz CPUThe experience app doesn't support tablets.
PENUP - Share your drawings
PENUP is a creative SNS based on Pen generatedimages. Share your imagination with global creative minds.[Main Features]My Feed: A customized collection of creative images for you. Followyour peers and curate your favorite images.Collections: Think of Collections as your album. In addition tocreating your own works, collect inspiring images from others intoa collectionsPopular : Artists and artworks on spotlight.Hall of Fame: An exclusive space reserved for the best of the best.Star artists are featured here. Compete for your spot in Hall ofFame, where you will remembered by users around the world.-------------------------------------------------Regarding the AppAccess Privilege--------------------------------------The following permissions are required for the app service. Foroptional permissions, the default functionality of the service isturned on, but not allowed.[Mandatory Access Privilege]- Contacts : To get an account information when signing in to PENUPwith Samsung Account, Facebook, Google, or Twitter account[Optional Access Privilege]- Storage : To upload a drawing to PENUP or download a drawing fromPENUPIf your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, pleaseupdate the software to configure App permissions.Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu in devicesettings after software update.
게임캐스트 - 게임 동영상 녹화 방송 서비스 1.1.49
▶ 루팅 없이 모바일 게임을 쉽게 녹화하고, 이를 공유하여 더 많은 사람들이시청할 수 있는 신개념 미디어 서비스 게임캐스트 (GameCast)▶ 이제 구글플레이의 모든 게임을 쉽게 녹화할 수 있어요!- 당신의 멋진 플레이를 얼굴 표정과 목소리까지 함께 전달하세요.- 게임 플레이 중 언제라도 쉽게 게임캐스트로 녹화해보세요.▶ 재미있고 놀라운 게임 플레이를 볼 수 있어요!- 게임 공략, 명승부, 아이템뽑기 등 게임의 모든 순간들을 시청하세요.- 게임캐스트 웹페이지에서도 언제 어디서나 영상을 즐겨보세요.▶ 이 모든 것을 친구와 함께 즐길 수 있어요!- 녹화 영상으로 게임 팁을 알려주거나 고득점 순간을 친구에게 자랑하세요.- 게임캐스트로 녹화한 영상을 유튜브에 쉽게 공유해보세요.▶ 지원범위- 휴대전화 펌웨어 : 안드로이드 ver.4.1 (젤리빈) 이상 단, ver 6.0 (마시멜로) 녹화 지원불가- 지원 단말 기종 : 갤럭시 S3, S3 3G, S4, S4 LTE A, S4 Active, S4 Mini, S5,S5 광대역 LTE-A, S6, S6엣지, S6엣지플러스, 노트2, 노트3, 노트3 네오, 노트4, 노트5, 노트 엣지,알파, 라운드, 메가, 그랜드, 그랜드2, 그랜드맥스, 줌, 줌2, A5, A7, A8, J5- 녹화지원단말/OS확인 : 휴대전화 펌웨어 버전 확인 : 휴대전화 펌웨어 업데이트 방법 :▶ 게임을 즐기는 새로운 방법, 게임캐스트- 게임캐스트 홈페이지 : 게임캐스트 페이스북 : 게임캐스트 블로그:개발자 연락처 :+82-1588-3366▶ new concept gamemedia multicast service (GameCast) that mobile games can easilyrecord and share with more people watch it without routing▶ I can now easily record all the games on Google Play!- Please deliver your nice to play with facial expressions andvoice.- Try recording at any time during gameplay, the game easy tocast.▶ fun and you can see the amazing gameplay!- Game strategy, and watch them every minute of myeongseungbu,drawing items such as games.- Game Cast anywhere in the web page and enjoy the video.▶ You can enjoy all this with your friends!- Inform the recorded video gaming tips or you boast to yourfriends high scores moment.- Try easily share images recorded with the game broadcast onYouTube.▶ Support ranges- Mobile Phone Firmware: Android ver.4.1 (Jelly Bean) or laterstage, ver 6.0 (marshmallow) Not supported Recording- Supports terminal models: Galaxy S3, S3 3G, S4, S4 LTE A, S4Active, S4 Mini, S5, S5 Broadband LTE-A, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus,Note 2, Note 3 and Note 3 Neo, Note 4, Note 5 and Note edge,alpha-round mega-Grand, Grand 2 Grand Max, zoom, zoom 2, A5, A7,A8, J5- Support recording terminal / OS check: Mobile Phone Check Firmware Version: Mobile phone firmware update:▶ new way to play the game, the game casts- Games Main Cast: Facebook Game Cast: Game Cast Blog:
Smart Air Conditioner 1.2.81
■ IntroductionYou can control your Samsung Smart Air Conditionerwiththisapplication. You never have to worry that you accidentlylefttheair conditioner on, since you can easily turn it offfromoutsidethe house with your smart device. Furthermore, you canturnit onbefore you arrive so you always enter a cool house.It can be used only on models that have been applied WIFIinRoomAirconditioner model that was released in 2012 orlater.
Samsung Mobile Print Photo 1.0.5
Samsung Mobile Print Photo is a free application which enables toprint photos directly from your smartphone and tablet.[Remark]- Only CJX-1050W/CJX-2000FW printers supported.- Wireless connection required.* We recommend to connect printer with same AP as the phoneconnected.[Key features & Benefits]- Select, view, zoom, rotate and crop your photos- Send pictures wirelessly to your Samsung CJX-1050W andCJX-2000FW printers[Supported Models]* CJX-1050W, CJX-2000FW
Wireless Audio Multiroom (Tab) 3.2.19
The Samsung ‘Wireless Audio – Multiroom’system enables listeners to enjoy tether-free entertainment in anyroom in the house, from virtually any audio source, all controlledfrom a downloadable app and facilitated by easy installation.Stream all music, anywhereEnjoy music from various free Internet radio or musicservices*anywhere in your house - give a room sound simply byadding extra speakers.(* Music services vary by region)Easy ControlLiberate your listening experience and take back control via asimple downloadable remote app.Features:- Easily browse your music with the new Wheel Dial feature.- Enjoy seamless music playback from outside to inside and from oneroom to another with the Continuous play feature.- You can now use this app as a music player, even when notconnected to your home network.- The universal search feature allows you to search all services atthe same time.- Instant control of the application from the Widget.- Improved the Queue function to allow you to create your own musiclist.
Samsung KMS Agent
Samsung KMS (SKMS) Agent is a clientapplication for Android devices to support eSE-based mobile-NFCservices. SKMS Agent manages the protocol with SKMS and forwardsSKMS commands to eSE. SKMS Agent is used for interfaces betweenclient applications & SKMS and SKMS & eSE. SKMS isconsidered as a HTTPS Server, while SKMS Agent is working as aHTTPS Client. A client application requests creating Card ContentManagement to Regional Trusted Service Manager first, and thenrequests a job execution to SKMS Server using SKMS Agent interface.No customer card data, personal financial information, or physicallocation information is exchanged
Samsung Cloud Print 2.17.009
Samsung Cloud Print is a free cloud servicethat allows you to print from your smartphone or tablet to yourSamsung printer or MFP and scan files directly from supportedSamsung MFP devices to you or your friend’s free, secure cloudbased My Drive Account from where they can be previewed orprinted.During installation of the Samsung Cloud Print app, you registerwith the Samsung Cloud Print service just using your mobile numberfor authentication. No other account login is required, althoughyou can link the app to your Samsung Account if you wish to gainadditional functionality.Your mobile device and network connected printer or MFP can bepaired automatically by tapping the built in NFC tag on certainmodels. Supported Printers & MFPs on the same WiFi network asyour mobile device can be searched & registered with a singlebutton press or alternatively you can manually enter its MACaddress. Once paired, you can print or scan from anywhere andeverywhere.Samsung Cloud Print allows you to print Microsoft Office documentssuch as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as PDF and image files,e-mail messages and web pages. You can send scanned files from yourMFP to anyone using Samsung Cloud Print using their mobile number.For more details, visit[Key features and Benefits]- Intuitive user interface.- Use your mobile number to authenticate -- no other loginnecessary.- Sign in to your Samsung Account to use printers registeredthrough your PC and other devices.- Pair to your Samsung printer or MFP using NFC, WiFi connection orby inputting MAC address from smart phone.- Supported printable contents are Microsoft Office documents, PDF,image files, e-mail messages and web pages.- Using the Samsung Cloud Print PC Driver, send any print job fromyour PC to your registered print devices or your dedicated cloudstorage area.- Send print jobs to other Samsung Cloud Print app users or theirshared print devices.- Upload print jobs to "My Drive" to print later from any SamsungCloud Print-enabled Samsung printer or MFP.[Etc.]- Printing directly from the cloud service only to selected Samsungprinters and MFPs.- Uploaded files in the cloud are deleted after 72 hours.- Data size of print and scan may be limited depending on theselected media size.- Supports cloud printing/scanning using cellular data network (2G,3G, LTE etc.) or Wi-Fi.[Supported environment]- Android 4.1 and above.[Compatible Samsung Printers and MFPs]Visit the web site[App Access Privilege]To provide quality service, the app needs below app accessprivilege. You can use basic function ofapp without consent of Optional App access privilege:- Mandatory Access Privilege. SMS/Calls: The purpose is to register an account. Contacts: The purpose is to add and manage the user'sfriends. Storage: The purpose is to access files to be printed, saved tothe user's cloud-based account. Internet: The purpose is to send requests and receive responsesto and from the server- Optional Access Privilege. Camera: The purpose is to take photos to be printed, saved to theuser's cloud-based account. SD card: The purpose is to access files to be printed, saved tothe user's cloud-based account. Browser: The purpose is to access web pages to print, save to theuser's cloud-based account. NFC: The purpose is to register NFC enabled printers
Samsung Print Service Plugin 3.02.170302
Easily print photos, web pages and documentswithout downloading any additional apps or printing tools.Allows you to share your life’s printable moments and stayproductive at home, at work or while on the go.The Samsung Print Service is a system tool that enables wirelessprinting to Samsung printers and many other printer brands byintegrating Mopria technology. Nearly all new printers sold todayby Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Fuji Xerox, HP, Konica Minolta,Kyocera, Lexmark, Pantum, Ricoh, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba and Xeroxare Mopria-certified to make it easy to print your photos, webpages, documents, coupons, recipes and files from your favoriteapps. You can even control print settings including color, numberof copies, paper orientation and double-sided printing.If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, this system tool is alreadypre-installed. For any Android phone or tablet running KitKat (4.4)or higher, installing this plug-in will enable easy mobile printingfrom your device.PHONE AND TABLET COMPATIBILITYSamsung Galaxy Phones/Tablets – The Samsung Print Service plug-inis pre-installed on S4, S5, S6, S7 and many other Samsung phones& tablets. This plug-in cannot be uninstalled or moved to a SDcard. When plug-in updates are available your device will notifyyou. Please adjust your settings to automatically update thisplug‐in, or accept updates manually. For any other Galaxy phone ortablet where this Plug-in is not pre-installed, it can bedownloaded and installed as long as the Samsung device is runningAndroid KitKat (4.4) or later.Other Android Phones/Tablets – The Samsung Print Service will workwith any device with Android KitKat (4.4) or later. KitKat was thefirst version of Android that included the “Android PrintFramework” which allows an Android App to access a built-inprinting system. When updates are available for the Samsung PrintService, your device will notify you.APPS SUPPORTING PRINTCheck to see if your Android App supports printing by looking for aprint icon, checking the App’s menu option (three dots, three linesor “More” menu) or using the “Share” function.Some everyday apps that support printing include Gallery, Photos,Chrome, Gmail, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Adobe Reader, MicrosoftExcel, Word and PowerPoint.Many more apps have enabled print or allow you to share to theSamsung Print Service.TURNING ON THE SAMSUNG PRINT SERVICEIf you are unable to locate any printers, you may need to enablethe Samsung Print Service.Go to your device “Settings” and search for “Printing” to locatethe Samsung Print Service. Then toggle the switch from “Off” to“On”.SUPPORTED PRINTERSBrother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Fuji Xerox, HP, Konica Minolta,Kyocera, Lexmark, Pantum, Ricoh, Sharp, Toshiba and Xerox brandedprinters are supported. However not all models areMopria-certified.See to check whether yourprinter model is supported.Samsung PrintersM2020/2070/283x/288x/262x/282x/267x/287x/4370/5370/4580/5270/4530/403x/408x/301x/306x/5360 SeriesC410/460/420/470/430/480/1810/1860/2620/2670/268x/140x/145x/4820/3010/3060/351x/401x/406x SeriesCLP-300/31x/32x/350/360/610/620/660/670/680/770/775 SeriesCLX-216x/316x/317x/318x/838x/854x/9252/9352/92x1/93x1 SeriesML-1865W/2150/2160/2165/2250/2525/257x/2580/285x/2950/305x/3300/347x/331x/371x/405x/455x/551x/651x SeriesSCX-1490/2000/320x/340x/4623/4x21/4x24/4x26/4x28/470x/472x/4x33/5x35/5x37/6545/6555/8030/8040/8123/8128 SeriesSF-650, SF-760 SeriesSL-J1760/2920/2960/3520/3560/5520/5560 Series
Spen SDK 4.0.7
(Recommend) If you install “Post Memo” – thebest reference application for SPen SDK – in your device, you willbe able to experience SPen’s new features!This is the downloadable library for the Pen package, which is apart of the Samsung Mobile SDK. With the library installed, yourapplication regarding SPen is able to use the latest Pen packagefeatures.If the library is not installed on the device or the installedversion is not the latest, your application using SPen displays anotification message. The message prompts the user to install orupdate the library, and opens the market to download thelibrary.
Samsung Link Platform 2.0.4925
You can use Samsung Link features via theSamsung Link Platform in your mobile device's Gallery, Music, andVideo apps.1) Once you sign in with your Samsung account, your device isautomatically registered with Samsung Link.2) Samsung Link devices registered with the same Samsung accountare shown in the list of devices from the Gallery, Music, and Videoapps.3) You can download, transfer and stream content in a remotedevice to other registered devices with the Gallery, Music, andVideo apps.* If there is no registered remote device, please register yourPC at the Samsung Link website (
S Note Viewer
* Features- Quickly open S Note documents from my files, email, the web orany other apps.- Provides the S Note file list of the SD card.- Print documents with Google Cloud Print.- Create shortcut on home screen for easy access.- Zoom in and out in the view page* Supported File Types- SPD, SND
Samsung Activity Tracker 1.44
This application shows your daily activity andsleep records measured by Samsung Activity Tracker.The motion sensor on Samsung Activity Tracker checks variousinformation, such as distance, burned calories and speed based onthe steps you walk, and your movement patterns during sleep andshows whether you are asleep, restless, or awake.This device is intended for recreational use only. It is notintended for medical purposes and cannot be used for any medicalpurposes.Content found from the device and the application are forinformational purposes only and is not intended to replace therelationship between you and your physician or other medicalprovider.Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking itbecause of something you have learned through the device.Access authority guideThe following access rights are required for service delivery :Foroptional access rights, the use of the basic functions of theservice is possible even if it is not allowed.[Required access authority]- Location : The purpose searching the connectableness devicearound for the Activity tracker(EI-AN900) device and the Bluetooth(BLE) connection[Selective access authority]- Phone : The purpose giving a notice in the call accept throughthe Activity tracker (EI-AN900)- Camera : The purpose which shoots the photo in the profile menuof the app and does the profile image setting- SMS : The purpose giving a notice in SMS receive through theActivity tracker (EI-AN900)- Storage space : The purpose for the image selection to use thephoto shot in the profile menu with the purpose for data backup andrestoration in the storage and profile menuIf your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, pleaseupdate the software to configure App permissions.Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu in devicesettings after software update.
Samsung SMART CAMERA NX (KOR) 4.7.4
The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX is aexperience-oriented catalog app which lets you experienceeverything you see and feel with its unique NX value.From the latest product information on the Samsung SMART CAMERA NXSystem to beautiful sample photos, videos and more.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Experience 1.12
This Samsung Galaxy S6 Experience App gives you the chance tointeractively experience the design, key features, and accessoriesof Samsung's latest device.With the technology of 360˚VR, you can immerse yourself in thedesign of Galaxy S6.Play with the four key features of Galaxy S6 and see foryourself what it feels like.Take a fun quiz to find out which accessories fit yourlifestyle.Devices supported: Android Smartphone (4.0 or above)Resolution: 1280x720RAM: 1GB
Remote Viewfinder 2.2.11
- Install Remote Viewfinder App to yourSmartphone, then experience new way of image capturing. SamsungSMART Camera can be controlled remotely on your Smartphone(This 'Remote Viewfinder' application is not for GALAXY Camera.)Function- Samsung SMART Camera Live View (Preview screen) can be wirelesslychecked on Smartphone screen with real time connection- Provides control of Timer, Flash, Resolution and capturing ofSamsung SMART Camera on SmartphoneOperation- When using this App (Camera and Smartphone are connected), imagestaken by Smartphone will also be taken by Smart Camera and saved inthe camera- When saving the images, the camera will also store theinformation about location provided by Smartphone's GPS on thepictures- Provides remote controlling function for capturing andplayback- Possible to control zoom level wirelessly- Captured images can also be copied to SmartphoneCompatible Devices- Android version : 2.2(Froyo) or higher, display WVGA(320*480) orhigher- Supported Samsung SMART camera : WB850F, WB150F, DV300F, ST200Fand other Wi-Fi applied models from 2012( May not operate normally in some devices.)
Audio Remote 1.4.8
Samsung Audio Remote is an exclusive,integrated audio device control app that can control the SamsungGIGA system and Soundbar through Bluetooth.Compatible ModelsSoundbar : Y15 / Y16 models (HW-J / HW-K) 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 series andHW-J6000(R)(Download "Wireless Audio - Multiroom" App for soundbar Wi-Fisupporting models)GIGA : Model code MX-J***, MX-JS**** series(excluding micro and non-bluetooth mini models : MX-J640, MM-J430D,MM-J330, MM-J320)Control Soundbar with one hand! -You can connect your mobile with Soundbar to easily use theSoundbar remote control function while watching TV. You can alsoeasily play music from your smartphone through Soundbar.Maximize your GIGA Party -Simple music playback and playlist control!You can play any music you want from your smartphone, USB, or CDs.You can also make a queue to hear only the songs you want. You canconveniently use equalizer settings and wireless remote controlfeatures.Create your party yourself!Enjoy the feeling of becoming a DJ through 7 DJ effects, panningeffects, and music speed control. You can freely control thespeaker lighting color and create a party atmosphere. You can evenenjoy about 20 instruments with your own performance through DJsound.Sports broadcasts are that much more exciting!Enjoy Samsung TV's sports broadcasts through TV SoundConnect andboost the announcer's voice or stadium background noise dependingon your preference. Make sports broadcasts even more fun withcheering, jeering, vuvuzela, or siren noises.NoticeDepending on the audio model, some features may not besupported.May not operate smoothly, not be supported, or screen displayproblems may occur depending on your phone or the policy of telecomoperators.Check the Bluetooth volume when using other Bluetooth devices afterusing the app and then use.Please update to the latest version to use.
Smart Air Conditioner(CAC) 1.0.13
■ IntroductionYou can control your Samsung Smart Air Conditioner with thisapplication. You never have to worry that you accidently left theair conditioner on, since you can easily turn it off from outsidethe house with your smart device. Furthermore, you can turn it onbefore you arrive so you always enter a cool house.■ This feature is only applicable to the cassette and ductedtype Samsung air conditioner models.■ Supported mobile phoneNote that this application may not be available on devices otherthan GALAXY S, S2, NOTE, HD LTE, Tab 7.0, and 10.1.
삼성뮤직 15101401.3.03.03
SamsungMusic is compatible in Korea Only
SAMSUNG Smart Washer/Dryer 2.1.23
■ What is the Smart Washer App?- The Smart Washer App allows you to controlyourSamsungwasher/dryer remotely from your smart phone, andnotifiesyou ofthe status of the washer/dryer, whether it has aproblem andtheactions you can take to solve it from your smartphone.- You can discover the solution for errors without searchingtheusermanual or contacting a service center.- This app cannot connect to Samsung washer/dryersupportedSmartHome. Please download Samsung Smart Home app to usethe SmartHomedevices. (the Smart Home app is supported by thesomecountries)■ Supported Smart Phone Models:- GalaxyS, GalaxyS2, GalaxyS3, GalaxyS4,GalaxyS5,GalaxyS6,GalaxyS2(HD), Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note2, GalaxyNote3,GalaxyNote4- Supported OS: Android 2.2+■ Supported Washer Models:- Check the Smart Control button and the Smart Care markinthecontrol panel and the information about them intheusermanual.- For below model, Please refer to the user manual's MobileApppartand LCD setting part. Download "Samsung Smart Home" appincase oftrying to using the Smart Home..- 2014 Supported modelK149HIB/HC, K149HWB/HC, WW10H9210EW,WW10H9400EW/ET,WW10H9410EX/FA,WW10H9410EX/GU, WW10H9410EX/NQ,WW10H9600EW/EG,WW10H9600EW/EO,WW10H9600EW/EU, WW10H9600EW/LP,WW10H9600EW/WS,WW10H9600EX/EU,WW10H9610EW/AH, WW10H9610EW/SC,WW10H9610EW/SP,WW10H9610EW/ST,WW10H9610EW/SV,WW90H9410EW/YL,WW90H9600EW/SA- The "Smart Check" may be represented as "Smart Care"dependingonthe language.■ Please check these items before using the Smart Washer App!- Check whether your washer's Wi-Fi connection isnormalbeforecontrolling your washer remotely.- When the Wi-Fi signal is weak due to your washer'slocation,aproblem may occur when controlling your washerremotely.- External light may cause the camera recognition functiontobeincorrect. Adjust the focus and angle properly for theautocamerarecognition to operate correctly.- Check the supported washer and smart phone models.(Other models are not guaranteed that theywilloperatenormally.)- Depending on the font you have set in yourmobilephone,Application's screen may look different.
Samsung Plus Learning
Samsung plus Leanring.To Share & Spread knowledge of products and services whileproviding customer centric solution based sales skillsApp Strucure1. Online Learning Platform2. Sales Skill-up content3. Certification & CommunityDevices supported : Android Smartphone (4.4 or above)Resolution : 480*800, 720*1280, 800*1280. 1080*1920,1440*2560
Samsung Home Monitor 1.0.1
Samsung Home Monitor is an application that you can use with thebaby monitoring feature found on the latest Samsung Smart Cameras.The Baby Monitoring feature can be used with a smartphone that isconnected to the same access point as a Samsung Smart Camera. Itcan notify you when noise is detected and allows for livemonitoring of streamed video.[Main features]1. Live Video Monitoring- Stream video from your smart camera to your smartphone.2. Sound Detection- The smart camera will detect noise, such as a baby crying, andsend an alarm to the smartphone.3. Light On/Off- When the light conditions are low, you can use your smart phoneto turn on the camera’s AF assist light and make the videobrighter.[Notes]- This application is compatible with Samsung cameras manufacturedin 2014 or later (for example, WB350F).- You can use this application on phones running Android OS 2.3.3that support WVGA or higher resolutions.- This application may not be compatible with some Androiddevices.
Samsung Smart Home 3.1072.19.194
Samsung Smart Home application enables usersto easily connect with various Samsung home appliances, includingrefrigerator, washer, air conditioner, oven, vacuum vacuum and morethrough your smartphones.With Samsung Smart Home, you can monitor and control Samsung homeappliances on the go and enjoy useful services including statuscheck, device control, home view, and customer support.Samsung Smart Home supports Android OS 4.0 and above, and is bestoptimized for Samsung Galaxy S and Note series. Some features maynot be supported in different smart devices.
Samsung Wireless Audio Dock 4.0.1
Support mobile devices : Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, GalaxyNote, Galaxy Player (Unsupported device : All Tab types device,Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note 10.1)If you already use 2.25 version app, firstly pleasedelete(uninstall) it and then install new versionYou can use it with Samsung audio products which is "WirelessAudio with Dock" such as DA-E550, DA-E570, DA-E650, DA-E660,DA-E670, DA-E680, DA-E750, DA-E760 and so onSupport android OS : Gingerbread, Honeycomb and IcecreamSandwich.
Samsung Content Viewer 1.1.10
You can use Samsung Content Viewer to view various types of contentcreated on Galaxy phones (Story Album, Scrapbook, Sound & Shot,etc.)Share content created on Galaxy phones using email, messenger, andcloud storage, and view it using Samsung Content Viewer.You can also use Samsung Content Viewer for PC to view content onyour computer. Further information is available on thewebsite.URL : devices- Hardware: Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3,Vega Iron, LG Optimus Pro, Nexus 4- Software: Android OS JB (4.1) or higherSupported content types- Sound & Shot- Story Album- Scrapbook
Samsung Level for Tablet 1.4.6
(This version is optimized for Tablet)Samsung Level app. provides additional features such asSoundAlive (Sound Effect),Volume Monitor and Text-To-Speech when it's connected withSamsung Level Bluetooth Devices.Some features in this app. may not be supported depending onyour device.Support Device List- 1280x800(WXGA), 1024x600(WSVGA), 1600x2560(WQXGA)Galaxy Note 10.1(2014),Galaxy NotePro(12.2),Galaxy Tab S(10.5), Galaxy Tab S(8.4),Galaxy TabPro(12.2), Galaxy TabPro(10.1), Galaxy TabPro(8.4),Galaxy Tab 3(10.1), Galaxy Tab 3(8.0),Galaxy Tab 4(10.1), Galaxy Tab 4(8.0), Galaxy Tab 4(7.0)----개발자 연락처 :+82-1588-3366(Thisversion is optimized for Tablet)Samsung Level app. provides additional features such asSoundAlive (Sound Effect),Volume Monitor and Text-To-Speech when it's connected withSamsung Level Bluetooth Devices.Some features in this app. may not be supported depending onyour device.Support Device List - 1280x800 (WXGA), 1024x600 (WSVGA), 1600x2560 (WQXGA)Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014),Galaxy NotePro (12.2),Galaxy Tab S (10.5), Galaxy Tab S (8.4),Galaxy TabPro (12.2), Galaxy TabPro (10.1), Galaxy TabPro(8.4),Galaxy Tab 3 (10.1), Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0),Galaxy Tab 4 (10.1), Galaxy Tab 4 (8.0), Galaxy Tab 4 (7.0)
Print Extension 5. 1.00.11
Samsung Print Extension for Google Drive
삼성 스마트 냉장고 1.2.20
■ 삼성 스마트 냉장고 앱은?- 삼성 스마트 냉장고를 사용하시는 고객님을 위한 무료 앱입니다. 집안에서 WiFi 연결을 통해서 스마트폰으로 냉장고에가지 않고도 다양한 정보를 볼 수가 있습니다. 예를 들면, 냉장고/냉동고의 온도, 푸드 매니저에 보관된 식품(70개),유통기한 알림, 냉장고 문열림 알림등 다양한 기능을 사용하실 수 있습니다. 또한 3D 보기 기능이 있어 카메라로 냉장고에뜬 QR코드를 인식시키면 보관된 식품 정보를 3D 이미지로 볼 수도 있습니다. 감사합니다.■지원가능 핸드폰 모델:- GalaxyS, GalaxyS2/S2(HD), GalaxyS3, Galaxy S4, GalaxyNote,GalaxyNote2- OS : Android 2.2 이상(이외의 기기에서는 정상 동작하지 않을 수 있습니다.)■지원가능 냉장고 모델:FRS73DRDFW----개발자 연락처 :+82-1588-3366■ App forSamsung Smart Fridge?Samsung smart refrigerator is a free app for the customers who use.WiFi connection in your house without having to go to therefrigerator through a smart phone to view a variety of informationcan be. For example, a refrigerator / freezer temperatures, foodmanager, food kept in (70), the expiration date reminders,notifications, open the refrigerator door can be used for variousfunctions. It also features a 3D view with the camera recognizesthe QR code floating in the refrigerator if the food storedinformation may be seen as a 3D image. Thank you.■ Supported Mobile Phone Models:- GalaxyS, GalaxyS2/S2 (HD), GalaxyS3, Galaxy S4, GalaxyNote,GalaxyNote2- OS: Android 2.2 or higher(Other than in the normal operation of the equipment may notbe.)■ Support Refrigerator Model:FRS73DRDFW
Power Sharing 1.4.4
Power Share, when used with Samsung's Power Sharing CableEP-SG900,allows you to transfer power from your phone to otherdevices as long as they are equipped with Micro USB Interface.*Features*- Exclusively for use with Samsung's Power Sharing Cable EP-SG900.Cable must be purchased separately. Please check availability ofcable in your region before downloading the app.- Control the amount of power to be transferred by settingStart/Pause options.- Users can set a limit on the amount of power to be left in theoutput device. Transferring power will automatically stop whenlimit is reached.- You must download the app in order to control the amount of powershared. If you connect your device to another device with theSamsung's Power Sharing Cable EP-SG900 without the app, the entirebattery amount will be transferred to the other device.