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GOSU Opening 2.0
Studio Ingele
Improve your Go game (weiqi, baduk) openingstrategy with GOSU Opening!Find out where the pro players play and see the winning ratio ofevery move.Features :- includes 75.830 Pro games- Search and study your favorite player
GOSU Joseki 3.22
Studio Ingele
GOSU Joseki is a simple Go (Baduk, Weiqi)joseki viewer with game play funtionality.Features- Cleaned up Kogo's Joseki dictionary version- Compare up to four joseki at the same time- Export board as SGF or an image- Simple game play option
GOSU games 2.2
Studio Ingele
Studying professional games is a great way toget better at go, GOSU Games allows you to explore 65.000professional games and offers a great way to find out if you playthe same moves professionals do.Features:- 65.000 professional games (including all AlphaGo games)- Game search functionality- Guess the move with four different difficulty settings