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Area Maze 3D 1.01
The puzzles can train your logical thinking.The puzzles are perform in 3D, so your right brain can betrained.The game play is simple by just finding the missing value, whichis denoted by a question mark.Solve it without algebra, decimals or fractions, just integers,logic thinking and a simple equationArea of Rectangle = length x widthThe puzzles are not drawn to scale, so you can put the ruleraway.There has 180 puzzles in the game."Area Maze" is a popular in Japan.Another name of this puzzle game is "Menseki Meiro"
Pachinko '70s 1.3
Retro pinball games, unforgettablegoodtime.Hope to give you a long forgotten mechanical feel.
Color Shift - 3D Color Switch 1.3
New angle of view!Tap the ball to pass through 3D obstacles.