Seasia Infotech Apps

Class Notes 1.0
Smart App for smart Students.Using this Application, you will not need to carry notebooks,pens, pencils, sharpeners etc. Your Android Mobile phone is all youneed.You can Make Notes, Audio record your teachers’ lectures, Click andSave Images from the Application and save your time &paper.Share your smart work with your best friends via Facebook andtwitter.Organize your exams, quizzes and project deadlines with the in-appalarm.So hurry up, check this out and be a smart student.
Remote Access 1.2
Wanna have fun along with security in yourphone? Here comes the Remote Access App which comes with taglinePranks With Security.. A very useful app in terms of safety as itenables the user to control the phone through a PC.The functionality of the app is very simple and handling is veryeasy. The user needs to download the app to the phone and create anaccount. The same id will be used to login through website.Security features of the app are:-If the phone gets into wrong hands the user can lock the devicewith a password. It can also click the pictures of the person usingthe phone through the front cam available.The app also provides the location of the device.The user can have a fun time with this app too, as it enables tochange wallpapers. One can also send messages to the device.Brightness of the screen can also be controlled. And, the mostamazing feature is that we can have control over the volume of thephone.One in all, a useful app that provides safety and entertainmentsimultaneously. So, just download Android App from Google play ,create an account and feel secure and happy.
Lets Quote 1.0
'Let's Quote Application' is a beautifulmessaging application, intended for one and all, the young and theelderly alike. It has a host of in-built quotes you can select fromand send someone on various occasions like Birthday, Anniversary,New Year, Valentine's Day, Good Friday, Easter, Christmas, Holi,Dusshera, Diwali, etc. It allows you to send a heart-felt messageto your loved one, by clicking a picture and setting it as abackground for the selected quote. You have the options to choose alist view or grid view to view the occasions, you can also changethe text color, style & size as well as set a beautifulbackground for your quote.What's more. . . If you buy the full version, you can even add yourown selected quotes and send those out to your loved ones throughSMS, e-mail or blue tooth. You can also make them your favouritequotes and even request us to add a new occasion, which we would doespecially for you.
Kiddo World 1.0
Here is a fun-filled learning and entertainingapplication "KIDDO WORLD"for your loving kids. They get to know about alphabets , animals,fruits and will learn mathematics in a novel and interestingmanner.All in all, they would learn as they play.Following are the unique features of application:1. Teach them alphabets like a tutor in play way.2. Teaches them mathematics , addition subtraction , multiplicationin an easier and entertaining way.3. They can learn fruits, shapes, animals, means of transport andlater test their skills in quiz.
Herbpathy 2.2 is a repertory and a MateriaMedica of herbs. It list common diseases and suggest herbs thatwill benefit that disease. It list herbs. It also gives thediseases for which it is best suited. It gives combination of herbsthat benefit a disease.
Slam Book 1.0
Description"Slam Book - A Home Of Memories" is application which enables youto create a collection of memories of friends, loved once, yourcollege/class mates, your colleagues likes, dislikes, what theythink about you, birthday and other stuff which other wise becomescumbersome to remember.• Add Friends feature -> You can add your friends and theirinformation viz. what music they like, what they like to eat andwhat are their dreams etc. and also add the photo of yourfriends.• Search Feature -> If you want to search a particular friendthen you can use the search function of this app.• You can delete any page at any instance if you want to dothis.
Weather Guide 1.0
DescriptionThis application provides you with a detailed weather forecastfor the present time, current day as well as the weatherpredictions & forecast for next 3 days as well. The applicationworks for all the locations all over the world. You are bound tofind this a very useful app.Features1 With this application we can search the weather of any citywith the help of a map, as well on a single click.2 This application helps you to keep yourself connected to Facebookas well. You can update your current weather data on your Facebookwall.3 This application is for Android Phones as well as Tablets.
Salvador The Saviour 1.0
SALVADOR -THE SAVIOURSalvador is a fun and frolic archery game that tests yourarchery skills. It's just a great game to kick back on the couchand play.In this, the player is provided with a bow & arrow to cutthe hangman's rope, without causing the victim a further hit.It gives you a chance to save the victim before they run out ofbreath.Try and gain the perfect score by saving the man as soon aspossible, using least number of arrows.Are you willing to become a Salvador? What are you waiting forthen?FEATURES:* Sensitive and intuitive controls to rotate bow and arrow inall direction.* User friendly interface.* Excellent sound effects.* Various exciting levels.* Share your experience with your friends on facebookFollow us on Facebook
Holy Chants 1.2
Temple Application is of great interest toeveryone who prays to the Hindu Gods & Goddesses. This is aunique application which facilitates a user to worship their Gods& Goddesses with their Chalisa’s (specific prayer in the formof a devotional song) in audio and text formats. The applicationdepicts a virtual temple for the following Gods & Goddesses -Shri Hanuman, Shri Ganesho, Shri Krishna, Lord Shiv, Shri Sai,Goddess Durga and Goddess Saraswati. Devotees can worship theseGods & Goddesses in a single app without downloading differentapp for different temples.Salient features of this app are:- Chalisas of respective Gods at the click of below tab- Shankh and bell sounds.- Play and Pause on Aum button.- Flower showering on click of flowers.- Every temple contains five animated pictures of every God.- Set bell, shankh as Ringtone or user can select the currentplaying song as ringtone.- Set tone as alarm.- Repeat the song as many times as user desire.- Effects of looking diya and agarbatti gives real look totemple.- Play Shankh sound till user keep the tap on Shankh.- Three different sizes of widget.- Songs first downloaded and save to SD card, its has been doneonly one time when app get installed.
Jumping Jack - The Bird 1.01
We know that you have been waiting for anexciting game like this! Don’t worry, now that we have the newengrossing, ever-entertaining Jumping jack - The Bird. Enjoy theexcitement, challenge and pleasure of playing this new game. Inthis game, all that the player needs to do is to avoid theobstacles, while playing endlessly. So it is as simple as that.Keep playing and scoring your best scores.How To Play1. Tap to fly the bird2. Move through the obstacles to score highest or maximumpointsPlay, play and play to grab the top position on the Leader board!!!I bet you will get addicted to it.
Sikhipedia 3
Sikhipedia is an encyclopedia which featuresinformation about Sikhism and Sikhi. This is a beautiful collectionof everything about Sikhism and one can get the following featuresin this application:• Sikh history• History of the Sikh Gurus• Information about the Five Takhts• Daily Hukamnama• Gurbani• Live Kirtan from Golden Temple• Read the entire Guru Granth Sahib ji• Information about Historical Gurudwaras• Rehat Marayada• The Sikh Calendar• The Golden temple Daily Routine• Sikh News
EasyDart3D 1.1
Easy Darts 3D is an exceptionally engrossingyet simple Dart Game. The App has an engaged gameplay with the feelof beautiful 3D graphics. You’ll find this thoroughly thrilling atonce. All you need to do is follow the instructions below> Enter your name as game-player> Aim the dart towards the target with just a tap onscreen> Throw the darts with varying speeds again with just a tap onscreen.> Proceed to further levels with experienceSo, Aim your dart, hit your target and earn points.Enjoy Darting. Best of Luck :)
Insane Polygon
Insane Polygon is a hypnotic musical maze.It's simple yet not so easy. Move your Player in either clockwiseor anti-clockwise direction to get escape from being trapped inpolygon maze, but watch out your game will be over when collidewith polygon pattern.Insane Polygon is a rhythm based game and ramps up the difficultygradually along with visual themes, effects and sound tracks. Playthrough three given shapes viz. Triangle, Hexagon and Square rangesfrom simple to challenging. You will get trapped in complexpatterns but will rejoice when figure out the patterns and how tonavigate the tricky polygon world.Give it a try and Enjoy!
Illusionist 2.0
Ever thought of an application that canreadyour mind, your device acts as an illusionist, a magician whocantell exactly what’s going on in your mind. It sounds impossiblebutwith this app it is possible. This app will analyze your mindandtell you exactly what symbol you are thinking of. Become amagicianwith this app and amaze your friends with this cool magictrick andhave fun with this game!
Truth and Dare 1.1
Truth & Dare is a fun party game foragroup of single and multiple players of all ages. Whether youarein elementary school or college, this game is funforeverybody.You'll love this tantalizing taste of our game. You can play itwithfamily, friends & children. You can reveal the truths ofyourfriends. You will laugh together when your friends will do thefunny'dare'.So get started and enjoy this game!Features:• Players can add, delete or edit any dare task or anytruthquestion.• Player can record any truth or can capture any daring vedio ofhisfriend.• Player can choose any object to play with, there are total9objects.• Game for Single Player as well as for Multiple Player.
EasyPic Editor 1.0
EasyPic Editor, the name itself definestheinside story. Yes it provides you the simplest way for editingyourphotos. You must be having hundreds of photos in your phonegalleryand hardly see them after sometime. Now it’s time to makeyourgallery look more colorful and interesting. Edit your own oryourfriends/family photos add various effects and make themhumorousand share it over facebook. Draw your mood and emotions onthephoto and let others also know.Feature List1. Image Selection – You can choose an image for editingeitherfrom your gallery or click a new one from your camera.2. Facebook Synchronization – It provides you access to allyourfacebook friends. You can easily navigate through all theiralbumsand photos. And finally select one for editing.3. Editing Options:• Add various frames• Add various effects like Sepia, Gray scale, Black andWhiteetc.• Add various components like mustache, hats, goggles etc.• Add various emotions to your photo.• Add various stickers.• Write text on the photo using different fonts and colors.• Rotate the photo in any direction.4. Saving- Save the edited photos in your gallery in adifferentfolder.5. Sharing- Quickly share these photos with friends and familyoverfacebook.Still to come:1. Photo cartooning2. Photo sketching3. More frames, effects, components etc.
MediAlert 1.0
MediAlert is a simple and effectivemedicinereminder/alert app. It reminds you when to take medicinebyallowing you to schedule alarms. It also allows you toschedulealarms for your appointment with the doctor. You can evenmake yourown prescription notes and can click images of theprescriptiongiven by the doctor.Features• Schedule alarms for reminding when to buy new stockofmedicines.• Schedule multiple alarms for taking a specific medicinethatrepeats at a specific interval of hours and minutes in a day.Sothere will be no chance you forget to take your medicinesontime.• Schedule alarms for your appointment with the doctor on aspecificdate and time.• Create your own prescription notes for do’s and don’ts foraspecific medicine or disease.• You can click image of the doctor’s prescription and can saveitfor your future use, like you won’t have to carry theprescriptionpage to a chemist. Or it may be very helpful if youlost yourprescription sheet.
ClickNshare 0.0.1
ClickNshare is a simple, attractiveandinteresting way to capture and share your momentswitheveryone.Besides the usual set of photo sharing, it also manages to packinsome decent facility to add tag, add location, adddescriptionwhile sharing your pics. Transform your everyday photosinto workof art and share them with everyone.See the world through somebody else's eyes and also showthemyours by nice and awesome clicks.Its a great platform for photographers to show their talent,fora business to expand it by live captures and last but not leastforeveryone to enjoy.The app, on the whole, is well-thought out and perfectlymatured.Simply tap to create your account, sit back and yourtimeline willquickly fill up with images.
Fruit Arrebatar 1.0
Fruit Arrebatar descriptionWe can not only cut the fruit,but also eat the fruit!!!!!!If you love Fruit Ninja,you will love Fruit Arrebatar!!!!Now we have Fruit Arrebatar for iPhone version…..A very good game to collect fruits.The fruits willinstantiatefaster and faster with respect to time.And take care,d'nt collect or in contact with enemy otherwiseyouwill loose one life,or there should be a gold and silver coinsthatcan increase points as well as life...
Smiley Shots 2.0
Smiley Shots is a Match 3 puzzle game. Matchupthree or more of the same emoji to earn points. You can moveallemoji but jelly cannot be moved. Bonus points for destroyingthejelly. Strategically plan your moves wisely to makebigcombinations and score huge points. If you’re stuck, use one ofthebombs to blow up the board. If you are lucky you may just getamatch.
Use your memory to take down the levels. Solve Brainbustingpuzzles with 50 difficulty levels

Sharping your memory byplayingthe Emoji matching game through multiple levels withincreasingdifficulty…
Good Luck!!
Christmas Fantasy 1.0
SANTA NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!Christmas is arriving and santa claus has no Gifts for Kidsthisyear as someone has stolen them all.Now it’s your turn to help him collecting gifts again. Theyarehanging somewhere on pines.Some Evil Powers have also replaced Gift Bags with BOMBBags,SOBEWARE and save Santa from collecting BOMB Bags !MORE GIFT BAGS WILL LEAD TO MORE ENJOYMENT AND UNLIMITEDFUN!Will you HELP SANTA TO ACHIEVE this MISSION ???Ohh Yes.MERRY CHRISTMAS !
Kids TwinPik 2.0
Kids TwinPik is an educational andentertaininggame for kids and on the other hand can be challengingfor adultstoo.The App will improve a child's problem solving andreasoningskills. It helps them to see whole-part relationships,increasestheir visual spatial awareness and teaches them a varietyof topicslike the Color recognition, Shape recognition, categorieslike petsor transportation vehicles, and more. This applicationalso helpsimprove hand-eye co-ordination as a child plays with theapp theyare manipulating it so see if it fits. Their hand-eyeco-ordinationis enhanced through this trial and error process.The rules of the app are quite simple , just tap to fliptwoboxes. Match a pair of same items and they disappear. A countofno. of clicks is calculated. You will need to minimize thenumberof clicks taken to finish the game, in order to improveyourranking.You can also change the difficulty level of the gamefromsettings as per your convenience.Features:★ high quality graphics★ Incredible animations.★ Share the app and your score with your friends through facebookortwitter.★ 3 difficulty levels, choose according to your convenience★ 5 different categories (Birds, Animals, Fruits, FlowersandColors)
Fish Tale 1.0
My fish Name is "Nemon" and I want to seeherlive all the time for to clear all the level , we need to saveherwith all the enemies and feed her small fishes then only shecancontinue with more other levels and win the match .Player has instruction below that how he/she can save ourNemonwith enemy and help her to complete the Level.Fish Tale :1.) Eat small Fish to save life.2.) Eat small "Yellow" and "Orange" fish to increase20%life.3.) 25% life will decresase after collision with snakes,turtlersand red dragons from fish life.4.) Save your life with enemies "yellow shark fish" , "redSharkfish","octopus","crocodiles" and "wheels".5.) Each level has 2 min time to save fish life and move tothenext level.Controls :1.) On touch fish can move forward speedily.2.) Tilt the device up and down direction to move fish.
Tap n Blow: Christmas 1.1
Play your Favorite amazing Tap'N'Blow in Snow-Christmas Special.Game Play- Blow the Ball using Air Blow or tap the screen. Moveitleft-right by tilting it. Enjoy an endless journey, but bewareofthe hurdles and score the maximum you can. You can move up intheSky, pick up the Magnets, collect the Stars, jump on theSprings,avoid Fire and other obstacles, collect as much stars thatcomes inyour way. The ultimate goal is to Maximize your Score bycollectingthe stars and traveling more and more distance.Features:# Classy and Attractive Background# Crazy Hurdles: Moving & disappearing Fire platforms# Your helping hand: Magnets, springs, Go Invisible#Special Power : Wings to rescue yourself# Save your life: Avoid Fire, Saw, Cactus and other traps# Share Score on Social Media Apps such as Facebook&twitter# Challenge your friends and beat them up. Try it out, It’srealfun…How to Play:-Select the mode Blow or tap from the setting screen to movetheball in upward direction.-Use tilt for left-right movement and carry on collectingthecoins
TrackMyMove 2.1
Track My Move marks you on the map whereveryou move as well as tells your current location’s temperature, yourcurrent speed, distance travelled and time duration. Once the GPSsignal is stable, hit the 'Start Tracking' button at the startingpoint of your journey and when your journey is completed hit the‘Stop journey’ button to end the journey session and it will besaved for your future reference.You can refer to these details anytime in future by just pressingthe ‘View journey’ button. You can also add them to your favoritelist, share them on Facebook and Twitter.There is a setting button by which you can select speed type fromMPH or KMPH and temperature type from Celsius or Fahrenheit.Features:o Draws your travelled route.o Tells current speed, top speed and average speed.o Distance and time duration.o You can change map`s type as Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain viewsare included.o Delete journey permanently from list.o Journey can be added to favorite.o You can share the app on Facebook and Twitter.o Saves journey details for future reference.Requirements: 1. GPS2. Internet or Wi-Fi**Please note that the accuracy of GPS measurements is affected bya number of factors including atmospheric conditions, obstructionsand the visibility of satellites.
Triumph The Victory 1.0
Fun app on the eve of Dussehra Festival.In this we have created the dramatic battle field of the timewhenRavana and Rama were fighting.Rama is provided with bow and arrow where as Ravanathrowsfire.Aim of Rama is to kill Ravana by start hitting his heads eitheronthe extreme left or right and saving himself from fire balls.Controls-Tap button on the left to make Rama jump left and right.Use joystick on the right to rotate bow and set aim of arrow.Tap Fire button to shoot arrow.
Ninja vs Shadows 1.0
NINJA vs SHADOWSThe Ninja is set to kill all the shadows that have attackedhistown.Ninja vs Shadows is a classic turn-based combatstrategygameplayed on a two-dimensional grid.Move the ninja a square in any direction to kill the shadowsasthey will also come one step closer but are fatal toeachother.The ninja is also equipped with the ammunitions needed tokillthe shadows-Bomb: Kills all the shadows that are in hisimmediatevicinity.Teleport: Can be used where escape is otherwise impossible.There may also be close range weapons which kills all theshadowswhich are in it's immediate vicinity.The Player may use a life if it grabs one and is killed bytheshadow.When all deadly shadows on a level are dead, the ninja movesontoanother level, with more shadows.
Liqor24*7 2.2
Tiring day at office..??Want to forget problems..??A small get together..??A celebration..??A heart break..??What so ever is your reason…. We will help you.This App has been derived from a need and not an idea. Weusuallyend up wasting a lot of time finding a good liquor shopnearby,calling people and directing them to the venue. This Appdoes it allfor you.Users:- Find nearby liquor shops- Find liquor shops in the following cities: Chandigarh,Mohali,Panchkula, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, BangaloreandHyderabad- Rate a liquor store: Help newbies to find the best.- Wall posts: Want to share a moment captured, go forward andshareit on the common wall.- Plan an event: Create event and add people. We willnotifythem- Discount and deals: Find the best deals being offered.Shop owners:- Add your shop and get located on the map.- Free of cost publicity.- You offer special discounts/deals: Just a few clicks and yourdealwill be online.- Improve through customer feedback.Statuary warning: Alcohol consumption is injurious tohealth.
SmartAlmanac 1.0.1
Seasia Consulting brings for you anexclusiveand efficient organizer named “Smart Almanac”. Thisapplicationhelps you to organize all your day to day diary itemslike keepinga record of your expenditure, adding personal notes andevents,adding a secret personal information which no one canintrude intowithout an authenticated username and password, andfinallymultimedia tasks like recording audio and video. You canalso sendan e-mail or message notes like greetings when anotification priorto an events gets triggered. What’s more. . Thisapplicationautomatically picks the current location with the helpof GPS orNetwork Provider when making a new note. So get startedwith SmartAlmanac on your Android phone and make life simplified!Gettingorganized was never easier.Feature List1.Notes - Includes adding notes for current time and date,currentlocation through GPS and two text areas, one for the titleof thenote and other for the note itself. You can also assignimages thatare stored in your handset to your notes. It also allowsyou toview your notes on monthly as well as yearly basis. You canalsosend an e-mail or send these notes as SMS.2. Secrets - In this module the user creates a login accountwhichcan be used to login before accessing any data saved inthesecrets. You can add notes, audio/video recordings, financialdataand credit card numbers. Secrets are further categorized intofourtypes – Notes, Multimedia (Audio & Video), Financials&Credit Card Numbers.3. Events -This module includes adding events likemeetings,birthdays, sports events, educational events etc to yourAlmanac.When adding a new event, you may or may not add anotification forthe event. When the date & time of the event isreached, asmall image (according to the type of event) getsdisplayed at thenotification bar along with vibration.Additionally, a defaultsound also gets attached to thenotification. On opening anotification, you can see the completedescription of the eventalong with options to send an e- mail or amessage along with theevent details.4. Multimedia -It allows you to make voice as well asvideorecordings using the handsets and there after all therecordingsget displayed in a custom list, under audio and video.With the“add to secrets” option the recording is deleted from thecurrentlist and moved to secrets that can only be accessed afteranauthenticated login.5. Settings - It provides you with various setting options suchaschange password, change username, change security question.Yet to come features1. Facebook events2. Sharing recorded audio and videos over facebook3. Different styles and themes
Call Monitor 1.0
Call Monitor is a useful utility applicationtomonitor and effectively manage the calls on your Android phone.Youcan use this application to make a selected contact ‘silent’andalso ‘block’ a contact if you need to. You also get to viewadashboard of your calls, ie. a graphical representation of yourtop5 incoming and outgoing callers. To add to this, you can keeptrackof your call logs as well as receive notifications forcallmonitoring. Download this indispensible application and checkoutfor yourself !Below is a list of the features of the CallMonitorApplication• SILENT CONTACTCall Monitor is an application where you can select aparticularcontact to make it silent at the same time other contactat normalringtone by selecting the contact.• BLOCK CONTACTCall monitor can also block any particular caller from yourcontactlist.• VOICE USAGEYour incoming and outgoing voice usage will be monitored and itcanbe viewed in a textual or graphical form as required.• TOP INCOMING/OUTGOING CALLERSTo view the top 5 incoming and outgoing callers in bar chartformati.e. number of calls made to a particular caller or thenumber ofcalls from a particular caller.• CALL LOGIt will display silent call log i.e. the time and date of thesilentcaller.• STOP MONITORINGAt any time you can also stop monitoring the incoming callsbyshutting down the call monitor using the menu key onhomescreen.• NOTIFICATIONSNotifications are being displayed at the top of status bar whencallMonitor is monitoring calls and every time a silentcallercalls.
Video Tell 1.0
Description:-Video Tell is the app based on videos which are placed inphotogallery .We can take the image from the video and can dotheediting like adding text with different color, differentsize.Other Features are:1.This video explores the changes in the way we find,store,create and share information with Android devices.2. We can draw on video with free hands with multiple colorsandshare images from the video to Facebook,Twitter and email.3.Captured Images are being simultaneously stored in SD Cardwitha folder of Video Tell Images.4.Addition of self–created videos (preferably in landscapemode)are added automatically in the list and allowed to be sharedone-mail, facebook and twitter.For this internet connectionismust.
Build A Bouquet 1.0
Build A Bouquet lets users to choose,design,and send or share flower bouquets. ?Bouquet builder offersanextremely user-friendly and easy to understand interface withsomegreat features as well.Real Flower can be expansive, but now you can sendbeautifularrangement of flowers with Bouquet Builder1. It has a simple and intuitive user interface .2. Send and share you creation: ?The bouquet can be sent viae-mailor can be shared on Facebook and Twitter straight fromtheapplication.3. You can choose from different vases, make them as big or smallasyou like.?4. You can then drag any number of flowers into the vase tomakeyour perfect Bouquet arrangement.5. Rotate them, Nudge them, make them bigger or smaller as wellasmoving them, play around until it is perfect for you.?6.Make a clone of Selected Flower.7.Delete single or all flowers.8.Add flowers to your favorite flower list.9.Make bouquet and add it to add-to-bouquet.
Foto Doodle 1.0
Foto Doodle is a beautiful application thatcanperform Image Editing and Sharing functions. It has a simpleyeteffective user interface, and equally effective set offeatures.Download and check out the Foto Doodle application andyou willsimply love it.The features of this app areTake Image : A user can take Image from1. Facebook Account2. Flickr API3. Panoramio API4. Camera or Photo Gallery5. Directly from URL of the ImageEdit Image : A user can perform following operations ontheselected Image1. Sketching2. Insertion of text3. Flipping4. Apply effectsShare Image : A user can share the selected image through1. Facebook.2. Twitter.3. Email.4. Google Plus5. Flickr
Split M Up is a user friendly expensemanagerapp in the store. Personal budget management get to belessdemanding from now. With this inviting and helpful application,youcan begin to monitor your spending, arrange the monetaryallowanceto spare your cash up. So download it for free, enter yourexpenseand income, and have instant control over your spending!★★★★★ Amazingly simple, and an unprecedented way to overseeandmanage your expenses★★★★★ Now you know where you are spending and hencesparingmore!★★★★★ A genuine money saver and just the best supervisor foryourfunds★ Features ★---------------1.) Simple and intuitive user interface –-Helps you track your spending rapidly and effortlessly.-Super-fast expense entry.2.) Group Budget organizer - Manage expenses in trips, parties,PGmates, etc.3.) Summary View - overview of your current spending progressSee your main areas of spending.4.) Reports - Easy visualization of where your money goes- View spending assembled by Group.-See the history of your spending5.) No promoting and no hidden in-app costs.6.) Add My Expense to break down your cost bend.
Abalone 1.0
It is an award winning two playerstrategyboard game in which the players are represented by marblesofopposing colors. The objective is to push six of theopponent'smarbles off the edge of the board.Rules to play:1. The board consists of 61 circular spaces arrange in ahexagon,five on a side.2. Each player has 14 marbles.3. Play alternates between the players one move at a time, withthepink marbles moving first.4. For each move, a player moves either a line of one, two orthreeone space ahead.5. The move can be either in-line (parallel to the line ofmarbles)or broadside (not parallel to the line of marbles).6. A player can push their opponent′s marbles which are inanadjacent space to their own with an in-line move only.7. They can only push if the pushing line has more marbles thanthepushed line (three can push two or one; two can push one).8. Marbles must be pushed into an open space (i.e. not blocked byamarble of either color).9. The winner is the one who gains six opposing marbles fromtheopponent.
Water Rings 1.0
This game will relive your childhood memoriesand send you back into a state of nostalgia. This is an extremelyentertaining game. Here the player needs to put the rings into thehanger, with maximum success. The player can also set thebackground for the Hanger. This is a time-based game and in 30seconds, you need to put all the rings into the hanger.The user has to go through all the hurdles to win the game inthe stipulated time. The game has marvelous visual as well as soundeffects.Water Rings is full of excitement and enthusiasm, which willmake the Player play the game again and again. So, download the appand get started!
Tap N Blow 1.0
Your wait is over, The amazing Tap'N'Blowisnow for Android as well.Bored with the old fuzzy games and you think there isstillsomething missing? Don’t worry, just a perfect time foranotherAddictive Ball Game – BlowAir. The name itself speaks whatyou haveto do.Game Play- Blow the Ball using Air Blow or tap the screen. Moveitleft-right by tilting it. Enjoy an endless journey, but bewareofthe hurdles and score the maximum you can. You can move up intheSky, pick up the Magnets, collect the Stars, jump on theSprings,avoid Fire and other obstacles, collect as much stars thatcomes inyour way. The ultimate goal is to Maximize your Score bycollectingthe stars and traveling more and more distance.Features:# Classy and Attractive Background# Crazy Hurdles: Moving & disappearing Fire platforms# Your helping hand: Magnets, springs, Go Invisible#Special Power : Wings to rescue yourself# Save your life: Avoid Fire, Saw, Cactus and other traps# Share Score on Social Media Apps such as Facebook&twitter# Challenge your friends and beat them up. Try it out, It’srealfun…How to Play:-Select the mode Blow or tap from the setting screen to movetheball in upward direction.-Use tilt for left-right movement and carry on collectingthecoins
Kids Puzzler 1.0
Kids Puzzler is an engrossing fun gameforkids. It has three types of puzzles, which are1 Word Puzzle2 Number Puzzle3 Memory PuzzleWord Puzzle:Word Puzzle further has three levels i.e. Easy, Medium, Hard.a. Easy Level: Easy level consists of simple English grammar.b. Medium Level: Medium level consists of jumbled words,solvingwhich increase the logical skills and vocabulary ofyourchild.c. Hard level: Hard Level consists of opposite words(antonyms),inwhich the player needs to find the right combination of wordstocomplete each puzzle and solve all the pairs.Number Puzzle:Number Puzzle also has three levels i.e. Easy, Medium, Hard.a. Easy Level: Easy level consists of a matrix formation byusingBOADMASS rule which helps in increasing the logical skills ofachild .b. Medium Level: Medium level consists of arithmetic signi.e.addition, subtraction, divide, multiplication amongst whichtheplayer has to select and get desired result. It helps todevelopkids mathematical skills.c. Hard Level: Hard level consists of Sudoku crossword of 9*9matrixwith interactive graphics.Memory Puzzle:Memory puzzle is a fun game that helps the child to learn as wellasimprove memory and recollection skills. This game is for kids ofallages and also for young people to test their memory skills. Italsohelps to improve eye and hand co-ordination.Memory Puzzle also has three levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.In each level, User simply have to find hidden image and matchthemaccordingly.How to Play:- There will be some images with their faces down.- Select any two images by clicking in the box next totheimage.- If the selected images match, they will be removed. If theyaredifferent, remember what is on the image so you cantryagain.- The game completes when all images are matched.Features of Kids Puzzler:1 Interactive Graphics2 Sound effects3 Score and timer in all levels4 Scoreboard with player name and scores
Thief Rush 1.3
The real addictive and with the new amazinggraphics - Thief Rush, Your friends are already playing the amazingThief Rush. Don’t you want to beat their score?People were wrong, they said no one can break this Prison but TheThief did. Now when The Thief has escaped from the prison he haveto run for his life, rescuing himself from the police. The Thiefknow it is time to run, to survive!
Travel Master 1.0
Goal: Travel Master Application aims to makeauser familiar with the places, which he wants to visit. Inotherwords it is a complete guide for a user who is not familiaraboutany locality. A user can get necessary information’s aboutroutes,places and useful sites for the desired search.Description:• This app will show user current location on its first tab.Usercan search for places he want to visit (such as restaurant,café ,bar , theater and many more) .Respective annotations or pinswillshow the same and also trace for the user the path withdistance.User can also check weather forecasts. At the same time,it willforecast weather details for the present day and also forup-coming3 days.• This app allows entering the source location anddesireddestination location on its second tab. It will show userfourmodes to reach its destination i.e. (Driving, Bicycling,Transit,and Walk) .After selection of the desired mode, it willshow a userthe possible number of routes available between thesource anddestination locations.• In the third tab, a user can read his SPEED & ACCELERATIONandmanually trace path as he travel from its currents positiontoanother position.• For the first tab, a user will be provided with taking asnapshotbutton. That will enable user to take any snapshot at anyinstanceof time and also if he wants he can POST it to“Facebook”,“tumbler” or “Flickr” or attach as a “Gmail”. So he canshare thesame on social networking sites.• Fourth tab is for some useful sites that user can browse, justforentertainment which includes, Social networks, News.
Grotal 1.2
Grotal is a search engine application withadifference. Most search engines applications crawl the web andgiveyou information based on websites available around theworld.Grotal sends out foot soldiers and collects data physicallyofbusinesses who have or who do not have a website.Most search engines give you a plethora of information fromwhichrelevant intelligence has to be culled. However, Grotal givesyouconcise, precise and exact data which can be used directly.Grotal was started on August 2009. It was started to fill avoid.Everyone is not on the web. Most businesses do not have awebsite. Aneed was felt to put these on the web, without themhaving to createa website of their own.
Ninja Duck 1.1
Enjoy Ninja Duck!Unfortunate has happened with this "Duck" .Everybody used to makefun of him.But to show them what he got, he is on a mission.This time he will going to prove that he indeed is a ninja.He not only wants to show all that he is a ninja but the best ofthem with the greatest powers ever bestowed on ninja before.Highlights:-5 challenging levels(and we know that they’ll be more tocome).-Cool and Unique Graphics.
Carnival Shooter 1.1
Are you missing a carnival?Do you feel like playing the balloon shooting game, one ofthemost popular games in a carnival?Then this game is what that you need. Carnival Shooter is asuperexciting game, that will keep you engrossed and hooked on toit. Youget to play this game with a gun and some moving balloonsindifferent patterns, colors and sizes. All you need to do is toburstthese balloons with the touch of your fingers. As long as yougo onbursting these balloons, you keep adding your score. Go getstartedto achieve the highest scores.Powers:You even get to use some special powers, that make game evenmoreentertaining. The powers are1) Endureline power, which can be used to slow down the speed ofthegame for few seconds. This power is gained to ‘full’, afteryousuccessfully burst the bulb shaped balloons2) +R balloon’s power to reload the gun3) +10 balloon’s power to earn ten bulletsHigh scores of the game get summited to the Gree Leaderboardandyou can also post your high scores on Facebook and Twitter.Upcoming features in our next upgrades are expected to beevenmore exciting.
Never Lost 2.0
Never Lost tells you about all the knownplacesaround you, including Food joints, Hotels, Markets,Religious andEducation places, Malls, Gyms, Salons, Parks etc. Soyou canvirtually find anything near you. What’s more, you can alsoget thelocation of the place on the map and get walking ordrivingdirections, along with voice assistance according to yourcurrentlocation. This app also gives you the reviews and ratings oftheplace by other people. You can also search for any place andgetdirections to that place. So get this application right awayandnever get lost.Features –1. Shows your current location on the map2. Tells all the Nearby Venues around you.3. Shows selected venue on the map and its details.4. Give reviews and ratings of the place.5. Search any place.6. You can save your home address or workplace and the appwilldirect you whenever you need.7. Gives walking or driving speed and distance travelled.8. Voice assistance.9. You can share the place you are looking for on Twitter,Facebook,Gmail, Google+, Email, Message etc.10. Marks you on the map wherever you move you can alsostopthis.11. You can change map`s type as Satellite, Hybrid andStandardviews are included.Requirements: 1. GPS2. Internet or Wi-Fi**Please note that the accuracy of GPS measurements is affected byanumber of factors including atmospheric conditions, obstructionsandthe visibility of satellites.
EduApp 0.0.1
Edu app provides you an easy to accesssolutionfor various activities that go on between the institutesand theirstudents. It is build using latest technology availablefor smartphones. It consists of an attractive UI and distinctfeatures thatenable students to get data regarding their coursesin a moreinteresting way. It alters the way of managing institutedata.Student Features:- Courses- Inquiries- Notes- Check Fee status- Online Payments- Attendance records- Blogs- Discussion Forums- Time Table- Institute Gallery- Notificaiton