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video converter mp3 1.2.7
This App allow you convert video to mp3.Supported format: 3gp, mp4, mpeg, vob, and many other less knownformats.You can convert music videos or videos to mp3 with two or threeclicks.Advanced settings supported:Setting bitrate: 8Kbit/s, 16Kbit/s, 24Kbit/s, 32Kbit/s, 64Kbit/s,128Kbit/s, 192Kbit/s, 256Kbit/s.Set target directory to save your converted video to mp3.Easy to use, click on select button than your file, just last clickon convert and your video to mp3 convert started.This version is freevideo to mp3 use LGPL ffmpeg and libmp3lame libraries ascodec.
Mp3 Converter Free
Mp3 Converter allow convert your media tomp3.It's support different types of sources like flv, mp4, 3gp, mpg,mpeg, avi and more...Advanced Options are supported to set bitrate and targetdirectory.Mp3 Converter uses LGPL ffmpeg and mp3lame libraries ascodec.
Image resize 1.0.6
Image resize allow your resize multiple image in same time.Convert your images in various size and quality.Support single file and multiple files convert to png orjpg/jpeg.
Chocolate recipes 1.0.3
Chocolate recipes free and easy to cook.App has more than 500 chocolate recipes.App is in englishSome recipes:ChamporadoLow-carb Chocolate DropsJuice AlpokatChocolate Covered TrufflesBali YummyChocolate Strawberry DessertBanana Nut SnacksSnow White SnacksHeavenly Nutella SnacksSelf-saucing Chocolate PuddingIschler Krapferl with Chocolate IcingRaisin Chocolate KugelhopfChocolate Cream CakeMozart CakeMoroccan TorteFantasy Ribbon FudgeGhirardelli Chocolate Nut BiscottiTiramisu ICinnamon Mocha BiscottiChocolate-Almond BiscottiCannoliTriple-chocolate BiscottiCappuccino Cheesecake IChocolate Crème BrûléeSiena Cake - Panforte de SienaFrench Chocolate Almond Cake with StrawberriesAlice's Luscious Chocolate MousseWhipped Chocolate Ganache Filling (or Frosting)Quick Pain Au ChocolatChocolate Viennese BiscuitsLarge Chocolate Yeast Cake (Not a Sweet Cake)Mocha Dream BarsChocolate Chip ShortbreadRavioli - Makarska StyleChocoladevlaBelgian Waffle SundaesBelgian Chocolate Snack CakeBelgian Truffle Cheesecakeand many more recipes in app.
Apk Installer 1.0.7
App allow you install easy apk files from your sd card.Easy and fast install apk.
convert video to mp3 1.6.3
This App allow you convert video to mp3.Supported format: 3gp, mp4, mpeg, vob, and many other less knownformats.You can convert music videos or videos to mp3 with two or threeclicks.Advanced settings supported:Setting bitrate: 8Kbit/s, 16Kbit/s, 24Kbit/s, 32Kbit/s, 64Kbit/s,128Kbit/s, 192Kbit/s, 256Kbit/s.Set target directory to save your converted video to mp3.Easy to use, click on select button than your file, just last clickon convert and your video to mp3 convert started.This version is freevideo to mp3 use LGPL ffmpeg and libmp3lame libraries ascodec.
Unrar 1.0.6
Rar decompression tool for android platform.
Vegan Recipes 1.0.5
Vegan recipes free and easy to cook.More than 100 delicious vegan recipes in app.Easy cook and free.App is in english.A few recipes from the app:Amaranth Banana PancakesVegan Feta CheeseVegan Matar PaneerVegan Peanut Butter FrostingTasty Vegan MayoVegan PaellaYummy Vegan Chocolate PuddingPeace Creamy Artichoke DipTruffles ala Veganand more 100 recipes in app.
Unzip 1.0.6
Zip decompression tool for android
American Football Wallpaper 1.0.7
American Football Wallpaper.The wallpapers are in HD.This app has many wallpapers of football.Easy to set up, open app, browse and select your American Footballimage and click on "Set wallpaper"Keywords: American Football, American Football Wallpaper,Football Wallpaper, American Football HDDescription from Wikipedia:American football, known as football in the United States, is ateam sport played between two teams of 11 players with an oval ballon a rectangular field 120 yards long and 53.3 yards wide withgoalposts at either end. The team in possession of the ball (theoffense) attempts to advance down the field by running with orpassing the ball.
Potato Recipes 1.0.5
Potato Recipes easy to cook.This application has more than 500 potato recipes.App is in english.Some recipes from the application:Bulgarian Potato SaladGarlicky and creamy potato gratinPickled PotatoesPotato KebbaJamaican Potato SaladPotatoes au GratinTurlitavaRoasted Lamb with PotatoesGreen Beans and PotatoesEnsalada de BacalaoCarne GuisaEgg Potato Kabab TopSaak-er GhantoMakedonitiki SkordaliaAfrican Beans and PotatoesMeat Rolls with Pine NutsBulviniai BlynaiGrandma Balton's Lithuanian KugelisLithuanian Potato KugeliMisrainePotato FrittataPotato and Onion OmeletRaised Potato DoughnutsBaked Potato Soup with Cheddar and BaconPotatoes Appetizersand more potatos recipes in application.
Dessert Recipes 1.0.5
Dessert Recipes easy to cook.More than 500 delicious dessert recipes.Application is in english.Some recipes from the application:Harost BallsRice Dessert with Fruit or Berry Jam (Hrisgrjonaabaetir)Pennsylvania Dutch Amish DessertApple Sunshine DessertPeach Dessert PancakesBerry Dessert NachosStrawberry Peach DessertLemon Rice DessertPeachy Rice DessertRice Dessert FabuleuxGinger-Mango DessertBlack Forest ParfaitsJell-O Self-layering DessertFried Egg PeachesBerry Dessert Nachos IBanana Boston Cream DessertQuick and Easy Chocolate DessertCreamy Peach DessertPink Cottage Dessert SaladPumpkin Ice Cream DessertSpiced Peach DessertMr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper's Raspberry Pretzel DessertÉclair DessertPeanut Chocolate Parfait DessertPastel DessertFruity Summer DessertLemon Cream DessertChocolate Strawberry Dessertand more dessert recipes in application.
Sauce Recipes 1.0.5
Sauce Recipes easy to cook.App is free. Lanuage of text is english.More than 200 sauce recipes has this App.some recipes from the app:Spiced Tomato Dipping SauceCucumber Vinegar SauceBourbon Sauce for DessertsBlackberry Sauce IEggplant CaponataSaus PompadourPiri Piri SauceBest Peanut SauceKickass SauceChimichurri Sauce from ArgentinaSouth American Steak SauceApple-Raisin SautéTofu Honey Dijon SauceWhipped Cream Sauce with CheeseAvocado and Tangerine SauceAvocado SauceTropical Date Sauce for FishCandy SyrupFat-free Hot Fudge SauceLemon Pudding SauceAustralian Outback Beer SaucePoppy Seed SauceBasic Tomato SauceGreen Zucchini SauceZucchini-Meat SauceSpinach Pasta with Red PeppersRaisin SyrupArrowroot SauceTofu Béchamel SauceSauce PierreRed Bell Pepper SauceButter Buds Hollandaise SauceHam Burgundy Sauce with Onion RiceGluten-free Cranberry Pancake SauceSpicy Green SauceCarrot-Cardamom SauceStrawberry BeaujolaisFast Fresh Strawberry SauceSpicy Peanut Sauceand more recipes in app.
Ernährung Diät 1.3
Eine übersichtliche Kalorientabelle für deineErnährung.Einfacher Überlick zu welche Kalorien bestimmte Lebensmittelnbeinhalten in unterschiedlichen Kategorien aufgeteilt.Ernährung Diät app hat auch eine intergierte Suchfunktion um dieKalorien angaben schnell zu finden.Unterwegs für die Ernährung jeweilige Lebensmittel nach schlagenund auf den aktuellen stand der Kalorienangabe zu sein.A concise table ofcalories for your diet.Easy Überlick to which calories certain foods contain divided intodifferent categories.Nutrition Diet app has specified and look for an inter-alloyedsearch feature to find the calories quickly.Heading beat for the particular food diet gradually to the currentstate of the calories to be.
Chinese recipes 1.0.3
Chinese recipes free and easy to cook.App has more than 150 chinese recipes with vegetables, meat, fishand more.App is in englishSome recipes:Ezme SebzeHiyashi ChukaYakisobaChicken Soup with Potato PattiesKao Tom GaiJjinmanduGong Bao Ji DingBah Kut TehJiaozi ITao SuanCreamy Chinese Celery SoupChinese Chicken Noodle SoupTaiwanese Beef Noodle SoupChinese Spinach and Mushroom SoupChinese Cabbage SoupWalnut SoupChinese Chicken Noodle Soup with Spinach and Garlic ChivesAsian Noodle Mushroom and Cabbage SaladChinese Cold Pasta SaladChinese Chicken SaladKim Chee SquatsEasy Yummy Chinese Chicken SaladGlazed Carrots Asian StyleSoba with Toasted Sesame Seed SauceSweet and Sour SeitanSunday SurpriseChinese Barbequed SpareribsChinese Tofu with Minced PorkChinese SpareribsPeking Pork ChopsSingaporean Tender Pork Spare RibsSweet Spicy Snack MixPie Snacking CakeBanana Tortilla SnacksChinese Noodle Pancakes with AsparagusChinese Study SnacksChinese New Year Chocolate Candyand much more chinese recipes in app.
Mexican Recipes 1.0.5
Mexican Recipes easy to cook.Application is in english and free.Some recipes from the application:Mexican Corn SoupMexican Split Pea SoupSlow Cooker Taco SoupMexican Dinner SaladCrunchy Taco SaladMexican Sugar CookiesMexican Catfish SaladMexican Vegetable Stir-fryChicken and Rice MexicanaMexican Brown RiceMexicali Pork with RiceMexican Bean and Rice PizzaMexican Beef Fried RiceMexican Corn and Chiles PieMexican Pizza SupremeMexican Franks and Rice
Police Car Parking 3D 1.1
Police Car Parking 3D is a brand newCarParking Simulator game, drive around the cityMake sure you don't cause any damage to your car or anyciviliansvehicles around town, stop the crime before the timerunsout!As a real police cop officer you need to do it fast. Time is notonyour side, time is ticking. Limited timed needs you to drivewelland fast. Park the police car in the perfect parking spot. Thegameis designed to get your driving skills to another new level.Letyour skills speak for you, become the king of the parking lot.Thepolice car is your main object, you need to park the cop vehicleorthe police car the best you can. Car parking can be hard, butifyou have the skills you will succeed. Car simulator games likethisare fun to play, this one is free to play.
Apricot Recipes 1.0.2
Apricot recipes free and easy to cook.App is in english.Some recipes:Apricot CrumblePersian Apricot Rice PuddingApricot Vienna TartsBacon-Apricot AppetizersApricot and Almond FlanApricot CloudHazelnut Coffee Torte with Apricot PureeApricot Beef BakeChocolate-dipped Apricots
Coffee Recipes 1.0.5
This app contain more than 200coffeerecipes.Easy to prepare.App is in english.Some recipes from the application:New Zealand Lolly Log CakeLephet ThokeCappuccino Cheesecake IAlice's Luscious Chocolate MousseAmish Coffee CakeGreek Frappé CoffeeIrish Coffee PieMexican Coffee BallsIced Coffee Polish-styleHazelnut Coffee Torte with Apricot Puree
Yogurt Recipes 1.0.5
Yogurt recipes collection.Recipes is in english.Some recipes:Moroccan Yogurt DipYogurt KebabsChilled Yogurt SoupYogurt PopsBanana Yogurt Juice SmoothieVanilla Yogurt Fruit SmoothieHomemade YogurtHoliday YogurtApple Cinnamon Yogurt MuffinsApple Yogurt TrifleYogurt CheeseChicken Waldorf Pitas with Curried Yogurt SauceIcy Yogurt PopsAnchovy Yogurt DressingYogurt Shake IFresh Apple Yogurt Coffee CakeFrozen Apricot YogurtNectarine Yogurt à la DonnaStrawberry Banana Yogurt ShakeStrawberry Yogurt CoolerStrawberry Yogurt DrinkApple-Yogurt ShakeBlueberry Yogurt Parfait
Algerian Recipes 1.0.5
Algeria recipes free and easy to cook.App is in englishSome Recipes:Chickpea SoupSemolina with HoneyAlgerian Lamb and Mint FondueAlgerian SaladOnion OmeletteLentil Soup With VegetablesAlgerian Fish SoupAlgerian Chicken TerrineAlgerian Eggplant JamDolma Khodraand more recipes in app.
Fruit live wallpaper HD 1.0.8
Fruit live wallpaper HD foryoursmartphone.Open the app, click on favorite image, click on "Set wallpaper"andyour desired image is then set as the wallpaper foryoursmartphone.This is a fruit live wallpaper with various fruits andvegetables,not a App,
Almond Recipes 1.0.1
Almond recipes free and easy to cook.App has more than 800 Almond recipes.App is in englishSome recipes:Vanilla Crescents (Vanilkove rohlicky)Dum ke PasandeyBadam PasindaBoterkoekAlmond-Cranberry BiscottiGhirardelli Chocolate Nut BiscottiChocolate-Almond BiscottiSiena Cake - Panforte de SienaCarquinyolisFrench Chocolate Almond Cake with StrawberriesAustrian BiscuitsAustrian VanockaPitcaithy BannockOkrugli VrsakTorta from BracPoppy Seed KolachePineapple-Macadamia Nut CharosetSpeculaas (spice cookies)Raspberry Filled Almond Shortbread with Almond GlazeAlmond BurfiRavioli - Makarska StyleDutch Almond BreadMandelbrødMandelskorporAnisbrødGreen Beans with Mushrooms - Grønne BønnerKøbenhavner SchnitzelSmørecreme af Hakket KyllingebrødTaway kay KababKage med SmørcrèmeHasselnødlagkageBlommekageRumkageKransekageRaan MasaledaarLys FrugtkageKheerRice Kheer IIWarm Brie with Baked ApplesRunebergin TortutAlmond ChutneyVinartertaBadami ChickenCheese Cookiesand more recipes in App, more than 800 recipessortedalphabetic.
Bird Wallpaper 1.0.7
The best Birds wallpapers and backgroundsappfor your Android!Open this Application, select you desired image and click on Setaswallpaper.From Wikipedia:Birds (class Aves) are feathered, winged, bipedal,endothermic(warm-blooded), egg-laying, vertebrate animals. Witharound 10,000living species, they are the most speciose class oftetrapodvertebrates. All present species belong to the subclassNeornithes,and inhabit ecosystems across the globe, from the Arcticto theAntarctic. Extant birds range in size from the 5 cm (2 in)BeeHummingbird to the 2.75 m (9 ft) Ostrich.
Cake Recipes 1.0.5
Cake recipes free and easy to bake.More than 300 Cake recipes.App is in englishSome recipes:Super Low-fat Turkish Apple CakeKasuteraSteamed Rice Cake with Mung BeansRaisin Chocolate KugelhopfViennese CakeChocolate Cream CakeMozart CakeBoterkoekItalian Love CakeSiena Cake - Panforte de SienaFrench Chocolate Almond Cake with StrawberriesHawaiian CakeAppelkoekKirsebærkageBlommekageAna's No-flour Double-chocolate Cream CakeRaspberry Angel Food CakeMidget Fruit CakesValentine's Heart CakeUltimate Peanut Butter CakeSpanish Walnut CakeClassic Lemon CakeSwedish Orange CakeStrawberry Daiquiri CakeApple Pie Cake with Rum Butter SauceBlack Olive CakeBlueberry Streusel CakeMoist and Delicious CakeButterfinger Banana CakeFresh Mango ShortcakePostre ChajáBest-ever Chocolate CakeBanana Cream CakeBanana Black Walnut Cake with Caramel FrostingApricot Cheese Swirl CakeBlack Walnut Chocolate Pound CakeBaltimore Butter CakeHager Estate Banana Pound CakeArkansas Strawberry Daiquiri Cake
American Recipes 1.0.4
American recipes free and easy to cook.More than 500 american recipes with vegetables, meat, fish,salad,steak.App is in englishSome recipes:Mediterranean Thai Eggplant White Bean SoupHot Bacon AppetizersAztec MarinadeAll-American SandwichAmerican ChowderTomato, Basil, and American Cheese SandwichBlushing Rice Tomato CupsBroccoli-Topped Baked TomatoesBrown Rice O'BrienCaramelized Onion, Smoked Gouda and Pecan Rice TartCarnival RiceCarnival Rice SaladCheddar Rice with Green OnionsCheddar-Rice PattiesCheese and Rice CasseroleCheesy Broccoli Rice CasseroleCheezy Rice and CornEggplant Skillet DeluxeEmerald Isle RiceGarlic Lemon RiceGolden Corn and Rice CasseroleNutty Orange RiceLemon PilafMardi Gras RiceOnion 'n' Herb Rice MixPan-Pacific RicePlanet BurgerRice and Cheese StrataSpinach Rice BakeWestern Beans and RiceWild Rice PancakesCalifornia Avocado-Chili Nutrition PlatePick Up SticksTostada PizzaCauliflower au gratinCheesy Roast Beef WrapsEgg and Ham-topped Croissantmore than 500 recipes in app and pictures included.
Cheesecake Recipes 1.0.4
Cheesecake recipes easy to bake.App is in english.A couple of cheesecake recipes from the app:Boysenberry CheesecakeNew Zealand Kiwi CheesecakeLemon Meringue Cheese CakeCappuccino Cheesecake IMandarin - Orange Cheese cakeSpanish CheesecakePumpkin Cheesecake IClassic American CheesecakeMonterey CheesecakeLemon Tofu Cheesecakeand more cheesecake recipes in app.
Italian Recipes 1.0.5
Italian recipes free and easy to cook.App has more than 200 italian recipes with vegetables, meat,fish,eggplant, asparagus, zucchini, pumpkin and more.App is in englishSome recipes:Eggplant and Roasted Garlic BabakanooshLebanese TabboulehChoban SalatasiDelicious BruschettaBalsamic Dipping Sauce for BreadBread SaladChicken Pasta SaladMediterranean antipastiTomato and Bread SoupStracciatella SoupHearty Vegetarian Tofu ChiliRagu NapoletanoBolognese Meat SauceMozzarella Meat Balls And SpaghettiBaked Layered Italian SpreadItalian Parmesan CrispsItalian-style Oven FriesGarlic SpaghettiHerb Salad with Chicken LiverLahmahjoonMary's Tropical GazpachoRaguArtichoke Salad with RomescoGarbanzo and Potato SaladBagna CaudaVatapaAvocado and Shrimp SaladLamb with Walnut StuffingChimichurri SauceAsparagus RisottoBaked Rice MilanaiseCarousel Rice SaladCheesy Rice Marinara ICatfish Roasted with Sesame Seeds, Basil, Garlic and SpinachGreen Chiles and Rice FrittataItalian Vegetable MedleyLayered Rice Pesto and Pepper BakeZuppa ItalianoMozzarella RiceRice and Cheese FlorentineRice and Vegetable FrittataSpicy Pizza SurpriseMediterranean Pizza IMediterranean Seafood Supperand many more recipes in app.
Amaretto Drink Recipes 1.0.2
Amaretto drink and cocktails recipes.App is in english.Some recipes:Sparkling Amaretto SourAmaretto Stone SourEternityVeneziaBuzzard's BreathInternational IncidentScooterand more amaretto recipes in app.
Diät Kalorientabelle 1.6
Eine übersichtliche Kalorientabelle aufeinemBlick.Wenn du unterwegs einkaufen bist und du wissen möchtest,welcheKalorien bestimmte Lebensmitteln beinhalten, dann ist dieseAppgenau richtig für dich.Die Kalorien werde übersichtlich in einer Tabelle angezeigtmitintergierter Suchfunktion um die Kalorien angaben noch schnellerzufinden.A clear calorie table ataglance.If you are shopping on the go and you want to know whatcaloriesinclude certain foods, then this app is just right foryou.The calories will clearly displayed in a table with intergiertersearch feature to find the calorie disclosures onevenfaster.
Fruit live wallpaper HD 2 1.0.6
Fruit live wallpaper HD foryoursmartphone.Open the app, click on favorite image, click on "Set wallpaper"andyour desired image is then set as the wallpaper foryoursmartphone.This is a fruit live wallpaper with various fruit and vegetable,nota App,
Salad Recipes 1.0.5
Salad recipes easy to cook.More than 100 delicious salad recipes.App is in english.Some recipes from the app:Pancar SalatasiPatates PüresiPersian Tomato and Cucumber SaladSushi SaladTirshiSpicy Beef SaladCracked Wheat SaladPechay SaladLabanos SaladKumara SaladFlavored Mayonnaise for Fruit SaladsMoroccan Orange Walnut SaladMoroccan Beetroot SaladVietnamese Bo Luc Lac SaladSlovak Cucumbers in Sour CreamGreen Beans SaladWaldorf SaladHobak namul (Squash salad)Bread SaladSalad from SopovoHawaiian Chicken SaladHawaiian Rice SaladSmoky Hawaiian Chicken SaladRice corn saladRed Belgian Cabbage SaladBelgian Endive Apple and Almond SaladCopenhagen SaladCucumbers in Sour CreamHerring SaladMeat Salad - Kjød SalatGram Sprout - Pomegranate SaladAutumn Turkey SaladBroccoli-Raisin SaladFinnish Leaf Lettuce SaladCorn Salad IITomato Cucumber and Red Onion Salad with MintTurkey Dijon SaladPopeye and Olive Oyl SaladEasy Rice SaladLarge Batch Baked Chicken SaladBurnett Estate Cabbage Salad