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Incoming Calls Privacy Lock 1.0.1
You are the only one who receive you privateincoming calls...If someone disturbing your privacy by taking your call during yourabsence? Stop worrying now! we have an application "incoming callslocker" for you to keep you Private calls secure and protect yourprivacy. This application will protect your selective or allIncoming call to be picked by some one else. The application willnot allow any one to see the incoming caller's number, name or anyother details as the Pattern/Pin input screen will be up on thescreen.Calls Privacy mode:Features:-** Secure Incoming Call Lock Screen** Protect the privacy of your calls by being the only one tounlock and receive them.** Place a call lock on either all of your contacts or justspecific ones.** Easy User Interface** Add contact manually or from contact list** Draw Pattern to unlock incoming call** Set Pin password lock/unlock incoming call** Express your preferences by selecting unique incoming callwallpapers.** Try selecting photos that capture your favorite momentsThanks for choosing our app. Hope it will help you to improve yourcall Privacy..
Unblock sites Free VPN Master 1.0.5
This Application facilitates access towebsites and services which are censored blocked or otherwiseunavailable, No metter where are you in world, Whether you can'taccess you favourite websites This is the best app for Unblocksites with Security and Privacy Protection.Non User Name,NonPASSWORD,Non REGISTERIts 100% Free, Truly Anonymous & Secured. Unblock Any Site.With a Secure VPNIs your Internet being censored?Bypass censorship, firewall & proxy content restrictions, andget internet freedom!Watch Hot US & Global TV shows, Movies & Sport.Use All Websites and Social apps in middle east. UAE, SaudiArabia,Super Fast, Safe & Secure vpn connection & Wi-FiDefender.Just connect your to available server and enjoy,,
Galaxy PIP Keyboard Classic 1.0.2
Galaxy Keyboard Classic allows users to sendbetter texts powerful Extensions and beautiful themes. User canexperience higher quality writing, typing fast and fun on mobilesand tablets!You are no more bound to old keyboards. Make your virtual Keyboardby selecting your Favorited Key-styles and themes, Color Keyboardapalon used for szótanuló Like ABD 123 for Kids.. Attractive colorsand background to keep them engage with Cute Color 키보드,If you bored use different type Keyboards try Colorful keyboardwith cute emoji and smiles. Moreover app having very fine fontswhich will give very nice look to your keyboard.Key Features :▪ Themes 🎨Style up your keyboard with beautiful free themes. Amazing andcolorful themes are provided. You can personalize your keyboard bySelecting your desire theme.▪ MY Photo Keyboard ThemeYou can personalize your keyboard by Selecting your photo askeyboard background, Personalize your chatting with Stylish andbeautiful photos!, You can take photo with phone camera or selectany image from Gallery, Select you Girl or Boy Picture to makeLove-keyboard, View your favorite theme when typing with greatinput tool,cute photo keyboard▪ Emoji, Emoji Art,Express yourself with beautiful emoji s,emoticons, make yourchatting more interesting with Variety of fun emoji s gif表情▪ Multiple Keyboard StylesSelect multiple design for keyboard, Like, Cubes, Egg shape,water-drops, Circle, Hexagon, Pentagon, etc▪ Custom Keyboard SoundsDifferent Key sounds to choose Like:• Piano 🎹 Sound• Water Drop Sound• Type Writer Sound👑How to use👑✔ Open App Galaxy Keyboard Classic✔ Select "Galaxy Keyboard Classic" Button.✔ Set input method to Galaxy Keyboard Classic option.Localized in Multiple Languages Like:EnglishEnglish(US)Francés(France)Español(ES)Português(PT)العربيةDeutschItalianoHinglishहिन्दीHinglish-Hindiதமிழ்తెలుగుবাংলাગુજરાતીಕನ್ನಡമലയാളംਪੰਜਾਬੀPolskiČeskýHrvatskiLatviešuRomânăSlovenščinaСрпскиTürkçeΕλληνικήעבריתTiếng ViệtMelayuIndonesia한국어it’s completely FREE of charge! No paid upgrades or in-apppurchases required! Now you're ready to go with your custom coolkeyboard.
Koran Read &MP3 30 Juz Offline 1.0.6
We wish you blessing of Upcoming Ramadan2017The best among you is he who learns the Quran and teaches to others(Bukhari)Quran for Muslims to Read & Listen in voice of 31 World FamousQuráa, Recite Holy Quran with actual experience, feels just like anactual Quran Book in your hand. This app acts like a Qari whoteaches you how to listen,read & Learn the Holy QuranKareem.Holy Quran القرآن الكريم has an elegant style, Don't botheryourself by scrolling up and down; now easily recite as actualColor printed Quran page by page. This Koran app is best companionfor you anywhere, During Travel, or if you are in Masjid after saypray (Namaz) you can read Quran in you android device and readdaily azkar and Dua's.If you are not be able to read quran turn on MP3 mode and listenquran in heart touching and soulful voice of world famousquráaWhat's the Diffrence ?Muslims love to listen,read & Learn the Quran Majeed on dailybasis. But sometimes it difficult to manage the time in busy sociallife. But now its easy for you to Listen or Read QURAN anytimeanywhere even if you are travlling. The beautiful audio playerwidget allow you to control the application even your device screenis lock.Key Features:● Beautiful Color Quran For Read like Actual Quran Book● Read Quran offline (Without internet)● Listen Quran offline (One time download only)● The Holy Quran (Al Qur'an) with audio recitations (mp3)● Full page readability● 15 Lines Hafizi Quran● Resume option to get start reading from which page you left● Mp3 Audio player for listen Tilawat of Quran● Clear, Best Quality and Loud Audio● Recitation of 31 world Famous Qari [Quráa]Including : Mishary Rashed Alafasy, Sheikh Sudais (Imam ofKaa'bba), Qari Abdul Basit,Saad Al-Ghamdi,Sheikh Shuraim,AlMinshawi,Ahmed Al Ajmi,● Surah Index for Directly go to any Surah● Bookmark you favorite page and directly go to you savedbookmarks● Can Save and Share any Page● Swipe for next or previous Page.● Amazing 3D effect on page swipe● Holy Quran HD Arabic Excellent ReadabilitySurah List:Al-FatihahAl-BaqarahAl-'ImranAn-Nisa'Al-Ma'idahAl-An'amAl-A'rafAl-AnfalAl-Bara'at / At-TaubahYunusHudYusufAr-Ra'dIbrahimAl-HijrAn-NahlBani Isra'ilAl-KahfMaryamTa HaAl-Anbiya'Al-HajjAl-Mu'minunAn-NurAl-FurqanAsh-Shu'ara'An-NamlAl-QasasAl-'AnkabutAr-RumLuqmanAs-SajdahAl-AhzabAl-Saba'Al-FatirYa SinAs-SaffatSadAz-ZumarAl-Mu'minHa MimAsh-ShuraAz-ZukhrufAd-DukhanAl-JathiyahAl-AhqafMuhammadAl-FathAl-HujuratQafAd-DhariyatAt-TurAn-NajmAl-QamarAr-RahmanAl-Waqi'ahAl-HadidAl-MujadilahAl-HashrAl-MumtahanahAs-SaffAl-Jumu'ahAl-MunafiqunAt-TaghabunAt-TalaqAt-TahrimAl-MulkAl-QalamAl-HaqqahAl-Ma'arijNuhAl-JinnAl-MuzzammilAl-MuddaththirAl-QiyamahAl-InsanAl-MursalatAn-Naba'An-Nazi'at'AbasaAt-TakwirAl-InfitarAt-TatfifAl-InshiqaqAl-BurujAt-TariqAl-A'laAl-GhashiyahAl-FajrAl-BaladAsh-ShamsAl-LailAd-DuhaAl-InshirahAt-TinAl-'AlaqAl-QadrAl-BayyinahAl-ZilzalAl-'AdiyatAl-Qari'ahAt-TakathurAl-'AsrAl-HumazahAl-FilAl-QuraishAl-Ma'unAl-KautharAl-KafirunAn-NasrAl-LahabAl-IkhlasAl-FalaqAn-NasThanks for choosing our App. May Allah bless all of us and grant usGoodness and Jannah, Ameen
GPS Route Finder Earth Map 1.0.6
GPS Route Finder Earth Map Navigationworks with GPS & Network to get your position on Earth, Helpsyou Navigate Freely on Maps and get you required directions. WithVariety of Features such as GPS shortest Route finder, Drivingroute , Current Location, Sharing Location with Friends and Family, make everything simple and easy!GPS Route Finder Earth Map NavigationMain Features are:Route Finder:Allow user to find route to destination with one click. RouteFinder Helps you to Finddistance and traveling time between start and ending location withshortest and easiest path available. Route Finder helps inNavigation on Maps. Travel around the world and navigate using anymethod of transportation.My Location:helps you if you lost your way or forgot the address then you cansee your current position and also allow to share your currentlocation with anyone, GPS Route Finder allow user to `Share HisAddress` via any Social App, It will help them to find youeasily.Driving Route Finder:Route planner for the bus, bikes and walking to any place. Helps tofind the driving route between any two locations around the world.Just tap on the map to add end location, the driving route to yourdestination will be automatically figured out. Voice Navigationalso Added.Get accurate driving route for wherever you want togo.Favorite Places:User can Add any place to their favorite list . which later on canbe re-visited or share with friends and family.You can search anyplaces and add it by using search places feature.GPS Nearby - Around me places :quickly identifies your position and allows you to choose thenearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, TAMS, Airports, PostOffice, Clubs, Mosques, Church's, Temples ,Hotel, Movie Theater,Restaurant, Supermarket, Theater and Taxi.We wish this app will make your life better and more convenient.Life Is Simple and enjoyable when you know the Route
Call Recorder Automatic 1.0.0
The entire call is recorded and saved on yourphone. Unlike other call recording apps your recordings are privateand are not saved on a third party server.This app help you to tosave all recorded calls in you mobile device memory or sd card.Youcan use Call Recorder to make and record national or internationalcalls from any Android device including tablets.Recorded calls are stored in the SD Card or Mobile device memory.The number of saved recorded calls is limited only by your devicememory. If you decide that a conversation is important, save it andit will be stored in the Calls folder. If not, Delete oldrecordingsSearch for recordings by contact, phone number, or note.There are 3 default settings for automatic recording:Record everything (default) – This setting records all callsincluded incoming call and outgoing callsIncoming Calls Only– This setting records Incoming calls onlyOutgoing Calls Only– This setting records outgoing calls onlyFeaturesRecord All CallsRecord Incoming Calls OnlyRecord Outgoing Calls OnlySave Record calls in sd card or mobiles momoryUpload your importent converstaion on Dropbox or any other Serverif you feel its not secured in you mobile deviceShare your conversation via EmailThanks for choosing our app. Contact us for any Suggesstion :[email protected]
Video Download For Facebook 1.0.1
Video Downloader for Facebook is the easiestVideo Downloader app to download and save videos from FB.Video Downloader for Facebook allows you to browse through your FBaccount, your news feed and your friends/pages walls using abuilt-in browser that allows you to select the video you want todownload and save them so you can watch it later and share it withyour friends via different apps. Install Video Downloader forFacebook and start download funny,Hot Desi, Social, Drama,Pranksand many more videos now..Video Downloader for Facebook application is especially designedfor people who spent allot of their time over social media. Nowuser can save the beautiful memories share by friends and familymembers on their phone memory in order to watch offline. DownloadVideos was never been easier before, this video downloader is aneasy to use with speedy download no matter what the size of thevideo is. The app is designed with a simple interface in order tooperate easily.App interface is simply designed with two tabs, one tab is used toexplore facebook profile while the other tab is used to store thedownloaded videos. Video Downloader allow user to either stream thevideo or download it to the Phone memory.Video Downloader Appenabling the user to easily download socially shared videosHow touse:1. Click on Browse FB.2. Login and browse your wall.3. Play the video you want to download.4. Click Download button to download video.Features:1- Easy to use.2- Small in size.3- Allows you to save videos to watch them later.Important Notes:- This app is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by the Facebookofficial network.- Any unauthorized re-uploading or downloading of contentsand/or violations of Intellectual property rights is the soleresponsibility of the user.Thanks for choosing our App. Hope you have good experience withit..
Media Player(Mp3 Music Player) 1.0.2
One of the Best MP3 Audio Player withPowerful Equalizer & Bassbooster which can fulfill all yourMusical needs. Music Player lets you manage all your music filesquickly and easily .This audio player supports almost all types ofmp3 , midi ,wav , flac raw aac files and other audio formats.Stylish , stunning, Fast and Instant Music Player with elegantdesign packed with some extraordinary powerful features for you toget the best Musical Experience on your Android device?!Main Features :- Your best music client and player for listening trendingmusic.- High Quality Graphics with easy to use interface- Totally Free offline music player- Ultimate perfect Music player supports all popular Audio fileformats.- Small size, low memory, simple operation, quick start, smoothplayback- Five-band equalizer to adjust your sound tracks.- 10 equalizer presets based on music genres.- (Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, jazz,Heavy Metal, Classical, Flat,Normal, Custom)- Plays all audio files- Scroll to play next/previous song- Play music on background while doing other activities on phone ortablet..- Easy navigation - One touch to navigate in your musicplayer- Repeat your favorite song and listen again & again- Fast and instant MP3 PlayerInnovative Feature:❤Simple and Easy to use HQ music player❤memory efficient,takes very small amount of memory & easy touse .❤Play and manage music quickly,❤Support multi-track audio with subtitles.❤Support most of popular audio file formats.❤Personalized EQ equalizer gives you the best music effect youwant❤Individualized Player Lock Screen, free to switch all music andaudio❤5-band equalizer gives you perfect sound experience,❤Music Player Lock Screen make easier music playing, freely switchthe music you want without unlocking your screen.Simple interface, totally new design,HQ sound effect, Music lockscreen, bring you into a wonderful music world.Enjoy Music with this this Instant Music player and have greatmusical moment in your life..
Eye Lens Changer :Selfie Maker 1.0
Happy Upcoming National DaytoUAE...Change eye Color with your Country Flag to Support and show loveforyour CountryBeautify Eye Color Changer is the perfect app for you totryout hundreds of eye lens colors and effects on your own image.Youcan have your dream eyes color on your eyes. Eye Color changerisnice eye lens changer is packed with realistic effects suchasstandard color contacts, exotic contacts, Country FlagsEffect,scary eye effects, and alien/animal eyes just to name afew.It works on everyone - kids and adults alike. Enjoy hoursofentertainment testing the app on your friends, family andyourfavorite celebrities!★Key Features ★• Over 150 eye colors Lens like simple,electric,specs,alien,exotic, animal, marble, Country Flags etc• Adjust opacity of each eye color effect• Simulate hundreds of photo-realistic eye colors on anyphoto• Upload a photo from photo gallery, camera, etc• Create your own eye color from photo gallery• Many realistic and natural eye colors lens to choose from.• Sharing-an and Naruto Eye Effects.• Mode for placing different-different lenses on left andrighteye.• Try on new colored eye contacts and colored eye lenses.• Create your own eye color from photo gallery• Adjust Eye opacity to merge with pic• Many realistic and natural eye colors to choose from.• Animal Eye, Cat eyes, Flag eyes and other specialeyeeffects.• Sharingan and Naruto Eye Effects.• Try on new coloured eye contacts and colored eye lenses.• Easy to use photo editor.• Save photo to your Device Memory Gallery• Share your photos via facebook, instagram and othersocialnetworksWe are excited to launch very first version ultimate eyecoloringapp for FREE! Download this app now and makeup your eyeswith 150+Colorful eye lens! We would also appreciate your feedbackfor makegeart update in next version!Share you feedback via : [email protected]
LOGO Generator FREE 1.0.1
Logo Maker Design Free is a professional logodesign tool that let's you create powerful branding for yourbusiness in a matter of Minutes. It only takes a moments to createyour own logo in a couple of easy steps.when you start a newbusiness you need a logo and everyone pay huge amount to logoartists for design logo but we are providing you an android appthat makes free, Creative and Beautiful looking logo for you whichare royalty free and you can use them for commercial purposewithout purchasing any licence for it.with this free logo designsoftware you can create,change and save more than hundred logoswith many different fonts. Logo Creator is designed with ease ofuse in mind and hence can be used by both professional designersand people without designing experience to create custom, creativeand beautiful looking logos in Minutes.Key Features :• Attractive and user friendly interface. Anyone with no graphicsexperience can use this app successfully to make a logo.• Color panel to choose the color for your Logo's text.• Variety of attractive, eye catching and Heart Touchingfonts• Can export your final logo once it is done (Can be find in Devicememory Stylish Logo folder).• 100+ designs to choose from. We are sure that everyone will findsomething that is suitable for their brand or business• Can rotate, scale,and change the color & Font of the logo'sText Add your company’s or brand’s name underneath thepicture..Almost 100+ and attractive and intuitive logos and designs in theLogo Maker app for users to create logo designs for their business& Brands. You can Add text with Amazing and eye catching fontsgiven in the Logo Maker app. Now you can design business logo forcommercial purpose like business and website or else without anykind of license. You can drag, rotate, zoom-in and zoom-out optionsto logos and text so that your final logo will be fine and stylish.You can change text color for with the help of lovely colorpicker.Most of your graphic design needs will be handled with this smallandroid app. You can design Facebook Page Cover, Twitter Cover,Youtube Cover photos and many more.Logo Maker will save your final logo in PNG Format & Png ishigh resolution format so no fear about pix-elated logos.Use our free logo generator application to create any kind of logofor your business. Its free app supported by ad's, Download now andstart making creative logos for your business.
Duck Hunting Shooting 1.0
An intense hunting game brings realhuntingexperience to your android phone/tablet!Hunt the Flying Ducks!Big Bird Hunter is a dynamic physics game that hunts DuckswithHunting Shotgun.You can hunt Ducks successfully by taking aim of their heads.Bird Hunter Features:- Easy control with addictive touch of Shooting- Simple but outstanding graphic design- Jungle environment game sounds- Show off your Hunt skills by hunt maximum birds- FREE to play!Controls:- User Can experience hunting with 2 different Controls1- Accelerometer Control2- Touch Screen ControlDuck Hunter supports high resolution for an optimalgamingexperience on both phones and tablets.Download Bird Hunting 2D Game 2017 on your android smartphonesortablets and have unlimited fun shooting flying birds.
My Photo Keypad Lock Screen 1.0.0
Are you tired of using lockscreen appswhichclaim to be the best slide to unlock on the play store? Ifyes! Trythis new and stylish *my photo keypad lock screen* appwhich is thebest slide to unlock app. It is photo keypad lockscreen which letsyou customize your pin, passcode or password entrykeypad buttonwith the photo, picture or any image you like. Pick apicture,image or photo from your gallery or from your phone memoryto makeit reside on your pin, passcode or password entrybutton.This ultimate screen locker free app is an picture keypadlockscreen with a blend of beautiful wallpapers to be chosenasbackground. So enjoy the best ultimate lockscreen free app ontheplay store and make your friends envy your lock app. This apphasrange of cool functionalities for being excellent lockscreenandgives your phone an awesome lock screen.*Features*This Photo lock screen photo have features: keypad lockscreen,Create image for button★ This app is easy to use and very beautiful.★ Support set pin password for lock security.★ Enter pin to unlock.★ Create passcode to lock your phone★ A lot of beautiful wallpapers to choose★ Photo Keypad Lock Screen also allows to use wallpaper fromYourgallery★ You can add photos of relatives for the lock screen button★ Personalize your lock screen*Create pass-code to lock screen*★ Like the iphone lock screen★ A lot of beautiful HD wallpapers to choose★ Not error home key*How to use "photo keypad lock screen*1. select "enable lock screen"2. filled password and confirm passwordCreate photo for button (in lock screen)- Personalize your lock screen1. select All photos images at same time2. select image from GalleryThanks for choosing our app. Feel free to contact us [email protected]
Clean my Android phone 2017 Antivirus & Security 1.0.1
"Clean & Cool my phone" is thesmallest phone cleaner, memory booster, game booster, junk filecleaner, trash cleaner, memory booster, battery optimizer and appmanager for your Android phones or tablet. The Fastest cleanboosterFree up storage and optimize performance by removing old junk filesand clutter such as system cache, residual file, cleaning out thedownload folder, and more.Clean & Cool my phone is right here do deal with all issueswhich slow down your android device performance! helps you to clearall junk files. Booster is here to help you to Clean and Speed Upandroid device, android system or in one touch optimize all fileson your tablet or smartphone 📱!"Key Features:"☆ Phone BoostYour device has become laggy?With this feature,you can easily kill unnecessary processes andspeed your device.☆ ApplockWhat can applock do:✔ Lock Whatsapp, Emails and SMS. Keep your messaging safe!✔ Protect yourself from intruders. Lock your Games!✔ Lock your Gallery and Photos. Keep your Privacy!✔ Protect your Social Network apps. Secure your Kik and Facebookapp!☆ Junk CleanYou don't have enough space to install games or take photos?With this feature, you can quickly analyzes storage space on yourAndroid device and identifies all unnecessary data,delete cache andresidual files to reclaim storage, boost speed and improve theperformance of your device and SD card.☆ CPU CoolerYour device overheats and needs to cool down?With Junk Removal, you can easily Find and Stop the apps that arecausing it to overheat and make your battery last longer!☆ Battery SaverJunk Removal Instantly finds and fixes battery power consumptionproblems,entending your battery life with one click! Based onauthoritative papers algorithm, Junk Removal tells how long batterywill last under a variety of situations and powerconsumption."Extra Features :"✔ Optimize And Clean.✔ Apps Cleaner and Booster.✔ CPU COOLER &Master Battery Saver.✔ Enhance your OS performance.✔ Unwanted Storage Space.✔ Memory Cleaner & Booster.✔ Simple and beautiful design.✔ Check your available memory status.✔ Easy & Attractive User Interface.✔ Clean cache and speed up phone.✔ Easy To Boost and clean your device.✔ Monitor your mobile and Wi-Fi data traffic.✔ Anriod free phone clean &boost.✔ Latest phone cleaner & boost 2017.✔ Easy to batch uninstall unwanted Apps.✔ Free install Clean and Cool MY Phone 2017✔ Boost your games and apps, free memory.This App is 100% FREE Supported by ad's. Try it free and get yourAndroid phone or tab running like new!
Find my Phone Lost Mobile Location Tracker 1.0.2
Find my Lost/Stolen Phone locates lostor stolen phones and lost or stolen Androids DeviceThis app contains a superior phone tracker tool and usesstate-of-the-art GPS navigational technology to locate lost orstolen phones.It is the essential app for anyone who has experienced the stress,worry, and inconvenience associated with a lost phone or evenworse, a stolen phone.“Find my lost phone” is a simple yet very useful application forandroid users in order to track or find a lost or misplaced phone.In order to keep your cell phone protected, use this applicationbecause this is easy to use and free anti-lost/ anti-theft mobilephone security application.This is a very handy tool for people who have been in a situationwhere they have felt the anxiety of losing or misplacing theirphones. Find my lost phone is completely free for all androidusers. Finding a lost/misplaced phone was never easy but throughthis navigational application, you don’t have to worry anymoreabout losing or misplacing your cell phone. This amazingapplication will inform you about exact whereabouts of yourlost/misplaced mobile phone. With the help of this simple andhelpful application, you can track your lost phone without anyinternet connection. The GPS system will track and help younavigate towards your missing cell phone.This tracker app makes it easy to pinpoint the location of amissing phone whether it’s a smart phone or a feature phone. Betterstill,the app’s navigational assistance can guide you to it, making lostphone retrieval quick and easy. To locate smart phones,Find Lost/Stolen Phone uses state-of-the-art GPS trackingtechnology. Essentially, cell phone companies know a mobiledevice’s distance from cell phone towers.App will secures this data from cell phone companies and displaysthe phone’s whereabouts on the app’s map.Note: For this phone tracker feature to function, the app must beinstalled on the phone you’re looking for and on your ownphone..Key Features:• Track a lost, stolen or missing device whether it belongs to you,or any of your family member• Locate smart phones and regular (also known as feature) phonesvia Find My Android mobile superior phone tracker technology• Enjoy a more diverse array of features and benefits• Determine the location of any family member’s phone. The abilityto track other member’s phones is a unique feature not found onmany other phone tracker apps• Keep tabs on a lost or missing device with real-time locationupdates. When the missing or stolen phone is moved,its location isupdated instantly on the app’s map• Lock Phone with Admin Device• Sim Change Alert• Ring phone with admin device even stolen phone on vibrationmoodNothing is more worrisome and upsetting than a stolen phone.Thankfully,App includes a navigational setting that, as long as the locationapp is running,tracks the whereabouts of a stolen phone and guides you (or betteryet, law enforcement) to its exact location, quickly andeasily.Droid users benefit from Find My Android Phone. Simply use a familymember’s phone to track the location of the lost Android.How to uninstall ?To uninstall the App, you must deactivate the app security firstthen uninstall from your cell phone. Application can be deactivatedbyGo to Phone Settings > Security > Device Administrators,unchecked "Find Lost/Stolen Phone"Device Administrator Permissions Required :This app requires Device Administrator permissions.Lock Phone: It allows you to lock your phone remotely or when theSIM change is detected.Reset Password: When your phone is lost or stolenSMS: Send SMS to your trusted contacts when SIM change in yourphone is detected.Other Permissions:Receive and Send SMS, Read Contacts, GPS, Network StatePermissions, Receive Maps, Read GServices, Read Phone State,Receive Boot Completed, Write External Storage, InternetServices
Internet Speed Test 1.0
Internet Speed Test application is designedtoaccurately measure your broadband or 3g packages internetSpeedtest app is designed with responsive material User interfacewhichallow user to install on any device. To test speed userrequired toclick the start button to enable dsl speed test.Features:** Work on all 3G & 4G networks** Will tell accurate result for all 3g and 4ginternetPackages** Light WeightIn order to find how fast is my internet speed one mustinstallthis light weight application. Share this app with yourfriends andall family members and rate it to help promote our hardwork withother.Start Internet Speed Test Now and enjoy ensuring yourserviceprovider is not cheating with low cost 3g and 4g LTEPackages. Allinternet packages are bounded to some limits and oneshould awareof what internet speed is getting.Thanks for choosing our app, Hope you have great experiencewithit...
Business Card Maker & Creator 1.0
🎄Sea pack solution wish you MerryChristmas& Happy New Year🎄🎁Wishing you peace, Goodness & happiness through Christmasandthe coming new year 2017.🎁Let's grow your business & earn your reputation byactingas a role model,The best business card design tool which allow user tomakeprofessional Business Card, Visiting Card And Name Card inmatterof minutes. It only takes a moments to create your ownvisitingcard in a couple of easy steps.When you start a newbusiness youneed a professional looking business card and everyonepay hugeamount to Designer for it, but we are providing you anandroid appthat makes free, Creative and professional looking namecards foryou which are royalty free and you can use them forcommercialpurpose without purchasing any licence for it. BusinessCardCreator is designed with ease of use in mind and hence can beusedby both professional designers and people withoutdesigningexperience to create custom, creative and beautifullookingVisiting Card in Minutes.Key Feature :• A simple application which makes your business card inaminute.• It contains varieties of available card themes that suitsyourbusiness.• A mini Design studio that inspires Your Mind.• Create any custom e-card• Save your business time without any designer.• Color panel to choose the color for your Logo's text.• Design your business cards with logos by using this ultraLogomaker app• Variety of attractive, eye catching and Heart Touchingfonts• You can create you card with and without logo.How to make:• Choose your business (Visiting) card template• Design yourself as easy as you can do:• Insert texts like your name, company name, mobile number,emailaddress, website, etc...• Useful elements: Predefined symbol like mobile, email,website,location, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc...• Powerful to edit your texts, elements, symbols: changefonts,size, style, color.• Save your business card to gallery or share to yourbusinessnetworksBusiness Card Design tool lets you create e business cardwhichyou can use as business contact cards as well as socialnetworkingcards to share with your clients, business partners orother matesand easily share with so many popular ways like Gmail,Whatsapp,WiFi, Bluetooth, Facebook, Google+ and so many easyways.For any feedback or queries, please contact us on:[email protected]
AppLock 1.0
Are you Worry about your privacy? Is thatsomeone reach you personal apps like : Social Media MassagingorGallery.... Then stop worrying ......Use this Greatprivacyprotection tool for Android. Give your phone 360°securityprotection.The best feature and what makes this appdifferent fromothers is the 'Water drop effect', Lock Your Message,Email, Album,Contacts, Browsers, Gallery, SMS etc. Protect privacywith pincodelock & pattern lockNow with AppLock :- Don't need to worry about your friends borrow your phonetoplay games.- Never worry about colleagues who gets your phone to lookthegallery again!- Don't need to worry about kids mess up with Settings, sendwrongmessages, and your data again!Key Features** Lock appsOne-tap to lock apps, Applock is easy and fast, Very easyandconvenient to use and prevent uninstalling apps. Lock yourappaccurately and smartly.** Privacy ProtectionAppLock can lock your photos, apps and messages from eyepryingand nosy friends.** Lock by PIN or Pattern lockLock apps with pin lock & pattern lock. So now no moreworryabout the people may peep the password or pattern.** Application themes and Screen LockAppLock has well designed classic, color, featured themes.Chooseapp themes color for you and decorate your own lockscreen.** Lite, Easy and FastAppLock is practical, effective and extremely lightweight.Locktakes just seconds, App Lock the most smart privacy guard.Thanks for choosing our app.Contact us for any Suggestion:[email protected]
Write Text on Photo Editor 1.0
Let Your Pictures get attractivelook!Easywrite on pictures & Edit with our New PhotographyAppA simple application that allows you to add text to pictures,aneasy way to decorate and edit you pictures with ImageEditorFunction. Take pictures with mobile phone camera or choosefromGallery. User also can download famous celebrities or placesphotosand add text,Cool Effects on it. Start Decorate photos inmatter ofminutes!Text on Photo Features :★ Easy to use interface – Simple design, vibrantandcolorful★ More than 100 fonts are available.★ Stylish Text art with Various Heart touching Fonts★ Text size is changeable.★ Text color is changeable.★ Text shadow is changeable.★ Text is rotatable.★ Adjust Text on Photos with finger gestures to adjust text onrightplace in Photos.IMAGE Editor Features :★ Easy apply filters & tools in the photos: Blur&Multi-Blur Background and more★ Simple touch buttons for photo edition.. One touch androtate,crop, expand, resize, flip and zoom★ Different Shapes like : (Flowers, Animals, Heart etc) For givenewlook to you image★ Choose your favorite color form color panel for setasbackground★ Stylize your image to look like a pencil drawing, an ink sketch,aposter, Shadow,Vignette,Pixel,Sobel and more.★ Choose from a pool of effect packs to give your image the lookandfeel you want.★ Overlay effects make you photo more attractiveandbeautiful.★ Make Custom Border around your image and give it yourdreamcolor★ A pack of frames are available to set your photo in frameChange images taken with you camera or from your mobilephone,then share them with friends on social media.If you are looking a simple way for adding text to photos,andediting images with cool effects and verity of frames downloadourfree photo editor app!This is 100% free super - lite image editor app supportedbyad's
Swap face & photo Booth 1.0
Face Swap with funny photo effects is abrandnew "FaceChanger" app for you to have fun with family&friendsPeople love to tease their friends and make some fun. Some timetheymake calls with voices changes. Sometimes they use differentfunnypictures and tag them. One of them is to change pictures offamouscharacters or stars or politicians with the friends face. Nodoubtit’s a fun but … a lot of time is required to do and mostlypeopleare not professional photo editor and don’t know how touseprofessional photo editing tools to make thepicturesperfect.Now we are introducing an app that will ease you to make somefunwith your friends. Face Swap & Photo Effects will guide youtomake perfect face swap of your friends with manyfunnycharacters.“Face Swap” categories arezombie, old men, old women, children, animals, currency, andmuchmore.Face Swap & Photo Effects is not only a face changerapplicationbut also like a photo editor app which has effects likesketch, Oilpainting, etc. These face filters make the imageinteresting andworth sharing with your friends .How To Do :Face Swap & Photo Effects is as easy and just taping onyourcell phone. This app will guide you through all steps one byone.Open the appthere are two options :1.Select Image2.My work1.Select ImageClick on image selection button to select Image fromgalleryOrTake anew picture from camera.After selecting image there are two sub options:Effects: For applying different effects directly for facelikesketching.Face Swap: It will pop up options for face switch with a lotoffaces like zombies old men etc.After selecting 2nd image ( you want to swap with) , itwillautomatically apply effects on face.After that u can save ifitslook great or discard if you want make it better fun. And youcanshare these funny face on all social networks , Tag yourfriendsand make some fun.2. My workIt will save your art work and all funny swap faces. U canaccessthose snaps whenever you want. Send in private chats or shareagainwith your buddies.
GPS Route Tracker Live Earth Map 1.0.2
Street view are a part of google maps and whencombine with live map data enable users gain powerful insights totheir location(s) of choice. Google earth enables a realisticdisplay of what an actual satellite captures and can be used as apowerful tool.Live Earth Tracking is a route planner Applicationthrough which you can find easy and shortest way from your currentlocation to desired destination location in a liveenvironment.Live Earth Map As A Route Finder :GPS Route Tracking Finder application also has the facility offinding shortest and easy route, your current location, pathbetween two given points etc. GPS Live Earth Map application usesGlobal Positioning System for tracking route. You can search andvisit all the necessary places in your nearby e-g Hospital, Gym,bus or train stations, airport, casino, club, ATM, banks and manymore places. This application has the feature of terrain andsatellite view of earth to increase your exact placesunderstanding. It will save your precious time and best mobilelocator for Android mobile phone and tablet. This applicationRequired Location service enable and also internet connection formore accurate result.Street Live Map View app can let you search Google live map and seeyour area Google street live view both function. Similar to Googleearth maps live. It is free to download to check any mobile numberlocation. Street view live 3D Maps & Navigation Allow you toinhibition & determine your location and view building aroundyou or in any point all over world also Traffic Status and Updatedstreet view maps.Street Live Map View is designed to help youunderstand and navigate live map data. maps street view androidapplication.GPS Live Earth Map is the most extraordinary and World’s mostfastest, running, easier and advanced earth map is on androidplatform, this app provide multiple map types and information aboutall the world places, location in any countries. This GPS LiveEarth Map is supported for all types of Android system devicesespecially for tablets and galaxy smart phones. Earth Map RouteTracking 2017 Android license allow you to explore the whole worldwise location with a swipe of just your thumb in less thantime.3D Live Street View Panorama and Live Maps Allow you to find yourlocation and this street view map app show real time streetviewtraveler with 3D Panorama 360 degree & google street view.Explore streets viewer world landmarks, discover natural wonders,and step inside navigation maps locations such as museums, arenas,restaurants, and small businesses with google live house & theBest Google Streetview on Playstore. Find local addresses andsearch terms easily with the Auto complete function. contribute itby using your streetviewmap location to propose results in thearea. Auto complete function of this house finder works with:GPS Live Earth Map Features:– Available all local languages– Find your accurate driving and walking route– Available free on play store– Live Traffic status– Up to date gps live earth map– Speaking and written distance, time instructions– View Someone's House or another places Via Satellite.– See Live Satellite Map Views– Street map View - Go around in the street - HD– Small size, and Friendly interface– Search by building name or street name or city name .– Satellite view – Enjoy the view from the space– 24/7 Maps, Traveling Routes, Navigation, current location &Directions uses and Open Street clear Map– Driving routes for Car, Bike, Bus and hill area tourist’s– Get Live Maps and Street live View on Your device.– See a Real Time ive satellites views map of your home andneighborhood map.Get best route planner live earth map navigation app.
GPS Fields Area Measure and Earthmap Route Guide 1.0
GEO AREA measurement app is a free areaandperimeter measurement app also referred to as GPS areacalculatorfor land measurement, planimeter to measure area on map,orplatometer and is used to measure field areas, collectgroundsamples, GIS surveys .WHAT MAKES GEO AREA UNIQUE?- Highly accurate area measurement and land surveyor app,verifiedand tested with ground data- Mapping app with multiple area and perimeter units- User friendly- Tap the map to mark area- Use the phone GPS receiver- Unlike our competitor Apps, Geo Area has NO RESTRICTIONSONSHARING your data- Not just an area calculator, it’s much moreAREA MEASUREMENT ACCURACY- check this yourself to see how accurately Geo Area works:Open App and Click on “GPS Route Finder” option / Button.Click on Location button on Map screen to get your locationOR Search your desired area (location) in Navigation menu onleftside.For Distance: Click on map on one point and on 2nd point of areayouwant to calculate the distance. it will automaticallycalculates thedistance and displays on screenFor Area Measurement: Click on map on multiple points onyourdesired area to calculate area .Geo Area Calculator.Geo area measurement.You can change units from the application settings from feettometers OR to acres OR to hectares OR to kanals OR tokilometers.Your choice!GEO AREA MEASUREMENT APP LETS YOU DO THE FOLLOWING:1. Measure the land area and perimeter of just about anything ontheground as seen on Google Maps2. Use area measurement and perimeter units of your choiceincludingfeet, meter, hectare, Kanal (area units for India),kilometer,yards, and acre.3. Either tap on the points of interest on the Google Maps tomarkarea, OR4. Use the phone's GPS to mark the field boundary5. Create Categories of your choice where you can groupfields6. Create unlimited categories7. Share and see the marked fields on any GIS for instancetheGoogle EarthGEO AREA MEASUREMENT APP is for:1. Mapping and Land surveys2. Farmers, for farm management3. Land area measurement4. Construction surveys5. Agronomists6. Town planners7. Construction surveyor 8. GIS data collection9. GPS fields area measure10. Farm fencing11. Sports track measurement12. Construction sites and building sites area13. Asset mapping14. Landscape artistsGeo Area Measurement app is used by farmers for: cropyieldestimation, crop area measurement, and agriculture land andareameasurement. Geo Area has been used in conjunction withremotesensing (satellite imagery e.g. SPOT 6, SPOT 7) andGISapplications, to collect ground truth data, field records, andfarmdata. Geo Area measurement app is ideal for land coveranalysis,vegetation mapping and remote sensing where Regions ofinterests(ROIs) or the Points of Interest (POIs) or Area ofInterest (AOI)collected through Geo Area measurement app. As seenin the example,Geo Area is ideal for area measurement (areacalculator) andperimeter of sports grounds, cricket grounds,football pitches,tennis courts, badminton courts, parking lot area,residentialspace, running track and rental space. Otherapplications of Geoarea measurement app include Patwari or Patvariand the oldtape-measure system for land recordmanagement. Geo Area measurement app is also used for crop yield estimationforcotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, maize, tobacco, Virginia,FCVtobacco, vegetables, banana plantations, dates, orchardsmapping,forest mapping and GPS based area measurement ofdeforestationarea. Geo Area measurement is also used to estimatefertilizersrequired for agricultural lands based on the calculatedarea. It isa free and simple planimeter to measure distance andland area on amap.Nothing is complete in itself - we are learning from YOU to makeGeoArea measurement app more useful. Thank you for your commentsandfeedback.
Live Street View - Driving Route Maps navigation 1.0.1
We are offering live street view on theglobe earth to visit your favorite places like you are there.Just search your desired place you want to go (virtual visit) andpoint the area. The next moment you will be there. You can movearound easily. Explore the skyscrapers of Dubai, walk through thestreets of ancient Rome, and explore the famous beaches andbuildings around your place. With Live Street View & DrivingRoute Maps, application now the world tour is in your hands.Anywhere anytime just open the app and start exploring the worldfamous tourists places.Driving Route MapRoute Map is most prominent and useful feature of Live Street View& Driving Route Maps, actually for every GPS Rote Mapapplication ,the Route finder option is a key. But when it comeswith the Driving Navigation, it behaves like a “GPS Car / VehicleNavigation System”. Turn by turn navigation guidance along theroute to the destination. Voice navigation activates when you starttrip on a route. Total distance and an estimated time of arrivalwill be displayed on dashboard view screen. Driving route optioncalculates the speed of vehicle using GPS and updates the distanceand estimated time. Turn on Driving Route Map, enter thedestination and sit tight .Virtual Tour of Seven WondersThere are thousands of people who love to explore but they can’tafford tours and trips as they cost too much money and time. So tofulfill their desire people love to explore the world by visitingthe world famous places virtually. It means people (virtualTourists) go to live maps and search for tourists places likeEiffel Tower in Paris, Bull fighting Arena in Spain, GREAT WALL OFCHINA, Niagara Falls from Canada, Blue lagoon In Iceland and muchmore . Usually Maps give the aerial view of the satellite images ofthe selected places. Now with our application tourists can visitthe Historical places on the ground. (Demonstration is in thescreen images)GPS Nearby - Around me placesQuickly identifies your position and allows you to choose thenearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, TAMS, Airports, PostOffice, Clubs, Mosques, Church's, Temples ,Hotel, Movie Theater,Restaurant, Supermarket, Theater and Taxi.Favorite PlacesUser can Add any place to their favorite list . which later on canbe re-visited or share with friends and family.You can search anyplaces and add it by using search places feature.GPS Based Current addressA new and unique option, GPS Based Current address. When we clickon “My location” or “Get My Location” Button on a Map to pin ourlocation as a start point, GPS will get your location and marks asa start point. But with this new GPS Map feature, Address of thecurrent location (your location) will be displayed. Now you canshare this address with your desired person along with the locationon map.Weather forecast:When you want to make tour plane, don’t go without check theweather condition of that area. Live route direction and weatherapplication provide this facility for you. You can make a plan andsee the weather condition of the tourist place. This applicationshows the current weather of your location and shows the weatherreport of next 6 days of the desired place, in which you can see,the Precipitation, Humidity, and wind of the day. It’s reallyhelpful feature for the tourist and travel of the outsider.Route and Map:Live geo route planner map application developed for those peoples,whose mostly time in traveling. You no need to ask from thirdperson and no need to worry. when you start the journey, Your jobis that just open your smartphone and open Live geo route plannermap app and type your current location and last destination, andpress the searching button then you can see the 2D,3D shortest andeasy route where you want to go.Get the best and accurate GPS based Map services for users andtourists,
Anti-theft Alarm - Don't Touch my Phone 1.0
Are you worried that you may loseyourphone? With Anti-theft alarm you can protect your phoneevenbefore it is lost or stolen.The app detects motion when someone tries to touch yourphonewithout your permission.This app will help if you're afraid that:Your device could be stolen when you leave it alone inpublicplace.Someone is snooping into your phone, trying to read yourprivatemessages or look into photo galleries withoutyourpermission.Your kids, family members or coworkers are using your phonewhenyou’re not aroundYou worried that someone is checking your phone regularlyDo your friends misuse your phone (texts, Facebook andemailsetc.)Do you hate inquisitive people trying to access your phone allthetime?Use theft alarm if you don’t want anyone to use your phonewithoutyour permission.Prevent unauthorized access with quick and easy setupSTEP 1: Activate the Alarm.STEP 2: Place the device on a fixed place.Highlighted FEATURES:Anti Theft Alarm for your mobile phonePIN Code for super protectionRecord and Setup your own custom alarm sound, a nosy person cannotshut down.Thief cannot close the app or reduce the alarm volumewithoutknowing your password.Flash Lights and vibration when the alarm is triggeredExtra Features :When the alarm is activated thief CAN’T reduce the alarm volumeevenif your Phone is in silent mode.This simple security app has saved my device. Thieves hatethismobile security!Ever wondered - Where is my Phone? Is it safe? Who is tryingtoaccess my phone all the time without a permission?Want to prank somebody nosy at the office? Record your ownvoicemessage and setup as an ringtoneNosey person will freaks and runs out the house and won't denythesnooping now...Is your secretly gallery a vault? Hide pictures and videosfromsnoopy and crook persons.Get the best app to protect your phone from robbers.Note : This app doesn't claim that it can avoidtheftcompletely. It's the owner's responsibility to be careful, butbyusing this app you can avoid theft.
Unblock Sites unlimited free VPN clients 1.0
Unblock Websites (Free VPN proxy) -Faster,More smooth, and easier to use. It is the best app forUnblocksites.It brings a high-speed and encrypted VPN connection toyoursmartphone. Unblock your favorite websites and apps with AmazeVPNany time!100% free Phone VPN ! Totally unlimited bandwidth! Super fastandhigh VPN speed! The best unlimited free VPN clients forandroid.Phone VPN Free is super fast VPN to unblock sites watchvideos andmovies.VPN FREE is the most trusted security, privacy and accessplatformwith top performance on speed, stability and security.Amaze VPNgives you true online freedom – bypassing geo-restrictionsandaccessing world’s content from anywhere, with just onetap.Highlights of VPN Proxy – the Best Free Unlimited VPN foryourAndroid✓ Free VPN proxy-Amaze VPN✓ Fast - Connect successfully just a snap.✓ Easy - Auto vpn connection. Non USERNAME, Non PASSWORD,NonREGISTER!✓ Stable - Have lots of free cloud proxy server to providebettervpn service.✓ Bypass censorship, firewall & proxy content restrictions,andget internet freedom!✓ Watch Hot US & Global TV shows, Movies & Sport.✓ Use All Websites and Social apps in middle east. UAE,SaudiArabia,✓ Super Fast, Safe & Secure vpn connection &Wi-FiDefender.Unblock Websites and AppsUnblock Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other your favoritewebsitesand applications at super fast speed. Unblocked games atyourschool or office.Bypass CensorshipUnblock any websites and apps at your school, workplace/officeorgeographic regions (bypass location restriction) with best freeVPNProxy.Protect Your PrivacyHide your IP address from websites and trackers. Youronlineidentity cannot be intercepted, tracked and recorded by yourISP,company, school or government with our free VPN tunnelservice.Enjoy anonymous and private surf the web.VPN Free for unblock websites in UAE (Dubai), China, Iran,SaudiArabia, Oman, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Yemen, whereusingDeep Packet Inspection Firewalls.
Whistle to Find Phone - Offline Phone Tracker 1.0
Do you lose your phone regularly inyourroom, bag, desk or car and you couldn't find it? Don'twasteyou time to finding it use this Phonefinder app to locate youphonequickly and easily. This application detects sounds similartowhistling and then informs you about the location of yourlostphone. You only have to whistle and your phone willstartvibrating, emitting a loud sound and shining a bright cameralightof the phone. This way you can quickly locate yourlostphone!How does it work?Start the application. Choose the way in which your lost phonewillinform you about its position. You have to choose:- sound: Choose the notification sound which will be played whenthephone is found. Beside the kind of played melody, you can alsosetvolume of played notification to maximum to hear your phonefromafar.- torch/light: An application will start the flash lamp ofthecamera, which will make finding the phone easier andfaster.- vibration: The telephone will start vibrating at the momentofwhistle detection.Whistle phone finder app” will help me to:- Track my phone- Find my lost phone- Locate my phoneKey Features:- Just whistle to Find lost phone- Sound/Vibrate/Flash alert modes- Customizable ringtone & volume- Auto start app when phone is put on silent- Pause whistle detection when not needed eg: in office hours- Auto adjusts sensitivity based on Android device- Low battery usageJust enable the app and free yourself from the tension offindingyour phone. Now your phone will tell you where it isbyringing/vibrating/flashing, you just need to Whistle tofindit.Note : Please whistle clearly and quite loudly. The effectivenessofwhistle detection depends on built-in microphone and numberofnoises and sounds of surrounding.
Old Phone Dialer Keypad Dialer and Contacts 1.0
Enjoy the classical old phone diale ofthe50s, 60s, 70s and 80s with all the features of the modernsdialersin you android phone.This application gives you a realistic rotary old phonedialerfeelings when using in your smart phone. This will take youin yourold memories and you will enjoy that precious old time bydialingthe phone in old style. With the help of this dialerapplicationuser can enjoy old phone dialer of 20th century in 21century withall the modern features like making a call, sendingSMS, add, edit,delete and view your contact list. It’s anattractive userinterface with amazing features. Old Phone Dialerapp comes with abuilt-in dialpad. You just have to dial right awayand you're goodto go. User can add new contacts, edit, deletecontacts and viewall the contacts.Highlighted Features of Old School Dailer:• Unique and attractive retro phone dialers• Slick and smooth dialer rotation• Quick dialer mode with keypad dialer and contacts• Access to your contacts' list• Make a Call and Send Text Massage• Real Old phone dialer sound effects• Both rotary dialer and keyboard option in menu list• Free old phone dialer keypad applicationThemes for Old Phone Dialer & ContactsDiffrent Themes to choose from :- Red rotary dialer and keypad dialer- Silver rotary dialer and keypad dialer- Blue rotary dialer and keypad dialer- Wooden rotary dialer and keypad dialer- Green rotary dialer and keypad dialer- Browen rotary dialer and keypad dialerHow to Use?✓ Install old phone dialer keypad dialer for Google PlayStore✓ Touch on any number and rotate clock wise✓ Continuously rotate until your finger pass handle image✓ To speed up use keyboard option from menu✓ You can choose search contacts, add contact and send SMSoptionfrom menu.Old phone dialer keypad dailer app is a amazing phone dialerforandroid users. Enjoy old rotary dialer, phone dialernumberkeyboard in a single old dialer phone app. This retro phonedialerhave four attractive dialer themes free. Use Red phone dialerindialer theme Red. Metal style, classic wooden style, bluethemesGreen theme, for old phone rotary dialer and phone dialernumberpad.
Find my Lost Phone - Cell Phone Tracker 1.0
Mobile Phone Finder: Best Tracking AppforAndroid is best mobile phone tracker app for android. Itisawesome mobile number address tracker because it track yourphoneby phone number. Phone finder app is mobile tracker free appwhichprovides best phone security as track my android app and makesmymobile secure. Mobile Phone Finder: Best Tracking App isbrilliantcell phone tracker & mobile phone finder. It is cleverphonenumber tracker, mobile no tracker which tracks a cellphonelocation by number. When I forget that where my android phoneitlocate my android phone, track my android and help me findmyphone. Mobile Phone Finder: Best Tracking App is superb lostdevicetracker which tracks a cell phone location for free and findthemobile phone. It is best gps tracking app for android &geniuscell phone locator app because it track stolen android phoneandfind my stolen phone free. It is anti theft or theft tracker andisused stolen mobile phone tracking.Phone LocatorMobile Phone Finder: Best Tracking App for Android is used tolocatea mobile phone free of cost. It is best free gps phonelocator orandroid device locator. It is spectacular app to findphone locationand is also mobile location tracker free. MobilePhone Finder: BestTracking App for Android is awesome ph nolocation tracker and trackphone gps location. It is terrificandroid phone locator app ormobile location tracker app forandroid. A best phone locator appfor android with best performanceas gps phone locator. I always useit to find my phone location,android mobile locator, locate myandroid or to locate my device,find my device and to know my mobilelocation.Phone TrackerMobile Phone Finder: Best Tracking App for Android is free gpsphonetracker app. It is best phone tracker app and track phone byphonenumber. Highly efficient android phone tracker app, celltracker andbest phone tracking app android. Mobile Phone Finder:Best TrackingApp for Android is app to track another phone. I usethis freetracking app for android to track my lost mobile phonefree or totrack my android free. A best reply to all questionse.g. how totrack a cell phone for free, how can i track a cellphone and how totrack a mobile phone number.Phone FinderMobile Phone Finder: Best Tracking App for Android is best apptofind missing phone, find my mobile android or find your lostphonebecause it is good mobile finder or phone finder app. Findcellphone with awesome android lost tracker and the best phonetrackerapp. It always help me to find my android tablet, track myphonelocation and find my mobile phone. It is also used to trackstolenphone free and always use this to track my stolen phone andto findmy stolen android phone. Don't think even can i track myandroidphone or how to find my phone install this app and feelsecureabout your mobile.Anti TheftMobile Phone Finder: Best Tracking App for Android isantitheft mobile tracker which is best free gps tracking appforandroid or android tracking app. It prevent the mobile phonefrombeing theft by the thief's or being lost because it isandroiddevice tracker, best location tracker app, mobile phonetrackeronline, gps phone tracker, hidden phone tracker and bestphonetracker app free. Keep your phone secure with best cellphonetracker app as I find my mobile phone location and trackandroidphone free with best lost phone app then I find my android.MobilePhone Finder: Best Tracking App for Android provides youcompleteandroid security with the features e.g. phone tracker freeonline,track your phone app, find my device android and track yourphonenumber with free gps cell phone tracking by number.
GPS Route Maps : Voice Navigation and Direction 1.0
If you tired by typing locations whiledrivingthis app solve your problem with its voice searchingfeature. VoiceRoute Direction: Live Navigation Map is the free,fast and reliableapplication that eases you to find place withvoice. Just speakyour desired location this app tracks and showsthe location onmap. This app provides you turn-by-turn voicedrivingnavigation.GPS Voice Route Guide: Earth Map takes edge of GPS maps&Network connection to provide your current location positionon theEarth, and provide worldwide map information with live streetviewand satellite map view near your current location. GPS RouteMaps :Voice Navigation and Direction app has all required featuresofnavigation, by the use of GPS Route MappingNavigation and GPS locator you can find the location ofyourfriends, family and also track you smart phone. Voicenavigationroute finder app just requires the internet connection,turn onyour location and take the toured of beautiful andhistoricalplaces around the world through this gpsapplication.GPS Finder Route Tracking application also has the facilityoffinding shortest distance route and easy route according toyourtransportation, your current location, get easy path betweentwogiven destinations etc. GPS Live Route Earth Map applicationusesGlobal Positioning System for tracking route with satelliteandstreet view. You can search and visit all the importantandvisiting places in your nearby at globally e-g Hospital, Gym,busor train stations, airport, Bar, casino, club, ATM, banks andmanymore places. Live GPS Route Navigation application has thefeatureof terrain, 3D image and satellite view of earth toincreaseaccuracy your exact places understanding. It will saveyourprecious tracking history and best mobile locator forAndroidmobile phone and tablet.Satellite Earth Map GPS Finder is updated mappingservicenavigation, draw route, earth satellite view, 2D drivingroute, 3Dearth images, share location, tracker and featuredapplication withadvance technology. its offering great satellitemap imagery, Bighyper markets globe, live photo capturing ofgreatest and beautifulplaces around the globe, live satellite 3Dmap street view, andinside complete map of shopping mall, bigmarket and airportperspectives, as well as updated functions suchas a route planner2D and 3D with voice instructions and track fortourists ontraveling by walking, car, bicycle, train, aero plane,ship or withpublic bus transportation with automatic re-route andcorrecttraffic feature.GPS Route Guide: Earth Map Features:🌎 Available in all county local languages🌎 Unique 2D route tracking feature🌎 Automatic re-route feature if you forget any turn fortransportvehicle drivers🌎 Make correct and shortest driving route worldwide🌎 Live earth historical and attractive places photocapturingfeature🌎 Find your accurate and sane driving and walking route🌎 Available free on play store🌎 Up to date GPS Route Guide: Earth Map🌎 Spoken and written distance, time and route instructions🌎 Satellite view earth – Enjoy the view of earth fromthespace🌎 Find shortest and easiest route🌎 Live traffic status🌎 Voice navigation🌎 Best route planner🌎 GPS Live Street View on your device🌎 Search your current location🌎 Track your desired places🌎 Search by building, street or city name🌎 User friendly interface-small in size🌎 Free to download🌎 Driving route for car, bike or tourists🌎 Search through live environment🌎 Up to date GPS live map