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Hook Wheel Circle 2.1.1
Play fast paced, awesome, most colourful aagame. 100 % Free to PlayBest time pass toilet game.Best to play during private time in bathroomReviews :Jasmine Fierros★★★★★Loved it This is a really awesome game i really love. 💘❤Aviva Sagrero★★★★★I love it its awsomeAllen Parker★★★★★Awesome I am hooked to this gameGame Play• This is a classic little arcade game.• Tap the screen to send the dot flying into the big rotatingcircle.• Don’t tap or touch the spikes or the other small dots.Game Features• Hook Wheel is a free, cool and fun arcade aa game.• It's interesting.
• It's highly addictive.
• 250 + levels. More coming soon• Works on all Android tablets & Phones• Train your aiming skills• Very easy and simple to get into, but hard to master!• Boys, Girls, Kids and children of all ages over 2 to 3(preschool), teens and even adults love this blitz game.• This addicting and addictive game is great if you love games suchas 2048, 1010, aa, ff, smash hit and classic such as PianoTiles.Best toilet time Killer. Download for free to kill yourtime in bathroomWith new levels being added each and every month, so you'llnever get bored while you're taking care of business in toilet.Have to warn you though, it can be difficult trying to stay focusedduring tough levels if you happened to eat a lot of Mexican foodthe day before.Hook wheel levels last only a minute, so get ready to playaround 5-50 levels in toilet depending on how bad yourmother-in-law's cooking was.Flex your clicky finger as you jump, dash and shoot your waythrough spiky obstacles & defeat Geometry puzzles.This game is so much fun, you can even fake some bathroom timejust to play it in private away from the family,Now we're dropping balls in the bathroom and on our phone at thesame time.Advice for kids, mums, dads, grandparents, godparents, nannies,brothers and sisters from a 'grown up kid', sister, godmother andnanny who has been there and back! : This game is highlyaddicting.Perfect time killer as you slice up your digestive system aftereating too crazy much fast food. Get Lucky when you kill time &lock Pin balls in this amazing classic aa game.Share with your facebook messenger, pinterest, whatsapp and kikfriends! Download and play this free full version game now!Follow Us on Facebook Website
Dots and Boxes - Classic Game 1.0.9
Dots and Boxes game is a free classicchildhood pencil and paper game with some interestingfeatures.++ HOW TO PLAY ++Tap on the line between two dots to draw a line of the box. Onceyou connect the dots, your opponent will get a turn to connectother two dots of any box on board. If you connect the last line ofthe box and complete the square, that square becomes yours, alsoyou will get an extra chance to draw a line and make more boxes.Player having more boxes and squares will win.++ SINGLE VS MULTIPLAYER ++Play against computer in single player mode or your friend inmultiplayer mode.++ GAME LEVEL ++Easy level (for new players), hard level (for expertplayers).++ GAME MODES ++Blank mode - By default, all the lines and squares on the boardwill be blank.Auto fill - This is an interesting feature. In this mode some ofthe lines and boxes will be auto filled. If you are lucky you canconnect more dots and squares at the beginning, which will givehard competition to your opponent.++ GAME SIZE ++no of dots and squares depends on the size of the screen. you canchoose small, medium, large or extra large board.++ ADD MORE DOTS AND BOXES / SQUARES ++Another interesting feature - click on add more dots and boxes,menu to increase the board size during game play.Have fun & Enjoy!
Smiley Pop The Lock 1.0.1
Play this game and pop smile at two places,one at your face and the other in the game. We value the latter onemore.:)So, Pop The Smiley is an addicting game that makes you addictedto lock and pop the candy for the emoji. This is a very cute andfun-loving game but at the same time it needs perfect combinationof reflexes and concentration. Initially the game seems easy but asyou clock out through the levels you need more concentration. Soget on, see how many candies can you pop by locking at the perfecttime and forget the clock and make more smiles.How to play :There is a emoji/smiley in the screen with a neutral face, a stickand a candy. First you tap on the screen to make the stick move,the stick moves towards the shortest distance from the candy, whenthe stick reaches over the candy you have to lock it by tapping onthe screen at that exact time to pop the candy for theemoji/smiley. When you pop one candy the emoji smiles and when youcomplete a level it becomes happy.The number of level you are at decides the number of candiesthat you have to pop up for the emoji/smiley.When you complete a level there's a big smile on the screen so doeson your face.:)So try to pop more and more smiles.
Rocket Hero Cannon Shooter 1.3
Rocket Hero : Tiny Troopers CannonShooterBest New FREE Shooting Game for 2016Here comes Rocket Hero with Cannon. Your boredom must die.Rocket hero is a fun, addicting game with cool graphics andsounds. You need to have good aiming skills to win the game. Bestof luck.GameplayRocket Hero is a free, cool and fun arcade adventure game.Rocket Hero as the name suggests is the hero of the game and hismission is to kill enemies. Rocket hero has a cannon with which youcan aim and fire on enemy, which gives you scores and coins. If therocket strikes on enemy's head you get two points and if you hitheadshot 3 times consecutively, then fever mode is activated inwhich you get 5 points for next shot. Its a War, no law zone. Enemymust die if you miss he'll kill you. No other way.How to playTap and hold your finger on the screen, and rocket hero will startaiming his cannon, and when you release he'll fire. But you have toaim perfectly because you got only one chance, the cannon doesn'tgets back once you've crossed your aim. So aim perfectly and thenfire.Why play this game• Addicting Cannon Shooting game.• Only one Life to age excitement.• Fever mode for more score.• Cool graphics.• Do or Die.• One tap gameplay.• Endless level. Hero keeps running as you keep shooting• Its addicting, simple & interesting.• Supports all Android Phones , HD devices and tablets.• 5 different characters to choose from.Game is completely FREE with no consumables, time, or upgradesto purchase.DOWNLOAD & PLAY NOW FREE!
Block 2048 Puzzle 0.0.4
Play Fun and addictive mobile version of 2048game in a New Way.. Game has Six different type of boards withblocks including non-block 5x5 boardHOW TO PLAY:Move the tiles in all directions like Up,Down,Left, and Right. Whentwo tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. Like 2+2becomes 4 and 4+4 becomes 8. Your first target is to create 2048tile.Features:-Six different type of boards with blocks to play-Game is automatically Saved-Unlimited Undo Support-Sound On/Off Support-Highscore-Share with Friends-Clean and easy UI-Supports all devices including tablets-Automatically adjust size according to device screen
Spin Circle Switch Color 1.6
★★★★★ Spin Circle Switch Color ★★★★★Come let's spin circle by tapping and making it switch color,match it with small wheel ball coming from top.The concept is simple but the game ain't. You need a greatcoordination between your eyes, mind and hands. Give your reflexesa quick workout with fun and addictive gameGameplayIncreasing speed and colours with each level, making itimpossible and difficult to play.ObjectiveObjective remains same throughout, lock the dropping balls into thesame colours by rotating circular wheel. It rotates with eachtap.I won't say it's impossible to get your high score in three digitsbut you've to try hard because as the time passes the speed keepson increasing and makes it tougher and that is what where theaddiction lies. Because, if it isn’t hard what would be theadventure then.Its not impossible to unlock all the levels as impossible itselfsay i'm possible.So give a try to addictive game.To Make It more fun we have added Two Different Lock Modes.Challenge your brain:★ 1SC-1B (1 Spin Circle 1 brain): Tap left to rotate the wheelto left(anticlockwise) and tap right to rotate right(clockwise).One dot is fired from the top and it is your job to lock thespindle colors up to the correct dots.★ 2SC-1B (2 Spin Circle & one brain): How long can yousurvive in this game? Tap left to rotate the left circular wheel,tap right to rotate the right circular wheel. Two dots are firedfrom the top and it is your job to lock the spindle colours up tothe correct dots.
Fairy against Unicorns 1.2
Do you want to test and improve your shootingskills in a refined, action packed game? Fairy against Unicorns isa stunning new arcade game that pits cute fairies against armedunicorns, and they have to battle until at least one of them issuccessful.In Fairy against Unicorns you play the role of a fairy and youhave a cannon. You will need to aim it at the unicorn and thenrelease it in order to shoot your enemy. Someone must die so be ahero and use the cannon in order to kill the enemy. Use your fairymagic and make it the ultimate rocket boy or evil trooper as youkill the unicorn. The fate of the world is in your hands!If you can strike the enemy head with your cannon you get 2points and after 3 consecutive headshots you will get a fever modewith better scores. This allows you to become the ultimate hero.Eliminate your enemy before it does the same to get the bestoutcome!The more you play the more fun the game will be, but thedifficulty will also increase so you can continually face yourskills. While doing so, you will engage tougher opponents which canmove even faster. You should take your time with aiming theunicorns, because every shot counts! Your fairy missiles aresimilar to a bazooka or a tank so use their power to rack up thehighest score. She will be angry but you have to do anything youwant during this war as there is no defense against this battlesaga. If your turn passes, the cannon will be just a toy since yourkingdom will perish.You get multiple hero characters to choose from as you play, viaunlocking them with your in-game currency. Keep in mind that youhave a single life, so make the most out of each cannon shot!Download Fairy against Unicorns and experience the ultimate, actionpacked test that you always wanted!Features:Beautiful graphicsSkill based gameplayUnlock 5 different charactersEasy to understand and playGreat controlsCool soundtrackAddicting Cannon Shooting game.Game is completely FREE with no consumables, time, or upgrades topurchase.DOWNLOAD & PLAY NOW FREE!
Blocks Breaker Plus 1.5
Blocks Breaker Plus is the most vibrantaddictive brain challenging free match 2 game! The objective ofthis free colors game is to match 2 or more fruits, boxes, smileysor colors and break them all to clean the grid.Find 2 or more bubble balls with the same color and tap to connectand match them. If you match all fruits, smileys and boxes with thesame color you will get 3 stars and go to the following level. But,even if you finish only with 1 or 2 fruits, bubbles or balls youwill score only 1 or 2 stars but you will win the current level.Try to make always 3 stars and beat your friends.Sounds easy? but can you really do it and finish all those brainchallenging levels?Why you need to download and play Blocks Breaker Plus instead ofother free match 2 games?• Nice :★ The colors has been selected to give the best user experience andmake it an addictive game.★ Nice interface.★ The game has different levels, that have been designed withdifferent difficulty, so each level is harder than previous.• 420 levels within 3 modes :★ Yes! we have 420 levels in 3 modes. The first mode is aboutmatching smileys and it contains 140 levels. The second one isabout matching boxes and it contains 140 levels. In the third mode,the objective is to match fruits within 140 awesome levels.• Free :★ Our bricks breaker game is FREE and it will stay Free for life,so there is No hidden fees, no special memberships and no annualsubscription fees to challenge your brain.• Challenging :★ This game is for intelligent people who want to challenge theirbrain playing a fun game.★ The levels will be hard as your progress. Also, since the bricksare generated randomly, on occasion some might not be possible tocomplete on the first try.So, What you are waiting for ? Download Blocks Breaker Plus now andenjoy the best free match 2 game ever!
2 + 2 = 3 Number Puzzle 1.4
2 + 2 number puzzle is a game to connect andmerge number boxes. Aim is to keep block on best possible place,once its on board, will be matching same colored number blocks tomerge and create next big value.Simple Rules2 + 2 becomes 3 and 3 + 3 becomes 4 and so on..challenge yourself and see how far you can go with number blocks,there is no limit to get the highest number. You can even go beyondinfinityyou have four free power boosters that can help you to go beyond urtarget- merge power : break a box and area around it- magic wand power : breaks multiple boxes with same number- hammer power : one box not letting you win, break that box- undo : took a wrong step? Use this one to go backSteps to unlock free boosters- merged power : just get 10 number box to get this and when you gobeyond 10 then on every hit of numbers like 14 18 22 24 up toinfinity you will get this merged power again to reach on topscore.- magic wand, hammer and undo : just get more and more score tounlock these free boosters, more you play more you get.No time limits to play, lets see how far can you go?Features of 2 + 2 = 3 number puzzleFull of fun with mind strategiesFree Game boosters - Merged, Magic wand, hammer, UndoAuto Save functionalityLeader board and AchievementsNo time limitsSmooth and nice animationsWorks on all mobiles and tabsNeed not to fight for space in phone we kept it small in size:)
Cross Color Valley
Love simple and challenging games? Then thisis the game for you! Cross Color Valley starts out fast and neverlets up.Tap the screen carefully so that your ball go through obstacles,after ball swap colors by taking the color switcher power-up.Be careful not to pass through the wrong pattern, or you will haveto start again!Easy to Play: 
Jump Up 
Go through the same Pattern Color as yourBall on each obstacle to cross it.
Avoid touching different colors.
The more Stars collected the Higher Score you get.Cross Color Valley… Free to Play! Match ball color with circle,square or dots coming from top.

Be careful while you switch thecolor. For how LONG can you keep playing Color Valley withoutSMASHING your phone or tablet. If you smash it you have to buy newone :)How far can you get with this addicting game!Features:Challenge your friends or keep trying to beat your own highscore!Extremely fast and addictive!Switch your concentration on! We know you'll pass the challengewith flying colors!Single one tap game play.Endless fun.Amusing background musicSupports all kind of phones, Kindle & tabletsYou can also play this game on browser of your phone, laptop ortablet. Try from link below: on Facebook ConnectedFacebook : : [email protected] :
Dice Chess With Buddies 1.2
Dice Chess - Block Puzzle is a challengingpuzzle game full of fun!Easy to play, and pleasurable game for all ages.HOW TO PLAY1. Roll the dice.2. The tile matching with color and number on the dice getshighlighted.3. Check possible moves by tapping the highlighted number.4. Move the tile in any of the positions highlighted. Try to mergedominoes with opponents dominoes & destroy them.5. You win if one of your tile reach far corner where opponentstarted or if you remove all of the opponent’s dominoes from theboard.FEATURES• Real time online multiplayer mode• Player Vs CPU mode• Offline multiplayer support• Multiplayer Turn based mode• Global leaderboards• Amalgam of ludo & chess
Split 1.1
Splitter is a fun addictive Classicjezzballgame with attractive color themes and challenging gameplay, itsgonna Spin your brain like Fidget spinner. Forget thosetap, jumpgames and start enjoying new free split game. Its not thesame oldarcade physics, Its a complete Nostalgic concept which youaren'tgonna forget.Initial levels are quite easy, but as you grow through thelevels,it becomes challenging and addictive. You will get lives ateachstage and drop down the level if you lose all the lives.+++ About Splitter +++There will be jezzball on the screen in a big box that keepsonmoving and colliding with each other and to the walls of thebox.Your target is to clear the maximum area by drawing a splitwall ina horizontal or vertical way. The area percentage you splitup isshown by an indicator on the top of the screen.+++ How to play Splitter +++Swipe your finger on the screen in either vertical orhorizontaldirection to create a wall to split the area. splitterarea havingno jezzball will be cleared.As you clear the splitter area and filled the splittermetercompletely you will go to the next level. Don't get trapped inonebox with multiple jezzballs. Your motto is to split the areaintoball free area. More you split the area, More you get thescoresand lives.So let's see how many jezzballs you can handle and how far youcanreach in this classic game. Good luck..+++ Features of Splitter +++• Swipe game with new arcade physics• Multiple jezzballs to divert your brain• Unlimited Levels, hard to complete all• Compete with buddies on leaderboards, check globalscorestoo• Free to download and play• Multiple themes to choose from• Fancy animations• Classic game play• Split more to win
Famous Inspirational and Motivational Quotes 1.0.7
Read, share, listen over 10,000+ quotesbyfamous authors, sayings and status in over 100+ topicsforfree.You can share the motivational quotes from various authorsandtopics to your Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter,Hangouts,Email groups and friends. This will help you gain morelikes andattention from your friends. On the other hand your lifewillimprove by gaining knowledge from inspirational quotes. Gonnahelpyou in your bad time and good time both.FEATURES OF FAMOUS INSPIRATIONAL and MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES ARE:✓ Easily find your favourite authors and topics forInspirationalquotes.✓ Read short biography of authors.✓ Listen Inspirational & famous quotes when you don’t feellikereading. A Unique feature available only in this app.✓ You can Select and Add quotes to 'favorites' section forreadingthem later✓ Schedule notifications to receive ‘Quote of the day’ or‘Thoughtof the day’.✓ Works in both portrait & landscape mode.✓ Attractive layout options, Switch to Cards or list layout asperyour liking.✓ Plenty of themes to choose from.✓ Accommodates modern interface with beautiful animations.✓ Quickly share quotes with images via Instagram,Facebook,WhatsApp, Twitter, Hangouts, Email groups andfriends✓ Choose what you want to share only textual quote or quotewithImage.✓ Works offline.✓ Famous Quotes regularly coming in updates.Note: Didn’t find your favourite Author or topic? Do write to [email protected] so that we know what you want to addorimprove.
Daily Petrol Diesel Price in India GST Rate Finder 1.14
Stay on top of two recent reforms by Indiangovernment- GST (goods & services tax)- Petrol, diesel, gas prices revision on daily basisThese two reforms created major shift in common man’s day to daylife. Now cost of all daily use commodities are changed after everyfew days. Specially expense of food items keep on fluctuating withevery change in fuel prices. For some people these announcementsare on good side but few are still trying to adapt themselves withthese changes.India is country with different type of people some understand GSTand Fuel ( petrol, diesel, gas ) price and some don’t. To makeeverything simple for all users, we created one free app forall.Petrol, Diesel Price and GST Rate finder in India.Features of Fuel Prices* Simple & quick way to know FUEL cost in your City in India.BEST Utility app.* All major cities covered* Easy to use calculator, Calculate total before making the paymentand maintain your expense book* Search your city* Pin your favourite cities for quick access* Check cost history* Graphs included for better analytics of rate history* Compare with other cities* Compare multiple petrol pump rates (IOC, HP, BP etc)* Multiple petrol pumps data available like - Indian Oil, HindustanPetroleum, Bharat Petroleum etc* Widget Support for quick access* Multiple themes for day and nightALL MAJOR and SMALL CITIES Covered- Mumbai- Delhi- Kolkata- Chennai- Ahmedabad- Chandigarh- Lucknow- Ambala- Ludhiana- Bangalore- Gurgaon- Noida- Jaipur- Mohali- Hyderabadand many more. Rates for more than 500 cities available in thisapp.Features of GST RATE Finder* Search by name of any item* Check range for different items* Hindi Language support for GST* Different categories for Goods and Services* Check GSTIN for any business* Easy to navigate* Easy to use UI****** If you like this app, share with your friends *******
Tiny Learners - Kids Educational Game 1.2.1
The Leader in Educational Games forKids!Its a great tool for building foundation in math, english, thinkingskills that today's elementary school curriculum requires. The bestway to get your child to embrace learning is to make it fun. Theselearning games teach important brain teaser skills 🧠for preschooland elementary school. Now you can do just that by encouraging themto play this interactive game. Designed to simultaneously teach andentertain, our game appeals to babies in all grade levels.Want an educational game that help build skills in math, language,thinking and more? You've come to the right place!Tiny Learners is simple app that your little one will loveto play in all growing stages. This can make learning numbers,alphabet, basic math skills, shapes, colors, englishenjoyable.Four Different Groups To Chose From:1. All Around Fun:Rhymes & Reasons: Challenges rhyming ability, problem solving,sequencing talent & more! 🌏💫2. Thinking Talent :I’M Thinking: Builds problem solving, visual discrimination sortingability! 💬3. English :Word Play: Builds vocabulary with colors, shapes(block, square,rectangle, circle, triangle) & letters! 🔤4. Math:Number Count: Introduces counting & addition with colors,shapes(block, square, rectangle, circle, triangle) & more!🔢Features:• educational puzzle and quiz saga for kindergarten, preschoolers,all age children and for adults• letters, logical, numbers, objects, language, abc flashcards andnumbers for kids & toddlers• new study saga for infant 👶• sounds on pressing match blocks• discover real english words• helps parents 👪 teach baby• can be used in playway academy• improves puzzle solving and pronunciation ability• block and flash card based beautiful UI• unfold square at bottom and place to matching square at topgrid• use the app offline when you don't have internet access or wishto save your data plan!Just download this app and let your kid playall levels• Tiny Learners is designed to be very easy to use sochildren can use tablets and phones in a safe and fun way• whizz puzzle for all age group children: "Delight childrenthrough learning"• helps to develop coordination,boost memory, and pre-kindergartentalent• no subscription or payment required to play, unlock all levels byearning coins in each level. Engage your little one to learn moreby wining and unlocking next levelsYour baby will love playing this whizz kids saga and you'll be ableto relax, knowing your infant is studying while having great fun.🏆🏆We are working very hard to improve Tiny Learners brainsaga. We look forward to hearing from you! Whether it’s asuggestion, bug you found or you want to share one of yourexperiences get in touch with us on [email protected] you like it don’t forget to rate. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Baby Puzzles - Wooden Blocks 1.1
Baby Puzzles - Wooden Blocks is afreeeducational game for your baby and kidsWant to make your kid learn about alphabets, numbers,animals,fruits and vegetables etc in shape of wooden blocks? Wecame withjigsaw concept where your toddlers / babies will learn andenjoy atsame time. Kids can easily learn matching of numbers andalphabets,they can remember what shape of vegetables, fruits,animals anddigits are.This puzzle is one of the best way to educate your kid forcomingchallenges in pre-school education.Some of the wooden puzzle blocks your baby will play with:* Animals : squirrel, panda, bee, monkey, hen, duck,penguin,elephant, lion, owl, dog and much more cute animals.* Fruits : Pineapple, lemon, apple, strawberry, banana,cherry,pear, watermelon, coconut etc.* Vegetables : carrot, corn, pepper, radish, eggplant,cauliflower,black olive, cabbage, chili etc.* Numbers : 1, 2, 3, 4 upto 10* Alphabets : A, B, C, D upto ZFeatures of this free educational baby wooden puzzle game:- Sharpens your toddlers / babies and kids brain- Learning while playing- Skills development to match and remember ABC, numbers,fruits,vegetables, animal shapes- Easy to learn and play. Just drag and drop wooden jigsaw objecttomatching shape.- Soft and stimulating sounds- High quality appealing colors & cute hd pictures- Many different levels, check the game once to explore more- Improve level of educationAll in one free game for your children.We are working on adding more learning chapters for yourtoddlers.Kindly share your feedback on [email protected] wewould love tohear what more you need for your toddlers andbabies.