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Oakalai Fairies
Behind the Oak Tree is a little magical world,where we found a lost little fairy crying by herself. "Mei" - thewind whispers her name. She is still small and without wings, shecan't leave this Oak Tree. Infected by Mei's magical power, the OakTree surprisingly grows out so many star fruits.Let's help little Mei gain the fairy dust from every star fruitgrown and find her sisters who came a long way to visit.Fairies do love sweet, so don't forget to give her treats sometimesand make her happy.***FEATURE***★ 25 different kinds of fairy to find, more in future★ There are two game modes to choose★ Collected fairies are recorded in the Diary, an album with chibistyle for the player to enjoy.★ Learning the mystery stories behind fairy lives★ Updating fairies level to see them transform★ Raising adorable little fairy, without sweet, she will surelysulk★ Shopping for many different types of food and drink★ No In-app purchases!* While the game can be played offline, internet connectivityrequired to get bonus in game. Data charges may apply.
Dress Up: Anime Fever 2.4
*NEW FEATURE* ~Change Color~ Challenge yourcreativity!You can change color of hair, eyes and clothes now!FANTASY THEME!Dress up and design your favorite character with lots to choosefrom: a Fairy, an Angel, a Demon, a Vampire or just an ordinary yetcute girl!FEATURES OF ANIME FEVER:☆ 10 cute dolls to select☆ Mix and match with a lot of anime looks☆ Customize character's expression☆ Customize character's size and positionMoreover, you can create your own greeting cards and design stylishwallpapers for your phone!HOW TO PLAY:It's really simple. There are two panel which you can swipe up anddown to show up more options. Just click clothing item and it willbe equipped automatically.We always welcome your suggestions, comments and thoughts. If youhave a moment, feel free to rate and review our app. It encouragesus create and improve our apps.