Silent Studios Media Group Apps

Baller Pinball 2.0
Arcade style pinballPost scores to multiple leader boards and earn achievements.Tilt control
Escape 2D 1.0
After crash landing on earth you findyourselfcaptive by a secret government agency. Escape the secretgovernmentbuilding and return to your home planet before you becomeanotherexperiment. Powered by Dolby Digital were supported.
Murtle the Turtle 1.0
Due to recent deforestation Murtle theTurtlehas to relocate to a new pond. Help Murtle navigate her wayto anew home by avoiding rolling logs in this new adventure.
Solar Wave Lite 1.5
Combine sound and color with Solar Wave.Drag your finger across the screen and create something unique.Withevery touch of the screen a sound and color is producedallowing youto create something magical. Stay entertained forhours sharingspecial messages with the people around you.
Story Teller 1.3
Story Teller allows you and your friends tobein charge of the story. With Story Teller simply type or speakasmall portion of your story and push play then pass it to afriend.The story will be read back to you and your friend for hoursofhilarious fun.