Super Girl Studios Apps

Tattoo Maker 1.0.9
☆☆ ☆ Tattoo Making Awesomeness! ☆☆☆Ever dreamed of making amazing tattoo designs? With this tattoosmaker app you can do just that! Use fresh ink on your favoritecharacters, and make all the tattoo art you want.Start with tattoo of the day and move on to making tattoosinspired by your horoscope! This tattoo maker is all about yourcreations. Try this tattoo app with your friends, or just keepdrawing tattoos for yourself.Download this tattoo maker and ink away all you want!
Mommy & Baby Care - Mommy Game 1.0.1
☆☆☆ Had enough of mommy and baby caregames? This one's for mommy and me!☆☆☆Presenting a mommy game like no other. Where there's no new bornbabies, no doctor, no daddy, no sister, no brother, no feed, nomilk powder, no washing, no diaper change and most importantly - nolittle baby!Mommy care is all about the mama, where you give her a nice,relaxing good time. Featuring a foot spa, facial cleansing, juiceservings and a lot more, our pregnant mommy care will help yo' mamarelax during pregnancy!You can always be sure of Super Girl Studios to give you thebest girls games for your little girl! :)
Newborn Baby Care 1.0.3
When it comes to newborn baby care, nothingbeats mommy care, babysitters are alright for a little while butmommy care is the ultimate in taking care of my baby. Make sure thelittle tyke is happy at the baby nursery, else baby doctor will bevery much annoyed.Get ready for the baby shower, and be ready to take care of twinbabies. My baby is sure to enjoy being pampered at the babynursery. You might have to get some help from the babysitter,because taking care of twin baby boys can be pretty difficult.- Fun with newborn baby!- Mommy care with my baby!- Get ready for baby showers!- Play at the baby nursery- Baby care with the baby doctor- Twice the fun with twin baby boys!With baby care like this you will not be needing babysitters atall! Mommy care is what this game has, and it’s going to besplashing fun at the baby shower.It’s all about newborn baby care, and playing with twin babyboys at the baby nursery! So make sure my baby is well fed, happy,and smiling, be the baby doctor you wanted to be, and have fun atthe baby shower!So be a babysitter for newborn baby, and take it away withamazing baby doctor fun!
Supermarket Girl 1.0.2
Welcome to the Supermarket where you takeoverthe supermarket management and deal with sweet little customers whoare here to buy their groceries, fruits and vegetables.Explore the shops and get your cash register straight in thissupermarket mania.Choose form a huge variety of Sweets, Foods and Cakes in this funfilled supermarket game for girls.
Kent & Candy's Airport 1.0.1
☆☆☆ Think you can take on all the airportactivities? You will have to clean planes, sort luggage, play dressup at the kids airport, and even fix the airplane! ☆☆☆The runway is all clear, and the adorable airlines want your helpin making sure everything goes smooth. Get the pilot ready; you candressup Candy & Ken to make them the best crew at the kidsairline.Be a sweetheart and head over to the baby airplane to clean it upand get it ready for flight!You can always be sure of Super Girl Studios to give you thebest girls games for your little girl! :)
Ice Candy Maker 1.0.0
Kids just love Ice Candy with toppings ofstrawberry, oranges and blubbery.Blend your favorite fruits with crushed ice, createmouthwatering ice candy cocktails by adding ice cream sundae andice pop candy to your ice candy in this ice candy maker cookinggame.Use molds of your own choice along with yummy frosting to createPopsicle. With this Ice Cream Maker, everyday can be ice candy day:)
Marry Me! 1.0.2
"Will You Marry Me?"A perfect wedding day is incomplete without the best weddingdress and beautiful bridesmaids.A dream wedding with a relaxing spa salon treatment, glamorousmake up n hair style by the best stylists in town, for the brideand her girls in this wedding game.★★★★★ Features ★★★★★☆ Seaside Wedding Party☆ Amazing Wedding Outfits for dancing contest.☆ The best wedding app for wedding salon game lovers!
Tattoo Maker II 1.0.1
Ink away your creations with this amazingtattoo app. Fill your tattoo machine with fresh ink and createamazing tattoo designs with your favorite characters,horoscopes andmuch more.Show your tattoo art skills and draw tattoo of the day with thistattoo maker app.Download and ink away your creations with fun with thisamazing tattoo maker.
Doll House Decoration 1.0.5
☆☆☆Its time to create, design and styleyour very own doll house with Doll House Decoration! ☆☆☆One of the newest doll house games on android that lets youmakeup your own doll wallpaper for your dollhouse, decorate yourbedroom, create your kitchen, style your bathroom, clean yourliving room and have fun putting up furniture any way youwant.If your kids like doll games, they will surely love doll housedecoration - our latest doll house game for girls.
Kitty Love 1.1
Fun fluffy pet game includes puppies, kittenswho live in the Kitty Land and they are BFF's.Play with adorable kittens, in this fun filled kitty love mania.Treat cute fluffy kitty with royal spa &pet vet tools. Feedyour kittens & watch them purr in happiness. Give your kittensfish and their favorite cat food. Care for your kittens &experience the best kitty play.
Wrist Doctor Surgery Simulator 1.0.4
: Hey there surgery doctor, how about someoperation theater fun at the crazy doctor clinic? You can useinjections without any worries, play with arm surgery, go to theoperation theater for some real fun, and even perform plasticsurgery to make them beautiful again!You can have fun with plastic surgery in our surgery games!Experience arm surgery like never before! Want to learn whatmaternity doctors do? Play and find out yourself! Doctor games sureare fun to play.- Take patients to the operation theater- Perform arm surgery- Give them injections- Check if they need any plastic surgery for scars!- Do what crazy doctors do!- Be a surgery doctor or a maternity doctor, it’s all up toyou!So start playing our doctor games and perform plastic surgery asa surgery doctor. You will have your very own operation theater andyou can give injections, and go for arm surgery, and even be acrazy doctor if you want.’Surgery games are just for fun and not be taken seriously, youwon’t find any crazy doctors in real life, and these doctor gamescan be pretty easy, but it’s all about what kind of a surgerydoctor you want to be like.Start giving injections, play these fun doctor games, and docheck out our other surgery games as well!
Make It Girl Summer Dream Job 1.0.2
Its finally here.. Make it Girl Summer Job!Join the make it girl league and perform fun filled tasks forhouses and summer businesses.Design your own Drink Stand, do yard work, paint colors anddecorate. Give a beautiful summer makeover to your pet at the vetclinic, or have a sunny car wash with Make It Girl!The best Make it girl game from Super Girl Studios!
Princess Nose Doctor 1.0.2
☆☆☆Welcome to our princess doctor gamewhere you will treat patients with professional doctortools☆☆☆!Put on your doctor gloves and head over to the clinic surgery roomwhere you will have to deal with adorable patients. Make sure youtake away their nose pain and leave them smiling. You can be anewborn baby doctor as this is a baby safe game; you will have todeal with plastic surgery doctor, use crazy cool doctor tools, andfix up all the princesses at the clinic.As a princess nose doctor make sure you do what good doctors do bybeing very careful with your doctor tools. So start treatingpatients in our doctor clinic game and try out our other princessnew games for the most romantic princess story of all time.All our princess games are baby safe so play them withease.
Kids Space Explorer 1.0.1
Woohoo! A New baby is on its way for somespace adventures!Welcome the newborn astronaut baby in journey of some new spaceadventures. Baby astronaut can discover new planets on hisspaceship, explore the milky way, travel through wormholes, escapethe meteorite shower, and even go on the space chases through thecosmos.Ever dreamed of exploring the limitless bounds of space? Maybetravelling to the space station will become easier in the future,but for now experience baby space adventures in our latest spaceexploration game!► Features ◄► Customize your own space ship and head off into a spaceadventure!► Use your rocket powered spaceship and travel the cosmos► Bring out your laser blasters and blast away the meteorites tosave your space station from destruction!► Help bring life to distant planets like Pluto, by giving them afixing up!► Make repairs on the international space station!► Customize your spaceship by adding different rockets, and go on aspace chase!► Become the best astronaut in the cosmos!Maneuver your ship into the endless realms of space, and beware ofthose wormholes that will send you back to where you startedfrom.So jump in your spaceship and go on epic space chases, visit thefar ends of the cosmos as a scientist, maybe even visit Pluto! Themilkyway is a pretty huge galaxy so be sure to visit all of itincluding the space station! Your rocket powered space ship is sureto take you wherever you want.Just make sure to be vary of wormholes and meteorites! You are anastronaut in the making! Travel the milkyway and destroy thosewretched meteorites with a space chase that will shine bright forthousand light years!
Skin Plastic Surgery 1.0.1
Become a little skin doctor and perform skinsurgery in this amazing surgery simulator.Treat little kids, with pimples and skin problems. Skin surgerygame allows you to treat damaged skin and help beautiful girls gettheir beauty back.Best Skin Doctor Game in free kids games category. PlayToday.
Hairy Fashion Salon 1.0.4
Would you look at that! So many divas withdifferent problems, some of them have hairy faces, some want to gettheir pimple popped, others are suffering from lice attack, someneed some wax salon work done, while some baes just want a nice dayat the spa salon with some fancy makeup on the side. Think you canhelp them out?If you like doing what hair designers do, then it’s time to goto the hair salon and give these divas a makeover that they willremember!It’s not just the baes that will need your help though, thereare men waiting for the barber at the beard salon to get theirhairy face shaved.- Help out all the baes at the hair salon by being theirbarber- Visit the beard salon and give hairy faces a shave- Do something about the lice attack!- Pimple popping fun at the spa salon!- Go for some fancy makeup- Makeovers and hair designer awesomeness!- Hair removal at the wax salonGet your hair salon up and running, it’s time to deal with allthe hairy faces, shave beards, remove hair at the wax salon, takecare of lice attacks, have some pimple popping fun at the spasalon, and of course who can forget all the fancy makeup and hairdesigner ombré for your bae.If you have what it takes then get going as a master barber whogives amazing shaves, know their way around a hair salon, that alsodoubles as a beard salon and wax salon. So get pimple popping atthe spa salon, after all, fancy makeup and hair designer hairstylesare not to be missed!
Fancy Makeup Shop 1.0
Girls welcome to Fancy Makeup Shop! Feelrelaxed at Fancy Makeup Shop and experience wide range oftreatments like wax salon, relaxing massages, pimple poppers &hair, experience hottest mascara collection.Create necklaces & trendy dress up with fun filled fancymakeup shop game.Make beautiful clients, pamper them with massages, hot stones& skin treatments with skin doctor at Fancy Makeup Shop.
Beard Salon 1.0.0
Beard Shave Salon is here.Bring in your barber skills and get down to business at themanly beauty salon! Ha! Go crazy with beards, shave with a razor,and make the coolest styles there are!Funny game with awesome new shave styles & makeovers.Trim beards for fancy beard styles or shave for a perfect cleanmakeover with beard salon.
Princess New Baby Care 1.0.1
★★★ Goo Goo Gee Gee Ga Ga!!! ★★★The most adorable and sweetest princess baby is back in herroyal castle, its your duty to take care of the baby princess andher mommy in this new baby born game.Play this amazing baby princess game and take care of the newbaby born in the royal family as well as there mothers.-★-★-★- This latest New Baby Game is designed & developed bySuper Girl Studios -★-★-★-
Baby Girls Bubble Party! 1.0
Welcome to bubble party where you are going tohave a lot of fun. Get those smelly feet washed at the spa salon,sew some socks and shine your dirty shoes at the shoe boutique.More fun with cleaning and brushing your teeth as the dentistrecommended to brush teeth and make sure all the germs aregone.Now comes the next fun; wash hands at the spa salon to make themneat and clean. The fun doesn't stop here, you have a lot more todo.Pop balloons while you bath, blow some bubbles and play withtoys.A cleanup game for kids
Knit Shop - Tailor Boutique 1.0.0
Welcome to the Fashion World !Your own Fashion Boutique where you are the royal tailor. Yourfashion boutique is the best in town and you are the fashionstar.Become the best fashion designer of a dressup boutique by makingyour own designs and patterns on scarves. Design the scarves usingyour imagination and make the best winter fashion design. Sewing isso much fun and so much more to do.Come right in and become the best fashion designer in thefashion world.Features:★ Makeover★ Dressup boutique★ Sewing★ KnittingThe fashion world of dress up games is the new trend thereforewe bring you awesome tailor boutiques and you get to play thefashion designer and give you a go at your fashion designercapabilities.
Cotton Candy Maker 1.1
Hey Kids! Gather your favoritefruits,decorations, toppings & cooking utensils to play thebest Cotton Candy MakerFeel the sugar rush at your sweet candy store with amazing funfilled Candy Maker. Create and cook your favorite Cotton Candieswith Cotton Candy Maker, be creative with the decorations & useyummy fruits along with toppings & make candy store of yourdreams with Cotton Candy Maker
Fashion Pool Party Makeup 1.0
You are invited to the biggest VIP Pool Partyof the year.The party is near but you need to fix some things. The swimmingpool is dirty and needs some cleaning. Feeling tired?Time for a relaxing spa at the spa salon. Feeling better?Time for the VIP pool party but wait we need to get some awesomebikinis and swimsuits and get the glamour with awesome dress upmini game with fabulous variety of dresses.
Kitchen Game - Kitchen Cleanup 1.0.4
Are you ready to work on kitchen design forkids kitchen? It's your chance to play the best kitchen game.Design your kitchen, create fun kitchen designs in this classickitchen game.★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★★ KITCHEN DESIGN: Start the games with designing your own RoyalKitchen before cooking food..★ BEST KITCHEN GAME: Choose cupboards from 6 different cupboardsdesigns and colors.★ DESIGN KIDS KITCHEN: Select wall frames from 6 hanging wallframes.★ CLEAN UP KITCHEN: Paint the kitchen wall with your favoritecolor.
Newborn Baby Sister 1.0.2
This Christmas we bring you a special Mommycare game that is not only about newborn baby or just any othermaternity doctor game but it is much more.Start off with helping pregnant mommy in at the doctor's clinic.She needs assistance with ultrasound, blood test and check up.Maternity doctor comes next where you help mommy deliver yournewborn baby sister.Time runs fast and the next level brings you your newborn babysister's first birthday party where you help here eat andenjoy.Help your sister get ready for first day at school, spatreatment and much more as the wedding is here, help your sisterget ready for her wedding at the spa treatment, dress up andmakeover.
Baby Childhood Story 1.0
Lets get you to a journey in which you travelfrom the birth to a toddler. One of the best baby care gameinvolves a newborn baby growing up, experience inspiring ways ofliving your life throughout different stages.☆☆☆☆☆ SHOWER & MAKEOVER ☆☆☆☆☆★ Give your little baby an amazing fun filled bubbly shower andmakeover.★ Help the mommy clean the little baby with hot bubble bath.★ Give the babies a warm and fuzzy bath and wrap them up inblankets.☆☆☆☆☆ BABY FEEDING ☆☆☆☆☆★ Feed your little princess baby girl with high nutrition food tohelp her grow.★ Don't forget to give your little newborn baby milk to make littleprincess strong.★ Create your baby's own favorite cereal with fun in cereal makingarea☆☆☆☆☆ PLAYTIME & SLEEP ☆☆☆☆☆★ Play with your little newborn baby in the playing room.★ Created and crafted specially for the little princess★ Let the little one explore her interests by playing with all thefluffy toys.★ Babies get tired too, sing them a lullaby and help them fallasleep.
Supermarket Christmas Girl 1.0.0
Merry Christmas folks! Winter is here whichmeans its time for Christmas, Santa Claus and a lot of Christmasgames.We proudly give you Supermarket Christmas where you are thesupermarket manager and you are going to have fun with sweet littlecustomers who are here to buy groceries and fruits and vegetablesand sweet candies.Tour the shops and have fun in this supermarket mania. Chooseform a huge variety of Sweets, fruits and vegetables, Foods andCakes for customers in this awesome supermarket game for girls.★★★ Merry Christmas from team Supermarket ★★★
Face Paint Kids Party 1.0
"!i! Let's face paint these cute fellas !i!Face Paint your friends using different colors, designs anddoodles. The best chic doodling game that kids can enjoy and havefun time. You can paint the kids funny or cute; your choice, yourrules !!★★ More Cool Stuff ★★★ Awesome new doodles★ Funny face painting★ Party Designs★ Cool Colors★ Glittering and sparkling colors★ Cute Hair Selection"
Puppy Love 1.0.2
Play with adorable puppies, in this fun filledpuppy love mania.Fun fluffy pet game includes puppies, kittens who live in thePuppy Land and they are BFF's.Give your puppy bones and their favorite dog food. Care for yourpuppies & experience the best puppy play.Treat cute fluffy puppies with royal spa & pet vet tools.Feed your pups & watch them howl in happiness.
Little Kids Cruise Adventures 1.0.2
Hello Captain ! Welcome on-board!Discover the luxurious cruise ship that has a makeover corner, adress up corner and of course the most fun dolphin show. Yes! allin one cruise ship!Care for your crew and passengers as you ride the waves with theCruise Kids.Cook, feed and clean. Best cruise ship ever with fun filled minigames."
Baby Boom 1.0.0
It's time for a new baby to come to this worldand you are the chosen one who is going to help pregnant mommy.★★★ Features ★★★★ Packing her bags★ Dress up for the hospital★ Eating healthy food★ Pet care spa before leaving for the hospital. Fluffy pet'sbathing time★ Appointment with the Maternity doctor★ Ultrasound at nurse clinic★ Delivering newborn baby sister★ Baby care★ Baby Boom - Playtime
Pet Detective - Hybrid Animals 1.0.1
Grab your magnifying glass along with yourdetective gadgets and get ready to solve some biggest riddles.As a special agent and pet detective it is your mission tocapture evil Professor Coocku who have developed a special chemicalwhich is turning cute little puppies, kittens, cats and dogs alongwith other animals into hybrid mutants to take over the world.You being the best agent is called to perform the duties of PetRescuer-er being a Pet Detective.Solve riddles and get to the core of the ancestors of these poorlittle pets to cure them.★★★ Features ★★★★ Amazing Animal Morph Fun Game★ Guess The Combinations★ More than 40 kinds of animals: cats, dogs, birds, tarantulas andother animals.★ More than 120 hybrids, mutations, many effects, morphingfaces.★ Game is designed for entertainment. Have fun!
Sweet Sixteen Girl Makeover 1.0.0
It's time to celebrate the Sixteenth Birthdayof beautiful princess. You are appointed to make this big royal dayfun filled and everlasting for the little princess. Choose fromtons of outfits, makeup, royal dresses for princess dress up, royalorganic herbal spa treatments and cute little pets for your royalhighness.☆☆☆ Make Up ☆☆☆☆ Choose from a lavish variety of Makeup & Makeovers at theroyal Makeup Shop for the princess☆ Style your princess with amazing lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras,blush on, eye shadows, nail colors and much more☆☆☆ Spa Salon ☆☆☆☆ Give a royal and relaxing treatment to your beloved princessbefore she go to the royal ball party☆ Give a relaxing massage with organic creams☆ Give your princess a fresh look at spa salon☆☆☆ Dress Up ☆☆☆☆ Tons of beautiful royal gowns and outfits to choose from☆ Turn your princess into ultimate fashion diva☆ Become a royal fashion designer and get royal acknowledgement☆☆☆ Pet Shop ☆☆☆☆ Pick a pet for the ball party☆ Give your pet an amazing spa salon treatment
Bracelet Fashion Design 1.0.2
A free winter gift for Christmas. Our new"bracelet design" game.Welcome to the world of jewelry and bracelet designs where youmake your own bracelet design. Choose from variety of options,colors and jewelry designs. Best game for girls this Christmas.Isn't jewelry making & bracelet design fun? A free jewelrymaking girls game for you.
Bunny Boo - My Fluffy Friend 1.0.2
Fluffy Bunny is waiting in your garden, findyour fluffy bunny boo and have fun with your pet bunny.Take care of your bunny by taking your fluffy bunny boo to petvet doctor and then enjoy a fun filled amazing dress up andmakeover with awesome accessories.
ER Doctor 1.2
The best Emergency ER Doctor Game around thecornerYou are the Emergency ER Doctor. People need your help at thehospital as a surgeon doctor.You are not only an Emergency ER doctor, you are a pet doctorand you are a surgeon doctor with awesome surgery simulator skillslike you have seen in your imaginations. The fun doesn’t end here,the patients at the hospital are of all types. Grandma needs yourhelp! Check ups, x-rays and much more. need to be taken.The pet doctor is off today and you must help the pets too. Youare a super doctor because you are all in one; you are a petdoctor, emergency ER doctor, surgeon doctor and x-rayspecialist.
Super Girl Makeup Salon 1.0.1
Are you ready to become a super girl and savethe world. Get ready for a long fighting day to save the world butfirst lets get ready. Take a relaxing spa salon treatment at supergirl spa salon where you do all your makeup, apply super masks andtry on super girl costumes★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★★★★ SKIN CARE ★★★Get the best skin care treatment at super girl skin care salon.Where you get hands on amazing sunblocks to fight against the badguys and sun rays made specially with sugar, spice and everythingnice.★★★ FACIAL TREATMENT ★★★Get relaxing spa salon treatment at super girl spa salon withamazing gadgets to remove black heads and pimples to make your skinglow.★★★ MAKEUP & MAKEOVER ★★★All super heroes need a secret identity. Get a fabulous makeupfrom the experts so no one would recognize you as a super girlhero.★★★ DRESS UP ★★★Being a super heroes does not mean that you should be nerdy. Youcan be fashionable too, so get your hands on those designer madesuper heroes costumes, try them on and get on to your mission.
Bae Breakup Madness 1.0
Bae has left the party because she justgotheartbroken. Her boyfriend broke up with her in front ofeveryone.Bae got embarrassed in front of everyone and ran away intears;crying.But this is life, Right!? Wrong! Breakups are not end oftheworld. No boy can hurt you or make you feel extremes of sadnessandheartbroken. A true lover will make you feel beautiful.This is what Bae needs right now. That lame boyfriendjustdoesn't know what he lost. And all those girls laughing at Baeinparty, thinking she is a looser; they need to be shown thatBaewon’t take no for an answer. She will move on, will get herlifetogether and be beautiful.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~• Bae needs your help in this distress and heartbroken time• Bring back love in her life• Wipe away those tears• Make her choose the right boyfriend!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GAME FEATURES★ Clean those Pimples by pimple remover★ Get her face clean with Facial Spa!★ Wipe away those dark circles★ Get her some great makeup★ Wear some cool accessoriesMake her look gorgeous and beautiful. Be Glamorous! Get outthereand get prepared for the next upcoming annual party and getthe truelover with your magical looks. Get the perfectboyfriend.Everyone will be so jealous of you!Welcome to the best of breakup games ever!
Wacky Babysitter Madness 1.0
Can you save the day and become ababysitterfor a day? Mommies are at the parlor and you are the incharge.Wacky Babysitter Madness awaits you.Put the babies to sleep and get your hands onmommy'swardrobeDress up yourself with all the accessories and become thecoolestbabysitter.Make dolls and give them an amazing makeover, give them tokidsand watch the magicBabysitter is a tough job when you have to change dirtypampers,shower the babies and much moreEnjoy this amazingly fun filled Wacky Babysitter Madness andbecool
Pony Dream Makeover 1.0.0
Welcome to Pony land where you are goingtohave a lot of fun with the little ponies.★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★★ Home sweet home: Little pony is hungry. We need some food★ Spa: Kids get dirty, so do ponies. Little pony needsyourassistance★ Hospital: Help the injured pony★ Makeover: Dress up and become the most beautiful ponyAll in one fun and exciting pony pet care game for kids.
Grandma Fashion Boutique 1.0
Grandma Susie and her friends are gettingreadyfor the exciting upcoming Fashion Party.All Grandmas are busy in Fashion Makeup Salons getting readyandyoung with Plastic Surgery, Botox, and lots ofFashionableGlamorous Clothing.Now lets help Grandma Susie prepare for the awesomeFashionParty★ Help her decide the best options in the latest FashionMakeupSalon.★ Do her detailed Plastic Surgery, Botox, Full Make up,DressUp.★ Help Grandma Susie look her best at the GlamorousFashionParty.Cm-on! Lets do best in Fashion Makeup Salon and make yourGrandmaSusie Prettiest, Beat other Grandmas!
Superhero Kids Makeover 1.0.1
Super Hero Mom needs your help. Are you goingto help her?Super Hero mom is pregnant and is expecting a baby soon. She isat the hospital and her super hero kids are alone until the babyarrives.★★★ In this super hero kids game, you are chosen to be the heroof the day ★★★Experience this casual dirty kids makeover game with lots of funwhere kids not only need your help in cleaning and changingclothes, we go big with more details that include showering,cleaning the teddy bear, soap, shampoo, towel, dress up and muchmore fun
Happy Teeth - Dentist Mania 1.0
Don’t you want to be a dentist? Thisdentistgame is going to make your dreams come true.★ Instantly become a teeth doctor at the dentist's office★ Fun and easy to play★ Perform surgery and make sure patients have happy teeth★ Clean the teeth, polish them, make sure they are brightandshiny★ Customize your teeth with stickers, hats, faces an muchmoremake their dentist fear go away with your skills"
Beard Barber Makeover Salon 1.0.4
Crazy beards, epic hair makeovers, andsomeamazing razor shave fun at the beard salon should be enough togetyou all excited about our latest addition totheplaystore!Bring in your sweet barber skills and get down to business atthemanly beauty salon! Ha! Go crazy with make-up, spa care,beards,shave with a razor, and make the coolest styles thereare!Since shaving your beard is something that is super cool;userazors, shaving cream, and be the best barber at the beautysalon.Your crazy makeover skills should be enough to make thingssweetand super awesome!Features• Crazy beard makeovers!• Shave with razors!• Sweet spa treatments!• Make-up mania!• Experience beauty salon• Be the best hair barber!So then men, put your hair make-up skills to use and be the bestatbeard makeovers at your very own beauty salon. Do what thebarbersdo and shave with razors! It’s going to be the sweetest timeofyour life!So get your spa caps, get ready to play with hair and tryoutdifferent beard styles!
Kitty Nail Salon 1.0
✮✮ [ Kitty Manicures ] ✮✮ [ Nail Salon ] ✮✮ [Beauty Salon ] ✮✮Come on in … This is the world of nail designers for your cutelittle fluffy kitty✮ AWESOME THINGS TO DO ✮✮ Manicure your cute kitty and make her a superstar✮ Get new nail shapes✮ Choose from variety of nail polish colors✮ Apply nail buffer, cotton & cleaning✮ Cool nail designs✮ New stickers and patterns
Ice Cream Maker 1.0
The most famous Ice Cream Truck is here inyourtown.Hurry up sweet tooth and make your favorite Ice Cream.Createyour own Ice Creams, Sundae, and Ice Cream Scoops withtopping ofyour choice such as Chocolate Buttons, Fruits and Candiesin thisamazing Ice Cream Maker Game.Make your personalized Ice Creams in this fun filledCookingGame. This Ice Cream Game is a Kids Game with no In App.
Ice Slush Maker 1.0.1
Ice Slush Maker is the best Slush maker game!Mix those oranges, strawberries, apples and create yourfavouritedrink slush with Ice Slush Maker.Ice cream topping for your slush. Yes !Decorative ice candies. Yes !Enjoy the best ice slush maker in icy winters with IceSlushMaker.★★★ Things to Do ★★★★ Crush ice★ Mix fruits of your own choice (oranges, apples,strawberries,fruit cocktail and many more)★ Decorate cups with stickers, faces and much more★ Yummy ice slush maker in your hands
Candy House Maker 1.0.0
Create a perfect fairy tale Candy House ofyourown choice. Create and Decorate your Gingerbread Candy HousewithCandy Canes, Peppermint Candies, Chocolate Chips, Frosting,GumDrops, Marshmallows and much more.Create your favorite Candy House decorate it with swimmingpools,gardens and toys.☆☆☆☆☆ FEATURES ☆☆☆☆☆☆ Create your own Candy House☆ Decorate with Swimming Pools, Candy Gardens and Cute Toys☆ Create Toy Family at the gingerbread candy house youcreated☆ Sprinkle your love with cotton candies, candy canes,peppermints,chocolate chips and much more☆ Cooking game with a twist and combination of Girl Games☆ Fun Backgrounds & Stickers
Princess Lice Attack 1.0.1
Lice attack!! Lice Game for fun!!!It's time for Christmas party but our little princess issuffering from lice attack.This is the perfect time to get to the spa salon and get a hairmakeover but first you have to make sure she gets rid of lice atthe hair salon as soon as possible.Help the princess with the magnifying glass to detect the liceand squash those little bugs at the hair salon. Help the princesswith oiling her hair and combing them before leaving the hair salonand then comes the spa salon where you help her shampoo, shower anddry her hair.Now the princess is ready for a dressup. Choose from variety ofdresses, bags, shoes and jewellery and make her the best princessfor the Christmas party.Come and join the fun this winter with the best lice game.
Full Body Massage Salon 1.0.0
Welcome to Full Body Massage girls game.We all want that Royal treatment for the Royal Princessesallover the world, right?How do they get full body massage done? The answer to allyourquestions is here:★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★★ Face Treatment: Take care of those dry lips, dark circlesandwrinkles.★ Leg Spa: Wax those hair off with our strong hold wax andthemighty razor★ Body Spa: Back spa salon is the perfect spot for relaxingandgiving your body a massage it deserves★ Face Spa: Get those pimples and extra hair off. Mask off andshineas a princess does