Stanislav Sidorov Apps

Tic Tac Toe 2.8.1
Classic game of Tic Tac Toe, known to all forits simplicity, but also for fun in every new game. This version ofthe game is quite innovative and essentially complete, you can playin three different modes:Single PlayerMode for single player, you can play against the computer and youcan choose between 3 different difficultyPlayer vs. PlayerMode for two players who can play on the same deviceMultiplayerMultiplayer still not availableFeatures:Graphic FHDOdds of winning3 game modes
Colors Rising 1.2.2
This is the classic game of Colors in theimproved version and adapted with new 3d graphics. The controls aresimple as well as functioning of the game itself, just remember thecolor sequence and then repeat it using the arrows on thecontroller.There are 4 different levels of difficulty so everyone can start atthe bottom and then become a real expert and repeat the sequencewith his eyes closed.Features:FHD Graphics4 levels of difficultyGreat soundsClassic gameScore system
Snake Millenium 1.1.8
Here is a classic game and now renovated withnew and appealing graphics, ready for the new millennium, snake iseasy to understand, but at the same time offering unlimited fun.There are two different game modes:ClassicPlay until you do an accident and collect as many points aspossibleSnakes BattleFight against another snake for those who can take the mostpointsAlso coming multiplayer mode.
Gravity Board Return 3.1.4
Gravity Board is a game known by all andnowrenovated and ready to impress again with its charmalwaysfashionable that never sets.Gravity Board is a two-player connection game in which theplayersfirst choose a color and then take turns dropping coloredballsfrom the top into a seven-column, six-row verticallysuspendedgrid. The pieces fall straight down, occupying the nextavailablespace within the column. The objective of the game is toconnectfour of one's own discs of the same color next to eachothervertically, horizontally, or diagonally before your opponent.The game has three modes:Player vs Player2 players against each other you can play with the sameremotecontrol or the same joystick, wins the one who manages tocompletethe row of 4 balls.Player vs CPU1 player against the computer, you can choose the difficulty ofthecomputer and choose who starts to play first. The scores aresavedand displayed on the screen of the scoresMultiplayerMode that will arrive shortly, where you can play againstplayersfrom around the world. You can choose from three differentgroups:beginner, Random, Expert and clashes will be saved in thescorescreenGraphics in the game at the highest levels suitable forplayingon TV at home.
Piano Rush 1.0.3
Piano Rush is a very fun game that is basedonthe speed and concentration. The game is simple to understand,butonce we started playing I assure you that you will be hookedmore.Every time you see the black tile you will need to pressthecorresponding key, if you press the right will lightgreenotherwise red. Speed is essential in fact risescontinuouslycausing the game becomes increasingly difficult.There are five different game modes, for now:ClassicClassic mode where the game stops when you're wrongFlashWhere you will have 60 seconds to assert yourselfSpeed MasterYou have to tap as fast as you can 20 black tailsDaily LightSometimes the light go away, be carefullMultiplayerWhere you can challenge other players and find out who isthebest
Squares Challenge 1.0.1
Squares Challenge is the classic game withpenand paper, but now available directly on your display !!!In the game you will have to connect the dots, forming linesandfinally the square, the player who can forming as manysquares,wins!There are 3 game modes:Single player2 playersMultiplayerEach mode can be played with a grid of 9 or 16 points, to bechosen.The game is totally renovated, with HD graphics, sounds andmuchmore .. A classic that never goes ..