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Faso Pharmacies 0.3.3
This app allows one to locate pharmacies(whether on duty or not) in Burkina Faso (currently Ouagadougou,Bobo Dioulasso and Koudougou). They are sorted, from nearest tofarthest and displayed on a map. One can also dial their phonenumber, or share the list with friends.--Quick User Guide--1. Set global parameters: your insurance (if any) and whether youwant to conduct your search on all pharmacies or duty pharmaciesonly. Depending on day and time, the most appropriate option isautomatically set by default.2. Find the nearest pharmacies (default: 5) by tapping on themagnifying glass. This uses GPS.The Group button displays all pharmacies in any given city (no GPS,no distance, and no search results limit).Tapping the map icon displays your search results on a map, one redmarker by pharmacy. Tap the marker to get the pharmacy name. Taponce more to dial. If GPS was used, a blue dot shows your currentlocation.Finally, tap the share button to share the list with friends.More details on may also follow us on Facebook: your pharmacy not registered? Did you spot an error? Needmore features?Drop-me an email: [email protected]