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Flappy Chicken - I can FLY! 1.0.1
***** Here comes the flappy chicken! *****Or at lease he thought so.He's a bit delusional about his ability to soar the sky.Soon to be fried, the brave Chicken!Deliver chicken from burning inferno and save him from the forksandknifes.More ADDICTED, More than BIRD you remembered!* Leaderboards for “Record Competition".* The famous “Chicken Medals” competition; Gold, Silver,andBronze.* Great "8 bit" Graphic.* Nostalgic sound effect.* Fun to play for everyone.***** This game takes you right back to the 8 bit game eraforall you old school people. *****keyword : flappy, chicken,
Pumkie's Halloween 1.0
Welcome to Pumkie’s Halloween .Your favorite Trick-or-Treat time of this year has comeagain.The exciting Halloween game is here, “Pumkie’s Halloween”.Now, you will become a factory manager and make your candy forHalloween!Watch out one of your employees, Pumkie! he sometimes interruptfactory work.Enjoy this halloween in a different and unique style and makeyour own halloween party even while sitting at home.Absolutely, it's a FUNNIEST Halloween ever.■■ FEATURES ■■+ Unique Characters.+ Leaderboards for “Record Competition".+ The famous “Candy” competition.+ Comic Graphic & Horrible sound effect.+ So Simple & So Easy, everyone can play.
Flappy Cowboy - Smash Shot! 1.02
Are you ready for the crazy challenge?Here comes the Flappy Cowboy!Just tap on your device to shoot targets.Be Careful! You should not shoot some of them.Shoot targets to achieve score and win fantastic trophies.Smash your friends high score.*** This game takes you right back to the 8 bit game era for allyou old school people.keyword : flappy, cowboy, smash, shot, crazy