Studio Generative Apps

Figuras: Twitch Shape Matching 1.3
Figuras is a fast-paced shape matching game.Try to match the endless wave of circles, triangles and rectangles.◉ Very minimal and clean graphics◉ How fast can you go? Reach top scores!◉ Endless gameplay
Bounce Island - Ball,Dash,Jump 1.1
Jump, Dash Up & Down, then Jump again!Go through infinity loop of traps and obstacles. Watch out forevil monsters. Unlock all cool characters and challenge yourfriends.Who can get the highest score?Bounce Island features:→ ∞ infinity loop of levels→ Addicting gameplay→ Cool new characters to unlock→ Very simple one tap controls→ Free and Endless fun→ Leaderboards and Achievements to challenge yourself→ Top and bottom dash lanes→ Special Free Basketball, Football and Tennis charactersHow to Play:- Tap on left screen side to switch the dashlane- Tap on the right screen side to jump over spikes
Tile Skip - Hop & Jump Around 1.0
Tile Skip is deceptively simple reflex gamewith minimalist graphics and atmosphere. Jump and run through anendless path of cubes and tiles.Be careful though, this game is easy to grasp, but hard tomaster!Control you character by tapping left to jump one tile and rightto jump two.Climb up the leaderboard, can you beat the high-score?
Don't Get Spiked 1.20
◉ Bounce left/right on the tiles, try not tostep on the spikes!◉ Collect stars and unlock more than 30 characters.◉ This game requires quick reflexes and concentration!◉ Highscore game, you can play for endless hours◉ Compete with your friends and beat their score◉ Cool character: Fidget Spinner, Fishbone, Skull, Spaceman,Robot--------------------------------------------A word of advice: Don't Get Spiked!--------------------------------------------How to play:-Tap/Touch left side of the screen to jump left-Tap/Touch right side of the screen to jump right-Don't touch the spikes, it is that important!
Hard Skating - Flip or Flop 1.23
Take your skateboard to the ramp, do as manyflips as you can! The bigger the flip, the more points you win. Areyou a true sk8r or a true flop?Are you in for the challenge?◉ Tap and hold to Flip, release to Land!◉ Collect coins and unlock more than 15 cool skateboards tosk8◉ 24 fun challenges to beat!◉ Google Play Games leaderboardsSk8 or Die!
Splashed - Addicting arcade time killer 1.0
Splashed! is fun and relaxing time killerwithaddicting gameplay.Shoot color balls by tapping and hit the obstacle with thesamecolour. Sounds easy, but it gets more tricky and challengingwithevery passed level. Can you finish them all?Features:★ Easy to learn and fun to play★ Addicting gameplay★ 90 levels (more to come)★ Play for a few minutes or hours at a time
Orders Up: Intense Arcade Game 1.1
Take control of the counter, serve allthehungry customers as fast as you can. Be careful though, makesureto serve them in the right order or you may get a "badreview".Earn cash with every order and unlock more than 8restaurants and24 different foods.How high can you score?Game features:◉ Intense food serving action◉ Awesome 8-bit retro graphics◉ 8 different restaurants to play - Pizza Land, Sentai Sushi,PlanetX, Burger, Mexican, Donut Shop, Cinema City and Santa'sDiner◉ Serve a wide variety of food - Burgers, Fries, Pizza,Tacos,Sushi, Shakes, Ice Cream, Cookies, Nachos, Avocado, Cocoa,Rice,Fish◉ Lots of funny customers to serve - Clowns, Basketballplayers,Robots, Policemen, Celebrities and Moms◉ Compete for the top score on leaderboards