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Share it allows you to share photos, files andfolder with everyone using the same Wi-Fi connection or by the useof Bluetooth either publicly where everyone can view the files youare sharing, or privately where only specific people can view yourshared files, and by so allowing them to download and comment onevery file that is being shared, also once you open Share it itwill automatically make you your own Wi-Fi website where you candownload files that you and other people are sharing.Let’s say you saw something funny and you took a picture of itand you want to share that picture, and so here where Share itcomes in place to allow you to share this photo with everyone andalso allow them to write comments on that picture and share them,or let’s say you have a file or even a folder that you want toshare with your class mates so you just upload it on your app andnow everyone will be able to download that file from you either byusing the app itself or by using the site that the app has made foryou or for them (if they are using the app on their device) anddownload it from there .How does Share it works?1. When you open your app you will see the Shared tab whichcontains all of the files that are shared by everyone and here youcan download and comment (everyone can view your comments) on eachfile.2.In the File Selector tab you can select any file or folderthat you want to share and once you make your choice the app willautomatically share the files that you have chosen.3.The My Files tab lets you manage your current shared files soyou can remove, comment or set the privacy of you shared files.4.The My downloads tab allows you to open or delete the filesthat you downloaded.5.To use your personal website you just type the address thatthe application gave you in your Internet browser and there you candownload your own files or files shared by others.6. In the case on a not exsisting Wi-Fi connection the app willautomatically use the device Bluetooth (it it is available )Why Share it?1. An easy and a very fast way to share files and folder.2. The ability to download files from everyone and upload files toeveryone.3. The ability to comment on each and every file that isshared.4. The ability to share files with your computer by using theaddress given by your app.5. The ability to use Bluetooth sharing in the case of existingWi-Fi connection.Please in case of any difficulties you are more than welcome tosend us a mail to:[email protected] we will contact as soon as possible.Thank you