Seraphim Whiteless Apps

Психологический размер груди 1.3
Интересно знать какая грудь подходит по психологическимтестам?Вперёд!It isinteresting to know which breast suitable for psychologicaltests?Next!
Runner 2.3
It is finished! 3 in one!it's indie project by game dev fanIntroducing you to trial 3D PACMAH RUN v22nd level - The cave is comingControl is simple:Slide for turn left right or backTap for bombingNew Levels!New weapons!More hardness!
Red Ball 3D: Five Nights 1.5
Many of you have dreamed strange dreams?For example a dream about you the red ball and you just need tocollect all the cherries?Atmospheric and dynamic platformer with secrets and riddles.You have to go through five worlds. Five strange nights.Will there be enough strength and courage?Can you collect all 256 coins for first level?Are not you afraid of what will happen in the end?
Cloud Arcade 1.12
It's really new game.Perfect sounds!Funny actions!Ratings! Score Hunting!Lets play!
Red Ball Vendetta 1.3
They thought that so simply take over theplanet and make it round again.But it is not so simple.Squares come back and strike back.Its answer to Red Ball line.
The Colors 1.3
Do you think it is easy to recognize thecolorof the word?You think that you know well the colors?You listen to your fingers?75% of people can not pass this test!The game is based on the thin side of psychology of perceptionofvisual information.
Treasure Island ZX 1.4
TREASURE ISLAND SPECTRUM 8 bit---------------An exciting game based upon the classic adventure by RobertLouisStevenson,using the memorable screens from the original story as abackdropforarcade style action.This exciting game is based upon the classic adventure byRobertLouisStevenson.First Jim Hawkins must avoid Blind Pew to board the goodshipHispaniola.Then he has to avoid capture having heard the crew's mutinousplans.Oncethese challenges have been overcome the main game can be playedonTreasureIsland itself.The quest for the treasure starts at the stockade whichtheadventurers havebuilt on the island. Then whilst tackling the evil murderouspiratesJim mustfind Ben Gunn's cave. The chase and search takes place uponanattractive'Treasure Map' which is displayed on screen in sections. There areatotal ofsixty-four sections to play through.Once Ben Gunn's cave has been found the treasure is located,andmust then betaken to the ship which is anchored in Spy Glass Cove, tocompletethe arcadeadventure.At the end of each game a percentage score will be givenwhichreflects thespeed and fighting spirit with which it was played. TreasureIslandcan beplayed time and time again to attempt to reach a 100 per centscore,whichrepresents total player perfection.
Prezident 1.6
The first economic simulation from 80'thWanna remember it?President! 100% imitation of old pc's.The game is very very hard! Its hardest game you played!Became a president!This clone is a 100% copy of the old was on old soviet pc Korvet, Vesta, Orbita, Neiva, Hobby.andother clones of MSX Yamahaand of course at ZX Spectrum - speccyTrue oldschool buttoned interface!When you answer questions1 - yes 0 - no
Pacmah run 3D 1.11
Like PAC-MAN?You adore Temple RUN?Nostalgic for Bomber Man?It is finished! 3 in one!it's indie project by game dev fanIntroducing you to trial 3D PACMAH RUN2nd level - The cave is comingControl is simple:Slide for turn left right or backTap for bombing
Cat: Jump simulator 1.6
You like casual games?It's game for you!Funny action game about cat jumping!Survive! Bit a records!Hang up!Casual game about cat jumping.Cut the chains! All chains! Doodle it!
Square Balls 1.5
At first glance they are ordinary Balls,thereare thousands of them in every city.But they can transform into ...Boxes!Other balls call them SquareBalls.Enjoy new funny indie game!
Find The Cat 1.6
Its too funny for finding .. Can you find allthe hidden objects? Hidden Object - this is a free game in whichyou will need to look for hidden objects. The principle of the gameis simple: look at the levels of hidden objects! You can play atthe same level several times, and each time the arrangement ofobjects will be different. Be careful: the time to search forobjects is limited, you need to take the time to find items if youare not able to find all the items in the allotted time - you haveto go through the level again. Install and try and share yourfriends!