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EPL News 2.0.0
Follow the Barclays Premier League from everyangle with the most detailed app on the market.EPL News app is the fastest way to get Premier League news, Premierleague live data, scores, Premier League fixtures, player ratingsand stats.The best opportunity to get Man Utd news, Arsenal, Liverpool,Manchester City, Chelsea news, also all other Premier League clubtransfer gossips and important updates.We believe that our project will become the favourite Man Utd Appfor Red Devils supporters, the most amazing source of Arsenal newsfor Gunners fans, beloved place to get Liverpool updates,etc.Do not forget that you can enjoy with our Predictions League, makeyour predictions on every Premier League match and see the dailyupdates in global leaderboard!= Features include: = • REAL TIME ACCESS TO BREAKING NEWS OF ALL PREMIER LEAGUECLUBS• LIVE MATCH CENTRE, VISUALISATIONS INCLUDING TIMELINE, LINEUPS,POSSESSION, SHOTS, CARDS, FOULS, SAVES, CORNERS AND MORE• PLAYER STATS (TOPSCORERS, ASSISTS, CLEAN SHEETS, CARDS)• LIVE SCORES• LEAGUE TABLE • FIXTURES AND RESULTS• PUSH NOTIFICATIONS• FAN REACTIONS• DAILY TRIVIA AND QUIZZES• LIVE DISCUSSION ON ALL ARTICLES• 100% FREE, WITHOUT ANY PAID UPDATES!Simple and easy to use, this is exactly what you need to keep up todate!100% free, without any paid updates!Any content (Logos/Pictures/text) not owned by the developerbelongs to their respective owners.
Impossible Game 1.0
Many people are thinking that The Impossiblegame can be only impossible quiz. So, They are searching forimpossible game quiz and stuff like that.We assure you that there is only one impossible game which isone and only, without any versions like impossible game 2, orimpossible game 3 and you are reading description of this magic andawesome game.It is really free version of impossible game and also many callsit impossible game lite, as it is quite small and interestingaddictive game for not heavy mobiles as well.It is something like the impossible game test, where you have tofind words, and make correct spelling of these words in a funny anda challenging way.In impossible game - find words, you have 3 different levels tochoose: Easy, Medium and Hard. Each of them has its differences.You can check all these into the help section of App.Some of players already said that this game in the Hard LevelMode is like World's Hardest Game. We can't say such thing, youhave to check and decide if it is really hardest game. They alsosaid that it is hardest game ever played and there is not bigchance to score high in the hard mode, check and let us know yourreview please.So, The main idea of this Impossible Game is this: In this gamea word will be shown at first, then the player should find it in alist of auto generated words as quickly as possible.It comes with 3 interesting modes :* The Easy Mode : This level contains 3 rows and 3 columns. 20Hints and 5 Helps. Only Uppercase characters. Big Timer.* The Medium Mode : This level contains 3 rows and 3 columns. 10Hints and 3 Helps. Uppercase and Lowercase characters. MediumTimer.* The Hard Mode : The game in this mode became so challengin. 5hint and 1 help per game and a list of words that contains uppersand smalls cases words and also numbers to make it more and morechallenging. Small Timer.
Impossible Quiz 1.0
Almost Every person thinks that he/she issmart and knows about too many subjects. There are some tools ininternet to check how smart you are, and what is your IQ. But theyare quit boring. So, here is a funny quiz, with very funny andsmart questions.You will enjoy with every question and answer in ImpossibleQuiz. It is like a android version of Impossible quiz andimpossible quiz 2.Now here are 150 impossible joyful questions. If you beat them,we will add more questions there. So try to be the best, and let usknow, if you want more!
Impossible Quiz 2 1.0
It is very different from our first ImpossibleQuiz, thats why we made not the update of the previous one, butcompletely new app with the name of Impossible Quiz 2.There are many such games, but you will definitely like thisone. Here are too many simple and complex answers. The main idea ofthe impossible quiz is to think out of the box.We provide here 80 impossible questions where many of them canbe separate impossible games.People, who like impossible game, will definitely play it.Here are drag and drop game, trivia game, quiz game, funny quizand many more.You have 3 life and many checkpoints. You can use daily 1 hintfor free, or get 3 more for watching video advertisements.If you make all 80 questions, it means that your IQ is quitehigh.The impossible quiz 2 will be updated monthly.
Dora Dress up Games 1.0.0
The name of this Character is Dora, and manyissaying that it looks like dora the explorer character.People who is searching for dora the explorer free app games,canfind this game as well and like it too much. I see kidsaresearching every day very hard and typing in the search bar:DoraGames Dora Games. So Swupi decided to created such games withDoracharacter, where you can play Dora Dress up games.Many thinks as well that these are dora games for a four yearoldchildren, but its not true, these are for all ages.If you are looking for dora games free, then you are in therightplace, and you have to download this app.✮✮ Dora Dress up Games:✮ Many styles✮ 5 Skintones for Dora✮ Very nice music done by us✮ Choosing background for the game✮ Choosing many many clothes✮ Saving Photos of your Dora✮ playing unlimited times for freeWe will provide many Dora dress up games for free, and notonlydress up games, we will provide all type of Dora Games.
Fanebi.com 0.0.2
Georgian Sport News Agency - Check all theSport news in Georgian!
Girl makeover on seaside 1.0.0
New Game from Swupi Company. We providegamesfor girls, games for babies. Here you can check girl makeovergamesand girl dress up games, with girl makeup games as well...Youcanplay girl digital makeover free game, if you download this game.This game is all about girl, she is model and relaxing ontheseaside. One famous and nice photographer came to this islandandinvited girl to make some photo shoots. Now Barbie wantssomespecial makeover for girl. She is seeking for the best stylistandyou can be the choosen. If you want to play girl house gamesfree,then its not the exact game, because it is all about barbiemakeupgames.✮✮ Girl makeover on seaside features:✮ Many styles✮ 5 Skintones for Barbie✮ Very nice music done by us✮ Choosing background✮ Choosing clothes✮ Saving Photos of your nail designIf you like dress up games for girls, then this is exactlyforyou. Girl makeover on seaside is in the list of games forgirlsonly. So download it and have a fun.
Nail Salon Game 1.1.0
Nail Salon Game is a very popular girlgamewhich is done by SWUPI company. Swupi is the one of theleadingcompany in girl games industry.Nail Salon Game is also called Manicure Salon Game, where youcanplay like you have been in salon and choosing the skin colorforyour body, trimming your nails and choosing many styles for it.Youcan have custom nail styles as well. There are many features,likechoosing tattoos for your hands, making nails long or shortand etc.If you like Nail Games, then you should try thisgamedefinitely.Many girls are fans of manicure games, so, we are adjustingthatthese are same and our game is in Nail Games category andManicureGames category.✮✮ Nail Salon Game features:✮ Many nail styles✮ 5 Skintones for your hands✮ Very nice music done by us✮ Choosing length of your nails✮ Tattoos✮ Saving Photos of your nail designSwupi has nail games for girls as well. So, you can findotherperfect nail salon games for free on Swupi Androidaccount.We are trying to provide manicure games for free, so, waitforother nail manicure games for girls and updates with thisNailSalon Game.
Zombocalypse 1.5
You wanted fun with Zombies?! Then, thisgameis specially for you! Zombie Apocalypse just started and youcanwin and save humans or join Zombie dead army.Zombocalypse - There are several hard levels and you havetoimprove your weapons and house shield to be safe.We will publish new version of this game - Zombocalypse 2.Instructions:Tap finger to move aimTap two fingers simultaneously, for shooting.Note:Both fingers must be tapped for shooting.You need coins to buy new weapons, for more coins, justwatchrewarded videos in the game store.Try to get more life every time because, if you loose,everythingstarts from the starting point.Tip:Try head-shoots for the better results.The game is quite hard, so, don't expect to win this war withthefirst try. Good Luck, Lads!
Receptebi.Ge - Kulinaria 1.1
Receptebi.ge გთავაზობთ პირველკულინარიულაპლიკაციას ქართულ ენაზე.ჩვენი მიზანია მაქსიმალურად კომფორტული გარემოშევუქმნათკულინარებსა და გურმანებს!ჩვენ შევქმენით მოსახერხებელი და მარტივი აპლიკაცია, რომელიცთქვენიკულინარიული შესაძლებლობების განვითარებას შეუწყობს ხელს.ამიერიდანშეგიძლიათ მარტივად მოიძიოთ სალათების, ნამცხვრების,დესერტებისა თუსასმელების მარტივი რეცეპტები.
თქვენ შეგიძლიათ: 
* მოიძიოთ ნებისმიერი რეცეპტი;
* შეინახოთ თქვენთვის საყვარელი რეცეპტი;
* მოიწონოთ რეცეპტი;
* გაგვიზიაროთ თქვენს მიერ გაკეთებული კერძების რეცეპტებიდაფოტოებიგადმოტვირთეთ ჩვენი აპლიკაცია, იპოვეთ თქვენთვის სასურველირეცეპტიდა გაიმარტივეთ ცხოვრება!Receptebi.ge providethefirst application in Georgian cuisine.Our goal is to create the most comfortableenvironmentkulinarebsa and gourmets!We have created a user-friendly and easy to use app thatyourculinary capability will be. From now on, you can easilyfindsalads, cakes, desserts and drinks simple recipes.
you can:* Need to find any recipe;* Save your favorite recipes;* Approved the recipe;* Share your photos and recipes for dishes made byDownload our app, Find your favorite recipe and Simplifyyourlife!
Meaningful Quotes 1.0
There are a lot apps which provides quotesandsayings, quotes about love and etc, but there are also peoplewhojust want not some stupid apps, but really meaningful quoteswithnice pictures and really great ideas.We try to find all the meaningful and motivational quotesforyou.There will be series of apps with some categoricalsegmentation,like love quotes, inspirational quotes and etc and wewill provideall the updates and information by notifications andupdates withthis, very first app.So, basically here will be only the best quotes published.Also,we will try to cover some funny words and quotesaboutrelationships quite often.
The Idiot Test 1.6
The Idiot Test is the brand new game, whereyou can play and check your IQ.Questions are funny but hard to understand and complete. Some userscall impossible game or impossible quiz, but the real name is theidiot test.One of our users said that: "This game is real deal and worldshardest game ever". But you have to try to see the game inaction.The style of this game is something like the moron test or theidiot quiz, like everybody is used to play.The Idiot Test has more than 50 hard levels to complete.You have 3 life and many checkpoints, so completing checkpoint willgive you possibility to resume the game from the last points.There are hints on every level and option to skip the question, butif you really want to know real IQ, please do your best.Bear in mind, that people think that this is the stupid test, butworlds hardest game to beat.
Wrong Way Racing Moto 1.0
Do you like Wrong Way Racing? Try it withourMoto, it is too hard!We created special type of the runner game, where you areracingwith Moto, but it is way hard. It is the completely new viewof thegame, where traffic is coming with the high speed and allthingsare with the wrong way. Thats why we call it Wrong WayRacingMoto.There is one impossible track to complete. So, you have to tryhardto get the best high score.Controls:*Move your phone to control Moto and don't crash with cars. Youhaveto keep balance to move moto like the pro.*Please touch the screen to jump with the moto.
Impossible Road Racing 1.0
Impossible Road Racing is the simplebutimpossible to beat type of the game where you have to controlthewhite ball with your mobile.Balance is the most important thing to have in this game.Track is really the ruthless and very hard to complete. It istheendless competition, between you, your balance skills and thepainof the nerves.Try clicking on the screen to jump and move ball left or righttosurvive.Trust us, it is really impossible road to beat.Impossible Road Racing will have the second version soon, so,pleasetell us what improvements can we add in the upcomingversions.
Bored Button 1.5
Bored Button is the fun app, where youdecidepress the red button or not!If you ask us, we would advice: Dont Press The RedButton,mate!But its up to you to start and never end.Start with pressing one time, you will be addicted to pressandpress on this small button and no one on the earth canstopyou.Seriously, some people can decide that this is useless app, butithelps with bored time to pass and be more happier.Lets check how much can your nerves keep struggling...Facts about Bored Button:- From now on you will never be bored, thats for sure!- Always will want to play this game- And your time will be quickening in this realmTry now and let us know, if you stopped