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Color Infinity Switch 1.3
Download Color Switch Infinity for FREE toplaythe most addictive color game in Playstore! The objective ofthisgame is to get the little color ball to get as far aspossible,moving through numbers of obstacles such as a spinningcolor wheel.Your color ball will color switch during its color runand there aresome cool powerups to help you move forward in thiscolors game.Avoid passing through the wrong color or you have toreplay thegame!Color Switch Infinity game is the latest addictive actiongamethat has taken the Playstore by the storm. This colors gamewillteach you timing and reflex. There are times when you have torushyour color ball but there are times when you must waitpatientlyfor the right moment before doing a color run. It canbefrustrating for people who are not familiar with this typeofavoiding obstacle game, but mastering this action game is notasdifficult as you think.Here are some tips and tricks to master Color Switch Infinity-Color Game FREE easily:1. Timing. Time yourself, when you have color run forward as fastaspossible and when to wait for the right time.2. Wait until the right colors lining up and the wrong colors togetout of the way. This is especially useful when you face thespinningcolor wheels with the multiple hands in them, like aclock, that aremoving backwards.3. Learn the pattern. Learn the pattern before rushing colorballforward.4. Practice. This color game needs practice to achievebetterresult. No one is able to master it in a day. That’s whatmakes itso fun and challenging.5. Get the powerups. We provide some powerups that will makegettingyour color ball move through obstacles much easier. Getthem if youcan.Color Switch Infinity game is developed for you for freebySandstone Studio. Please send us your feedback through ouremail([email protected])sowe can improve our color game and give you bettergamingexperience.
Galaxy Highway Rider 1.4
Galaxy Highway Rider - Android Galaxy GameDownload Galaxy Highway Rider for FREE and guide Andy tosurvivein this ultimate galaxy space game! Our hero Andy foundhimselfstuck in a space with limited fuel enough only to fire uphisengine. He needs you to guide him as a space rider to surviveaslong as possible in the hostile Android Galaxy. Can you helpAndyin this space game by leading him to safety or will hecrashagainst treacherous asteroids?Galaxy Highway Rider – Android Highway Galaxy GameTOPfeatures:• FREE to download and play.• Unlock Achievements.• Cute galaxy rider as the hero of this game and fantasticgalaxyenvironment filled with clever obstacles anddangerousasteroids.• Simple gameplay – just tap on the screen once to move Andy,ourcute little rider.• Carefully guide our space rider between the asteroids andavoidthe numerous obstacles in Android Galaxy• Be patience and time the movement just right to get Andy,thegalaxy rider, as far as possible.• Share your high scores on Facebook and Twitter and see howyoufare against your friends in guiding our rider home.Although Galaxy Highway Rider – Android Galaxy Game is averysimple game to play, it isn’t easy to achieve high scores inafirst few tries. You might need to play this space galaxy gameafew times before you get a hang of it. But don’t worry, thisspacegame is a perfect to improve your hand eye coordination. Asyouguide our little rider, you also learn to time your movementandlearn patience.Galaxy Highway Rider – Android Highway Galaxy Game isdevelopedby Sandstone Studio. Please send us your feedback throughour emailaddress ([email protected]) . If you like ourgalaxy spacegame, please leave a review to encourage us to improveour Androidgames.d267d0e65f