SuperMonkeyFun Apps

Super Trains 1.0.1
Take control over trains while enjoying thebeauty of nature. Take quick decisions and develop strategy as youguide trains to their destination while avoiding disastrouscollisions! Simply drag each train to the correct track with theswipe gesture of your fingerThe free version is packed with hours of fun. There are no limitson how much, or how long you can play! Enjoy, and please spread theword!Version 1.0.1 Updates1. Improved Performance2. Reduced the Game Size
VR Silent Home 2.1
----->>> Use your google cardboard !<<<-----All new chapter added. Experience the thrill and horror evenmore.This game is a virtual reality game for google cardboard !Interface and navigation are optimized for this type ofgameplay.Free first person perspective indie horror game. Search an old,abandoned dark house and collect any valuables but be careful -there are rumors of a ghost haunting the building. Experience fearand deep horrifying atmosphere.Epic mini puzzles with scary location is definitely definitelygoing to give you a goosebumps. So we present you a long-awaitedhorror room-escape game - The Silent Home.This game contains scary effects and grotesque graphic, such asblood, etc which can cause trauma. If you enjoy horror movies, thenyou will love this horror game.One of the first vr games in the Play Store, Supermonkey Funbrings to you, the Silent Home. A house that holds a story of loveand revenge.You had been warned since you pointed it out to your friends butyou had to check out the freakish haunted house on the edge of thedeserted farm. The house that was famous to be home to paranormalactivities, exorcism, evil spirits and whole bunch of horrors.So, just when you reached the porch, you felt a cold rushthrough your body.It felt like an a sword was pierced through yourbody and your blood froze.Taken a little aback, you still decided to move on and proveeveryone wrong. Your knock at the door but to your surprise it waslocked and you knock. Everything was a rush post that, you felt astrong push on your back and it felt like the door swallowed youin. Inside the house, all you see are doors and none of them leadto the outside world. It seems like terror has replaced bloodrunning through your veins.You turn back to open the door you entered through but it islocked.Find the exit or perish inside. Play in night vision mode to getthe best experience.NOTE: This game will only work with Google CardboardA unique experimental project made by Supermonkeyfun to test theopportunities of the new Virtual Reality provided by GoogleCardboard.Learn more about Google Cardboard today! with any mobile headset with a built in gyrosensors.
Super Frogger 1.3
Welcome to the world of Frog. Make a frog yourfriend and help him to reach to its home!Dodge vehicles, alligators and various other various obstaclesand navigate your way across the river.tap on the "BLUE" area to move your frog UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT.Make sure to reach the destination before time. The earlier youreach the destination, more points will be added in your score.So just have a great fun with your frog. Pick up your frog andplay this amazing game.**** FEATURES ***** Collect fly to gain extra life.* High Definition graphics* Play with your friends through Facebook and Google - leaderboards**** How to Play ***** Slide on the blue area to move UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT
VR Halloween Ride 1.2
----->>> Use your Google Cardboard!<<<-----This game is a virtual reality game for Google Cardboard!Interface and navigation are optimized for this type of Gameplay.Welcome to the haunted tunnel of death!One knock on the door and you will be pulled into a tunnel ofsurprises and horror. An experience that will give you the goosebumps and will also leave you surprised. And in the spirit ofHalloween experience all of it in 3D.All you have to do is put that cardboard on, step into the crazycart and ride away. Watch out for those ghosts as its dark andscary.For the best experience don’t forget to use your earphonesbefore pressing the play button.
Worlds At War 5.0
SIMPLY THE BEST ACTION GAME FOR YOUR MOBILEDEVICEWorlds At War is a 2D running and shooting game with amazinggraphics, awesome background track and most powerful weapons.BE A SUPER HERO* Save your mother land from an alien attack.* Watch out for aliens, obstacles and insane stuff.* Buy and use loads of power-ups like bazooka, bike andjetpack.* Worlds At War is the best 2D runner game. If you love action gamethen you will love this cool free running game.* Enjoy Worlds At War's amazing features like facebook sharing, Adsremoval option and many more.
Jumping Ninja Jump Deluxe 1.3
As the saying goes, aim for the moon and evenif you fail you’ll land within the stars.In this action packed run and jump ninja game, aim for the moon butwatch out for whatstands in your way! One hit from your enemies will send you fallingto the ground like aclumsy ninja.Jumping Ninja Jump Deluxe is a jumping game that packs a ton ofexcitement in a small package.With beautiful graphics and fun, intriguing gameplay, this is theperfect action game to playon the go or while relaxing at home.As a true ninja hero, your goal is to run, jump and dash your waythrough several excitinglevels while you try to dodge the assault of several enemies andbad guys.HOW TO PLAY
****************With controls that even a mini six year old kid would understand,all you need to do is pull the rope and jump as high as possible.The longer distance you cover, the more power ups you get tomaneuver your way through the alien enemies and conquer the unknownland.Are you ready to become the next, great jumping ninja hero?!FEATURES:************** Beautiful, colorful graphics* Easy gameplay (great for kids, teens or adults!)* Simple touch controls* Awesome ninja action that will keep you coming back for more!
Super Saint Saga 4.4
Long long ago...There was a brave Saint. In order to fight the dragon, he decidedto step into the unknown cave, tireless flying in the cave andcollect the stoup, step by step towards the goal ...★ Super Saint Saga is a very cool 3D game, with endless fun.★ Leaderboards of the game in local history, challenge yourself toreach a higher level.★ Simple controls, easy to use, comfortable feel.★ Collect 100 stoup to gain the health.★ Two different modes to challenge yourself.★ dodging the obstacle and the fast-paced game will make youthrill.★ Watch out for cool camera animation and other insaneobstacles.★ Fun, so that you can not help but want to do it again!★ If you love to fly, you gonna love Super Saint Saga game.★ Features ★- Collect more stoups and dodge obstacles to fly more and achievehigh score- Simple tap to control the game, comfortable feel★ How to Play ?TURN LEFT : Tap the left button.TURN RIGHT : Tap The right buttonDouble tap on left/right buttons to move to opposite extremepositions.
Smash It 3.0
Be it waiting at the doctor’s for yourappointment or downtime at work or simply waiting for a friend whoclaims to be just around the corner, there is always that span oftime when you have nothing to do. And with nothing to do, evenspare time could get a little boring.Here a solution, download Smash It and make the most of yourtime. With this interestingly addictive game on your phone, youwill wish downtime could go on forever.Designed with an interface that doesn’t need an Einstein tounderstand, it wouldn’t be long when the little kid in the familywould be competing against you.A duel between you and the tomatoes and you know you have wonwhen you have ketchup bottles to collect. But the game didn't endthere, unravel the game further on by just hitting that ‘Install’button and you won’t regret it.SMASH IT Amazing features:* Bazooka Powerup - Get the bazooka powerup to firemissiles.* Ketchup Powerup - Turn all to tomatoes to ketchup and get extrapoints.* Ninja Powerup - Get this powerup to kill all the tomato in aninja way.* Medical Kit - Get a medical kit after killing 100 tomatoes toincrease your health.Score maximum and rise up in the leaderboard.
Super Monkey 1.0
Introducing a new species of Monkey: TheSupermonkey!Attracted by bananas, the SuperMonkey can devour an unbelievableamount of bananas and never gets sick of it!Exciting yummy bananas adventures await! This is going to be atreat!Have an exciting 100 levels journey with your ownSupermonkey.******* How to Play*******- Tilt phone to move the monkey.- Tap on phone to grab banana from monkey's tail.- Grab as much coins as possible to redeem life later
VR Solicheck 1.1
Solitaire card and Checker game VR onAndroidand Google Play, now available for Free.If you love Solitaire classic, Spider Solitaire,FreeCellsolitaire, Mahjong, Pyramid solitaire or any other freesolitairepatience card games, don't miss out on the best solitairefor yourphone and tablet! Just give the game a try, and we promiseVRSolicheck will be the most beautiful and user friendlysolitairegame you've ever played.Checkers (also known as Draughts) has been around forcenturies,but it has never looked this good in a package thissmall. Take agreat-looking game of checkers with you wherever yougo withCheckers Free
Santa On A Roll 1.1
A virtual reality game forGoogleCardboard.So, Santa's reindeers got a little drunk and a few of them ranaway.Now the cart can no longer stay up in the sky. Being thesanta ofthe house, it is your job to collect as many of the fallengifts aspossible. Once all the gifts are collected, get back towhat you dobest. Spread the gifts off to the kids and don't letthe drunkreindeers spoil the fun of christmas.Just focus on the gifts for a little while and they will be addedtoyour gift basket. And to give the gifts away, just focus on thekidand he/she will receive it.Celebrate the fun of Christmas & SuperMonkeyFun wishes you allavery merry Christmas & a happy new year!
Super Zombie Punch 1.0.0
A wave of zombies is trying to breakthroughyour village! And this is your one and only chance to becomethesuperhero of the town. But you don’t have any weapon to get ridofthem so now the only thing left for you to do is to handlethemwith your very own hands or lets say, fingers. Smash thezombiesbefore they take over the complete town and make sure you’refastbecause this time they are back with a complete army.Super Zombie Punch, the addictively entertaining game, isnowavailable on android. So gear up to smash your way through totheglory. All that you have to do is use your finger to tap onthezombies to kill them and eliminate them before they comeknockingdown at your door. Some are going to be easy to handle buttheycome with a master who will make your fingers pantbreathlessly.Utilize the power ups judicially and keep collectingthe brainsthat appear. It is only with the help of the brains thatyou willbe able to buy power ups in the levels further on.***FEATURES***- Standard Mode (50 levels), Survival Mode- 6 totally terrifying enemy zombie breeds- Amazing visuals and impressive audio quality- Intense zombie-blasting action game play fit for downtime***HOW TO PLAY***- Simply touch the zombies to kill them- Don't hit the civilians running around in the neighborhood- Use the power-ups wisely