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WIFI MAP- passwords & places 2.2
WIFI MAP passwords for Wi-Fi is app whichallows you to find a private and free WIFI hotspots and passwordsaround the world!If you urgently need the internet access in your travel or during ameeting with friends, using this application you can quickly andeasily find the nearest place which has Wi Fi internetaccess.WIFI MAP use a data about venues and tips from world famous serviceFoursquare, it allows you get always actual and fresh data aboutpublic places with wi-fi internet.WHY DO WE BENEFIT. HOW DOES IT WORK. OUR ADVANTAGES.• Working in OFFLINE: upload previously map area withhotspots and use it when you have not internet access.• Easily search: search public places on the map and byaddress where there is wi-fi (restaurants, cafe, bars, parks,hotels, hostels, shopping centers, cinemas etc.).• Passwords for WIFI: access to millions wi-fi hotspots andpasswords worldwide.• Useful for travel: save money on 3G/4G Internet duringtraveling and trips abroad.• Add new places: share passwords for wi-fi and add newplaces (cafes, bars, parks, etc.).• Geolocation: detects your location and shows the nearestwi-fi hotspots.• WiFi near: displays on map and in list near WiFi.
TCamera 1.0
Lightweight and fast photo /videocamera.App for Telegram contest.