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Hyper Nova - Space Shooter 1.0.10
Classic top-down Space Shooter (Shmup)If you're a fan of free shooter games, space ships, shoot-em-ups orepic action games,Hit the install button Now!In a departure from many bullet hell type games, Hyper Nova givesyou a large arsenal of weapons from the start while requiring youto keep vigilant of enemy weapons. No tiny dotin the centre of the craft to defend. The whole ship can takedamage.Play through the Story Mode missions to earn XP. Spend the XP toupgrade your shipscapabilities (health, shields, fire rate, special weapon durations,etc.)Begin by saving earth from the imminent threat of an asteroidcollision with an unexpected twist, a potential invasion. Battlestreams of enemies across unknown and uncharted star systems allover the galaxy and beyond in an attempt to discover and root outthe cause of the invasion, to destroy the real enemy and end thethreat to earth once and for all.Features- No forced Ads - watch Ads for rewards only- 48 levels with more added over time- Unique boss for every level- Over 40 enemy varieties with more to come- Challenging difficulty ramp- Survival mode with endless waves of enemies- Earn XP in Survival and Singleplayer- Unique soundtrack for each system