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Elite Terrorist Strike 1.0
***A very low sized action gamedesignedspecifically for tablets and smartphones. ***The enemy has strike with heavy arsenal and taking the localashostage making the circumstances worst.Earn coins to kill each enemy, get bonuses on clearing thecomplexmissions. The amazing 3d look environment would allow you toenjoythe real combat gameIntense combo-focused crime fighting!Eliminate a mob of enemies; take out the single target thatmattersmost. The next objective is up to you.Varied AI behavior makes each enemy unique and challenging toshoot& killTake on the role of silent killer - a fixed position shootinggame.Scope in on your marks using skill, subtlety, stealth,subterfugeand the environment to complete your contractsTake on missions and campaigns with unique goals. Stake outtargetsfrom long-range, take them down with well-placed shots,assaultenemy bases head on or infiltrate enemy lines* Just touch the screen with your finger or thumb to killtheenemies**Make sure you do not miss the shots and respond quickly• Complex situation, hijacked buildings, captured arenasandcross firing• Short & long shooter rifles• Realistic Fighting Arena Environment• Shooting all the terrorists will lead you to the next stage• Auto loader Guns• Critical three different missions terror• Best Shooting Game• Amazing 3D GraphicsHow to Play• Choose your mission• Shoot with fire button• Move up down jump button• Use anti-terrorist 3D pistol to fire your gunshot
• Auto target whenever close to enemy.• Collect different type’s ammo during action war.
Gunner Apache Gunship 1.0
So you love Gunship Helicopter Games!?GunnerApache Gunship is here to serve you the right dose ofadrenalinepumping action!Get in the most feared weapon the world has ever made; anapachegunship! With its 20mm Cannons, rip the attacking enemies toshredsand destroy their frontlines as theyretreat because of the fear! You are to protect yourcountriesdefensive positions by mounting an offensive campaignstrikeagainst the enemy positions. Intel indicates that they are ontheverge of a push towards your positions; so take them out bytheelement of surprise. Good luck soldier; and God Speed!Features- Attack your enemies in an Open World! Doesn't get any betterthanthat!- Harder enemies further down the missions! Are you up tothechallenge?- Lob missiles and overwhelm them with immense firepower!Download Gunner Apache Gunship FREE on the GooglePlaystorenow!
Gunner League: Mercenary X 1.0
Gunner League: Mercenary X puts you inchargeofa machine gun to destroy the enemy. Have you ever wanted totakecontrol of powerful guns? Your base is surrounded and HQ hasset upa defensive perimeter around the base to protect it fromfallinginto the enemies hands. So you do what you do best; shootanddestroy stuff!Gear up to defend bases the HQ has assigned to you; indeserts,jungles and snowy mountains. The war is escalating and youhave ajob at hand. Destroy the incoming waves of aircraft,gunshiphelicopters and soldiers and become a war hero. Manymissions awaitas you go from location to location to defend yourhomeland! JoinGunner League now and become the best Gunner thereis!Features*Diverse mission set*Realistic machine gun animations*Varied Enemy AI that keeps you on your toes!*Awesome 3D graphics!*3 beautiful locations to fight in!
Clash of Armies 1.0
Want to be an action commando in thisgreatgame of figth? Clash of Armies is the special forcecommandosgame.Move in exciting third person missions as you battleyour foesto your last breath! Can you make it out alive!?You have to control the conflict and test your kick skillsaswell against the fearsome special soldiers on thebattlefield!Introducing unique side scrolling game-play.Clash of Armies will test your ability for commandingwarfareagainst the terrorists! Beat the hell out of different enemytypeseach with their own strengths and weapon loadouts.Features:*Third Person Gameplay*Fast Action scenes*Multiple modern weaponry*Kill your enemies strategically