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Shree Bahuchar Maa 1.1
Shree Bahuchar Maa Pooja to worship thegoddess. You can do aarti, darshan at your mobile finger tips.Application contain bahuchar maa Photos, Music as well asinformation. Shree Bahuchar Mata app has main feature are Photoscollection, Music section, Favourite etc.Main Features:1.Gallery: User can view photos of mata, share photos and favouritephotos for regular darshan2.Music: Offline Anand no garbo, Bahuchar Bavani will be availablein english as well as gujarati lyrics.3.Favourite: user can favourite photos for regular usespurpose4.Dual Language: English and Gujarati
Relationship Goal Wallpaper 1.3
This app is all about inspirational goalsquotes about love and relationships.You can set every relationship goals picture as a wallpaper.Collection of best relationship goals quotes: long distancerelationship quotes, funny relationship quotes, good and badrelationship quotes. Everyone is in a relationship sometimes, somepeople may say it’s complicated thing. It can make you smile allday like an idiot, and burst into tears sometimes.Whether it’s with a significant other, a friend, your family, orthe countless other types of people you come across and forgeconnections with throughout your life, there’s no denying thatrelationships take work. But and you don’t need us to tell you thissometimes even the best relationships can be difficult. This iswhere a sense of humor comes in handy, namely in the form of cuterelationship quotes.Spoken by fictional characters, singers ,writers, actors, and more,sometimes the perfect quote is all you need to understand thatyou’re not alone in feeling however you’re feeling right now. LoveWallpaper, Love messages, Relationship wallpaper etc
Flash Light 1.1
Flash light is Light up in darkness.Cameraneeded for using Flashlight. It is core functionality ofdevice.User can get light up using this app.
Girls Hair Style 1.7
Making hair styles is the big problem forgirls. But if you have ability to learn then nothing is impossible.We present you to make hair styles quick and easy. This applicationis best for mothers who want to make her kids hair styles then shecan learn it form hair styles. The best quality of this Hair Stylesis that we guide you step by step through videos. Learn Top HairStyles in 10 seconds. There are lot of hair styles and every girlwant to apply latest hair style before someone else. We presentvideos for all types of Hair like Short hair styles or Medium hairstyles. In this world of fashion every girls must have to downloadthis app and apply it in parties or family functions. Girls havedifferent types of hairs some have short, long, curly and thins.Bridals usually search for new hair styles to look different fromother girls on her wedding. Your whole personality depends on hairstyles if your hair style is good according to your face then youwill look beautiful and attractive. Usually Indian girls search forfresh hair styles and they want to make her hair like Indiancelebrities and models.Enjoy 5-minute hairstyles that are super cute and easy to do!Whether you are looking for Simple Braids, French Braids, DutchBraids, Waterfall Braids, Fishtail Braids, twists, buns, updos, orsomething with a little edge... you can find it all here! {We evenhave Daddy Do's - styles so easy a dad can do them!}Feel free to let them pick out their own hairstyles and you willfind them much more invested, as well as keep them sitting stillwhile you style as they watch video after video. Are you lookingfor a fun activity with your friends at a sleepover? Free free touse the app to have a team style-off competition!
Fathers Day 1.3
Here’s the best app of fathers day quotes thatwill help you to say “congratulations” to your dad on this specialday.This app offers tons of father's day postcards to say “Happyfathers day” on his special day.Make Father's Day Bright send you warmest and heartfelt it usingFather's Day Wishes & Cards. Come on ... Do not be shy. Thinkof some of the beautiful word, put it in this app just like FathersDay Quesadillas because we all we all owe thanks MessageFather!!Father's Day Wishes & Cards are very easy to use, it comes witha variety of interesting and beautiful pictures. Among thefunctions available are:- This function allows you to enter your name and message in theimage. You can send along a picture that has been put name and yourmessage or you can store them in your device's photo gallery sendlater.
Friends Forever 1.3
You want to surprise your best friend and donot know how? You would like to thank your friend something with abeautiful and original gesture?Then this app is what you're looking for, here you will find aselection of images and phrases about friendship.Images of all kinds, some are funny to make laugh whoever you want,and others are nice and emotional ideals to express your friendshipfor your best friend.Surprise whoever you want on his birthday, encourage them when theyare sad or anything at any other time, always is good to praise thefriendship to whoever you love.You can send the images that you like using WhatsApp, or socialnetworks like Facebook or Twitter very easily with a button, plusyou can savein the memory of your mobile phone.We are confident that this application will be very useful to makeyour friends feel special, and you do not have to think that wordsused, as there are many images with fine phrases aboutfriendship.Also, the application takes up almost no memory on your mobilephone, has a very intuitive design easy to use and free.
Akbar & Birbal 1.0
Akbar-Birbal Stories Book in english.Akbar-Birbal Stories Book application is collection of largestoriesof Akbar-Birbal.This is a help full app to read great story of akbarandbirbal.Specially built for children. and totally Kids Story.-you can read a story from this app for your kid.-Easy to share this stories with other via social media.Download and Enjoy the App.Note:-We will updated soon this application withnewFeatures.
Tenali Raman Stories 1.0
Tenali Raman Stories great collection ofwithmorals stories about Tenali Raman Stories.Every One can enjoy these morals.Tenali Raman Stories are the best stories for children, andalsovery fun. morals collection. it fully in English.Your Kids enjoy very much Tenali Raman stories. Kids Storiesforthe tenali raman fans. We are instroduced this latest storiesinenglish language. Most popular moral stories as well astheinspiration for the life. People can learn from good thingsandthis stories are best for all. Children have the most interestedinthis stories.
Ramadan Mubarak 1.3
The most popular Muslim app. Ramadan historyand originIn Islam, Ramadan is a holy month of fasting, introspection andprayer. Fasting is one of the five fundamental principles of Islam.Each day during Ramadan, followers of Islam, known as Muslims, donot eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. They are also supposed toavoid impure thoughts and bad behavior. Muslims break their dailyfasts by sharing meals with family and friends. The end of Ramadanis celebrated with a three-day festival known as Id al-Fitr that isconsidered one of Islam’s major holidays.Islam is the world’s second largest religion, after Christianity,with more than 1 billion followers. Islam originated in Arabia, buthas spread all over the world. Countries with the largest Muslimpopulations include Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria,Egypt, Turkey and Iran. There are an estimated 7 million Muslims inAmerica, along with Islamic places of worship, called mosques, inall 50 states. Eid MubarakMuslims believe that around 610 A.D. a man named Muhammad(c.570-632) from the Arabian city of Mecca started receivingrevelations from God, or Allah, via the angel Gabriel. Therevelations were collected into a 114-chapter holy book known asthe Quran (or Koran), which Muslims believe contains the exactwords of God. Muhammad is the final prophet in a line of Islamicprophets (including Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus) who were chosenby God to act as messengers and teach mankind. Muslims believethere is one, all-knowing God, and people can achieve salvation byfollowing his commandments. In Arabic, Islam means “submission” or“surrender” (to God).A series of formal acts of worship, known as the Five Pillars ofIslam, are fundamental to the lives of Muslims. The pillars includeshahada (a declaration of faith: “There is no deity but God, andMuhammad is the messenger of God”); prayer (Muslims pray five timesa day); zakat (charitable giving); fasting; and pilgrimage (Muslimsare supposed to make a trip, or “hajj,” to the city of Mecca, SaudiArabia, at least once in a lifetime if they are physically andfinancially able).Ramadan is the ninth month of the 12-month Islamic calendar, whichis lunar and based on the phases of the moon. The lunar calendarfalls short of the solar calendar by 11 days. As a result, Ramadandoesn’t start on the same date each year and instead passes throughall the seasons. Ramadan is celebrated as the month during whichMuhammad received the initial revelations of what became theQuran.During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk each day. They aresupposed to avoid eating, drinking, smoking and sexual activity, aswell as unkind or impure thoughts and words, and immoral behavior.Ramadan is a time to practice self-restraint and self-reflection.Fasting is seen as a way to cleanse the soul and have empathy forthose in the world who are hungry and less fortunate. Muslims go towork and school and take care of their usual activities duringRamadan; however, some also read the entire Quran, say specialprayers and attend mosques more frequently during this time.All Muslims who have reached puberty and are in good health arerequired to fast. The sick and elderly, along with travelers,pregnant women and those who are nursing are exempt, although theyare supposed to make up for the missed fast days sometime in thefuture or help feed the poor.The first pre-dawn meal of the day during Ramadan is called“suhoor.” Each day’s fast is broken with a meal known as “iftar.”Traditionally, a date is eaten to break the fast. Iftars are oftenelaborate feasts celebrated with family and friends. The types offoods served vary according to culture.
Mehndi Design 1.3
Mehndi Designs is very simple showing mehndidesign images. Brilliant Mehndi Designs and Beutiful Ideas aboutMehndi. You can set as wallpaper and save in your mobile. and sendto other friends.Mehndi or Henna is a paste that is bought in a cone shaped tube andis made into designs for men and women. It is also derived from theSanskrit word mendhikā.[1] The use of mehndi and turmeric isdescribed in the earliest Hindu Vedic ritual books. It wasoriginally used for only women's palms and never for men, but astime progressed, it is more natural for men to wear it.Mehndi practiced mainly in India and the Arab world, mehndi orhenna is the application of as a temporary form of skin decoration,popularized in the West by Indian cinema and entertainmentindustry, the people in Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and theMaldives also use mehndi. Mehndi decorations became fashionable inthe West in the late 1990s, where they are called hennatattoos.New Bridel mehndi design, Rasthani Mehndi, Marrige Mehndi, SpecialMehndi, Arabic Mehndi desing, Mahendi Art, Art of mehndi, art ofhand mehndi, bridel mehendi. New Heena collection mehndi, HeenaMehndi, around 10000+ mehndi design for all occasion in girlslife.
Relationship Goal Quote 1.0
Best Cute Long And Short RelationshipQuotesSayings & Text Messages is in this App.Most of us have some kind of idea in our minds about how a"good"or "correct" Relationship is supposed to be. We can causeourselvesneedless distress by comparing our own relationships withsuch anidea of what a Complicated Relationship "should be like"and thenconcluding that our own is defective by comparison.Psychologistsmay imply something of that sort when they formulatecriteria for a"healthy relationship" which few real couples evermeet. There aremany kinds of relationships,and a given kind mayfit a given personat one stage of development but not at another.Driven by ourpersonal history, we choose partners who help us meetour presentneeds, fulfill our expectations, and if we're lucky,work throughourissues and grow in the directions in which we needto grow. For acouple, recognizing this can open doors to a broaderspectrum ofways of being with ourselves and each other.#You can Share "Relationship Messages" to Facebook,Twitter,Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble, Instagram OrLine withyour Good Friend, Husband, Wife, Brother, Sister, MotherAnd Fatheror whole family.
Raksha Bandhan Greetings 1.0
Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in Shravanamonthduring full moon day or Purnima day.The best time to tie RakhionRaksha Bandhan is during Aparahna which is late afternoonaccordingto Hindu division of the day. If Aparahna time is notavailablethen Pradosh time is also suitable to perform ritualsrelated toRaksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan rituals should not be doneduringBhadra. Bhadra is malicious time which should be avoided forallauspicious work.Most Hindu religious texts, including Vratraj, advise toavoidBhadra time to tie Rakhi during Raksha Bandhan festival.Rakhiis aspecial bond shared between the brother and sister which bringsoutthe different hues of the festival. On this Rakhi, reach outtoyour dear brother by sending him a special online message.No matter where he is, with Virtual Rakhi Messages he can readyourmessage anywhere, anytime. Just click on the message buttonandwish your dear brother a Happy Raksha Bandhan.This Raksha bandhan send your Rakhi overcoming allthegeographical bounds digitally via Raksha Bandhan Greetings appforMobileEnjoy the raksha bandhan festival by sending greetings toyourlovely Brother & Sister. Send Raksha Bandhan greetingtoanywhere in the world and celebrate the event with loveandemotions.You can share Raksha Bandhan Greetings with friends and familyonsocial apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, G+, Facebook, hike, Line,WeChatand others.
Independence Day 1.0
Wishing U a very "Happy IndependenceDay2016-India Greetings/Images".Wish your friends/relatives with Independence Greetings.15Auguestis india Independence Day. We are proud to be an indian, weleavein free india with pride and respect. For this specialoccasion wehave to send wishes to our dear one`s for reminder ofthisauspicious day event.This application contains:-1. Independence Day Wallpapers.2. Wallpaper set on screens.3. Greeting with images4. sharing social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter, etc
Educational Story 1.0
Educational Stories are comics storiesforchildren. Child stories with great animation and respectivemoralaccording to the story. User can read the stories easily.Eachsection is separated with its respective moral.Tales for education of children. Child Stories are mosthelpfulfor there learning part. they can easily learn thethings.This application is specially for the children but elders canalsotake the moral advantage of the tales.About the App✤Story Time..Make your child smarter.✤Many free stories✤Interactive and easy to use.✤Stories of Many Great peopleYour child can practice reading - improve reading skills,anytime& anywhere - while you’re driving, shopping in thegrocerystore, or even when you are out for some important work.This apphas lot of child involvement spend helps them learning coreskillsof listening, reading and speaking that are so necessary foreverychild in today’s modern world.Stories:1. Eklavya`s Loyalty2. Fear VS Repect3. Helping Others4. The Three Type of people5. The Lazy Farmer6. Evil Story7.Monkey and cats8. Lazy Donkey and many moreWe are regularaly updating the stories with new contain aswellas new stories.
HappyHoli 1.0
Holi or Dhulandi is an important festivalofIndia celebrated worldwide. It is a festival of colorsandsometimes festival of love, where everyone plays, chases andcolorseach other. The frolic and fight with colors occurs in theopenstreets and buildings.It is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has becomepopularwith non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well aspeople ofother communities outside Asia.On the day of festival people send Holi SMS to wish theirfriendsand relatives. These Holi wishes is a easiest , best andcheapestway to wish you friends, relatives and family members …….on thisauspicious festival. So, check out our collection Holimessage whichis the best you can find online.In this application ,U can choose many colorful Picture&Messages of India's Festival of color 'Holi'.Also u Can sharethispicture share with other people and many socialapplication.
Good Night Gallery 1.0
Good Night Images is the best collectionofgood night wishes, romantic words, inspiration quotes … inimages.You can share your Good Night Images to Facebook,Twitter,WhatsApp, set wallpaper, send Email to your sweetheart,family,friends, and loved ones.★ Easily share Good Night Images to Facebook and tag anyoneyoulike!★ You can also send or share Good Night greetings toTwitter,Google+, WhatsApp, Email,★ Set Good Night images as wallpaper.
Friendship Message 1.1
Collection of Offline Friendship messagesforsharing and messaging.Application contains great collection of friendship Messagesindifferent-different mood. You can pick your choice of messagefromapplication and share these message on social networksorchats.Features :Easy to share.Simple and sower looks.Standard quality messages.Whats app messages, sms etcYou can share friendship messages to all the socialapplication.
Dr. B R Ambedkar 1.3
Dr. Ambedkar fought untiringly for thedown-trodden. The boy who suffered bitter humiliation became thefirst Minister for Law in free India, and shaped the country’sConstitution. A deter-mined fighter, a deep scholar, human to thetips of his fingers. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedker is the man of freedom.Dr. Baba saheb Ambedker is the community fighter for minority andhe will god of the minority. Ambedker Jayati Festival.
Love Story 1.0
Love story app contain love andromanticstories. These stories are sure to melt your heart.Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudesthatranges from interpersonal affection.Love is a feeling of extreme pleasure, read these stories andfeellove from your heart.Love stories make us fall in love. These vibrant andmemorablelove stories have us feeling sappy, sentimental, andromantic.Love story app is a collection of love, romance andrelationshipstrue stories, real life love stories, heart touching,cute love,historical love stories, sad love, broken heartstories,unconditional love, beautiful and unforgettable lovestories.Love is not only with your partner or girl friend, but itswithyour mother, friend, sister, your children etc. We areprovidinglove that never forget.
Tatto Designs 1.3
Inspiring Tattoo Designs free! 1000's of thebest tattoo designs anywhere!★ Awesome Tattoo Designs photos!★ Get inspired by Amazing Ink!★ Tattoos by the Pros★ cool tattoo, latest tattoo with the best designercollectionFavourite your photo easilyFast download of photos and performance increase
Nature Wallpaper 1.4
Nature Wallpaper for your android device. ThisApp contains large collection of amazing images describe colorfulcreation of nature. This application is completely free and thereare not any hidden conditions to download any picture. Every Naturelovers will like this application because of superb collection ofnature’s original photography like greenery and neutrality offorest, plants, trees, animals, birds, wildlife, geology,landscape, colors of sky, water, and land. This app contains highresolution background images which are most preferable to latestsmart phones and retina display devices. Its experience of smoothand easiest GUI to set and manage natural wallpapers on screen ofyou mobile is really amazing.Features of “Nature Wallpapers HD” app:• Freely available• Easy to browse photos and set as background in any androiddevice.• Contain bulk of Nature Wallpapers having HD quality pictures ofNatural World• Up to 1920p high quality resolution available of each picture ofNature so it’s compatible with retina display, also it iscustomizable as per needed• Share images directly on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or send itvia Bluetooth, Email, messaging to your friends easily
Sad Quotes 1.3
Want to utter sadness but you can't becausedon't have enough SAD QUOTES?Share the best collection of sad quotes by famous authors, withwise, comforting and funny quotations on sadness, sorrow, and beingsad.Love is the passion and the sadness is the part of love. you canexpress your sadness and the get the advantage of the love.1. Over 5000 sad quotes in English2. Sad Messages for represent your sadness3. Zooming available for Sadquotes4. Love quotes with sadness5. sad images, messsages, whats app status, facebook status6.Share sad photos to other social app like Whats app, Facebook,Twitter etc.7. Latest collection of sad quotesEnglish sad quotes with feeling of sadness. Express your moodnessto your love ones and get the proposal in the happy desire.
Sad Hindi Quotes 1.3
Share the best collection of sad quotes byfamous authors, with wise, comforting and funny quotations onsadness, sorrow, and being sad.Love is the passion and the sadness is the part of love. you canexpress your sadness and the get the advantage of the love. Lovequotes, messages, sadquotes with photos1. Over 1000 sad quotes in Hindi2. Sad Messages for represent your sadness3. Zooming available for Sadquotes4. Love quotes with sadness5. Sad images, messsages, whats app status, facebook status6.Share sad photos to other social app like Whats app, Facebook,Twitter etc.7. Latest collection of sad quotes
Good Morning 1.2
♥♥Dear Users..♥♥♥ Now begins your day by sending good morning wishes toyourfriends, lovers or someone else.♥★The application have specific section of good morning imageforfriends, lovers.★The application also have good morning smiley user can send toanyone.★Application also provide some awesome and inspirationalmorningquotes which user can share to peoples to inspirethem.★Users can share every HD image via Facebook,Hike,WHATS-APP,Hike,Bluetooth, AllShare, converttopdf, Google+etc.....★Slide the screen to move to next image.....★Optimized,Very fast and Easy to use......
Motivational Quote 1.3
What’s the difference between a dreamandreality? The motivation to make it so!Whether it's making that big career change or simply making ittothe gym, stay motivated with a little reminder from theseamazingbackgrounds! The colorful wallpapers in this app featurepowerfulquotes, phrases and images to keep you on the path tomeeting yourgoals!If you want motivational or inspirational wallpapers andquote,simply download the app and install your favorite today! Youcaneven let others know what motivates you by sharing yourfavoriteswith friends!- Inspirational Quotes- Inspirational Messages- Motivation of life- Motivational Quotes- Message from Great historical person- SMS for Motivcation- Motivational Images- Inspirational GalleryYou can share this quotes and messages to your friends andfamilyusing social media like whats app, facebook, hike,blurtooth,etc.
Greetings 0.0.2
Greeting Cards App is a collection ofbeautifulcards for every life occasions. Greeting Cards foreveryone and forevery occasion.Share the cards via Email, MMS, Facebook, etc.Set Card as wallpaperThere are cards for several events -* New Year* Friendship day* Love (including Valentine's Day)*Anniversary*Birthday*Chocolateday*Christmas*Congratulations*Easter*Eidaladha*Eidalfitr*Environment Day*Friendship*Get Well Soon*Good Morning*Good Night*Graduation* Independence Day*Raksha Bhandhan*Ganesh ChaturthiIf you enjoy using Greeting Cards app, your great ratingandreviews are highly appreciated! Also please invite your friendstoplay with Greeting Cards app.Have fun!Greeting team
Kids ABCD 1.0
ABCD is the learning ABCD alphabetesforchildren. Child need the basic learning for his start up. Childcanlearn better with the visual effect and sound. We are providingtheway for the children to learn easily.A very fun way for toddler to learn English Alphabets.* Full ABC* All Alphabets includes letters A to Z and isfully-featured.* Multiple words per alphabets for better co-relation of letterwithwords.* Real sounds associated with words* Human pronunciations of all alphabets
Anniversary 1.3
Wedding Anniversary Card Beautiful cards,greeting cards, send and congratulations is Wedding Anniversaryecards. Your friend is in Wedding anniversary through Socail aremany styles to choose from over 100 colorful greeting me with versepoem greeting wedding anniversary. This can be a blessing for avariety of channels such as Facebook Line IG Whatsapp Beetalk,which we hope very much that. Will make you the greetings andcongratulations on this occasion.Anniversary Wishes is an app that contains the best texts, quotesand pictures, so that you can congratulate the people you love. Youwill also be able to use it in couple’s anniversaries, since thereare specific quotes for that.We have created these pictures with the best romantic quotesbecause we think that it is very important to congratulate yourfriends and family. This way, you remind them of how much you lovethem and how much you care about them.This is absolutely the best option if you wish to congratulatesomeone but you don’t know how, because you have maybe run out ofideas. So don’t worry. In this app you will be able to find theloveliest and most touching birthday quotes.Main features of this app of Anniversary quotes:* The app is split into categories: You will find the mostappropriate quotes for each occasion: Wedding anniversary, coupleanniversary or even anniversary of the time someone has been on acompany.* Sharing cards and pictures to your be loved* We have prepared the best selection of anniversary quotes.Whether you want to use them for a wedding anniversary, ananniversary with your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, or inshort, for any kind of anniversary, this is your app. You can alsouse this program to get new ideas of quotes to make the person youlike fall for you.* We have created a simple app, so that you do not have to wasteyour time learning how to use it. You just have to move on to thefollowing quote using the arrows.* If you find a quote or a picture you like, you will be able toshare it using the central button (between the arrows). You will beable to share the anniversary pictures with any app you have inyour phone or tablet, like messaging apps or social networks.Besides, you’ll be able to send them by email and SMS, the choiceis all yours.* Whatsup status, Facebook Sharable containsWe hope you liked the app, since we have made it will all the lovein the world, so that you can send the best messages in youranniversary. If you liked it, we would really appreciate if youcould rate the app, giving us a good scoring. We ask for thatbecause it will help us keep improving the app and uploading newpictures.Hindi Marrige Anniversary Wishes, Best English anniversary wishesover 10000+ messages for your be loved wife and beloved husband,for your friends, relatives etc.
Nail Art 1.3
Nail Art contain all the latest and trendydesigns. Now no need to search the web for new designs we havecollected all in one place. Enjoy.Nail Art application has a unique User Interface that allow user toeasily operate the app. This is an online app so you always needinternet connection to load images. This is because of saving yourfavorite images only. Discarding the remaining Designs.
Rose Collection 1.3
Rose is the one of the best flower among all.It is the symbol of love, passion, friendship. You can give Rose toyour love one and he/she get the forgot all your mistake and acceptyour feeling. Rose Collection is the collection of images, galleryfor Lover, Friends, Wife, Sweetheart, Girl Friend, BoyFriend.Rose Collection comes with the following features-:* App gets updated automatically when required.* Share the Images easily with friends.* Easy and user friendly interface is used.* Facility to bookmark the quotes for future reference.* Can be used as widget on home screen* Share using Whats app, Facebook, Twitter etc. social media*Valentine day special roses for Rose Day
Love Quotes 1.0
Love Quotes is specially used for thespecialrelationship. Love Images HD allows you to share love photoswithany social media apps like Whatsapp , Facebook , Twitter, Hike,Telegram etc. An easy way to express your feelings with LoveImagesHD photos sharing app. Love Shayri, Love messages, RomanticQuotes.Love Images, For those who Do not know how to tell Her/Himthat youlove Him/Her.Love Images is a compilation of pictures with Quotes of LoveandAffection, tender and sweet. Specially compiled for the share,youcan share them via Whatsapp, Line, WeChat, Facebook etc....The most beautiful words of love on your phone to send to lovedyoulove most, your partner, your boyfriend, your girlfriend,yourbrothers, your family.Love Quotes Hindi comes with the following features-:* App gets updated automatically when required.* Share the Images easily with friends.* Easy and user friendly interface is used.* Facility to bookmark the quotes for future reference.* Can be used as widget on home screen* Share using Whats app, Facebook, Twitter etc. social media
Happy Diwali 1.0
Share the app and Wish your friends andfamilya Very Happy Diwali.Enjoy the huge collection of Diwali Shayari to share withyourfriends and family by whatsapp , facebook, SMS, email, Chats,etc.Click on the message and choose the app from the dialoguethroughwhich you want to send the message. This app has wonderfulDiwaliWishes message and Diwali message that are perfect use forwishingDiwali. Download this app and send ✿Diwali Messages ✿and✿Diwalimessage✿ to your relatives. Now start wishing Happy Diwalito yourfamily, friends and loved ones with "Best DiwaliWishes".--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Features--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->Huge collection of Diwali Message.>Attractive User interface and Simple usability.>Share option to share message with friends and family.
New Year 1.3
Latest collection of new yearcelebrationspecial app "New Year Photo Frames 2017" FreeDownload.Select your new year photo frame easily editable and decorateyourfavourite photos to send and share your friends andfamilymembers.Colorful and lots of models new year photo frames provided.Selectyour image with gallery or take new image with camera to setthisnew year frames.Share using WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Hike etc.We are providing specially new bunch of images to our users.Reliable and fun New Year 2017 countdown app.Counts down the time until 2017 in months, days, hours, minutesandseconds.==============================================================FEATURES- Share the countdown with your friends (via WhatsApp,Facebook,email etc)- Choose what you want to see- Set your favorite images and messages
Happy Birthday 1.3
Are you looking for inspiration or an ideaforsomething to send the birthday greeting for a good friend orfamilymember? Our app has wonderful Birthday Wishes that areperfect foruse on a birthday card or in your message. GenuineheartfeltBirthday Wishes can liven up the day for anyone. Downloadthe appand send lovely birthday messages and Photos to yourrelatives andFriends. More important than anything else are theBirthday Wishesor sayings that you send.The main benefits of our app:-Huge base of Birthday Wishes-Friendly color and interface-Simple usability-Quick share function-Working on every android device in the worldWe sincerely hope that our Birthday Wishes app will be helpfulforyou.Birthday is special day for the person and his close one and wearegiving best recipe item of cake. Cake design on particularpersonbirthday is very special for all. Latest cake design, bestbirthdaycake, best cake art for all. all type of cake, person canmake byhis own and get the best design from his creativity.Best hindi Birthday SMS, Birthday Messages, Latest birthdayquotes,Birthday SMS, English birthday wishes etc.
Swami Vivekanand 1.0
Swami Vivekanand was one of the key figurestointroduce Hindu and Indian philosophies to the western world.Thisapp contains a complete collection of Vivekanand’s quotesandsayings that can act as a path to self knowledge and peace.Ourapplication is a powerful combination of spirituality andknowledgethat can enrich your perspectives on life. Inspir yourlife withrole modelThis app comes with the following features-:* App gets updated automatically when required.* Share the quotes easily with friends.* Easy and user friendly interface is used.* Facility to bookmark the quotes for future reference.* Can be used as widget on home screen* Share using Whats app, Facebook, Twitter etc. social media