Shantha Technologies Apps

Postbox - Local App 1.0
PostBox is a Location Based Chat Application.Post relevant information to share with all thepeoplenearby.Postbox has a large set of Groups to share the information.* Education* Entertainment* News* Promotions* Local Problems* Food* Motivation* Money* Jobs* Blood Bank* Health* Events* Buy/Sell/Rent* Services
QuizIn - Quiz for a good cause 3.1
The QuizIn is a new generation Quiz App in theapp store.You can learn from it, You can win Surprise Prizes,Mobile Talk Timeand more.QuizIn is not made only for learning or it's not just another quizapp in the app store .You can play for a charity and you can help in raising the fund fora good cause.# Rewards are available only in India.Features :* At QuizIn we have a different Contests .* Leaderboard to check how smart you are in comparison to othersin a day.* Dashboard to review your performance of Daily quiz .* Take Unlimited Quizzes* Daily Updated current affair questions.The QuizIn App consist of thousands of Multiple Choice Questionsbased on different subjects and it will be updated regularly andthey are.* General Awareness Quiz* General Knowledge Quiz* Logical Reasoning Quiz* Aptitude Quiz* Logo Quiz* Current Affairs Quiz* Historical Places* Important days* Invention Quiz* Astronomy Quiz* Books and Authors Quiz* Chemistry Quiz* Geography Quiz* Agriculture Quiz* Computer Science Quiz* Indian Rivers and Dams Quiz* Physics Quiz* Plants Quiz* Food Quiz* Sports Quiz* World Quiz* Capital and States Quiz* Animals Quiz* Indian Economy Quiz* Indian History and Political Quiz* National Symbols Quiz
Mind Game 2.0 1.8
2.0 Mind game , Train your Brain withMemorizetechniques.1. Story Telling2. Matching PairsOne way to remember the information for long-term in memory istomake up a story that connects the items you need to remember,thusmaking them easier to recall.Matching Pairs is also other technique to connect thecommonthings in the game.
Ok Hyderabad 1.3
Connect and Share with all the hyderabadieswith one App.# Entertainment# News# Education# Jobs# Local Problems# Google news in Telugu# Selected videos from youtube.and many more categories to share.# think before you post ,it will be available to all thepublic.
Leads - Project Ask 1.5
Project Ask is a modern way of capturingandreporting business leads.You can track and update your leads on the Go.# Works Offline and Online.* You can use App Offline to create the lead or viewtheleads.* Contact the customer with one touch button.* Easy to update the lead for next meeting.# Reporting to a Manager.* You can report your leads to your manager by addingyourmanager.* On real time reports will be updated.# Simple, Reliable, secure and Real-time updates.* Project ask is simple to use.* Project ask is more secure and reliable.# Top Users of the App are from different sectors* Bank Sales Officers* Real Estate Agents* Bank Customer service officers* Sales Managers* Insurance Agents* Stock Brokers* Wealth Managers* Financial Advisors* Bank Managers* Business People* LIC Agents* Vehicle Financiers and more ...............# In any Business generating the Business leads ismoreimportant, Project Ask- Business leads App helps you to createalead in few seconds and manage the leads like closing the leadwitha comment or changing the appointment or calling the customerareone click away in the app.# Loyal customers are more important in any businesstheygenerate the more profits compare to other customers.You can manage the loyal customer and generate reference fromthesecustomers in a separate window.# you can share the lead with the colleagues with anysocialapp.# You can use this app as e - Daily Sales Report (DSR)
Color Guru 1.3
Color Guru is a fun and Life changing App.* Guru will respond according to your mood.* Quotations* Health Tips* Finance Tips and more............
Street - Offline Shopping App 1.6
Street Offline shopping App helps youinfinding out the-- Latest Fashion Products like Readymade Clothes,Footwear,Watchesand Accessories from near by Stores.-- Latest Offers and Discounts from near By Stores.
Tongue Twister-Listen & Record 1.0
A large collection of tongue twister.Features# Listen the Tongue twister# Record the Tongue Twister and compare it with originalone.
Resolutions for 2017 New Year 1.1
Make a new resolutions for this new year.And Track every day with this application.* Rate everyday , where you stand in accomplishingtheresolution.* Average Rating : Get the average rating for yourresolutionmade.
Buddy - Find A New Friend 1.3
Find a new friend around the world at anymoment.Buddy App helps you to get connect with new friends around theworld. Just share your post to make a new friend.Private ChatChat with new friends in a private room where you can chat oneto one.More..Buddy App is the best way to get everything fun and GK dailyfrom people in your country.With Buddy App you can share Quotes, jokes, GK, news and many morein your local language.Best services:• More friends from around the world• Private Chat Room• Get funniest Jokes• Discover thousands of awesome useful services.• Daily horoscope.• News in regional languages.• Find latest love quotes.• Health tips on how to cure yourself with home-made remedies• Religious and devotional services like Daily Bhagavad Gitaquotes
Diary & Goals in New Year 2017 4.0
Diary app for Personal Journal of DailyEvents,Memories,Reminders,Goals,Appointments,Secrets,Ideas Feelingsand more.The Diary App is simple and user friendly, The Diary app isdesigned in such a way that it allow you enter the new notesquickly and easily.In this App you can easily set your goals and you can get them fromhome page with one click.No ads are displayed while using the app.FEATURES:# Easy to use or navigate the diary.# Emoji’s to express your feelings to write the diary.# Search a note from all the entries in diary.# Create your Goals and track them .# Make unlimited entries in diary.# Password or Pin or Lock code to secure your diary fromothers.# Use Speech or Key Pad to write the diary.# Set Reminder to write the diary.# Private & Secure cloud storage.
Telugu News - Telangana & AP . 1.0
Telugu News App provides all the toptelugunews papers and top telugu news portals in one place.Read breaking news, local city news, Cricket update, CinemaNews,Election Update from all major newspapers.# Eennadu# Sakshi# Andhra Bhoomi# Andhra jyothi# Andhra prabha# Telugu 360# Namaste Telangana# Mana Telanagana# Great Andhra# Indiaglitz# Telugu One# Webduniya Telugu# Vaartha# Suryaa# Prajasakti
Alphabets & Color Names 1.0
A very fun way for kids to learnEnglishAlphabets and Colors.* Full ABC* All Alphabets includes letters A to Z and isfully-featured.* Real sounds associated with words* Human pronunciations of all alphabets* Excellent graphics to learn easily.
To Do List - Reminders & Tasks 1.1
Do It. Keep all your to do list in one placeand Do it.TO DO LIST MADE SIMPLEDo It. was designed to keep you on top of your to do list every daywith no hassle.Super Fast And Catchy AnimationDo It helps you add any to do list easily and you love the app toadd the to do list.To do list ManagementDo It. helps in managing the to do list easily and you can deletethe list just by swiping the list to left or right side of theApp.Do It for more* Add the Grocery Items* Capture what's on Your Mind* Add Shopping List* Daily Planner* Life Organizer* Works as a Reminderand more......
Water Reminder App for Summer 1.3
“Water for Health” is a unique waterdrinktracker and reminder app.“Water for Health” app uses the natural water therapy concepttohydrate the body.What natural water therapy suggest?Divide the water intake in two parts.1. Early Morning Water2. Daytime WaterWhy early morning water is required?Drinking water in empty stomach in the morning helps us topurifiesthe large intestine and it improves the stomach's chancesto absorbnutrients properly. A better digestive systemautomatically takescare of a lot of other things.• It is good to drink 1.0 - 1.5 liters of water.• In between wake up time and breakfast.How much water is required in a daytime?The amount of water you need depends on a variety offactors,including the climate you live in, how physically activeyou are,and whether you're experiencing an illness or have anyother healthproblems.• It is good to drink 2.5 - 3.0 liters of water in a day.The benefits of drinking water :* Helps prevent kidney stones* Clears up your skin* Stay in shape and keep fit.* Keeps your skin and nails healthy* Keeps you hydratedKey Features of App :* Simple and easy.* Water tracker that will remind you when and how much watertodrink throughout the day* Customized cup and standard (ml) or (oz) units* You can set your start and end time to drink water foreachday* Track water intake in the early morning and throughout thedayseparately.* Check your Water intake history.