Saravanan P Apps

Marshy and the Hot Chocolate 2.1.0
Saravanan P
This is a 2D platform game based on thethemesTime and Infinity . Your character is a small marshmallow whoistrying to reach the hot chocolate cup one side of the levelbecausehe is cold and needs the warmth of a hot chocolate...Your marshmallow freezes on time intervals and a newmarshmallowrespawns. The marshmallows will keep on respawning atyour givenrespawn points and stack up. You have unlimited respawnsper level... The starting respawn is fixed in each level . So youhave tocreate structures and help a single marshmallow reachthegoal.
Sneak O Droid 1.0.0
Saravanan P
Evade the security cameras and stealthekeycard and hack the super computer and be theultimateSNEAK-O-DROID.Use the left side of the screen to control the droid.